Chapter 46 – The most handsome, always the big brother

In the secret room of the Yin family, Li Ziye discovered the whereabouts of the Tian Gong technique without any hesitation and immediately rushed forward.


On the side, the dwarf saw the intruder trying to steal the treasure and roared, charging forward as well.

As Li Ziye’s figure passed the fallen wooden frame, he grabbed the green wooden box on the ground, then swiftly dodged the claws that came at him from behind.

With a loud bang, the dwarf pounced and directly smashed the fallen wooden frame with his sharp claws.

A step away, Li Ziye kicked the dwarf in front of him and then retreated.

The dwarf grunted and stabilized his figure, then immediately pounced again.

“Coming again? I won’t accompany you!” Li Ziye sneered, using his sword to fend off the dwarf in front of him, then stepped back out of the stone door.


After exiting the secret room, Li Ziye grabbed the two stone rings with both hands and closed the stone door directly.


The dwarf hit the stone door and roared in frustration.

With the stone door closed, the entire secret passage quieted down again. Li Ziye opened the green wooden box in his hand and, seeing the scroll inside, felt a sense of relief.

Finally got it!

“Young Master.”

At that moment, outside the secret passage, Yin Kuang hurried over and said urgently, “Young Master, hurry, someone is coming!”

Upon hearing this, Li Ziye put away the scroll in his hand and rushed outside.

Outside the Yin family ancestral hall, a few servants came over after extinguishing the fire, and the old master Yin also began to suspect that someone had deliberately set the fire, sending people from the mansion to look around for any abnormalities.

Inside the ancestral hall, Li Ziye saw the servants coming in from the heavy rain outside and said in a low voice, “I’ll go distract them, you take the opportunity to leave and don’t expose your identity.”

After speaking, Li Ziye rushed out of the ancestral hall and headed towards the Yin family’s outer courtyard.

“There’s someone over there, quick, chase after him!”

A servant noticed Li Ziye’s tracks and shouted, immediately leading others to chase after him.

Seeing this, Yin Kuang immediately walked out of the ancestral hall and took the opportunity to leave.

In the front courtyard of the Yin family, Li Ziye hurried over and left the mansion in the chaos.

In front of the mansion, the old master Yin and others were still thanking Yan Xiaoyu for his help, not noticing Li Ziye’s tracks.

In the sky, the rain had gradually lessened at this time. A sudden rain, quick to come and quick to go.

This made the Yin family and the people on the street even more convinced that this rain was a sign from the Divine Child of the Temple of Heavenly Prophecy.

A divine miracle!

Apart from the divine miracle, the Yin family and the people didn’t know how else to describe it.

After coming out of the Yin mansion, Li Ziye went directly to a nearby carriage without anyone paying attention to him in the chaos, except for one person.

Yan Xiaoyu!

Under the admiring gazes of the crowd, Yan Xiaoyu suddenly frowned and looked at the young man walking not far away.

This sense of incongruity was so familiar.


Not far away, Li Ziye boarded the carriage and immediately left without any delay.

“Everyone, I have something to attend to, I’ll leave for a moment.”

In front of the Yin mansion, Yan Xiaoyu said with a smile, then turned and chased after him.

No, there’s something wrong with that young man.

With this thought in mind, Yan Xiaoyu quickened his pace and chased after the carriage in front.

In front of the Yin mansion, the old master Yin and others were puzzled, not understanding what had happened.

On the streets of the capital city, the carriage rumbled forward, circling around several times before heading towards the Li Garden.

Inside the carriage, Li Ziye took out the scroll from his arms and couldn’t stop smiling.

“Drool is coming out, wipe it off!” Hong Zhu spoke up.

“Huh? Oh!”

Li Ziye heard and subconsciously wiped the corner of his mouth, then realized he had been tricked. He looked up at the woman in front of him, who was smiling and scolding him, feeling embarrassed. “It’s just a tattered book, is it necessary?”

Hong Zhu said unkindly, “We’re about to arrive at Li Garden, let me help you wipe off the stuff on your face.”


Li Ziye nodded and took the initiative to bring his big face closer.

As Hong Zhu reached out to remove the medicine from his face, her expression suddenly changed, and she looked towards the back of the carriage.

Something’s not right!

“What’s wrong?” Li Ziye noticed her abnormality and asked.

“There’s someone behind us!” Hong Zhu said in a low voice.

Upon hearing this, Li Ziye’s expression changed. They had been very careful, deliberately circling around the area, yet they were still being followed.

“Who is it, are they powerful?” Li Ziye asked quietly.

“They’ve been following us for so long without me noticing, their cultivation is above mine.” Hong Zhu said with a serious tone.

Li Ziye was shocked. Hong Zhu’s martial talent was outstanding, having already opened up a second Divine Hidden Technique and was only a hair’s breadth away from the mid-stage of the second realm. If this person’s cultivation was above hers, it meant that they were at least at the mid-stage, or even the late stage of the second realm.

As for the third realm, or even the fourth realm, Li Ziye hadn’t considered it. At this level, they wouldn’t be able to detect their movements.

“What should we do?” Li Ziye asked in a serious tone.

“Act like we haven’t noticed and continue on our way.”

Hong Zhu responded, the safety of the Young Master was the most important. This person had been following them without making a move, probably just wanting to know their identities. If they startled the snake, it might lead to this person attacking.

Faced with such a master, she wasn’t confident in protecting the Young Master.

Behind the carriage, Yan Xiaoyu quietly followed, his moon-white robe untouched by any dust, his pace seemingly unhurried, but he was always closely following the carriage.

He wanted to see where this carriage was going.


Unexpectedly, at this moment, a dozen iron riders came galloping down the street, their speed extremely fast, not dodging or avoiding, directly charging towards Li Ziye and Hong Zhu’s carriage.


Seeing this, the carriage driver hurriedly pulled the reins to avoid them.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The dozen iron riders thundered past, with the general at the front wearing a blue battle armor, tall and extraordinary in temperament.

As the iron riders passed, the general lowered his head and glanced at Yan Xiaoyu behind the carriage, a strange light flashing in his eyes.

This person’s attire was not that of a Great Shang merchant. Could it be one of those charlatans from the Temple of Heavenly Prophecy?

After a brief glance, the general did not stop and led the elite iron riders to disappear into the distance.

“Whoa!”On the street, whether it was the oppressive aura of the iron cavalry that frightened it or not, the large black horse pulling the carriage suddenly went mad, no matter how the servant boy tried to soothe it, the horse could not be calmed.

The horse, spooked, began to leap and bound, causing the carriage to jolt violently.

“Young Master, get down quickly, the horse is startled!”

The servant boy driving the carriage, seeing that he could no longer control the horse, couldn’t help but shout urgently.

Before his words had even finished, the large black horse, dragging the carriage, crashed into several stone steps in succession, and then, the carriage completely lost its balance and flipped over.

In that critical moment, atop the carriage, Li Ziye grabbed the servant boy and leaped down, rolling several times on the ground.

By comparison, Hong Zhu appeared much more graceful, shattering the carriage with a palm and descending from the air.

On the quiet street, Li Ziye stood up, and behind him, Yan Xiaoyu stood silently.

The scene suddenly became somewhat eerie.

Li Ziye really wanted to continue pretending he hadn’t noticed the person following him, but that was no longer possible.

Yan Xiaoyu!

Why is it this scoundrel!

This is an opponent that even Little Red Riding Hood wouldn’t dare claim she could beat, with cultivation already at the peak of the second realm, not far from opening the third Divine Hidden Technique.

I can’t beat him!

What to do, should I run?

But what if I can’t outrun him?

Maybe, if I join forces with Sister Hong Zhu, we might be able to win.

No, perhaps Yan Xiaoyu bears no malice towards them and won’t make a move.

In a brief instant, Li Ziye’s mind once again became a storm, searching for a way to escape.

“Young Master, are you hurt?”

At this moment, Hong Zhu came over, asking while signaling with her eyes.

Let’s go!

“No, let’s go. We’re not far from the Prince’s mansion, we’ll walk back.”

Li Ziye caught the hint, raised his voice in response, and then pretended as if nothing had happened, continuing to walk forward.

The two of them walked briskly, not daring to stop for a moment.

The Divine Child of the Heavenly Decree Hall was considered the strongest among the younger generation, not someone ordinary people could handle.

They weren’t far from Li Garden, hoping they could still make it in time.

Li Ziye screamed in his heart for help!

Old Zhang, save me!

Little Red Riding Hood, where are you? Your brother needs your help!

Amitabha, Amen, Hallelujah, bless us!

“Are the two of you in such a hurry to leave?”

Unfortunately, neither Buddha nor God heard Li Ziye’s cries, and from behind, Yan Xiaoyu’s voice rang out, his figure flashing, blocking their path.

“And you are?”

Li Ziye suppressed the turmoil in his heart and smiled with a forced grin.

Beside him, Hong Zhu’s expression turned serious, her true energy circulating, ready to take action.

“Heavenly Decree Hall, Yan Xiaoyu.”

Yan Xiaoyu responded indifferently, his gaze resting on the two before him, “Well, I’ve announced my identity, shouldn’t you two also reveal yours?”

“So it’s the Divine Child.”

Li Ziye laughed, “My apologies, we are from the Xuanwu Prince’s mansion, tasked with delivering a congratulatory gift to Old Master Yin. We didn’t expect to startle the horse here, making the Divine Child witness such a scene.”


Yan Xiaoyu heard this, a cold smile appearing at the corner of his mouth, “Since you are from the Xuanwu Prince’s mansion, then I shall escort you back, and take the opportunity to visit the Xuanwu Prince.”

“No need.”

Beside Li Ziye, Hong Zhu spoke up, her voice calm, “The Prince is busy with affairs and not in the mansion today. Divine Child, perhaps you can visit another day.”


Yan Xiaoyu let out a cold laugh, “Evasive and obstructive, you must be guilty of something. I will take you to see the Xuanwu Prince now to see if he recognizes you!”

As his words fell, Yan Xiaoyu’s figure swept forward, surrounded by a pure and flawless divine light, his aura astonishing.

Seeing this, Li Ziye and Hong Zhu’s expressions changed, and they immediately retreated.

Yan Xiaoyu’s lips curved slightly, and with a step, he pressed forward once more.

At the moment of crisis, at the end of the street, a surge of sword intent suddenly soared into the sky, righteous and overwhelming.


The next moment, an ancient sword broke through the air, thunderously blocking Yan Xiaoyu’s palm.

“The Taiyi Sword!”

Yan Xiaoyu, seeing the sword before him, his expression darkened, and he immediately turned to look towards the end of the street.

The Confucian School, Bai Wangyu!

There, amidst the autumn wind sweeping fallen leaves, at the end of the street, a young figure in a white Confucian robe stepped forward, each step steady, his demeanor calm and composed, without a ripple.

Li Ziye, seeing the newcomer, nearly cried out in relief!

It’s Little Red Riding Hood.

You’ve been forced to show yourself again!

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