Vol.1 – Chapter 22 – Seeking the fragrance of dust, falling victim to treacherous people and becoming a slave

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"Sister, did you come to me with a request?"


Xu Taiping also guessed the intentions of the female ghost.


"Young man, you guessed right. I have something to ask of you," the female ghost nodded repeatedly.


"I have a younger sister named Zi Jin. Three years ago, we both went up the mountain together. However, her talent was exceptional, and she was directly accepted as a disciple by the Fifth Peak. Originally, we had agreed that after she passed the selection of the Fifth Peak next year, we would practice together on the Fifth Peak."


"But last year, a senior brother from the Fifth Peak suddenly came to my place. He said he was the third senior brother of my younger sister and came to deliver a letter to Zi Jin and check if I was safe on his way down the mountain."


"Hearing that it was Zi Jin's senior brother, I naturally couldn't neglect him and entertained him with good food and wine for a while."


"But after a few rounds of drinking, he suddenly went crazy and defiled me like an animal, tarnishing my innocence. Afterwards, he threatened me not to tell anyone about this and wanted to imprison me for his pleasure."


"I wanted to end my life, but he used Zi Jin to threaten me. If I didn't obey him, he would frame Zi Jin and have her expelled from the Fifth Peak."


"Helpless, I had no choice but to submit to him, hoping to find a way to tell Zi Jin everything once she established herself on the Fifth Peak."


"But a few months ago, while that scoundrel was heavily drunk, I accidentally overheard that he planned to use me to blackmail Zi Jin and turn her into his plaything."


"If it was just me being humiliated, I could endure it, but he targeted Zi Jin. I couldn't let him succeed even if it cost me my life."


"So, while he was heavily drunk, I took out the hidden weapon I had prepared in the house and intended to end that shameless person's life."


"But I underestimated the cultivation of the disciples on the mountain. I had just revealed a hint of killing intent when he turned the tables and captured me."


"Enraged, that shameless person humiliated me and then killed me, throwing my body into the nearby deep mountains. It didn't take long for the evil ghost to capture me and turn me into a ghost slave."


After listening to the long narration of the female ghost, Xu Taiping felt indignant.


He didn't expect that there would be such evil people and deeds on this Immortal Mountain. Compared to the disciples of the Fifth Peak, even the evil ghost could be considered a good person.


Of course, the premise was that everything the female ghost said was true.


"How can you prove that everything you said is true?" Xu Taiping asked the female ghost calmly after calming down.


"To expose this shameless person, I used the only remaining stick of Seeking Dust Incense on me," the female ghost said while pointing to the sleeve of the corpse below, and continued, "This Seeking Dust Incense consists of one mother stick and three child sticks. When the mother stick is lit, it can capture everything that happened in the room before the incense burns out."


"To view it, you just need to light the child stick, and the past events will all be revealed."


Upon hearing this, Xu Taiping nodded silently.


He had seen this treasure from the bronze mirror before.


"So, sister, do you want me to give the remaining incense sticks to your sister Zi Jin?" Xu Taiping asked directly without waiting for Liu Qingmei to speak.


"Exactly!" Liu Qingmei nodded vigorously, and then with a hint of despair in her tone, she said, "The third disciple of the Fifth Peak, Lu Chen, is said to be the nephew of an elder from Qingxuan Sect. Qingxuan Sect will definitely not punish him because of an outer disciple like me. I don't seek justice for myself, I just hope that my sister Zi Jin will no longer be deceived by that shameless person!"


As soon as she finished speaking, a gust of cold wind blew at the gate of the courtyard, and her figure began to fade slowly.


"Young man, if you have the chance to go to the Fifth Peak, please give the Seeking Dust Incense to my sister!" Liu Qingmei's tone suddenly became urgent as she anxiously waited for Xu Taiping's response.


"If what you said is true, I will definitely deliver the Seeking Dust Incense to my sister Zi Jin," Xu Taiping promised firmly without hesitation.


"Thank you, young man!" After receiving Xu Taiping's promise, Liu Qingmei immediately fell to the ground and knocked her head heavily.


"Young man, that evil ghost will not give up today since it failed to achieve its goal. Although it is difficult to deal with, it does have weaknesses. During the time it captured me, I accidentally learned that the evil ghost died from alcohol poisoning. Alcohol is like poison to its soul. Perhaps you can find a way to force it out of its host body and use alcohol to deal with it."


Liu Qingmei suddenly raised her head and informed Xu Taiping of the weakness of the evil ghost."The Evil Ghost's weakness is actually alcohol? Thank you for the reminder, sister!"


Upon hearing this, Xu Taiping expressed his surprise and gratitude. Although he hadn't yet lit the Seeking Dust Incense, his trust in Liu Qingmei increased a bit more.


"Young man, you must give the Seeking Dust Incense to my younger sister."


The female ghost shook her head, once again pleading with a full face.


"Don't worry, Sister Qingmei. As long as I can get up the mountain, I will find a way to give this Seeking Dust Incense to Sister Zi Jin."


Xu Taiping nodded solemnly.


Upon hearing this, a hint of a smile finally appeared on the bitter face of the female ghost, Liu Qingmei.


"By the way, young man, there is a Tiger Demon behind the Evil Ghost. It is extremely powerful, try not to antagonize it if possible!"


Just as the female ghost's figure was about to disappear, she suddenly reminded Xu Taiping in a somewhat hurried voice.


"A Tiger Demon?"


Looking at the scattering green flames above Liu Qingmei's body, Xu Taiping murmured in surprise.


"So the story of the Tiger serving the Evil Ghost is true."


Upon hearing that there was a Tiger Demon backing the Evil Ghost, Xu Taiping was shocked and suddenly recalled the story of the Tiger serving the Evil Ghost.


"Although I know the weakness of the Evil Ghost, according to the words of the True Monarch Ziyang, before breaking through the Opening Realm, if I encounter a ghost and make a mistake, I might lose my life on the spot. So it's best not to deal with it myself, but to report it to the sect and let the sect send people to handle it."


Xu Taiping thought this as he jumped down from the top of the courtyard gate.


"Anyway, I should report this to the sect first. Then I'll bring the body of the demon wolf in the mountain over. They can't possibly ignore it, can they?"


He muttered to himself as he took a small wooden box from the sleeve of Liu Qingmei's body.


Upon opening it, he found that the box contained three incense sticks.


"As for this Seeking Dust Incense and Sister Qingmei's matter, I'll light one today to verify its authenticity. Tomorrow, I'll see how the sect handles the Evil Ghost. If they're willing to deal with it, I'll tell them about Liu Qingmei's encounter and then give them these three incense sticks."


Xu Taiping stood up and put away the wooden box containing the Seeking Dust Incense.

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