Chapter 4 – The Tai Chi Sword Taught by Immortals

Li Residence, main hall in the front yard.


Li Ziye has arrived.


Dressed in exquisite Yunzhou clothing, with a waist adorned with Eastern Sea jadeite, his face as beautiful as jade, he looks like a celestial being.


Just by his appearance and temperament, Li Ziye is truly outstanding and impressive.


Even the holy sons and holy maidens of the immortal sects would probably not surpass him.


In short, Li Ziye looks remarkable, excellent, and intimidating.


In the hall, the Third Prince Mu Yao sees Li Ziye's extraordinary temperament, and his eyes also flash with a glimmer.


What a pride of the Li Family, Li Ziye's reputation is indeed well-deserved.


The rumors about Yuzhou City and the Great Shang Dynasty are not groundless.


"This must be Brother Ziye."


Before Li Ziye can speak, Mu Yao stands up and approaches him with a smile, being very polite.


"I, Li Ziye, pay my respects to the Third Royal Highness."


Li Ziye looks anxious and prepares to bow, flipping the hem of his clothes and sleeves, appearing solemn as if he wants to perform a grand ceremony of three kowtows and nine bows.


"Brother Ziye, there's no need for such formalities."


Mu Yao supports him and smiles, saying, "This is not the palace, so we can skip the complicated etiquette."


This is the Li Residence, and he naturally cannot let the young master of the Li Family perform such a grand ceremony.


"Thank you, Third Royal Highness."


Li Ziye, who had no intention of bowing, straightens his body and smiles brightly.


"Brother Ziye, please."


Mu Yao returns to his seat and looks at the young man sitting across from him, saying, "Before coming to Yuzhou City, I had already heard of Brother Ziye's name. Today, I see that your demeanor is truly extraordinary."


"Third Royal Highness, you flatter me. Your wise name is known throughout the world, and I have long admired it." Li Ziye says softly.


Their conversation sounds sincere, but as competitors who both want to become Qin E'nuo's disciple, these exchanges are truly hypocritical.


"I heard that Brother Ziye has exceptional swordsmanship. I wonder if you can enlighten me." Mu Yao takes a sip of tea and says.


"In front of the Third Royal Highness, how can I claim to understand the sword." Li Ziye smiles.


"Brother Ziye, there's no need to be modest. Nowadays, almost everyone in the Great Shang Dynasty knows that you are a sword genius. At the age of ten, you created your own sword technique. Even that senior Sword Enthusiast praised your talent." Mu Yao says softly.


"Rumors are just rumors."


Li Ziye laughs, "Compared to the Third Royal Highness, who is truly a master of the sword, I am just a flickering firefly. How can I compete with the radiant moon like you?"


"Hehe, hehe."


Sitting in the main seat, Li Baiwan listens to their conversation and just smiles without saying a word.


Mu Yao puts down his teacup and furrows his brows.


These father and son are really hard to deal with.


"Third Royal Highness, how many Divine Hidden Techniques have you unlocked?" Li Ziye takes a sip of tea and suddenly asks.


On the path of martial arts, self-cultivation is important. A person has five viscera, which are the main source of the five vital energies.


Practitioners call them the Five Divine Techniques!


It is said that there are great cultivators in the world who have unlocked all five divine techniques and possess the ability to level mountains and cross seas.


"The second Divine Hidden Technique." Mu Yao doesn't hide anything and answers truthfully.


Li Ziye's face shows envy at his words. What a gap.


"What about Brother Ziye?" Mu Yao also asks.


"One Divine Hidden Technique remains locked." Li Ziye smiles.


Mu Yao is slightly surprised and says, "Brother Ziye, you're joking."


"In front of the Third Royal Highness, how can I joke." Li Ziye smiles and says, "That's why I'm so eager to become Plum Blossom Sword Immortal's disciple. I hope the Third Royal Highness can fulfill my wish."


Hearing this, Mu Yao squints his eyes and after a moment, he calmly says, "This matter should be decided by Fairy Qin herself. It's not something you and I can control, right?"


"What the Third Royal Highness said is true."


Li Ziye puts down his teacup and smiles, "Regardless of the outcome, I hope the Third Royal Highness can stay in Yuzhou City for a few more days, so that the Li Residence can fulfill its duties as a host."


"I shall follow your wishes."


Mu Yao doesn't refuse and politely agrees.


He originally had no intention of leaving so easily.


In the past ten years, the Li Family in Yuzhou City has developed at an astonishing speed. The accumulation of wealth has made the court wary, and he must find out if the Li Family still has secrets unknown to the court.


As for this Li Ziye, is it true that he hasn't unlocked a single Divine Hidden Technique?




Facing each other across the seats, Li Ziye looks at the pensive expression of the Great Shang Third Prince and his lips curl into a slight smile.


That old fox, the Emperor of Shang, really wants to make a move against the Li Family. In that case, during these days, the Li Family must truly fulfill its duties as a host.


While contemplating, the two exchange smiles, quietly drink tea, and harbor their own thoughts.


In the long wait, the sun sets in the west.


At this moment, plum blossoms fall in the sky above the Li Residence.


"She's here."


Li Ziye sees this and speaks up.


Li Baiwan and Mu Yao both turn their heads and see plum blossoms falling all over the sky. They immediately stand up to greet her.


After a while, above the Li Residence, sword energy soars, and Plum Blossom Fairy descends on her sword, her clothes fluttering, graceful like a fairy.


"So imposing."


Li Ziye looks at Qin E'nuo's entrance and doesn't hide his envy on his face.


Why does he want to cultivate martial arts? Is it to fight? Of course not.


He just wants to show off.


Just like Old Qin, wherever she goes, she is awe-inspiring.


After two breaths, amidst the sword energy, Qin E'nuo descends from the sky and walks in front of the three.




Li Baiwan still has the appearance of a bootlicker, his face full of flattery and a smile as he steps forward to bow.


Mu Yao is more serious, giving a respectful bow, displaying his royal demeanor without being humble.


"Old… Fairy."


The words "Old Qin" almost slip out, and Li Ziye is startled, quickly swallowing the words and bowing with his hands clasped.


Beside him, Li Baiwan is also scared, sweating profusely and his legs trembling.


Qin E'nuo sees the reactions of the father and son, furrows her eyebrows slightly, although she doesn't understand what's going on, she doesn't ask further and calmly says, "There's no need for pleasantries, let's begin."


Mu Yao and Li Ziye exchange a glance and speak, "Brother Ziye, please?""Dare not, dare not, Third Royal Highness, please go first." Li Ziye courteously said.


"Very well."


Mu Yao did not decline, taking a sword from the servant behind him.


The moment he held the sword, Mu Yao's aura changed. From a gentle and elegant prince, he transformed into a sharp sword.


The sword moved, like a thunderbolt, like a long rainbow. The sword in Mu Yao's hand was like a green light, and in the blink of an eye, he had already executed ten moves in succession.


"Son, how is his swordsmanship?"


Li Baiwan secretly poked Li Ziye's arm and asked in a low voice.


"I don't understand, but it seems very powerful."


Li Ziye also replied in a very low voice.


"The sword is like a startled swan, indeed not bad."


On the side, Qin E'nuo seemed to have heard their conversation and calmly said, "The Third Prince of Great Shang has the potential to become a Sword Immortal."


Upon hearing this, Li Ziye and Li Baiwan looked at each other, both with surprise in their eyes.


Old Qin seemed to think highly of the Third Prince, which was not a good thing.


Could it be that Old Qin had taken a liking to the Third Prince?


That would not do.




Just as the two were feeling uneasy, Qin E'nuo's tone changed and she honestly evaluated, "Although his swordsmanship is good, unfortunately, most of his moves are predictable and not self-created."


"Cough, all martial arts in the world converge to the same path, similarities are not strange. I believe that these moves must have cost the Third Royal Highness some effort."


Seeing Old Qin's tone change, Li Ziye cleared his throat and hypocritically praised the Third Prince, fully demonstrating his magnanimity.


Qin E'nuo glanced at him, watched him for a moment, then withdrew her gaze and nodded, "Perhaps, since you speak for him, then he has passed this round."




Li Ziye twitched the corner of his mouth and immediately slapped himself.


Serves you right for being foul-mouthed!


"It's your turn."


Qin E'nuo's mouth curved slightly as she spoke.


Li Ziye reined in his regretful emotions, took a sword from the servant boy behind him, and then stepped forward.


At this moment, Mu Yao sheathed his sword and walked over.


The two passed by each other, their gazes fiercely colliding, but neither of them said a word.


Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Li Ziye drew his sword, his expression becoming serious.


Following that, the sword rose.


In the backyard by the lake, Slovenly Zhang raised his head, looked in the direction of the front yard, and smiled faintly.


Tai Chi, the sword of a grandmaster.


If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never believe that such a unique sword technique came from that boy.


Did that boy create Tai Chi? Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but he, the old man, didn't believe it.


There must be something strange about this, but since the boy wouldn't say, he couldn't guess.


Qin E'nuo, don't be fooled by this boy.


In the front yard.


As Tai Chi began, the sword was round and complete, a sword of no desire, no demand, no contention, fully displaying the demeanor of a grandmaster.


Between the sword moves, Li Ziye's steps turned, fast and slow, constantly switching at exquisite timing points.


Mu Yao was stunned, his face full of shock and disbelief.


How is this possible!


"Tai Chi."


Qin E'nuo softly uttered two words, her expression also filled with shock. Was this the sword technique rumored in those whispers?


Under their shocked gazes, the sword in Li Ziye's hand changed faster and faster, defending tightly and attacking fiercely.


Vaguely, above Li Ziye, the sound of wind and thunder rang out, and the light of dawn fluctuated.


Qin E'nuo looked up, watching the phenomena in the sky that ordinary people could not perceive, her expression becoming even more shocked.


Heaven and Earth bearing witness!


She hadn't seen such a phenomenon for many years.


The last time such a phenomenon appeared was when the Temple Master of the Divine Oracle Temple in the Western Regions revealed the Divine Oracle Scripture. That day, the temple was filled with wind and thunder, shaking heaven and earth.


Compared to that, the current phenomenon was much weaker, but one must know that the Temple Master of the Divine Oracle Temple was a great cultivator who had opened the Five Divine Techniques.


This boy, his talent is astonishing, his future is limitless!


Qin E'nuo watched Li Ziye under the wind and thunder, and affirmed in her heart.


After a long time, under everyone's gaze, Li Ziye sheathed his sword, and the wind and thunder phenomenon disappeared.


"Is this sword technique really created by you?"


Qin E'nuo came back from her shock and asked.


"In a dream, it was taught by a fairy."


Li Ziye showed a smile, half-truthfully and half-falsely replied.


Qin E'nuo heard this, nodded, and didn't ask any more.


There are no fairies in this world, even if they are Sword Immortals, this fairy is not that fairy.


"Fairy, did he pass?"


Li Baiwan asked with a hopeful face.


"He passed."


Qin E'nuo replied, her gaze sweeping over Li Ziye and Mu Yao, and slowly said, "The final test."


Upon hearing this, Li Ziye immediately perked up his ears.


Mu Yao also listened attentively, a trace of tension rising in his heart.


"Tomorrow at this time, the two of you will compete. The winner, I will take as my disciple." Qin E'nuo calmly said.


Li Ziye's expression became serious, his thoughts sinking.


On the contrary, a smile appeared on Mu Yao's face, and he let out a sigh of relief in his heart.


He was sure to win!




Li Baiwan was a bit anxious, took a step forward, and said in a deep voice, "This is unfair to Ziye."




Qin E'nuo said indifferently, "Where in the world is there absolute fairness? The victor is the king, the loser is the bandit, that is fairness. Prepare well, tomorrow at this time, the winner, I will take as my disciple."

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