Vol.1 – Chapter 13 – Listen to the teachings, and you will catch a glimpse of the path to practice

【No need for pleasantries】


To Xu Taiping's surprise, the mirror spirit actually responded to him, although its tone was very cold and stiff.


"Xuan Mirror, I am ready."


At this moment, a very majestic voice came from the bronze mirror.


Xu Taiping immediately looked towards the bronze mirror.


He saw that the mirror, which originally reflected his own face, suddenly showed a misty mountain peak when the old man's voice sounded. On top of that mountain peak, he could vaguely see the figure of an old man with an immortal aura.


【Ziyang True Monarch, there are a total of 396 disciples attending this lecture, including 218 new disciples and 200 without any cultivation】


The voice of the mirror spirit sounded again from the bronze mirror.


As it spoke, the image in the bronze mirror kept enlarging until Xu Taiping could clearly see Ziyang True Monarch sitting on a stone platform.


"Four hundred people are enough, there is no need to let anyone else in."


Ziyang True Monarch's eyes were slightly closed as he lightly opened his lips.




The mirror spirit responded in a cold tone.


"So, Ziyang True Monarch also limits the number of people for his lectures. Fortunately, I came early today."


After hearing the conversation between Ziyang True Monarch and the mirror spirit, Xu Taiping secretly felt fortunate.


"Whether you are listening to the 'Fading Sunset Scripture' for the first time or have heard it many times before, I will treat you all equally and start from the beginning."


After a slight pause, Ziyang True Monarch's voice sounded again.


Knowing that Ziyang True Monarch had officially started the lecture, Xu Taiping immediately sat up straight, staring at the bronze mirror without blinking.


"Among you, many have not cultivated before entering the sect. Therefore, before I talk about the 'Fading Sunset Scripture', I will first talk to you about cultivation and cultivation levels."


"The so-called cultivation is nothing more than refining the body above all else, refining the essence and transforming it into qi through the opening technique. And our Qingxuan Sect has always emphasized the opening technique."


"Only by cultivating a good foundation of innate true qi can one display magical spells, increase lifespan, and catch a glimpse of the path to ascension and immortality."


"And today, I will talk about one of the most important opening techniques of our sect, the 'Fading Sunset Scripture'."


Upon hearing this, Xu Taiping nodded silently.


Ziyang True Monarch's words were similar to the beginning of the 'Fading Sunset Scripture', and this was the only part he could understand. The specific steps of cultivation that followed were completely confusing to him.


"After explaining what cultivation is, I will now talk about cultivation levels."


"The so-called cultivation levels, in brief, refer to the different stages of cultivation."


"In the cultivation world, based on the length of one's lifespan and the strength of one's cultivation, cultivation levels are generally divided into five realms."


"From weak to strong, the first realm is the Opening Realm, also known as the Sea Entering Realm. At this stage, one has just started cultivation, with abundant qi and blood surpassing their peers. Lifespan can reach up to 120 years."


Xu Taiping's eyelids twitched involuntarily.


He didn't expect that the Opening Realm his grandfather mentioned was actually the lowest realm in the cultivation world.


Surprised and somewhat relieved, he thought that if the Opening Realm was the second or third realm, it would be difficult for him to break through within half a year, and his fabrication of an immortal status would inevitably be exposed.


However, these thoughts only flashed through his mind and he quickly refocused his attention, continuing to listen to Ziyang True Monarch's lecture.


"The second realm is called the Gazing Abyss Realm. Lifespan can reach up to 180 years. Only when one reaches this realm can they truly be called a cultivator. In recent years, at least sixty percent of the disciples I have encountered are stuck in this realm, and some are even direct disciples of the Seventh Peak."


"The third realm is called the Profound Realm. After breaking through this realm, lifespan can reach up to 360 years. One can be honored as a true immortal and have their own dojo in Yunlu Mountain."


"As for the fourth and fifth realms, you don't need to consider them for now. Don't aim too high."


When he reached this point, Ziyang True Monarch took a cup of tea from a disciple beside him and tasted it slowly, as if allowing everyone to experience it for themselves.


"So, breaking through to the Profound Realm is so difficult. No wonder Ziyang True Monarch is revered as an elder."


Xu Taiping couldn't help but sigh in his heart.


"I wonder what realm Fairy Lingyue is in."


He suddenly became curious about Fairy Lingyue's cultivation level.


"Alright, next, I will explain the 'Fading Sunset Scripture' in detail to all of you."


Just as Xu Taiping was starting to lose focus, Ziyang True Monarch's voice in the bronze mirror suddenly brought his thoughts back.


After that, Ziyang True Monarch began to compare the scrolls of the 'Fading Sunset Scripture' and explain the key points of cultivating it to the disciples listening to the lecture.


Because he had already read the 'Fading Sunset Scripture' before, Xu Taiping found it easy to listen to and even occasionally showed a look of sudden enlightenment. When he heard something profound, he couldn't help but dance with joy. He felt that the confusion he had encountered before was gradually being unraveled by Ziyang True Monarch.


Although he didn't have spiritual bones, Xu Taiping had always been talented in reading, so in terms of understanding cultivation techniques, he was not inferior to some disciples with spiritual bones. In fact, he was even better.


At this moment, among the disciples listening to the lecture in front of the bronze mirror, eighty percent of them were listening with great difficulty, scratching their heads in pain.


And all of this was seen by Ziyang True Monarch.Apart from a few disciples, most people, including Xu Taiping, were unaware that at this moment, a large bronze mirror also stood in front of the Ziyang True Monarch, displaying the images of the more than three hundred disciples who were listening to the lecture.




"Mysterious Mirror, who introduced Xu Taiping from the Green Bamboo Residence into the Qingxuan Sect?"


After the lecture was over, Ziyang True Monarch suddenly asked the Mirror Spirit.


【Xu Taiping was originally chosen by the Spiritual Bones Stele to be a disciple and was supposed to be sent to the Seventh Peak. However, during the Spiritual Bones test, Black Dragon Elder discovered that he was only a white bone and did not qualify to enter the Seventh Peak. Therefore, he was arranged to cultivate on his own at the foot of the mountain, waiting for the Seventh Peak selection three years later】


The Mirror Spirit replied to Ziyang True Monarch.


"What a pity."


After hearing the Mysterious Mirror's narration, Ziyang True Monarch shook his head somewhat helplessly.


He could see that Xu Taiping's comprehension of cultivation techniques was extraordinary, which gave him the idea of taking him under his wing. However, he didn't expect that he was just a white bone.


"Even if a mere white bone has excellent comprehension of cultivation techniques, it's useless. Not everyone can be Su Chan."


Ziyang True Monarch sighed.


【True Monarch, you'd better not mention the name Su Chan too often. The Sect Leader will be unhappy if he finds out】


The Mysterious Mirror reminded Ziyang True Monarch at this moment.


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