Chapter 38 – Big buttocks well-nurtured

By the side of Xiangshui Lake, Changsun Nanqiao looked at the young man beside him, who seemed to have understood what he was thinking, and covered his mouth with a light smile.

Are you dumb!

After laughing, Changsun Nanqiao restrained the smile on his face, his eyes were as clear as water, and he said with a hint of tears, “Young Master Li, you are really amazing. I really regret not being born a few years earlier, otherwise, I would definitely marry no one but Young Master.”


Li Ziye was speechless. Sister, can you be a little less fake?

The autumn wind brushed past, and a strand of long hair floated by Changsun Nanqiao’s ear, landing on Li Ziye’s face, tickling him.

Then, Li Ziye took a deep breath quietly.

It smells so good!

“Is it fragrant?”

Changsun Nanqiao turned her head and asked.


Li Ziye looked puzzled and said, “Is Nanqiao sister asking me?”

Changsun Nanqiao smiled and did not ask again. Little guy, you can keep pretending!

At this time, in the middle of the lake, an old man in a straw hat paddled a single boat, preparing to start his day’s work.

And his target was people like Li Ziye who came to the lake to relax after a meal.

Sure enough, as soon as the old man paddled the boat past, Li Ziye’s voice rang out, “Old man, take us on the boat!”

“Coming, Young Master!”

In the middle of the lake, the old man smiled and responded, then paddled the boat towards the shore.

After the boat docked, Li Ziye took out a few pieces of silver and handed them to the old man, saying boldly, “No need to look for change.”

“Young Master, if I paddle the boat, it will cost two pieces of silver,” the old man said with difficulty.

On the side, Changsun Nanqiao chuckled at his words.

“So expensive!”

Li Ziye couldn’t care less about losing face and said in shock, “Robbery!”

“Young Master, this is only one piece of silver, not two,” Changsun Nanqiao covered her mouth and chuckled.

“Then I’ll paddle the boat myself. One piece should be enough, right?”

Li Ziye said with a pained expression. Although he was rich, the prices in the capital were too high, and this was still the suburbs!

“Young Master wants to paddle the boat himself?”

The old man looked at the woman beside him and then at the young man in front of him, a look of disdain on his old face.

He had never seen such a stingy man, wasting such a beautiful girl.

“What kind of look is that, old man.”

Li Ziye felt insulted by the disdain in the old man’s eyes.

“Let’s go.”

On the side, Changsun Nanqiao said with a light smile, then stepped onto the small boat.

Under the disdainful gaze of the old man, Li Ziye boarded the boat and picked up the oar, ready to take the beauty out for a boat ride.

But Li Ziye had forgotten that he didn’t actually know how to paddle a boat.

So, in the midst of Li Ziye’s frantic fumbling, the boat began to rock violently, and the degree of the rocking became more and more frightening, as if it could capsize at any moment.


On the boat, Changsun Nanqiao couldn’t help but exclaim in fear, feeling nervous and scared.

“Young Master, if you can’t do it, let me do it. It’s just an extra piece of silver. Young Master’s attire shows that he is a rich man. Why be stingy over one piece of silver?”

On the shore, the old man looked at Li Ziye’s frantic appearance on the boat and sneered.

“I don’t have any money!”

Li Ziye was furious. He would rather die than give up that one piece of silver.


As Li Ziye spoke, he lost his balance for a moment, and the boat suddenly tipped over to one side.


Then, both of them fell into the water.

The autumn lake water was not bone-chilling, but it was still very cold.

Changsun Nanqiao’s dress was instantly soaked, clinging to her body, revealing her exquisite curves.


Li Ziye just took a glance and couldn’t look away, feeling weak in the knees.

This time, it wasn’t intentional!

The boat capsized on its own, it wasn’t his fault.

By the way, has this woman really been married before? She has maintained her figure so well.

She’s well-endowed, very well-endowed!

If she forces herself on him, should he resist?

After all, he needs her help. Should he just give in?

It doesn’t seem like a bad deal!

In a brief moment, Li Ziye’s mind raced wildly, countless thoughts flooding his mind. The speed of his brain’s operation in this second, I would call it the fastest.

“Stop staring!”

Feeling the invasive gaze of the young man beside her, Changsun Nanqiao hurriedly hugged herself, scolding him in anger.

“Sorry, sorry, let’s go ashore first.”

Li Ziye came to his senses, smiled awkwardly, and then helped the woman to the shore.

“Young Master, why bother? It’s just one piece of silver!”

On the shore, the old man endured a smile and added insult to injury.

Li Ziye glanced at the old man, then looked around to see if there was anyone else nearby.

Should he just beat up this annoying old man?

After all, there was no one else around, and even if the old man tried to extort money, there would be no one to prove it.

When it came to the authorities, he could turn the tables and say that the old man was a swindler, taking the silver and still extorting people. He and Changsun Nanqiao refused, so he deliberately capsized them into the water.

That way, he could get back that one piece of silver!

Thinking of this, a twisted smile gradually appeared on Li Ziye’s face. He was really too clever!

Five steps away, the old man felt a chill run down his spine as he saw the unfriendly gaze of the young man in front of him, and subconsciously took two steps back.


A cold wind blew, and beside Li Ziye, Changsun Nanqiao sneezed, shivering involuntarily.

“Nanqiao sister, let’s go change clothes first!”

Seeing the woman shivering, Li Ziye had to let go of the old man in front of him and led Changsun Nanqiao towards the carriage.

In front of the carriage, Bai Wangyu leaned back against the carriage, leisurely reading a Confucian scripture, looking content.

No matter when, the senior brother of the Confucian School was always so calm. Compared to the constantly surprised and foolish Li Ziye, he was simply two extremes.

“Old Bai!”

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. Li Ziye hurriedly walked over with Changsun Nanqiao by his side, shouting, “Is there a change of clothes prepared in the carriage?”

“No,” Bai Wangyu said calmly.


Li Ziye was taken aback and asked, “Why didn’t you prepare some dry clothes?””I never thought you could fall into the lake just by rowing a boat,” Bai Wangyu said earnestly.

“Old Bai!”

Li Ziye gritted his teeth and squeezed out a few words through clenched teeth, “Believe it or not, I’ll strip off your clothes.”


Bai Wangyu smiled indifferently, too lazy to respond.

Li Ziye alone could take on a hundred like him.

Li Ziye never imagined that in Little Red Riding Hood’s heart, he had become a unit of martial strength; otherwise, he would have leapt up to fight to the death.

“Young Master Li, let’s go back.”

Changsun Nanqiao hugged herself tightly, trembling slightly as she spoke.


Li Ziye nodded, his expression filled with concern as he glanced at the woman beside him. He then walked up to Little Red Riding Hood and began to strip off his clothes, saying, “Give me your clothes.”

“This is my only Confucian robe!”

Bai Wangyu resisted, preferring death to submission.

“You’re a grown man; no one will look even if you’re not wearing it!”

Li Ziye applied more force, determined to strip Little Red Riding Hood of his clothes.

After several rounds of tug-of-war, Li Ziye emerged victorious!

Because if Bai Wangyu resisted any further, his Confucian robe would be torn to shreds.

“Elder Sister Nanqiao, put on the robe first to warm up; we’ll head back now.”

Li Ziye draped Little Red Riding Hood’s Confucian robe over the woman beside him, generously offering someone else’s kindness without a second thought for the now thinly-clad Little Red Riding Hood.

After the two boarded the carriage, Li Ziye remembered Little Red Riding Hood and turned back, “Old Bai, drive the carriage!”

The corners of Bai Wangyu’s mouth twitched, and he held back several times before resisting the urge to strike someone.

The morning sun shone down on the lakeshore as the carriage creaked along, retracing its path.

A lakeside outing that was just about to begin came to an abrupt end.

Inside the carriage, Changsun Nanqiao tightened the Confucian robe around her, still feeling very cold.

“Elder Sister Nanqiao, if you don’t mind, let me help you warm up,” Li Ziye said, seeing the woman trembling before him, his face showing pity as he opened his arms and kindly offered, “There’s no one else here; no one will know.”

Changsun Nanqiao lifted her head, her somewhat pale face revealing a dangerous smile as she uttered fragrantly, “Scram!”


Li Ziye’s outstretched arm stiffened, feeling somewhat embarrassed. He really just wanted to help her warm up.

Those with impure thoughts indeed think others are the same.

The carriage rumbled forward, and inside, Changsun Nanqiao’s complexion grew paler and paler, looking very unwell.

Li Ziye, seeing her condition, truly began to worry.

Could this woman have some chronic illness?

“Elder Sister Nanqiao, can you hold on?” Li Ziye asked, concerned.


Changsun Nanqiao nodded weakly, her consciousness beginning to blur.

“Elder Sister Nanqiao, forgive me!”

Seeing her state, Li Ziye could no longer care about anything else and sat beside her, pulling her into his embrace.

Instantly, the warmth and fragrance of jade filled his arms, and a refreshing scent entered his nostrils.

Changsun Nanqiao’s body stiffened, wanting to struggle, but she had no strength left.

Perhaps it was the warmth from Li Ziye’s body that gave the ice-cold Changsun Nanqiao a trace of warmth, and gradually, her rigid body softened, no longer resisting.

Li Ziye tightened his arms, making Changsun Nanqiao lean more comfortably against him.

Outside, the carriage rumbled past the suburbs, speeding up.

After an unknown amount of time, the carriage entered the city streets, and due to the increasing number of pedestrians, it had to slow down.

Inside the carriage, Li Ziye felt the woman in his arms growing hotter and lifted the carriage curtain in a panic, asking, “How much longer until we reach Changsun Mansion?”

“There are too many people; it’ll take at least another hour,” Bai Wangyu replied while driving the carriage.

“Too long, head to Li Garden first!”

Li Ziye made a decisive decision.


Bai Wangyu acknowledged and immediately drove the carriage towards Li Garden.

Half an hour later, in front of Li Garden, the carriage stopped, and Li Ziye carried the unconscious Changsun Nanqiao down from the carriage and quickly walked towards the mansion.

“Summon the mansion’s physician to the inner courtyard!”

After entering the mansion, Li Ziye shouted and carried the woman directly to the inner courtyard.

Before long, in the inner courtyard room, a crowd gathered.

“Did you manage all this in just one trip?”

Hong Zhu looked at the unconscious woman on the bed, her face full of confusion, “That was too quick, did you drug her?”

“This girl seems a bit older than you.”

Slovenly Zhang took a sip of wine and continued, “But her family background and looks are quite good, more than a match for you, Younger Brother.”

“Younger Brother, age doesn’t matter; as long as she has a big behind, she’s well-nurtured, Elder Sister supports you.”

Li Youwei glanced at Changsun Nanqiao on the bed and once again made a shocking statement.

“Cough cough!”

In the room, Li Ziye listened to the three’s words of a wolf and tiger and nearly choked to death.

What is all this!

Was he the kind of person who coveted beauty?


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