Vol.1 – Chapter 60 – Two years later, on a stormy night, the white feather fell

"Drink up, it's just half a cup of wine, and I'm here, nothing will go wrong."


Fairy Lingyue smiled and nodded.


Xu Taiping nodded, then raised the wine glass and drank it all in one go.


In fact, this was the first real drink of his life.




As the Longdan wine entered his stomach, the aura around Xu Taiping's body uncontrollably exploded, making him look as if he were shrouded in a mist.


And compared to the external aura, at this moment, the True Qi and blood flow inside Xu Taiping's body became even more intense.


Under the effect of the Longdan wine, his blood flow and True Qi began to surge uncontrollably.


"Adjust your breathing and practice your techniques."


Fairy Lingyue timely reminded Xu Taiping.


Xu Taiping nodded, quickly sat cross-legged on the bed, enduring the dizziness brought on by the surging blood flow, while practicing the residual glow technique.




As the residual glow technique gradually started to operate, the intense blood flow within Xu Taiping's body finally stabilized.


At the same time, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the acupoints and meridians in the residual glow technique, which were originally difficult to control, were now easily manipulated.


Because of this, he was able to guide the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth entering his body, causing it to grow several times over.


At this moment, Xu Taiping finally understood the difference between the White Spirit Bone and the Gold Spirit Bone and the Heavenly Spirit Bone.


"At this rate, in at most two years, I will definitely be able to turn my Qi Mansion into a Qi Sea and finally enter the Gazing Abyss Realm."


The speed of his cultivation at this moment greatly increased Xu Taiping's confidence.


In the bedroom, after feeling Xu Taiping's aura gradually stabilize, Fairy Lingyue finally relaxed, after all, she had also heard of cases of people bursting and dying from taking Longdan wine.


"Chirp chirp…"


Just as Fairy Lingyue was about to return to the gourd to nurture her soul, Little Monkey Ping'an suddenly jumped onto the table and started licking the wine glass that Xu Taiping had drunk from.




Before Fairy Lingyue could stop him, Little Monkey suddenly tilted his head and fell onto the table with a "smack".


Fairy Lingyue couldn't help but laugh and cry at this scene.


"Well, although this little monkey has a very mixed bloodline, there is still a trace of the Mountain Moving Ape bloodline in him. Otherwise, I'll teach him the Ape Demon Technique?"


Looking at the little monkey sleeping soundly on the table, Fairy Lingyue suddenly had a whimsical idea.


Although the Ape Demon Technique had the word "demon" in it, it was not actually a demonic technique. It was only given the title of a demonic technique because of its powerful force, just like the Green Bull Fist, which was also called the Bull Demon Fist in other places.


"It's too early for the third transformation of the Earthly Fruit, and since I have nothing else to do, I might as well let the little monkey practice in my gourd."


After thinking about it, Fairy Lingyue made up her mind, and then controlled the gourd to open its mouth and directly sucked the little monkey inside.



Time in the mountains passed slowly, it could pass very slowly, or very quickly.


In the blink of an eye, two years had passed.




By a large lake in the Yanglu Mountain, Xu Taiping urged the Ice Breath Technique and exhaled a breath towards the vast lake.


In the blink of an eye, the entire lake was frozen by him.


This was the result of his two years of cultivation.


His cultivation had reached the level of the Great Accomplishment of the Opening Realm, the Residual Glow Technique had reached the level of the Second Great Accomplishment, the Shadow Wind Step, the Green Bull Fist, the Seven Kill Blade, and the Ice Breath Technique had all reached the level of Great Accomplishment.


"Chirp chirp!"


At this moment, a small snow monkey suddenly appeared on the ice surface. It first slid happily on the ice, and when it slid to the center of the ice, it suddenly stood still, and its body visibly grew to nine feet in height, then it punched the ice surface.




With a loud noise, the entire ice surface cracked like a spider web.


"Sister Lingyue, Ping'an's Ape Demon Technique is almost complete, right?"


Xu Taiping turned and smiled at the ethereal image of Fairy Lingyue beside him.


"His comprehension is too poor, it took two years to almost complete it. If it weren't for you feeding him the Longdan wine, I'm afraid it would have taken a few more years."


Fairy Lingyue sighed somewhat discontentedly.


"As for you, Taiping, are you sure you want to break through to the Gazing Abyss Realm before the selection? You know, if the breakthrough fails, you will be seriously injured."


She then looked at Xu Taiping with some concern.


"I'm not afraid."


Xu Taiping shook his head firmly.


"The elixir has been refined, the Demonic Breaking Array you taught me has been set up outside the courtyard, and with the Bluebird Ring, I'm not afraid even if the Demon from the Outer Domain comes."


He continued.


Fairy Lingyue looked at the young man in front of her, who was already over seven feet tall, with a clear and handsome face and a strong and heroic aura, and couldn't help but sigh, "Time passes so quickly, in the blink of an eye, three years have passed. When I first saw him, he was still a naive little boy, and now he's already a grown man."


"You missed one thing."


She smiled at Xu Taiping.


"Missed one thing?"


Xu Taiping was a little nervous.To ensure a successful Foundation Establishment and breakthrough into the Gazing Abyss Realm, he had prepared for a full year in addition to his cultivation practice. Just the medicinal ingredients for the Foundation Establishment Pill had cost him nearly all of his saved Merit coins. Now, hearing that he was still missing an item, how could he not be anxious?


"Have you forgotten about your sister?"


Fairy Lingyue gave Xu Taiping a reproachful look.


Xu Taiping was startled at first, then broke into a radiant smile, and followed up with a serious correction:


"Fairy Sister Lingyue is like family to me, how can she be compared to these things?"


Fairy Lingyue couldn't help but feel a warmth in her heart upon hearing this.


"At least you have some conscience."


She reached out through the air and playfully tapped Xu Taiping's head, then confidently said:


"Don't worry about your breakthrough. Even without those things, your sister can fend off the extraterritorial demons for you!"


However, on the eve of Xu Taiping's planned breakthrough, an unexpected event disrupted his plans.



That night.


The wind howled and rain poured.




Just as Xu Taiping was about to close the doors and windows to make his final preparations for the breakthrough, a loud thud of something heavy falling suddenly came from the entrance of the courtyard.


"It's the aura of the Spirit Bird Baiyu."


Fairy Lingyue's soul emerged from the gourd.


"Why would Baiyu fall in front of my courtyard?"


Xu Taiping frowned and quickly walked towards the door.


Over the past two years, Baiyu had often brought things to see him, and their relationship had grown increasingly close; they could be considered good friends.




After opening the courtyard door, Xu Taiping indeed saw the enormous figure of Baiyu, lying wounded in the muddy rain-soaked ground.


"Baiyu, what happened to you?"


Xu Taiping stepped out from the courtyard.


"Don't come closer!"


But just as he took a step forward, Baiyu suddenly raised its head and let out a loud roar at Xu Taiping, signaling him not to approach.

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