Vol.1 – Chapter 26 – Set up traps, engage in battle with the Evil Ghost using the Charging Bull Formation

“Don’t be in a hurry, there’s still one last step.”

After calming himself down, Xu Taiping’s gaze fell on the several jars of strong liquor next to the bed.

Ignoring the constant taunting and provocation from the Evil Ghost outside the courtyard, he carried the jars of liquor to the front yard and arrived at the trap he had already dug in the center of the courtyard.

“As long as I can force your soul to leave your body, these jars will be your last drink.”

Xu Taiping glanced at the courtyard gate in front of him, then hung the jars of liquor above the trap.

Late at night.

“Bang! Bang!”

Sensing that the power of the barrier had weakened, the Evil Ghost began to drive three demon wolves to repeatedly ram the gate of the Green Bamboo Residence.

At this time, Xu Taiping had already stood in the center of the courtyard.

He pulled the bowstring like a full moon, and the arrow covered with residual glow Qi turned into an ice arrow, constantly emitting cold air.


At this moment, under the repeated impact of the three demon wolves, the remaining spiritual power of the barrier at the Green Bamboo Residence was exhausted, and the courtyard gate was directly broken by one of the demon wolves.


The demon wolf that had already sensed Xu Taiping’s breath in the courtyard let out a roar, and the three of them rushed towards him like a gust of wind, while the cautious Evil Ghost followed closely behind.


As Xu Taiping loosened his fingers, the arrow that had been prepared in advance made a whistling sound as it pierced the neck of the front demon wolf. The residual glow Qi wrapped around the arrow instantly turned into ice crystals, freezing the entire demon wolf.

The Evil Ghost, who saw this scene, was somewhat surprised because he had never seen Xu Taiping use this move in their previous encounters.


While the Evil Ghost was momentarily distracted, Xu Taiping had already thrown away the bow and arrow in his hand, and as he rolled forward, as if calculated, he just managed to dodge the pounce of the second wolf demon.


Without any hesitation, as Xu Taiping stood up, he drew the fine steel long knife from his waist, activated the residual glow Qi, and slashed down.

Because he had not learned knife skills, Xu Taiping’s knife was very clumsy. The demon wolf, which could have easily dodged, had an injured hind leg, and as a result, it failed to dodge and had one of its legs directly cut off by the knife.

In the blink of an eye, two of the demon wolves were dead, leaving only the one ridden by the Evil Ghost.

“Clang, clang, clang!”

After killing two demon wolves, Xu Taiping did not stop for a moment, and his small figure swiftly rushed towards the Evil Ghost riding on the demon wolf like the wind.

“You’re seeking death!”

The Evil Ghost was both shocked and angry. When Xu Taiping was one or two zhang away, he slashed at Xu Taiping from the back of the demon wolf.


The sword energy preceded the sword.

A black sword energy over a zhang long, like a huge sharp sickle, swept fiercely towards Xu Taiping.

However, facing the Evil Ghost’s sword, Xu Taiping not only did not dodge, but also leaped into the air, and as if he didn’t care about his life, he punched the Evil Ghost in front of him.


With a loud noise, Xu Taiping’s residual glow protective Qi on his body was shattered by the sword energy, turning into a group of ice crystal fragments. However, he himself was not harmed at all, and while still leaping high, he punched the Evil Ghost riding on the demon wolf.

“How is this possible? How could he withstand my sword?”

The Evil Ghost thought that even if the previous sword could not kill Xu Taiping, it would at least severely injure him or at least stop him, but he never expected Xu Taiping’s residual glow protective Qi to resist the sword.


Just as the Evil Ghost was full of confusion, Xu Taiping’s fist struck down.

Before the Evil Ghost could swing his sword again, he had to gather the ghost energy on his body and use his arm as a shield to block.


To the Evil Ghost’s horror, the force of Xu Taiping’s punch far exceeded his imagination, and it smashed him down from the back of the demon wolf.

“This kid must be hiding his true strength? Damn it! If I had known, I would have used all my strength with that last sword!”

In the moment of falling, the Evil Ghost suddenly woke up.

But after Xu Taiping succeeded with one blow, he obviously had no intention of giving the Evil Ghost a chance to catch his breath.

“Charging Bull Formation!”

As if cheering himself on, Xu Taiping, with his still somewhat immature figure, roared, and then a burst of frosty cold air exploded around him. In an instant, this cold air gathered into a huge bull’s head, and with Xu Taiping’s fist falling heavily, it struck the Evil Ghost.


Another loud noise, the heavy gloomy energy entwined around the Evil Ghost was shattered by Xu Taiping’s “Charging Bull Formation,” and his corpse ghost body also fell heavily to the ground.

“Charging Bull Formation!”

Before the Evil Ghost could stand up, Xu Taiping’s fist, covered in ice crystals, had already landed on the Evil Ghost.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The most special thing about the “Charging Bull Formation” was that as long as the person using it had enough Qi, the force of the punch would not stop, and the power of the fist would continue to accumulate. Unless you had overwhelming cultivation, it was impossible to stop the punch.

In addition, Xu Taiping used the residual glow Qi to perform this punch, so with each punch hitting the opponent, a layer of ice crystals would cover their body. After just four or five punches, the Evil Ghost’s corpse ghost body had turned into a large block of ice.

Of course, the drawback of this move was also very obvious. Once the punch was stopped, it would take a very long time to recover Qi, and during this time, you would be extremely weak.

“Kid… no matter how fierce your punches are, there will come a time when your Qi runs out… stop now, and I… will consider giving you a quick death!”

Obviously, the Evil Ghost also saw the flaw in Xu Taiping’s punch, so he endured the intense pain and began to threaten Xu Taiping.

“Boom, boom, boom!…”

Without even looking at him, Xu Taiping continued to punch without stopping, even though his fists were still cracking and bleeding, and his speed of punching began to slow down.

“Come on, keep punching, as long as you slack off for a moment, I can kill you with one sword!”Seeing Xu Taiping’s punches weaken, the Evil Ghost immediately let out a ferocious laugh and roared.


It was at this moment, after Xu Taiping’s right fist heavily smashed down, his left hand was slow to lift.

“Ha ha, you’ve indeed exhausted your True Qi…”

Seeing this, the Evil Ghost burst into wild laughter, ready to leave its corporeal body, but its laughter abruptly ceased.


With a loud crash, the ground beneath the Evil Ghost suddenly collapsed, and its body, like a statue made of ice, fell entirely into the trap pit that Xu Taiping had prepared in advance.

Indeed, Xu Taiping had exerted so much effort to execute the Charging Bull Formation, all to force the Evil Ghost into this pit that was one zhang deep.

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