Chapter 56 – San Zang

In front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, the ministers saw that Li Ziye, who was not yet twenty, had been appointed as a national scholar, and his brilliance was unmatched.

However, after Li Ziye understood what this title of national scholar really meant, he lost interest in it.

In simple terms, it was just an official certificate issued by the country, which sounded good and looked good, but was useless.

It was like saying that he was handsome. If the country didn’t issue him a certificate, would he not be handsome?

Of course not!

His handsomeness was unquestionable, naturally existing and passed down through the ages!

Unlike some people who liked to wear white robes, carry ancient swords, and show off all day, what was the use?

Lost in thought, Li Ziye glanced at the person in white robes behind him. Yes, he was talking about you!

Bai Wangyu noticed the look from the former, and after knowing him for so long, she could tell that he was speaking ill of him again.

It seemed that the next time someone bothered this guy, he would have to seriously consider whether to take action.

As the matter at the divine temple was concluded and Li Ziye was appointed, in front of the Xuanwu Gate, Qin E’nuo looked at the young man in the Hall of Heavenly Worship in the distance, and a hint of relief appeared in her beautiful eyes. Perhaps, not long from now, he would truly be able to stand on his own.

“Sword Enthusiast, I leave the rest to you.”

After speaking, Qin E’nuo turned and walked towards the palace.

“Truly a woman as free as the wind.”

Slovenly Zhang sighed at the sight. As for him, he had a naturally busy life and still had to help people teach their disciples.

In front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, Li Ziye thanked the Emperor Shang for his reward and then turned to look at the Xuanwu Gate, his expression freezing.

Where was his fairy master?

Beside him, Bai Wangyu followed his gaze and then sighed lightly in his heart.

The Plum Blossom Sword Immortal must have had some agreement with the Confucian Scholar, otherwise, she wouldn’t have come and gone in such a hurry.

Thinking back now, the Confucian Scholar’s gift of the thousand-year Fo-Ti Root from the Confucian School to Brother Li was not just because of admiration.

Outside the imperial palace, Qin E’nuo, in a long skirt, stopped and waved her slender hand, and the Frost Sword nailed to the palace wall flew into her hand.

Young Ziye, don’t disappoint your master!

Qin E’nuo gripped the sword, turned and took a final look at the palace, then walked away.

Imperial Academy, East Courtyard.

Qin E’nuo walked over with her sword and bowed respectfully to the old man in the small courtyard.

“Plum Blossom Sword Immortal, with a sword that can break the heavens, there are few in the world who can match your swordsmanship.”

In the courtyard, Kong Qiu said as he watered the green vegetables, “But, as you are now, you still can’t compare to the scholar of the Hall of Divine Prophecy. Do you know why?”

“I don’t know?” Qin E’nuo shook her head.

“Because of his belief.”

Kong Qiu said calmly, “Although I think he’s a madman, he firmly believes in his own path, so he has gone farther than most people in the world.”

Qin E’nuo listened to the Confucian Scholar’s words and a pensive look appeared in her eyes.

“In this world, the great cultivators who can open five divine hidden techniques are all firm in their nature, single-minded in proving their own path. However, the scholar of the Hall of Divine Prophecy is more foolish than anyone else.”

Kong Qiu scooped up another ladle of water and poured it into the garden, saying, “From a scholar with no strength to the present master of the Hall of Divine Prophecy who is renowned throughout the world, it’s because he has an obsession in his heart.”

Outside the courtyard, Qin E’nuo listened to the guidance of the Confucian Scholar, and her thoughts became more and more intense.

“For this year, stay at the Imperial Academy and teach those students.”

Kong Qiu straightened his somewhat stooped body and said, “Perhaps, with a different method of cultivation, you will be able to see where your future path lies.”

“Thank you for the reminder, I know what to do now.”

Qin E’nuo bowed respectfully once again.

Outside the Great Shang Imperial Palace, after Li Ziye was appointed, he left the palace with Little Red Riding Hood, holding a box in his hand, and couldn’t stop smiling.

He had obtained the Water and Fire Pearl!

Hong Zhu and Slovenly Zhang followed behind, keeping their distance, unwilling to be tainted by Li Ziye’s foolishness.

Only Bai Wangyu still stayed by Li Ziye’s side, with a smile on her face, never leaving.

“Old Bai, do you really not know what the Extreme Night Cold Dew is?”

Li Ziye asked with a silly smile as he walked.

According to the art of craftsmanship, the Extreme Night Cold Dew was the coldest thing in the world, opposite in nature to the celestial iron essence that had been nurturing the fire for thousands of years.

Now that he had this celestial iron essence and the Water and Fire Pearl to balance yin and yang, as long as he could find the Extreme Night Cold Dew, he would be able to forge a sword of his own.

However, what kind of thing the Extreme Night Cold Dew was, not even the well-informed Old Zhang had heard of it.

“Brother Li, you’ve asked me at least ten times, and I really don’t know.”

Bai Wangyu shook her head and said, “Perhaps the Confucian Scholar knows what it is. In the future, if you have the chance to see the Confucian Scholar, you can ask him.”


Li Ziye put away the Water and Fire Pearl and said, “Old Bai, do you think that if I successfully forge a sword and combine it with the Flying Immortal Technique, will I have a chance to defeat Huo Lin’er in three years?”

“It’s hard to say.”

Bai Wangyu hesitated for a moment and said, “A sword that suits you can indeed greatly enhance your strength, even achieve a qualitative leap. Of course, the premise is that the sword you forge must be able to match the sword in the hands of the master of the Hall of Divine Prophecy.”

“The master of the Hall of Divine Prophecy is also a swordsman?”Li Ziye asked in surprise, “Every time I hear people mention the Sword Immortal, Old Zhang, and the Fairy Master, I’ve heard their names, but I’ve never heard of this Oracle Temple Master.”

“That Fu Jinglun is different from the Sword Enthusiast and the Plum Blossom Fairy Sword.”

Bai Wangyu spoke with a solemn expression, “Fu Jinglun is a very strange person, rarely using his sword, even reluctant to use it, because he believes that the sword is a weapon of killing karma, and the purpose of the Oracle Temple is to save the world. Therefore, although he has a sword, he almost never uses it.”

“Does this Oracle Temple Master not kill people?” Li Ziye asked, puzzled.

Bai Wangyu fell silent, and after a moment, he spoke softly, “He does kill, and he has killed more people than anyone else, but he believes that those who die under the Oracle Divine Art will be redeemed.”

“This man is a madman!”

Li Ziye curled his lips, “In later generations, this would be considered a severe case of schizophrenia, commonly known as, mental illness!”


Bai Wangyu nodded and said, “The Confucian Scholar and the Law-Confucian Supreme Master have both made such comments.”

“Is the sword in the hands of this Oracle Temple Master very powerful?” Li Ziye asked curiously.

“The Oracle Divine Sword, also known as the Sword of Light.”

Bai Wangyu said with a grave voice, “It is a divine sword that has been blessed with the power of light by successive Oracle Temple Masters. To some extent, it has transcended the category of mortal swords and cannot be simply described as ‘powerful.’”

“Wow, that powerful!”

Li Ziye gasped in amazement and said, “Old Bai, you’re setting a difficult task for me. How am I supposed to forge a sword that surpasses the Oracle Divine Sword?”

“It’s not easy, but it’s not entirely impossible.”

Bai Wangyu suppressed his thoughts and smiled again, “At least, there are three divine artifacts in the human world that can match the sword in Fu Jinglun’s hands.”

“Which three?” Li Ziye asked with curiosity.

“The Imperial Academy, the Confucian Scholar’s Heavenly Book, the Buddhist Sect, the Western Buddha’s Green Lantern, and one more whose whereabouts I’m not very clear about,” Bai Wangyu replied.

“A long and arduous journey indeed!”

Li Ziye showed a contemplative expression and patted the shoulder of the little red-hooded figure in front of him, “Old Bai, just wait. When I forge the number one sword in the world, I’ll lend it to you to use.”

“Then I’ll thank Brother Li in advance!” Bai Wangyu responded with a smile.

Behind them, Hong Zhu watched the two men chatting and laughing ahead and asked, “Old Zhang, what are those two talking about?”

“They’re daydreaming,” Slovenly Zhang grinned and laughed.

This great disciple of the Confucian School had only been in Li Garden for a few days and had already learned to spout nonsense like Li Ziye.

If it were so easy to forge a sword that could rival the Oracle Divine Sword, he wouldn’t have been defeated so miserably in that battle years ago.

As the four of them paired off and hurried towards Li Garden, in the southwest of the Great Shang, within a picturesque treasure land.

An ancient temple stood between the mountains, where an old monk chanted scriptures, accompanied by an ever-burning green lantern in front of him.

Outside the temple, a young novice monk in a light yellow kasaya was also practicing, sitting cross-legged among the mountains, his breath as calm as water.

The novice monk’s face was very fair, and although he was seventeen or eighteen years old, he still looked as tender and delicate as a child, with a touch of vermilion Buddha seal on his forehead, enchanting and captivating.

“San Zang, there’s a demon causing trouble at the foot of the mountain. Go and take care of it.”

At that moment, the old monk in the temple spoke calmly.

“Yes, Master.”

Outside, amidst the mountains and waters, San Zang opened his eyes, his fair face showing a gentle smile. He picked up the purple-gold bowl beside him and walked down the mountain.

The mountain path was rugged, but San Zang walked as if on flat ground, unaffected by any obstacles.

“Kill her! Kill this demoness!”

At the foot of the mountain, angry shouts rose, and axes and sharp arrows flew, bringing out a waterfall of dazzling crimson.

Half a day later, at the foot of the mountain, a young girl in a green dress lay in a pool of blood.

The girl was extremely beautiful, endowed with the essence of heaven and earth, captivating at first sight.

On the mountain path, San Zang came down and, upon seeing the girl who had fainted at the foot of the mountain, showed a look of compassion and stepped forward to help her up.

“Miss, wake up,” San Zang called softly.

The girl in green seemed to hear the novice monk’s call and slowly opened her eyes, her voice weak, “Save… save me.”

After speaking, the girl fainted again.

San Zang frowned, hesitated for a moment, then picked up the girl and headed towards the nearest village at the foot of the mountain.

In the village, something had happened, and cries were everywhere. It seemed that people were saying that a demon had appeared at the foot of the mountain and had eaten several villagers.


Seeing this, San Zang’s expression became even more compassionate, and he carried the girl to an abandoned broken house to rest first.

After walking for a day, San Zang felt hungry and took his purple-gold bowl to the village to beg for alms.

In the village, San Zang saw a woman with a child and stepped forward to bow respectfully, “Benefactor, this humble monk San Zang is from the mountain temple. May I ask for some vegetarian food from you?”

The woman looked at the fair novice monk in front of her, wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and said, “Master, please follow me.”

Meanwhile, in the unnoticed broken house behind, the girl in green trembled, and a green light rose around her. The wounds on her body began to heal on their own…

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