Vol.1 – Chapter 40 – Green Peak Gorge, Senior Brothers Ambush the Demon Tiger

“Your words do make some sense.”

Bai Yu put away the displeasure in his eyes and nodded deeply in agreement.

“But if I take you with me, you have to give me ten merit coins. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not that I’m stingy, it’s the rule of Qingxuan Sect. When a spirit bird carries a person, it must collect merit coins, otherwise it will be punished by oath.”

He then looked at Xu Taiping.

“No problem, I have the merit coins!”

Xu Taiping smiled and raised the bag of merit coins in his hand.

It was the bag of merit coins that Zi Jin had given him earlier.

“Then get ready quickly, I’ll take you with me, and we’ll hunt a few more when we get there.”

Seeing Xu Taiping so willing, Bai Yu’s tone and attitude became much more friendly and less arrogant.


Xu Taiping nodded vigorously.

“By the way, where do you plan to hunt the yellow goats?”

Just as Xu Taiping was about to go back to prepare, Bai Yu suddenly asked.

“Green Peak Gorge!”

Xu Taiping turned his head and answered.

“Green Peak Gorge? It’s at least four hundred miles away from here. Why go so far?”

Bai Yu tilted his head, his big eyes filled with confusion.

“Because the yellow goats in Green Peak Gorge taste the best!”

Xu Taiping smiled in response.

Hearing this, the confusion in Bai Yu’s eyes disappeared and turned into excitement.

“Then let’s go to Green Peak Gorge!”

Green Peak Gorge, White Horse Slope.

“Lucheng, Zijin, why did you two take so long?”

A young man in the robe of a Qingxuan Sect disciple, with a cold face, looked at Lucheng and Zijin who had just dismounted.

This young man had a long face, narrow eyes, a tall and thin figure, and a cold aura between his eyebrows.

“Sorry, Senior Brother, we…”

“Senior Brother, Zijin’s horse was feeling unwell, so we arrived a little late.”

Lucheng lied to the young man.

The young man, called Mo Jun, was a senior disciple of the Fifth Peak of Qingxuan Sect, and his cultivation level was outstanding among his peers.

“Is that so?”

Mo Jun looked at Zijin with cold eyes.

“Yes, Senior Brother.”

Although Zijin felt that there was no need to lie about looking for her sister, since Lucheng said so, she didn’t want to expose the lie.

“Junior Brother Mo Jun, since both junior brothers have arrived, let’s set off.”

At that moment, a woman riding a spirit horse not far away called out to Mo Jun and the others.

Beside the woman was a young girl in white riding a white spirit horse.

Although their faces were covered with veils, their stunning beauty was still evident.

“Senior Brother, who are these two?”

Lucheng was almost stunned.

“That’s Senior Sister Ziyann from the Sixth Peak and her newly admitted junior sister Buyu. They happened to meet her on the way to Green Peak Gorge for training. It’s not easy to capture the tiger demon alive to use as a mount, so I asked her to go with me.”

Mo Jun introduced them to Lucheng with a cold face as he mounted his horse.

“With Senior Sister Ziyann’s help, Senior Brother, you will definitely be able to capture the tiger demon as a mount this time.”

Lucheng flattered with a smile on his face.

Mo Jun gave Lucheng a cold glance and then looked at Zijin.

“Zijin, when we arrive at Green Peak Gorge, you and Buyu, the junior sister from the Sixth Peak, can observe from the side. There’s no need for you to get involved in hunting the tiger demon.”

“Senior Brother, can’t we…”

“Sister, please listen to Senior Brother. We’ll talk about everything after capturing the tiger demon.”

Zijin finally nodded.

“Let’s go, let’s go to Green Peak Gorge together.”

Mo Jun said a word, then spurred his horse and galloped away like the wind.

The horses of the group were all spirit horses, running through the mountains as fast as the wind, and in a moment, they arrived at the Green Peak Gorge, which was shrouded in darkness all year round.

Green Peak Gorge, Red Maple Forest.

“The tiger demon’s cave is deep in this maple forest. I and Senior Sister Ziyann will hide first. Lucheng, after I send you a message, go and lure the tiger demon to the ambush location where Senior Sister Ziyann and I are.”

In the red maple forest, Mo Jun solemnly instructed Lucheng.

“What about me, Senior Brother?”

Zijin asked Mo Jun with a sense of urgency.

She really wanted to go to the tiger demon’s cave to see if her sister had been captured by the tiger demon.

“Zijin, you and Buyu, the junior sister from the Sixth Peak, stay here and don’t go anywhere. When the three of us lure out the tiger demon, you two can come forward to help as needed.”

Mo Jun looked at Zijin seriously.

“Sister Zijin, please take care of Buyu. She’s only been a disciple for half a year, and this is her first time officially encountering a demon.”

Zijin was about to argue, but Senior Sister Ziyann suddenly brought Buyu to her and earnestly asked for her help.

“Buyu greets Senior Sister Zijin.”

Buyu greeted Zijin with a calm expression.

“Okay, Senior Sister Ziyann, you can rest assured that I will take good care of Buyu.”

Zijin finally gave up the idea of going with Lucheng to lure the tiger demon, and took Buyu’s hand, standing side by side with her.


At that moment, a gust of mountain wind blew, lifting Buyu’s veil, revealing her almost flawless face.

Not only Lucheng, but also Zijin was stunned by what she saw.Buyu seemed to have long grown accustomed to the gazes around her, silently lifting her head to peer through the gaps between the leaves and branches at the giant eagle circling in the sky above.


Above Green Peak Gorge.

At this moment, Xu Taiping was embracing the neck of a white-feathered eagle, soaring high in the sky, then gazing down at the forest below.

“Xu Taiping, there are only a few disciples from Qingxuan Sect down there, where are the yellow goats?”

White Feather, also overlooking the area below, spoke with a hint of displeasure.

“Brother White Feather, can you clearly see what’s happening in the forest below?”

Xu Taiping turned his gaze back in surprise towards White Feather.

He had just been peering down for quite some time, only to vaguely make out a few figures, and this was after his vision had improved following his breakthrough into the Sea Realm.

“Of course!”

Hearing the shock in Xu Taiping’s voice, White Feather felt quite proud.

“The eyesight of the White Eagle clan is that terrifying?”

Xu Taiping’s tone was full of amazement and admiration.

“Our White Eagle clan’s eyesight is among the best in the spirit beasts, not to mention a few large humans, even a few ants can be seen clearly.”

Buoyed by Xu Taiping’s praise, White Feather momentarily forgot about the search for the yellow goats.

“Then, Brother White Feather, can you help me see if among those disciples below, there is a girl wearing a green dress?”

Xu Taiping immediately asked.

“There is indeed a girl in green.”

White Feather, pleased by Xu Taiping’s compliments, glanced down promptly.

“However, the girl next to her seems even prettier.”

It then added another comment.

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