Chapter 49 – You won’t survive past two episodes at first glance

Li Yuan, West Wing, Bai Wangyu heard Li Ziye’s vague words, his gaze immediately shifted over and asked, “Brother Li, do you know the solution to the problem?”

“I don’t know.”

Li Ziye shook his head hard and said, “I don’t know anything.”

Just those few questions, anyone who has received nine years of compulsory education would know.

“That’s not right.”

Bai Wangyu noticed the contradiction in the young man’s words and asked, “Brother Li, you must know the solution, don’t you?”

“Old Bai, don’t worry about it. It’s none of your business. There are so many capable ministers in the court, they should be able to figure it out.”

Li Ziye said as he gnawed on the “carrot” in his hand, and surprisingly, after gnawing on this potent medicine for a while, his sense of taste changed, and he actually found the taste quite good…

“Brother Li, this is not a trivial matter.”

Bai Wangyu explained seriously, “If Great Shang can’t answer the three questions from the Divine Temple, it’s not just a matter of losing face. The Ninth Princess is the lord of Fengyang. If she marries, Fengyang City will also be part of the dowry.”


Li Ziye took a bite of the “carrot” and responded nonchalantly.

Bai Wangyu looked at the former’s indifferent appearance and wished he could just beat him up.

This kid, when it’s none of his business, he really doesn’t want to do anything.

I have to figure out a way to get this guy to help.

Bai Wangyu’s mind was spinning, but for a while, he couldn’t think of a good solution.

Imperial Academy.

The three questions from the Divine Temple were quickly spread, and all the students and instructors at the Imperial Academy began to rack their brains.

“Using water to produce fire, isn’t this nonsense!”

An old instructor thought for a long time, then angrily flipped the table and said.

“Stringing a bead with a southern pearl, I tried it, it’s completely impossible, I’m leaving!”

Another old instructor controlled the silk thread with internal force and tried several times, but couldn’t thread the silk into the southern pearl.

Then, he left with a flick of his beard and a sweep of his sleeves.

The irritable old instructor had already started cursing, spewing foul language, and was on the verge of insulting the ancestors of the Divine Temple.

When several old instructors lost their temper, the four headmasters of the Confucian School were also troubled by the matter of the Divine Temple.

The court had sent people early on to ask for help in solving the questions, but these questions were unheard of, and they couldn’t find the answers for a while.

In desperation, the four headmasters had no choice but to seek guidance from the Confucian Scholar, hoping to get some advice.

“Bai Wangyu knows the answer, go find him.”

In response to the request from the four headmasters, Kong Qiu said only one sentence and didn’t say anything more.


The headmaster of the Confucian School was surprised to hear the guidance from the Confucian Scholar.

Even they couldn’t solve the questions, how could Wangyu solve them?

But since the Confucian Scholar had given guidance, the four headmasters didn’t dare to ask more, and could only send someone to Li Yuan to summon Bai Wangyu back.

Li Yuan, a disciple of the Imperial Academy, came to seek an audience, and Bai Wangyu immediately returned to the Imperial Academy upon hearing that it was a summons from the headmaster of the Confucian School.

“What, you don’t know?”

In the Hall of Enforcement, the headmaster of the Confucian School was surprised to hear the disciple’s answer, “But the Confucian Scholar said you had guessed the answer.”

“The Confucian Scholar said that?”

Bai Wangyu was taken aback, and after a moment, as if he understood something, hesitated for a moment and said, “Headmaster, although I don’t know the answer, Li Ziye might know.”

“Li Ziye? That kid, can he solve the three questions from the Divine Temple?”

The headmaster of the Confucian School was stunned and said in disbelief.

“Headmaster, although Li Ziye’s cultivation is still weak, his mind is very clever. I think he should really know the answer.” Bai Wangyu said seriously.

“In that case, what are we waiting for? Bring him over. The Divine Temple has given us three days, and one day has already passed.” The headmaster of the Confucian School said anxiously.

“We can’t bring him over.”

Bai Wangyu smiled bitterly and said, “I’ve already advised him, but Li Ziye just won’t listen. I think this matter has nothing to do with the Li Family, and Li Ziye doesn’t want to get involved in this trouble.”

“He won’t listen?”

The headmaster of the Confucian School’s face turned angry and said, “This kid really doesn’t understand the big picture. This matter is a national affair. The rise and fall of the country is the responsibility of every man. Go and bring him here. If he refuses to come, even if we have to tie him up, we must bring him here!”


Bai Wangyu looked embarrassed at the words, and he still knew Li Ziye’s temper to some extent. If Li Ziye didn’t want to do something, he was afraid that no one could persuade him.


Just as Bai Wangyu was in a dilemma, a voice rang out in the world, saying, “Since the third son of the Li Family is unwilling to come, there’s no need to force him. When you go back, just tell him that if he wants to forge a sword with the fiery iron essence, the water-fire bead brought by the Divine Temple is indispensable. Coincidentally, the Confucian School also wants that water-fire bead. Let him consider it for himself.”

In the Hall of Enforcement, the headmaster of the Confucian School and Bai Wangyu both showed strange expressions upon hearing the words of the Confucian Scholar.

The Confucian Scholar’s words were a blatant threat.


After coming to his senses, the headmaster of the Confucian School said, “Just take the words of the Confucian Scholar to the third son of the Li Family. Whether he helps or not, it’s up to him to decide.”


Bai Wangyu bowed respectfully, then turned and left.

Li Yuan.


After finally taking a break and just about to take a sip of tea, Li Ziye heard the words brought back by Little Red Riding Hood and sprayed the tea out of his mouth.

“You need the water-fire bead to forge a sword with the fiery iron essence?”

Li Ziye heard it and immediately took out “The Art of Heavenly Craftsmanship” from his arms and hurriedly searched for it.

What is this water-fire bead? He hadn’t paid any attention to it before.After searching for a long time, Li Ziye finally found a passage about the Water-Fire Bead in the corner of a tattered book.

The Water-Fire Bead, born from the land where the extreme west’s Yin and Yang converge, is blue and red in color, capable of refining Yin and Yang, and is a divine object for forging.

“Is that it?”

After reading this passage, Li Ziye hurriedly flipped through the pages, but could not find any more information about the Water-Fire Bead.

Damn it!

“Brother Li, the Confucian Scholar never lies. If he says the Water-Fire Bead is useful to you, then it must be,” Bai Wangyu said with a look of amusement, as if to say it was Li Ziye’s choice and he wouldn’t interfere.

Li Ziye gritted his teeth and stood up, ready to head outside to the west wing.

“What are you going to do, Brother Li?” Bai Wangyu asked in surprise.

“I’m going to find Zhangsun Nanzhao and make her get me that Water-Fire Bead,” Li Ziye said through clenched teeth.


Bai Wangyu smiled faintly and said, “Brother Li, do you really think that something the Confucian School wants can be taken by others? Of course, you can try. After all, the Zhangsun Family still has an Empress in the palace. Maybe she could help you get that Water-Fire Bead.”

Hearing this, Li Ziye paused mid-step, glared at the little red cap in front of him, and said through gritted teeth, “You’re threatening me.”


Bai Wangyu responded indifferently.

So satisfying, so refreshing!

Who says a gentleman must wait ten years to take revenge? Why not settle the score from this morning right now? Isn’t that satisfying?

Li Ziye wanted to kick the little red cap, who looked as if his tail was about to wag in triumph.

Revenge, pure and simple!

How had the once innocent little red cap become so pragmatic, not cute at all!

“Brother Li, take your time to think about it. There’s no rush; you still have two days,” Bai Wangyu said leisurely, sitting on the stone steps and casually placing the Taiyi Sword beside him.

Meanwhile, Li Ziye looked down from his higher position at the little red cap, wishing his glare could kill!

After a while, Li Ziye’s eyes were almost tearing up from staring, but the little red cap remained leisurely seated, completely unaffected.

I’ll glare you to blindness, you scoundrel!

Bai Wangyu had never felt so comfortable in his heart.

“Old Bai, you’ve changed.”

After staring for a long time, Li Ziye finally decided to give up and sat down next to the little red cap, feeling dejected, and said.

“Brother Li, it’s just a small favor. Don’t you love to be in the limelight? This is such a great opportunity. If you solve these three riddles for the Great Shang at the Heavenly Oracle Hall, you’ll be a hero of the entire Great Shang Dynasty. It’s all benefit and no harm to you. Why are you so reluctant?” Bai Wangyu asked, somewhat puzzled.

“You don’t understand.”

Li Ziye said discontentedly, “A tree that stands out in the forest is the one that gets blown down. The Li Family is already conspicuous enough. If I stand out at this time, think about it, won’t the Li Family be pushed further into the storm? People are envious by nature; the more glorious the Li Family is, the more people there will be trying to trip us up.”

“But if Brother Li makes such a great contribution to Great Shang and becomes a hero in the hearts of the people, even those who want to deal with the Li Family would have to be wary,” Bai Wangyu said.

“You’re such a novice in palace intrigue, the kind that wouldn’t survive two episodes. The struggle for power is not as simple as you think,” Li Ziye said helplessly. “Throughout history, the ones with the worst fate are those so-called heroes. Not to mention others, just look at the thousand years of the Great Shang Dynasty. Which executed general wasn’t once illustrious with unmatched military achievements and revered by the masses?”

Hearing this, Bai Wangyu’s face showed a thoughtful expression. Li Ziye’s words seemed to make some sense.

“So what should we do?”

Bai Wangyu asked worriedly, “How about you tell me the answers, and I’ll take the limelight for you?”

Li Ziye turned his head to look at the little red cap beside him and after a moment, elegantly spat out a word, “Scram!”

“Ha ha.”

Bai Wangyu laughed loudly. He knew Brother Li would never give up the chance to be in the limelight.

“If I die, I die. There are already countless people eyeing the Li Family; a few more won’t make a difference. You’re right, if I become a hero in the hearts of the people, even the court would have to think twice before dealing with the Li Family in the future.”

Saying this, Li Ziye grinned and added, “Of course, the main reason is that I’ve been in the Capital City for so long, just watching you show off. This time, it’s finally my turn, ha ha ha!”

Beside him, Bai Wangyu saw the young man’s wild demeanor and a smile appeared on his face.

That’s more like it. This Brother Li, fearless and bold, is the Li Family’s young hero he knew!

A young man should be daring and carefree. How could a peerless genius like Brother Li be content with mediocrity?

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