Chapter 33 – Zhangsun Nanqiao’s proposal

Li Garden, inner courtyard, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth surged and crazily poured into the pharmacy.

Inside the pharmacy, Li Ziye’s body trembled, and the small world of divine hidden technique in his chest flashed with lightning and thunder. The sea of true essence surged and endless spiritual energy of heaven and earth poured in, making the sea of true essence even more vast.

Opening up the second meridian, Li Ziye’s speed of absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was more than twice as fast. Coupled with the accumulation of daily practice, he finally made a breakthrough and advanced his cultivation.

Mid-stage of the first realm of martial arts. In the instant of breaking through, Li Ziye clearly felt the sharp increase in the strength of his true essence in his divine hidden technique, and even his perception ability of divine sense also increased.

“Familiarize yourself with your body!”

Slovenly Zhang spoke and casually waved his hand. The pure Jun ancient sword flew over and landed in front of Li Ziye.

Li Ziye looked at his own hands, then reached out and drew out the ancient sword. With a step forward, he leaped out.

The sword qi whistled and crisscrossed. In the inner courtyard, Li Ziye’s figure kept flashing, with residual images flying around. Eighteen steps, completed in one breath.

On the last step, Li Ziye’s figure stood still, holding the sword in both hands and slashing down with momentum.


The three-foot sword edge was invincible. In front of Li Ziye, a stone table was shattered, split in half from the middle.

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

Outside the pharmacy, Slovenly Zhang clapped his hands and stepped forward, showing a satisfied expression. He said, “Finally made some progress, not in vain of my old man’s hard work.”

“Old Zhang, am I amazing? Teach me the third move!” Finally being praised once, Li Ziye felt a bit proud and said.

“Are you sure?” Slovenly Zhang’s expression suddenly became strange when he heard this, and he asked.

“What’s wrong? Is it not okay?” Li Ziye asked in confusion.

“It’s okay, of course it’s okay.”

Slovenly Zhang’s mouth curved slightly, not refusing either. He waved his hand, held the sword, and moved quickly. The sword technique was fierce and domineering, opening and closing widely. Within twenty-seven steps, it fully displayed its dominance.

After the demonstration, Slovenly Zhang put away the sword, raised his head and took a sip of wine, smiling but not smiling. He said, “Practice it. Once you master this third move, no one in the second realm will be your match. Even if you really encounter a strong opponent like the Third Prince who has opened the second divine hidden technique, you will be able to retreat unscathed.”

“So powerful!”

Li Ziye’s face showed a pleasantly surprised expression. Soon, he felt something was wrong and asked, “Didn’t you say that even if the difference in cultivation is only one realm, it is impossible to cross over with exquisite moves?”

“There are always exceptions to everything.”

Slovenly Zhang’s smile became strange as he said, “The reason why the Flying Immortal Art is known as the number one technique in the world is because the first generation Sword God used this sword technique to defeat opponents who were one realm higher than him more than once.”

Speaking up to this point, Slovenly Zhang’s tone paused slightly, and his smile gradually became twisted unconsciously. He grinned and said, “Let me put it this way, there is basically a simple one-to-two relationship between the five realms of martial arts and the nine moves of the Flying Immortal Art. For example, if you are still in the first realm, at most you can only use the first two moves of the Flying Immortal Art. It is like daydreaming to practice the third move that belongs to the next realm, because without entering the second realm, whether it is the strength of true essence or the control ability of the body, it is not enough to support you to complete these twenty-seven steps. Of course, the Sword God from a thousand years ago did it, so he could cross one realm to fight against enemies. If you think you can do it too, then give it a try.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Li Ziye gripped the sword and looked at the footprints on the ground, feeling resentful.

Who do you think you are looking down on!

Li Ziye circulated his true essence and bravely took three steps forward.

And then…

“Old Zhang, help!”

In the high-speed movement, Li Ziye’s body flew out uncontrollably and before he could ask for help, he collided head-on with the high wall of the inner courtyard.


Li Ziye’s half face and his whole body directly crashed into the wall, forming a big character, and then fell straight down.

“Oh, what happened? Don’t hit the wall if you can’t take it!”

Slovenly Zhang walked up, looked at the youth who fell in a mess, grinned and said, “Work hard, my old man believes in you.”

After speaking, Slovenly Zhang laughed heartily and left with the wine jar.

Li Ziye lay on the ground, gritting his teeth in hatred. This was too much bullying!

“Young Master!”

Just at this moment, outside the inner courtyard, a beautiful little maid walked quickly. Seeing Li Ziye lying under the wall, she was first startled, then forcibly suppressed her smile and said, “There is a girl named Zhangsun Nanqiao outside the mansion, specifically looking for Young Master.”

“Zhangsun Nanqiao? Looking for me?”

Li Ziye, with a face covered in mud, showed a hint of surprise. How did that vixen come here? And she specifically asked for him? Doesn’t she know that the Li Family’s business is managed by Sister Youwei?

The enemy obviously wants to undermine our resistance from within!

Is he the kind of person who is easily tempted by beauty?

Li Ziye felt resentful in his heart and jumped up, saying, “Bring her to the main hall. I’ll change my clothes and meet this female demon.”


The little maid pursed her lips and smiled, then turned and left.

Not long after, Zhangsun Nanqiao, wearing a crimson purple long dress, walked towards the main hall. Her hair was tied up high, and her black hair cascaded down, showing both the beauty of a young girl and the charm of a mature woman.

It has to be said that Zhangsun Nanqiao was a very captivating woman.

In the inner courtyard, Li Ziye changed his clothes, tidied up his appearance, and returned to the appearance of a humble young master as he walked towards the main hall.

“Why did Sister Nanqiao come in person?”

Li Ziye walked into the main hall in three steps and made two strides. Looking at the woman in front of him, he spoke affectionately, “If you want to visit, I should be the one visiting Sister Nanqiao!”

Hearing the young man’s more intimate address, Zhangsun Nanqiao’s lips curved slightly, and she said, “I had nothing to do today, so I wanted to come to Li Garden to take a look. Li Young Master, I wonder how you have considered my previous proposal?”


Li Ziye heard this and showed a puzzled expression on his face. “What proposal?”

Zhangsun Nanqiao narrowed her eyes and smiled, “It’s about the cooperation between the Zhangsun Family and the Li Family. Young Master, haven’t you forgotten about it?”

“Do you think I have such a bad memory!”Li Ziye suddenly understood, but his face showed a troubled expression. He said, “Elder Sister Nanqiao, you may not know this, but although I am the legitimate son of the Li Family, all business matters are handled by my elder sister. During the last meeting with the four families, I was merely there to gain some experience.”

“Young Master Li, let’s not beat around the bush.”

Zhangsun Nanqiao revealed a bright smile and said, “Although Li Youwei is in charge of the Li Residence’s business, I believe that in this Li Garden, you are the real master, possessing absolute authority. As long as you speak up, the cooperation between the Li Family and the Zhangsun Family will naturally fall into place.”

“Elder Sister Nanqiao, you really think highly of me.”

Li Ziye picked up the hot tea on the table, took a sip, and smiled, “The tea is good, you should try some.”

Upon hearing this, Zhangsun Nanqiao slightly furrowed her brows, picked up the tea on the table, took a sip, and said, “Indeed, it’s good. I remember that the Li Family’s tea business has spread to every city in the Great Shang, even the Western Regions and Desert North have started to have Li Family’s shops.”

“Is that so? I don’t usually pay much attention to business matters, so I’m not very clear.” Li Ziye responded with a smile.

Zhangsun Nanqiao chuckled and said, “Young Master Li, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

“Elder Sister Nanqiao, please don’t put me in a difficult position.”

Li Ziye gave a bitter smile and said, “If I meddle in the Li Family’s business, it would make things difficult for my elder sister.”

“You really are a tough nut to crack.”

A hint of helplessness flashed across Zhangsun Nanqiao’s beautiful face. After a moment, she collected her thoughts and smiled, “I heard that Young Master Li is still unmarried. Would you like me to introduce someone to you?”

“I think Elder Sister is quite good.”

Li Ziye started to flatter her again, laughing.

“If Young Master Li is willing, I have no objections.”

Zhangsun Nanqiao responded with a charming smile.

“I’m still young, let’s wait a few more years.”

Li Ziye said shyly.

“You’re not young anymore.”

Zhangsun Nanqiao glanced at the young man’s legs and said meaningfully.

Li Ziye’s smile froze on his face. What a rogue!

“I heard that Young Master Li has been getting close to that little courtesan recently. Be careful, I heard that she has a complicated background. Don’t let others use you.” Zhangsun Nanqiao changed the subject and warned.

“Are you talking about Yu Qingxuan?”

A strange light flashed in Li Ziye’s eyes. He asked, “Elder Sister Nanqiao, could you be more specific?”

“It’s said that Yu Qingxuan has met with the Crown Prince several times, and the night she appeared in the Flower Garden, the Crown Prince was also there.” Zhangsun Nanqiao revealed.

“The Crown Prince?”

Upon hearing this, Li Ziye furrowed his brows and said, “I’ve never met the Crown Prince, how could he use me?”

“Young Master Li is the legitimate son of the Li Family, and the Li Family behind you is rich enough to rival a country. If I were the Crown Prince, I would definitely try to win you over.”

Zhangsun Nanqiao smiled and said, “If he could get the support of the Li Family, his future path to the throne would be much smoother.”

“Elder Sister Nanqiao, don’t make wild guesses.”

Li Ziye took a sip of his tea and said lightly, “The succession to the throne is the Emperor’s business. The Li Family is just an ordinary merchant family. We don’t want to, and don’t have the ability to meddle in the succession.”

“Although the Li Family is currently just a merchant family, if Young Master Li wants to go further, my Zhangsun Family can help.”

Zhangsun Nanqiao finally revealed her intentions, looking at the young man in front of her and said seriously, “Young Master Li should know about my Zhangsun Family’s influence in the court. As long as you agree, the Li Family can immediately transform from a merchant family to a noble family. The difference between the two, you should understand better than anyone else.”

Upon hearing this, Li Ziye fell silent.

This condition indeed hit the Li Family’s weak spot.

The scholar, farmer, worker, and merchant, the scholar-officials in the court were at the top of the Great Shang, while the merchant families were at the bottom.

This was the biggest obstacle the Li Family had encountered in its development.

There was no one in the court!

Therefore, the Li Family could only be considered a merchant family, not a prestigious family.

Li Ziye seriously considered Zhangsun Nanqiao’s proposal, weighing the pros and cons.

Zhangsun Nanqiao didn’t rush him, sitting quietly there, sipping her tea.

She knew that the Li Family would definitely consider her proposal carefully.

She was quite confident about this.

Sure enough, not long after, Li Ziye lifted his head, a bright smile on his face.

Seeing this, a smile also appeared on Zhangsun Nanqiao’s face.


“Elder Sister Nanqiao, I’ve decided to become a Sword Immortal. The official career is not for me.” Li Ziye said with a beaming smile.

Upon hearing this, Zhangsun Nanqiao was taken aback, and the smile on her face gradually disappeared.

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