Vol.1 – Chapter 5 – Crossing the sea of clouds, the Cloudy Pavilion is hidden in Yunlu Mountain

On the other side, the girl holding Xu Taiping's hand just smiled at him without saying a word.


Xu Taiping looked at the young man in front of him, then at the girl in red beside him, and then at Second Uncle and Second Aunt who were still struggling with the Bai Family steward. The last trace of hesitation in his eyes disappeared.


"I'm willing."


Xu Taiping nodded firmly at the young disciples.


Upon hearing this, the young man laughed heartily and waved his sleeve. The gentle breeze in his sleeve lifted Xu Taiping and the girl in red, and they flew up into the air, landing on the back of an immortal crane.


"Taiping, I'm Dugu Qingxiao, the second disciple of the Seventh Peak of Qingxuan Sect."


"I'm Zhao Linglong, the sixth disciple of the Seventh Peak of Qingxuan Sect. I'll be your junior sister from now on."


"Nice to meet you, Senior Brother and Senior Sister."


Amidst the laughter, the villagers only saw the immortal crane gradually disappearing into the sea of clouds, leaving no trace in the blink of an eye.


As for Xu Taiping's Second Uncle and Second Aunt, they were ultimately unable to defeat the Bai Family steward and his subordinates. They ended up losing their money and could only sit under the old elm tree at the village entrance, cursing at the sky.




Yunlu Mountain.


In just one day, Xu Taiping rode the immortal crane and arrived at the legendary Yunlu Immortal Mountain.


Actually, to be precise, the worldly Yunlu Mountain was just the entrance to Qingxuan Sect.


It was like an iceberg in the frigid sea. The iceberg that appeared on the surface was often just a small part of the entire iceberg.


"The Yunlu Mountain you all speak of in the mortal world is just the barrier of the Cloudy Pavilion's Seven Peaks. The true Cloudy Pavilion Seven Peaks are shrouded in barrier cloud mist all year round, and you need a spirit bird to guide you in and out."


As they were about to rush into the sea of clouds on their way to the mountaintop, Linglong, who was riding on the immortal crane, excitedly introduced Xu Taiping to the true Yunlu Mountain.


"How big is the real Yunlu Mountain?"


After hearing Linglong's introduction, Xu Taiping became curious about Yunlu Mountain.


"The peaks of Yunlu Mountain stretch for thousands of miles, with seven main peaks towering over ten thousand feet. The area is probably not smaller than your Great Liang Kingdom. However, because the entire Yunlu Mountain is like a separate world, it is only seen as a small mountain in the mortal world."


Qingxiao, who had been meditating on the side, answered Xu Taiping's question.


"Not smaller than the Great Liang Kingdom?"


Xu Taiping's understanding was once again shaken.


"Yes, in the cultivation world, there are many mystical realms like Yunlu Mountain. Our Qingxuan Sect of Yunlu Mountain can only be considered a third-rate cultivation sect."


Linglong nodded with a smile.


"What about the sects above the third-rate?"




Just as Xu Taiping was about to ask more about the cultivation world, a gust of wind suddenly blew towards them, and the immortal crane they were riding let out a sharp cry.


"Young Junior Brother, this is the barrier astral wind triggered by the mountain protection array. Hold Senior Sister's hand tightly, or you'll fall."


Linglong shouted as she held onto Xu Taiping's hand.




Xu Taiping nodded and tightly grasped the boneless hand.


In the blink of an eye, the chaotic astral wind in front of Xu Taiping completely dissipated, leaving only the clear blue sky, the undulating mountains, the towering peaks that reached the clouds, and the floating mountains hidden in the sea of clouds.


"This is the true Yunlu Immortal Mountain."


Zhao Linglong stood up proudly and looked into the distance.


"Brother Qingxiao, Junior Sister Linglong."


Just then, a sweet and gentle voice came from the side of the group.


Xu Taiping turned his head and saw a green light flying out of the sea of clouds.


Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a beautiful woman with a slender figure and a sweet face, flying in the air with a little girl stepping on a jade gourd.


"Sister Ziyann, why did you come down the mountain too?"


Zhao Linglong waved at Ziyann and smiled.


"After you all went down the mountain, the Spiritual Bones Stele reacted again. This time, the Sixth Peak also has a disciple chosen by the Spiritual Bones."


Ziyann smiled and glanced at the little girl behind her.


The little girl was dressed in white, with fair skin like jade. From a distance, she looked like a flawless porcelain doll, very beautiful.


"What a beautiful little girl."


Zhao Linglong sincerely praised.


"Congratulations, congratulations. The Sixth Peak has another talented disciple. I'm afraid the Sixth Peak will take the lead in the next Seven Peaks Competition."


Qingxiao smiled and bowed to Ziyann.


Ziyann smiled and covered her mouth, revealing a hint of charm in her eyebrows.


"Buyu, greet Senior Brother Qingxiao and Senior Sister Linglong."


Ziyann patted the shoulder of the girl behind her.


"Buyu, greet Senior Brother Qingxiao and Senior Sister Linglong."


The little girl bowed to Qingxiao and Linglong, not very skilled.


"No need to be polite."


Qingxiao smiled.


Linglong looked at Xu Taiping beside her and patted his little head.


"Taiping, greet Senior Sister Ziyann and the future junior sister. Among the Seven Peaks, the Sixth Peak is the most generous. You must get close to her."


"Taiping, greet Senior Sister Ziyann, greet Junior Sister Buyu."


Although Xu Taiping was a little confused, he still respectfully bowed to Ziyann.


"No need to be polite. When you become an official disciple of the Seven Peaks, Senior Sister will give you a Pill of Nurturing Essence."


Ziyann smiled.


"Thank you, Senior Sister Ziyann!"


Seeing that Taiping was still dazed, Zhao Linglong quickly pressed down on his head, urging him to thank Ziyann.


"Thank you, Senior Sister Ziyann."


Xu Taiping still said his thanks in a dazed manner.


"Brother Qingxiao, are you all going to Dragon Gate Hall?"


Ziyann changed the topic.


"Yes, before taking Taiping to the Seven Peaks, we need to go to Dragon Gate Hall to test his Spiritual Bones."


Qingxiao nodded."Then I will go with Senior Brother Qingxiao."


Zi Yan flew on her sword to the side of the Immortal Crane that Qingxiao and the others were riding.


"Let's go together then."


Qingxiao nodded.


"Tsk tsk, Senior Sister Zi Yan, why don't you ride the Immortal Crane with my senior brother, and I'll take Buyu on a Sword Flight?"


Zhao Linglong suggested with a mischievous smile.


"Zhao Linglong, are you asking for a beating?"


Zi Yan's cheeks turned red as she retorted.


"If you keep talking nonsense, be careful I'll kick you off."


Qingxiao gave Zhao Linglong, who was laughing mischievously on the side, a glance.


"I dare not, I dare not!……"


Zhao Linglong clung to Xu Taiping's shoulder, begging for mercy.


At this moment, Xu Taiping's face was also a bit hot. It was the first time in his life that he had been held by a strange woman.


However, compared to this shyness, what he cared more about at the moment was Qingxiao's previous words – "First, go to the Dragon Gate Hall to test your Spiritual Bones."


"Senior Brother Qingxiao, why do we need to test the Spiritual Bones?"


Xu Taiping couldn't help but ask.


"Although you were personally selected by the Spiritual Bones Stele and can become a disciple of the Seventh Peak without testing, you still need to test the type and quality grade of your Spiritual Bones. This will be beneficial for your future cultivation."


Qingxiao explained to Xu Taiping.


"Little Taiping, you probably don't know yet. In the cultivation world, although having Spiritual Bones means you can cultivate, there are still differences in types and quality grades among Spiritual Bones."


Zhao Linglong hooked Xu Taiping's shoulder and began to explain to him:


"In terms of category, the most common are the Five Elements Spiritual Bones of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. In addition, there are rare variant bones such as ice, thunder, and wind."


"As for the quality grade, it is divided into four grades: Purple Spirit Bone, Gold Spirit Bone, Black Spirit Bone, and White Spirit Bone. Among them, the Purple Spirit Bone is the rarest and is also known as the Heavenly Spirit Bone, while the White Spirit Bone is the most useless."


Hearing this, Xu Taiping suddenly understood.


"Why is the White Spirit Bone the most useless?"


He asked curiously.

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