Vol.1 – Chapter 19 – Frost Transformation Stage, Green Bull Fist has achieved initial success

After selecting the martial arts, Xu Taiping spent ten merit coins to purchase a refined steel goose feather knife, a horned hardwood bow, and over a hundred arrows.


"Lord Xuan Mirror, I have made my selection."


In fact, Xu Taiping wanted to buy a body technique martial art as well, but even the lowest-ranked body technique martial art cost at least three hundred merit coins, which he couldn't afford.


【The goods are chosen and cannot be returned. Tomorrow at noon, a spirit bird will deliver these items to the Green Bamboo Residence. Please prepare the merit coins】


The cold voice of the Mirror Spirit rang out again.


"Thank you, Lord Xuan Mirror."


Xu Taiping respectfully bowed to the bronze mirror.




At the hour of You on this day.


Green Bamboo Residence.


In the quiet courtyard, the warm afternoon sunlight shone through the window, falling directly on Xu Taiping's sweaty face.


At this moment, Xu Taiping had his eyes closed, sitting cross-legged on the bed. Wisps of lead-colored mist emanated from his body, finally converging above his head.


At this moment, Xu Taiping had completely entered a state of forgetting oneself and focusing solely on cultivation. The word "cultivation" was the only thing in his mind.


According to the guidance of the Ziyang True Monarch, practicing cultivation during the Zi, Wu, and You hours of each day often yielded twice the result with half the effort. So, every time this hour arrived, Xu Taiping would lock the courtyard door and sit cross-legged to cultivate without fail.




At this moment, a burst of energy suddenly resounded from within Xu Taiping's body.


Following that, the lead-colored mist around his body suddenly dispersed. Then, strands of pure white mist rose from Xu Taiping's body and converged above his head once again.


If there were cultivators who had practiced the "Fading Sunset Scripture" present, they would surely recognize this scene, as it was the sign of a cultivator breaking through from the Condensation Period to the Frosting Period—dispelling the lead-colored mist.


After a moment, Xu Taiping opened his eyes, his gaze filled with surprise.


Even he himself hadn't expected that he would break through from the Condensation Period to the Frosting Period today. According to the Purple Yang True Immortal, he would need at least ten more days to make this breakthrough.


"Could it be that using the Fading Sunset True Qi during my battle with the demon wolf accelerated my breakthrough?"


Xu Taiping speculated in his mind.


"Xu Taiping of the Green Bamboo Residence can be found in the courtyard."


Before he had a chance to think about this question in detail, a voice that Xu Taiping was very familiar with—Bai Tou Eagle, Bai Hong—suddenly sounded outside the room.


"Little guy, your things have arrived."


As soon as he stepped out of the courtyard, Xu Taiping saw the spirit bird Bai Hong squatting at his courtyard gate, with a large wooden box with a seal placed in front of it.


"Thank you, Uncle Bai."


Xu Taiping thanked Bai Hong happily, then quickly walked up.


"Little guy, it's not easy to earn merit. At the end of the year, you still have to pay the annual fee to the West Wind Pavilion. Try to save some."


Bai Hong kindly reminded Xu Taiping.


"Uncle Bai, don't worry. Taiping knows how to handle it. These are just some self-defense weapons and martial arts."


Bai Hong's kindness made Xu Taiping feel very warm.


"As long as you know how to handle it."


Bai Hong nodded.


After the incident of buying the demon wolf's flesh and bones yesterday, its fondness for Xu Taiping increased a lot, and it no longer treated him as a stranger from the outer disciples.


"I can see that the true qi in your body is much purer than yesterday. Could it be that you made a breakthrough?"


Bai Hong suddenly looked at Xu Taiping seriously.


"Yes, Uncle Bai. My Fading Sunset  True Qi has already reached the Frosting Period. After breaking through to the Icing Period, I will be able to attempt to break through to the Opening Realm."


Xu Taiping did not hide anything from Bai Hong.


"That's right."


Bai Hong nodded approvingly.


He had seen Xu Taiping's diligence, so he wasn't very surprised.


"Continue to cultivate with peace of mind. Even if you reach the Icing Period, it only means that you have the qualifications to break through to the Opening Realm. Don't be complacent."


He admonished Xu Taiping again.


"Taiping will remember Uncle Bai's teachings."


Xu Taiping earnestly bowed to Bai Hong.


"Go back to your room and continue your cultivation. After delivering your things today, I have to accompany Elder Sifeng on a trip. It may be several months before I can come back."


After saying this, Bai Hong spread its wings and soared into the air.


"Accompany Elder Sifeng… Could it be that they are going to the mortal world to subdue demons and eliminate evil?"


Watching Bai Hong's figure disappear into the distance, Xu Taiping suddenly felt excited.


According to the introduction in the Jade Scroll of Transmitting Techniques, disciples and elders of the Seventh Peak receive numerous tasks from outside the mountain every month. After completing these tasks, the sect will reward them with a large amount of merit.


It should be noted that even an ordinary task from outside the mountain is worth over a thousand merit points, which made Xu Taiping extremely envious."Xu Taiping, don't aim too high."


After noticing a change in his mindset, Xu Taiping quickly reminded himself.


Then, he moved the wooden box into the yard.




Five days later.


In the backyard of the Green Bamboo Residence.




Surrounded by a faint frosty aura, Xu Taiping, after gathering his strength for a long time, punched a rock as tall as a person in front of him.


The moment his fist swung out, besides the sound of the wind breaking, one could faintly hear the roar of a bull.




Accompanied by a loud noise, the huge rock in front of him was actually blasted into a hole by Xu Taiping's small fist.


However, Xu Taiping did not stop there. After that punch, he immediately stood still to adjust his breath, then swung his fists alternately.


"Bang, bang, bang!……"


Xu Taiping's fists, one after another, pounded on the rock like a herd of rampaging bulls.




In the end, the rock as tall as a person was smashed into rubble by Xu Taiping's fists.


However, after smashing the rock, Xu Taiping's True Qi was also exhausted. The frosty True Qi that had been protecting him like a semi-transparent spherical shield also dissipated.


"Huff, huff, huff……"


After retracting his fists, Xu Taiping, with his hands on his knees, began to pant heavily.


What he had just used was the Green Bull Fist, which he had purchased from the West Wind Pavilion's armory, and it was the two ultimate moves of the Green Bull Fist – Bull Horn Mountain Collapse and Charging Bull Formation.


"It seems that with my current level of True Qi, I can only use Bull Horn Mountain Collapse and Charging Bull Formation once each."


Xu Taiping panted.


Because this set of boxing techniques was simple and crude, he had become quite proficient after practicing for a few days. However, these two ultimate moves still gave him a headache as they consumed too much True Qi.


Even though his residual True Qi recovered very quickly, Xu Taiping could only practice two or three times a day. Any more than that, and his True Qi wouldn't be able to recover.


"I'll stop here for today. When the sun is less intense later, I still have to weed the Perilla frutescens."


Xu Taiping picked up a towel and wiped the sweat off his body.


Because he had two more martial arts techniques to practice, his time was very tight. He wished he could split an hour into two.


However, after breaking through to the Frost Transformation stage, his energy was many times more abundant than before. Sometimes, even if he didn't sleep for two or three days, he wouldn't feel too tired, so the time he could use for cultivation also increased a lot.




Just as Xu Taiping was thinking about getting some food, he suddenly heard a wolf howl.


"It seems to be coming from Sheep Deer Mountain. Could it be that a wolf demon has appeared there again?"


As he thought this, he quickly rushed out of the backyard, jumped over the courtyard wall, and then leaped onto the roof from the wall.

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