Chapter 81 – The small tree is not straight without pruning

When Li Yuan and Li Qingzhi returned, Li Ziye had been waiting in the front yard for a long time, too scared to even breathe.

At dawn, the pretty maids who had woken up early saw the appearance of the young master in the courtyard and immediately understood that the Second Young Master was about to return.

In the mansion, only the Second Young Master could make the young master so afraid.

“What trouble has the young master caused again?”

“He can’t help it. Everything the young master has done recently has made a name for the Li Family in the capital city.”

“Why is the young master so afraid?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go, be careful that the Second Young Master’s return doesn’t affect us servants.”

“No, the Second Young Master is strict with the young master, but he’s still good to the servants. Poor young master, he’s going to get scolded again.”

In the front yard, the pretty maids hurried past without lingering in the courtyard. Although they usually liked the young master, it was better to avoid him at this time.

“Is that ice cube of yours coming back?”

Early in the morning, Hong Zhu passed by with a fruit tray and saw Li Ziye in the front yard, curiously asking the woman next to her.


Li Youwei nodded and said, “He should be here soon.”

“Look at how scared this little guy is, he’s really pathetic,” Hong Zhu said with a disdainful look.

“The little brother is indeed a little afraid of his second brother.”

Li Youwei smiled and said, “That’s why he won’t let me go anywhere today. It’s a pity, I’m worth tens of thousands of taels in just a quarter of an hour, but in front of the little brother, I have to give it up.”

“It’s okay, you’re busy every day. Take a break today and enjoy the show,” Hong Zhu said with a gloating look.


Li Youwei shook her head helplessly and said, “You’re lucky that the little brother likes you so much.”

“He likes me?”

Hong Zhu looked strange and said, “That little guy doesn’t have the guts.”

“Second Brother!”

Just as the two were talking, a young figure in a gray-white cloak walked towards the mansion, and the servants in front of the mansion immediately bowed respectfully.

“Second Brother.”

Seeing the situation in the front yard, Li Ziye hurried forward to greet him, looking very eager to please.

As the saying goes, don’t hit a smiling person. Since his attitude was so good, the Second Brother couldn’t beat him again, right?

Li Qingzhi didn’t even look at him, walked to the front of the main hall, and respectfully greeted the woman next to Hong Zhu, saying, “Elder Sister.”

“It’s good to be back.”

Li Youwei’s beautiful face showed a gentle smile and said, “The little brother has been working hard recently, so don’t scold him anymore.”

“Working hard?”

Li Qingzhi turned around and looked at the young man behind him, saying lightly, “I’ll have to ask him myself whether he’s been working hard or not. Li Ziye, take your sword and come with me to the backyard.”

After speaking, Li Qingzhi didn’t say anything more, and walked towards the inner courtyard.

“Sister Youwei, save me.”

Li Ziye was unwilling, but he didn’t dare not to follow. As he walked, he gestured desperately to the woman in front of the main hall, begging for help.

At this moment, Li Ziye’s desire to survive was bursting.

Li Youwei looked helpless, glanced at Li Qingzhi in front of her, and then gave her scared little brother a look, shaking her head lightly, meaning that she had advised him, but it didn’t work, so he had to fend for himself.

“Ha ha!”

Seeing this, Hong Zhu burst into laughter.

It’s really a case of one person causing trouble and another person being afraid.

In the inner courtyard, Li Qingzhi walked in, and Zhang La stepped into the courtyard, looking surprised when he saw the newcomer, then showing a strange look.

The two sons of the Li Family had returned, which meant that the little guy was in for a bad time.

Before he could gather his thoughts, Li Ziye’s sluggish figure appeared in the inner courtyard.

“Ha ha!”

Seeing this, Zhang La burst into laughter with glee.

“Sword Enthusiast.”

Li Qingzhi looked at the old man in the courtyard, clasped his fists, and said politely.

“You’re busy, I’ll leave.”

Zhang La, who didn’t mind his own business, picked up his wine jar and glanced at Li Ziye not far away, grinning, “Some people need to be taught a lesson. There’s a saying, how does it go, without carving, jade cannot become useful, without pruning, a tree cannot become a good piece of timber.”

In the courtyard, Li Ziye heard Zhang La’s words and was so angry that he almost went up to hit him.

This old man was really bad!

“Thank you for the reminder!”

Li Qingzhi looked at the departing Sword Enthusiast and responded politely, then turned around and looked at the young man behind him, saying coldly, “Draw your sword!”

“Second Brother, a sword has no eyes. We can spar with fists and feet,” Li Ziye said cautiously.

“I’ll say it again, draw your sword!”

A dangerous light flashed in Li Qingzhi’s eyes, and he said each word distinctly.


Li Ziye was so scared that he didn’t dare to say anything more, and drew his sword.


The next moment, a miserable plea for mercy rang out in the inner courtyard, one after another, making the servants of the Li Family’s mansion tremble with fear, and no one dared to approach the inner courtyard.

“Second Brother, I’m sorry!”

“Second Brother, I was wrong, please stop!”

In the west wing, Bai Wangyu listened to the miserable cries coming from the inner courtyard and couldn’t help but feel anxious.

What kind of state will Brother Li be beaten into?


Beside him, San Zang recited the Buddha’s name, and although his fair little face was calm, he was also a little frightened.

When Brother Li usually sparred with them, he had also been beaten many times, but he had never heard him cry out so miserably.

“No, I have to go and persuade them.”

In the front yard, Li Youwei listened to the continuous cries coming from the inner courtyard, showing a look of reluctance, and was about to walk towards the inner courtyard.

“No need to rush.”

Hong Zhu reached out and pulled the former, gloating, “Your ice cube will know when to stop. Besides, letting that little guy learn a lesson is also good, so that he won’t be lawless all the time and no one can control him.”

It had to be said that it was really satisfying to hear that little guy being beaten.

He had to listen for a while longer.

Li Youwei hesitated for a moment, sighed softly, and finally stopped in her tracks.

Half an hour later, the cries in the inner courtyard stopped, and there was no more sound.

“Did he faint?”

This was the thought of everyone in the west wing and the front yard.

“Let’s go and see.”

Hong Zhu couldn’t contain her curiosity and urged.


Li Youwei nodded, walking towards the inner courtyard with some concern.Inner Courtyard.

In front of the room, a figure with a swollen face resembling a pig’s head sat on the stone steps, barely recognizable.

Beside him, Li Qingzhi also sat quietly, silent.

Hong Zhu and Li Youwei approached, looking at the youth on the stone steps who resembled a pig’s head, and couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“What’s so funny!”

Li Ziye opened his swollen mouth, speaking with difficulty, and said irritably.

“Oh, you can still talk, that means you’re not in bad shape,” Hong Zhu chuckled.

Next to them, Li Youwei, not having the heart to tease her younger brother any further, said softly, “I’ll go get you some medicine.”

With that, Li Youwei walked towards her own room.

On the stone steps, Li Ziye turned to the young man beside him and asked cautiously, “Second Brother, who were those people yesterday who wanted to help that demon?”

“Just some scum dreaming of gaining the demon’s power,” Li Qingzhi replied calmly.

“How did Second Brother deal with those people?” Li Ziye asked curiously.

“Killed them all,” Li Qingzhi said indifferently.


Li Ziye took a sharp breath upon hearing this.

“Do you have an objection?” Li Qingzhi turned his head, his gaze narrowing as he looked at the youth before him.

“No, no!” Li Ziye quickly shook his head and said, “I just think it’s a pity. I thought Second Brother could have kept someone alive to extract more information about the demon.”

“I asked, but they didn’t reveal anything,” Li Qingzhi replied. “Moreover, those I killed last night were just small fry. The real mastermind behind the scenes has yet to show themselves.”

“What does Second Brother mean?” Li Ziye asked in surprise.

“The person colluding with the demon is likely within the royal court, and moreover, holds a high position,” Li Qingzhi’s eyes flashed as he spoke coldly, “Those people last night seemed to be desperately hiding something, preferring death over betrayal. This indicates that the person behind them is no ordinary individual.”

“People in the royal court colluding with demons?”

Hearing Second Brother’s words, Li Ziye was shocked and said, “If that’s true, it will be even harder to find these demons.”

“Whether they are demons or not, that’s for the Confucian School and the royal court to deal with. Our Li Family just needs to do what we must,” Li Qingzhi said.

As they spoke, Li Youwei came over with a box of golden ointment and sat down beside her younger brother, gently applying the medicine to him.

“Ouch, it hurts.”

Li Ziye grimaced in pain.

“You’re really too weak,” Li Qingzhi frowned and said. “With so many resources at your disposal, even a coveted opportunity like having your name inscribed in the Heavenly Book, you’ve only just reached the early stages of the second realm. I really don’t know what it will take for you to become stronger.”

“Qingzhi, you’re being too impatient,” Li Youwei said softly. “Younger Brother has had too little time to cultivate, and his meridians were blocked before, so his cultivation speed was slower. Now that he has unblocked four meridians, his speed will increase.”

“Second Brother, I will work hard,” Li Ziye quickly stated.

“Alright then,” Li Qingzhi knew he shouldn’t be too harsh and reminded him, “Just be aware of it yourself. The two from the Confucian School and Buddhist Sect are not weak in cultivation. They are well taken care of in the west wing, not just for show. Spar with them when you can, and those old masters at the Imperial Academy are also experts of the Confucian School. Take the opportunity to seek their guidance. Don’t waste the cultivation resources you have around you.”

“I understand,” Li Ziye obediently replied.

Having said what needed to be said, Li Qingzhi turned to look at his younger brother and said earnestly, “Ziye, I must make a trip to the Desert North. While I’m away, the Li Garden will be in your hands. Do you understand? You must protect your elder sister and this Li Family.”

“Second Brother is going to the Desert North?” Li Ziye asked in surprise. “Is there something urgent? Why must Second Brother go personally?”

“A secret report from the Desert North indicates that a large number of demons have appeared in the territory of the Huyan tribe. I must see what’s going on,” Li Qingzhi said gravely. “The Capital of Great Shang is more than a thousand miles away from the Desert North and should be safe for the time being. However, traces of demons have also appeared in the Capital City, which is not a good sign.”

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