Chapter 35 – Affectionate people have never been able to stay

Li Garden, West Chamber!


Li Ziye, once again seeking a sparring match with the eldest senior brother, was sent flying after five moves, crashing to the ground face-first.

“Pah, pah, I’m done fighting!”

Li Ziye’s mood soured further as he caught the apologetic gaze of the little red-hooded figure. Spitting out the dirt from his mouth, he plopped down on the stone steps.

All young people, all human, yet the heavens seemed so unjust.

Why should the little red-hooded figure be so handsome and so skilled in combat?

“Brother Li has actually improved a lot,” Bai Wangyu stepped forward, offering words of comfort.

“From three moves to five, indeed, that’s a lot.”

Li Ziye replied with a forced smile, “Old Bai, you definitely haven’t taught me properly. Tell me, are you holding back?”

“Brother Li jests.”

Bai Wangyu replied helplessly, “Martial arts require gradual progress; it can’t be achieved overnight. I’ve been practicing martial arts longer than Brother Li, so it’s normal for me to be a bit stronger. Don’t be too anxious, Brother Li.”


Li Ziye sighed with a gloomy expression, then reclined on the stone steps, saying, “But in less than three years, I have to compete with Huo Lin’er. How can I not be anxious?”

After hearing this, Bai Wangyu fell silent. After a moment, he spoke softly, “That Huo Lin’er is indeed formidable.”

“Do you know Huo Lin’er?”

Li Ziye immediately sat up, asking, “Have you crossed hands with her?”

“I haven’t crossed hands with her.”

Bai Wangyu shook his head, “However, I’ve had an encounter with Yan Xiaoyu, the Divine Child of the Divine Oracle Temple. If Huo Lin’er’s strength is comparable to Yan Xiaoyu’s, it will indeed be difficult for Brother Li to win the match three years from now.”

“You’ve fought with that Divine Child?”

Li Ziye’s face showed surprise, “What was the outcome?”

“He didn’t lose, nor did I win.”

Bai Wangyu spoke softly, “It was a draw.”

“Old Bai, I’m a bit jealous of you now!”

Li Ziye’s face was colored with envy. That Divine Child was known as one of the four great prodigies of the world, and little red-hooded Bai Wangyu could actually fight him to a draw. Truly, comparing people can be infuriating!

“Although Brother Li is currently weak, you have astonishing potential and cultivate the Fei Xian Jue, known as the number one technique in the world. One day, you will surpass me,” Bai Wangyu said earnestly.

Li Ziye, looking at the earnest face of the little red-hooded figure before him, felt even more like crying.

What use is potential if you can’t eat it?

Would he admit that Old Qin didn’t teach him the Fei Xian Jue because of his potential, but rather, there was simply no other choice, treating a dead horse as if it were alive?

After all, whatever he practiced, he progressed slowly.

“I’m going to talk about life with Little Huakui; chatting with you is pointless.”

Once again feeling dejected, Li Ziye retorted to the little red-hooded figure and then stood up to leave Li Garden.

“Brother Li.”

From behind, Bai Wangyu called out.

“What is it?”

Li Ziye turned around and asked.

“Do you need my personal protection?”

Bai Wangyu asked seriously.


Li Ziye elegantly spat out a word.

Bai Wangyu chuckled lightly and said no more.

Li Ziye left Li Garden feeling very frustrated.

In just a few days, even the little red-hooded figure had started to go bad!

In the southeast of the Capital City, not far from the Huai River, in a small courtyard, Yu Qingxuan sat quietly under a maple tree, tuning her ancient zither. The tree was adorned with red leaves, as vibrant as fire, setting off the beauty’s features, a sight too beautiful to behold.

Li Ziye arrived and stood quietly outside the courtyard, watching the beautiful scene within, reluctant to disturb.

After an unknown amount of time, Yu Qingxuan in the courtyard felt the gaze from outside and looked up.

Then, she smiled.

In that instant, it was as if hundreds of flowers bloomed, a beauty too dazzling to look directly at.

“Young Master Li.”

Yu Qingxuan stood up, having just called out when she seemed to remember something, her cheeks blushing slightly, “Ziye, have you been here long?”

“Just arrived.”

Li Ziye stepped into the courtyard, smiling, “Tuning the zither?”


Yu Qingxuan nodded, about to say more when a sharp voice rang out from outside.

“His Highness, the Crown Prince, has arrived!”

The Crown Prince?

Yu Qingxuan’s expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

Beside her, a flicker of surprise crossed Li Ziye’s eyes. Changsun Nanqiao had once reminded him that the Crown Prince and Yu Qingxuan were acquainted; it seemed the rumors were not entirely unfounded.

“Ziye, hide inside for a bit. It’s troublesome with the Crown Prince coming.”

After regaining her composure, Yu Qingxuan turned to the person beside her and spoke in a serious tone.

Li Ziye nodded, not asking further, and walked into the small house.

Yu Qingxuan collected her emotions and stood up to greet the visitor.

Soon after, the squeaking of a wheelchair was heard outside the courtyard as an old eunuch pushed the Crown Prince forward.

“Greetings, Your Highness!”

Yu Qingxuan bowed gracefully, respectfully speaking.

“No need for formalities.”

On the wheelchair, Mu Yuan looked at the woman before him, asking, “How is the matter I asked you to prepare?”

“Reporting to Your Highness, everything has been prepared according to your instructions,” Yu Qingxuan answered.


Mu Yuan nodded, his gaze sweeping over the ancient zither and the music scores on the stone table, “I’ve heard that you’ve been getting quite close to the legitimate son of the Li Family these days. Is that true?”

Yu Qingxuan’s gaze instinctively shifted towards the nearby house, hesitating before replying, “It’s just an acquaintance.”

“Don’t be nervous; I’m not blaming you.”

Mu Yuan spoke calmly, “Since you’re acquainted with the legitimate son of the Li Family, then get along well with him. We may have use for this chess piece.”


Yu Qingxuan fell silent for a moment before respectfully responding.

As the two conversed, behind Mu Yuan, the elderly eunuch Zhao Jie’s gaze turned towards the wooden house, his sinister eyes narrowing slightly before he gently tapped the wheelchair as a reminder.

Mu Yuan felt it and also looked towards the wooden house.

Seeing this, Yu Qingxuan’s expression immediately tensed.Mu Yuan glanced at the woman before him and, without asking further, said indifferently, “Let’s go.”

Zhao Jie nodded, pushing the wheelchair towards the courtyard exit.

“Farewell, Your Highness.”

Yu Qingxuan bowed respectfully, a thin layer of sweat beading on her beautiful face.

That was close!

Outside the small courtyard, Zhao Jie pushed the Crown Prince onto the carriage and said, “Your Highness, do you need this old servant to drag the person out?”

“No need.”

On the carriage, Mu Yuan looked at the small courtyard beside him, a cold curve forming on his lips, “I can probably guess who is in that house. I just didn’t expect Yu Qingxuan’s relationship with him to develop so quickly.”

“Could Yu Qingxuan betray Your Highness?” Zhao Jie asked with concern.

“She wouldn’t dare.”

Mu Yuan replied calmly, “Besides, I haven’t forced her to do anything. Getting close to the Li Family’s heir is exactly what she wants, isn’t it?”

“Your Highness is wise,” Zhao Jie replied respectfully.

“Let’s go, back to the mansion,” Mu Yuan said lightly.


Zhao Jie responded and immediately drove the carriage away.

In the small courtyard, after the Crown Prince had left, Li Ziye also emerged from the room.

Yu Qingxuan looked at him, opened her mouth as if to explain something, but didn’t know how to start.

“No need to explain.”

Li Ziye smiled and said, “Everyone has their secrets. You never pry into my affairs, do you?”

Hearing this, Yu Qingxuan breathed a sigh of relief, her smile returning as she said, “Ziye, I never thought of using you.”

“I know.”

Li Ziye nodded and smiled, “However, I do have a favor to ask of you.”

“Ask for my help?”

Yu Qingxuan said in surprise, “What is it?”

“The old master of the Yin Family will soon celebrate his sixtieth birthday. I heard that Qing Xuan, you are invited to perform. I wonder, could you take me with you?” Li Ziye asked earnestly.

Yu Qingxuan was taken aback, then after a moment, nodded and said, “It’s possible, but may I ask, what do you want to do?”

Li Ziye looked around and then whispered a few words into her ear.

Yu Qingxuan felt the breath of the man before her, her face blushing at first, but upon hearing what he said, she couldn’t help but exclaim in shock, “Steal something?”


Li Ziye placed his index finger on the lips of the woman before him and said, “Keep your voice down, don’t let others hear.”

Yu Qingxuan was startled, quickly covering her mouth and looking around before whispering, “Stealing from the Yin Family, are you crazy?”

“I have no choice; it’s very important to me. I must steal it.”

Li Ziye smiled apologetically, his face full of hope, “Qing Xuan, you must help me. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to sneak into the Yin Family.”

Yu Qingxuan bit her lip and after a long while, nodded and said, “Fine, I’ll take you in when the time comes.”

“Really? That’s great! Hug.”

Li Ziye, beaming with joy, hugged her tightly.

Yu Qingxuan, unable to dodge in time, blushed and, regaining her senses, quickly broke free, pretending to be angry and scolded, “Ziye, if you do this again, I’ll get angry.”

“It was a reflex, not intentional.”

Li Ziye touched his nose awkwardly and said, “Alright, it’s getting late, I should return to the mansion. Visit Li Garden when you have time.”


Yu Qingxuan nodded, replying softly.

Li Ziye waved his hand and then prepared to leave.


Behind him, Yu Qingxuan called out.


Li Ziye stopped and turned around, “What is it?”

“The Crown Prince has been kind to me. I promised to help him with three things, but beyond that, we have no other relationship,” Yu Qingxuan explained softly.

Li Ziye’s face broke into a radiant smile, “I understand. If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, you can always come to me. In this world, ‘Money Can Make the Devil be the Worker,’ and it just so happens that the Li Family lacks everything but silver.”


Yu Qingxuan laughed after hearing this and nodded, “If I’m short on silver, I’ll definitely come to you, Playboy.”

“Ha ha, it’s a deal!”

Li Ziye laughed heartily and then stepped away.

At this moment, Li Ziye walked very slowly, trying to make his silhouette appear as tall as possible.

Since ancient times, many a passionate heart has been left with nothing but regret. Pah, it’s not about holding on, but about winning hearts with clever tricks!

Sure enough, inside the small courtyard, Yu Qingxuan watched his retreating figure, and her usually calm heart couldn’t help but ripple.

This Li Family Young Master was truly different.

For so many years, she had never met someone who truly didn’t care about her status.

Whether she was the top courtesan or the Crown Prince’s secret chess piece.

To him, it seemed all the same.

In his presence, she was just Yu Qingxuan.

If you treat me with a true heart, I shall repay you in kind.

Yu Qingxuan made a vow in her heart that no matter what happened in the future, she would remember today, yesterday, and the day before, and would never do anything to harm him.

It’s easy to meet, but hard to truly know someone.

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