Chapter 3 – On the seventh day after a person’s death, the wicked aunt sold her nephew into slavery

Six days later.


Xu Taiping's Second Uncle's house.


"What? You want to sell Taiping?!"


Xu Taiping's Second Uncle, Xu Erniu, looked at his Second Aunt in disbelief.




Second Aunt, with a face full of flesh, raised a finger, gesturing for Xu Erniu to speak softly.


"What do you mean by selling? Becoming a servant in the Bai Family Village is an opportunity that ordinary people can't even dream of."


Second Aunt glanced at Second Uncle.


"That's true, but it still means becoming a slave…"


Second Uncle hesitated.


"In the Bai Family, you eat well, drink well, and live well. What's wrong with being a slave? Don't worry about it. I've already accepted the deposit."


Second Aunt waved her hand decisively.




Xu Erniu couldn't argue with his own wife, so he sighed lightly and nodded.


"Where is Taiping?"


Second Aunt asked.


"He's still in the ancestral hall. Today is the seventh day, and Taiping wants to watch over Grandfather's spirit."


Xu Erniu, dressed in mourning clothes, wiped his mouth and answered.


"The people from the Bai Family Village are already waiting at the village entrance. Tell him to come back quickly."


Second Aunt scolded Xu Erniu.


"So soon?"


Xu Erniu was surprised.


"The young master of the Bai Family Village will start attending a private school next month, and they happen to be in need of a student assistant. Otherwise, why would it be so fast? Stop talking nonsense and go bring that boy back from the ancestral hall."


Second Aunt glared at Second Uncle and urged him.


"But… but today is the seventh day for Grandfather. Shouldn't we let Taiping stay until tonight?"


Second Uncle scratched his head, feeling hesitant.


Ever since Xu Taiping's grandfather passed away, the couple had been discussing how to get rid of Xu Taiping, who was like a burden. However, Second Uncle still had some lingering affection and didn't want Taiping to become a servant in the Bai Family Village without observing the seventh day.


"The seventh day, the seventh day, what's so important about the seventh day? Is not money more important to you? You!"


Second Aunt angrily poked Second Uncle's forehead and then leaned close to his ear, whispering:


"Do you know how much money the Bai Family is willing to pay? Thirty taels, thirty taels!"


Greed filled Second Aunt's eyes.


Upon hearing this, Second Uncle was first stunned, then vigorously nodded:


"I'll go call Taiping."



Half an hour later.


Green Bull Village, at the village entrance.


Xu Taiping reluctantly looked in the direction of the ancestral hall, then turned to his Second Uncle and Second Aunt in front of him, pleading:


"Second Uncle, can't I leave tomorrow?"


"Taiping, becoming a servant in the Bai Family Village is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you don't leave now, by tomorrow, it will be too late!"


Second Aunt smiled and said to Xu Taiping.


"Is Second Aunt worried that if we wait until tomorrow, I won't be sold for a good price?"


Xu Taiping coldly glanced at Second Aunt.


Although he had been watching over his grandfather's spirit these past few days, he had experienced the warmth and coldness of human relationships since he was young. How could he not know about the secret dealings between Second Aunt and Second Uncle?


The reason why Taiping didn't resist or refuse was because, firstly, he had no way to resist, and secondly, he himself thought that going to the Bai Family Village might be a good choice. After all, his grandfather had passed away, and he had no attachments here.


"You child, how can you talk to your aunt like that? Your aunt is doing this for your own good!"


Upon hearing Xu Taiping's words, Second Uncle glared at him fiercely.


"Stop dawdling and get on the carriage. There have been rat demons appearing around here at night, and we need to reach Green Bamboo Ridge before it gets dark."


At this time, the Bai Family steward on the carriage behind Xu Taiping urged.


"Coming, coming!"


Upon hearing this, Second Uncle and Second Aunt each grabbed one of Taiping's arms and forcibly dragged him onto the carriage.


Taiping didn't resist, but he felt a chill in his heart.




"Little guy, pay attention. This is the contract of selling yourself that you signed with the Bai Family. From today onwards, you are a slave of the Bai Family, with no connection to Green Bull Village or the Xu Family."


In front of the carriage, after Xu Taiping pressed his handprint, the Bai Family steward picked up the contract of selling oneself and waved it in his hand.




Taiping nodded expressionlessly.


"It seems that the elixir my grandfather gave me has lost its effect. It has been six days, and no immortal has come to pick me up."


While the Bai Family steward was communicating with Second Uncle and Second Aunt, Xu Taiping silently raised his head and looked up at the sky.


Regarding the search for immortality, he didn't feel too disappointed. After all, his biggest motivation for wanting to become an immortal was to cure his grandfather's illness.


"Huh? There's a white crane in the sky that's even bigger than a water buffalo!"


"Where? Where?"


"Wait, there are two people standing on the back of that white crane!"


At this moment, the villagers who were watching at the village entrance suddenly exclaimed.


Upon hearing this sound, Xu Taiping, the Bai Family steward, and Xu Erniu and his wife all looked up, and sure enough, they saw a giant white crane in the sky, and faintly, there were two figures standing on its back.


"Imm… immortal?"


After being dumbfounded for a few seconds, Xu Taiping slowly uttered two words.


"It's an immortal, it must be an immortal!"


At this time, many villagers also began to shout and cheer.


"Squeak!…"At this moment, accompanied by a crane's cry, two figures descended from the sky, slowly landing in front of the villagers at the entrance of the village.


These two, a man and a woman, one dressed in a sky-blue robe, the other in a red skirt. The man had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes, handsome and extraordinary, while the woman's eyes were even more like the Nine Heavens Maiden descending to the mortal world, so beautiful that the surrounding scenery paled in comparison.


"Sorry for the disturbance, I am a disciple of the Qingxuan Sect from Yunlu Mountain. Today, my junior sister and I have come down the mountain to this place in search of a young man."


The young man politely bowed to the crowd.


Upon hearing this, the villagers of Green Bull Village were taken aback. They hadn't expected these two to be immortals, and moreover, immortals from Yunlu Mountain nearby.


"May I ask if there is a young man named Xu Taiping in the village?"


At this time, the red-clothed female disciple from Yunlu Mountain also bowed to the crowd, then asked with a smile.


At her smile, not to mention the men, even the women felt their hearts flutter.


"Xu… Xu Taiping?"


"It's him, he is Xu Taiping!"


After a few seconds of stunned silence, several villagers immediately pointed to Xu Taiping next to the carriage.


Most of the people in Green Bull Village knew each other, and Xu Taiping's family was one of the few with a different surname in the village, so most of them recognized Xu Taiping.


"Are you Xu Taiping?"


The red-clothed female disciple stepped forward at this time, looking at the young Xu Taiping with a face full of joy.




Xu Taiping nodded.


He had already guessed the identities of these two in his heart.


"Senior Brother."


Seeing Taiping nod, the woman quickly turned her head to look at the young man behind her.


"The Jade Scroll of Transmitting Techniques has reacted, he is the one we are looking for."


The young man nodded, raising a jade scroll in his hand that was emitting a faint blue light towards the female disciple.


"This… Fairy, has my nephew done something wrong?"


At this time, Second Uncle Xu Erniu finally couldn't help but ask.


"Who asked you to meddle!"


As soon as Xu Erniu spoke, Second Aunt pulled him back, continuing to maintain a distance of five or six feet from Xu Taiping.


Not just them, the rest of the villagers also retreated, keeping a distance from Xu Taiping.


Obviously, most of the villagers, like Xu Erniu, guessed that Xu Taiping might have done something wrong, which was why the immortals had descended from the mountain.


After all, Green Bull Village was close to Yunlu Mountain. Even if they hadn't seen the immortals descend to exorcise demons with their own eyes, they had at least heard of it.

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