Vol.1 – Chapter 62 – Wind language clock, West Wind Pavilion announces to all cultivators

Last night, Bai Yu only gave a rough account, which left him unclear about what exactly had happened. The Fenglai Valley he mentioned was the territory allocated to the White-Headed Eagle clan by the Qingxuan Sect.

“West Wind Pavilion, using the defection of a White-Headed Eagle from the Qingxuan Sect as a pretext, framed our clan for colluding with the demonic sects and gathered forces to attack Fenglai Valley. If it were just that, my mother’s cultivation would have been enough to lead our clan to escape. But who would have thought that the Peacock King, who has always been our enemy, would take this opportunity to launch a sneak attack on my mother? Our clan was thrown into disarray, and my mother was captured, her fate unknown,” Bai Yu said with a hint of dejection in his voice.

“If it weren’t for my father accompanying Uncle Nine to the Northern Territories, these people wouldn’t dare to be so presumptuous,” it added indignantly.

“Does the Sect Leader of Qingxuan Sect and the Black Dragon Elder not care about this matter?” Xu Taiping asked, puzzled.

“The Sect Leader? Hmph, he has long been wary of the power of our White-Headed Eagle clan. Last night’s incident might as well have been orchestrated by him. Over the years, he has been weakening the demon clans under the mountain by inciting conflicts among them.”

“As for the Black Dragon Elder, he is nothing more than the Sect Leader’s watchdog!” Bai Yu snorted coldly.

Xu Taiping didn’t know how to comment on this matter.

After all, he was a human and couldn’t fully empathize with the demons’ perspective.

Moreover, he had seen many records of cultivators dying at the hands of rebellious spirit beasts when he had previously browsed through the sect’s archives in the bronze mirror.

“All cultivators of West Mountain, heed my decree!”

“All cultivators of West Mountain, heed my decree!”

“All cultivators of West Mountain, heed my decree!”

Just then, three consecutive voices, like the resounding chime of a great bell, exploded above the Green Bamboo Residence.

“This seems to be the voice of the West Wind Pavilion’s Pavilion Master,” Xu Taiping recognized at once that the voice likely belonged to Pavilion Master Liu Songshan of West Wind Pavilion.

“To use the West Mountain’s town-guarding artifact, the Fengyu Great Bell, this fellow must be announcing something related to last night’s events.”

Hearing this voice, Bai Yu leapt onto Xu Taiping’s shoulder, its eyes becoming vigilant.

Xu Taiping had read about the Fengyu Great Bell in the Jade Scroll of Transmitting Techniques; it was not only West Wind Pavilion’s town-guarding spiritual artifact but also a treasure used by the Pavilion to communicate with cultivators within thousands of miles.

“Last night, the White-Headed Eagle clan of Fenglai Valley rebelled. West Wind Pavilion and Yunling Peacock King joined forces to repel the traitorous demons and quell the rebellion.”

As Bai Yu had expected, the decree issued by Liu Songshan through the great bell was indeed related to last night’s rebellion.

“These scoundrels, they unprovokedly attacked my Fenglai Valley, and now they have the audacity to accuse my White-Headed Eagle clan of rebellion. Shameless!” Bai Yu was furious, nearly revealing its true form to confront the people of West Wind Pavilion.

Fortunately, Xu Taiping restrained it.

“Don’t be hasty, let’s hear what else he has to say,” Xu Taiping said.

“Alright,” Bai Yu nodded, suppressing its impulse.

“Although most of the traitorous demons have been executed, there are still many who have slipped through the net. You all who encounter them in the mountains and can kill them will be rewarded with a thousand merit points, and those who report them will be rewarded with ten merit coins.”

Liu Songshan’s voice echoed through the mountains once more.

“They intend to completely eradicate my White-Headed Eagle clan,” Bai Yu said angrily upon hearing this.

The reward of a thousand merit coins for the killers, and even the ten merit coins for the reporters, was a significant sum for the cultivators outside the mountain.

It was easy to imagine that the loose cultivators in the mountains would now hunt down the surviving White-Headed Eagles with fervor.

“Xu Taiping, if you’re also coveting those merit coins, you might as well hand me over to West Wind Pavilion. With my mother dead, there’s no point in me living anyway,” Bai Yu said, its voice tinged with sorrow.

“If you really don’t want to live, you can go yourself. I won’t betray a friend for some merit coins,” Xu Taiping looked at Bai Yu with displeasure.

He couldn’t comment on the Sect Leader’s use of pretexts to weaken the demon clans, but since Bai Yu was his friend and hadn’t committed any heinous acts, he would naturally stand by Bai Yu in such times.

Bai Yu felt a warmth in its heart upon hearing this, and its previously despondent eyes brightened considerably.

“From now on, Fenglai Valley will be managed by the Yunling Peacock clan, and the transfer of goods in West Mountain will also be jointly overseen by the Peacock King and West Wind Pavilion.”

Perhaps due to the need to activate the treasure, there were intervals between each of Liu Songshan’s statements.

“So that’s how it is, that’s how it is. One of you covets my Fenglai Valley, and the other covets the profits from the trade of goods in the mountains. No wonder you hit it off so well,” Bai Yu sneered repeatedly.

Liu Songshan’s statement was undoubtedly revealing their true intentions.

“One last thing, we will display the White-Headed Eagle Matriarch Ye Que in Fenglai Valley for seven days, and after seven days, she will be publicly executed to serve as a warning to others.”

Upon hearing this, Bai Yu stood frozen in place.

“Mother… Mother is still alive?!”

It first gasped in shock, then joyfully exclaimed, “I must go save my mother!”

But before it could fly far, Xu Taiping sucked it back with his green gourd.

“Why are you stopping me again, Xu Taiping?” Bai Yu shouted from inside the gourd.

“If you can’t even break free from this gourd, how are you going to save your mother?” Xu Taiping looked through the mouth of the gourd at Bai Yu, who was jumping and flying inside.

The power of his gourd was not strong; it couldn’t contain ordinary wild animals, let alone a spirit beast like Bai Yu. The only reason he could capture Bai Yu so easily was that it was too weak at the moment.

Hearing this, Bai Yu inside the gourd immediately hung its head, deflated like a punctured ball, and slumped down inside the gourd.

“But… but I can’t just watch them kill my mother, can I?” Bai Yu suddenly looked up, peering through the mouth of the gourd at Xu Taiping.

The usually unruly Bai Yu now appeared utterly helpless.

Seeing Bai Yu’s eyes, Xu Taiping also fell silent.

“Xu Taiping, is there any way for me to see my mother one last time? I know it’s nearly impossible to rescue her, so I just want to see her one more time.”Bai Yu suddenly pleaded with Xu Taiping.

“As long as you can let me see her once, I am willing to form a soul pact with you, to be at your beck and call for the next sixty years.”

He added with a look of resolute determination in his eyes.

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