Chapter 19 – Does it feel good?

“Let sister check if you have really grown up.”

In the room, seeing the awkward appearance of the young master in front of her, Hong Zhu became bolder and took a step forward, reaching out to undress him.

“This…isn’t good.”

Li Ziye took two steps back, looking hesitant.

“What’s wrong? I’ve seen it when we were young.”

Hong Zhu’s smile became more charming as she spoke.

“I was young back then, I didn’t understand.”

Li Ziye’s face showed a shy expression as he spoke.

“And now? Are you grown up now?”

Hong Zhu reached out and touched his chest, sliding her hand downwards.


Li Ziye’s body trembled and he moved back again.

However, there was a bed behind him.


Li Ziye couldn’t stand steady and fell backwards, instinctively grabbing the woman in front of him.


Hong Zhu exclaimed and fell down as well.

And so, their bodies stacked on top of each other.

In such close proximity, with the softness and fragrance, a triumphant smile appeared on Li Ziye’s lips.

“Does it feel good?”

Hong Zhu spoke, her voice soft.

“It feels good.”

Li Ziye replied, suddenly feeling something was wrong. He subconsciously grabbed with his hands and felt a soft touch.

Damn it!

Li Ziye was surprised and cold sweat immediately flowed down his forehead.


In the next moment, a miserable cry echoed in the room, scaring the servants of the Li Residence outside into silence.

What happened to the young master?

Fairy Qin was still here!

By the lake, Qin E’nuo and Slovenly Zhang both smiled, clearly feeling satisfied.

Serves him right!

“Hong…Hong Zhu, it wasn’t intentional.”

In the room, Li Ziye curled up on the ground, unable to straighten his waist due to the pain, and spoke intermittently.

“I did it intentionally.”

Hong Zhu clenched her slender right hand, a dangerous smile flashing in her eyes, and said, “Little Ziye, you have really grown up.”

Li Ziye saw her tightly clenched right hand, and his lower body trembled again. He smiled apologetically, “Hong Zhu, let’s talk about business.”

“Now you want to talk about business? Tell me, what do you need?”

Hong Zhu came to the table and sat down, asking, “I rushed for three days and nights continuously to not delay your matters. Several horses even died.”

“You’ve worked hard, Hong Zhu.”

Li Ziye brought a chair in front of the woman and poured a cup of tea, offering it to her in an attempt to please her.

Hong Zhu took the teacup, took a sip, and felt her anger dissipate a bit.

Could she still kill him? Of course not, he was a young master after all. People are different, and it’s infuriating.

“Hong Zhu, I have a illegitimate child of the Yincheng Yin family here.”

Li Ziye spoke softly, “Because he was being chased by the main wife of the Yin family, he had to become a bandit outside Yuzhou City. Recently, I just managed to subdue him.”

“The illegitimate child of the Yin family?”

Hong Zhu was surprised and asked, “What do you want him for?”


Li Ziye nodded and said, “Hong Zhu, you are skilled in the art of disguise. Can you help him change his appearance and send him to the capital city of Great Shang?”

“Can we trust this person?” Hong Zhu frowned.

“Hong Zhu, you have never asked this question before.” Li Ziye said.

“It’s because you, young master, have a noble identity. I have to be careful in everything.” Hong Zhu said irritably, “Alright, I will add some extra ingredients when disguising him, and I will prepare the antidote for you as soon as possible.”

“I knew Hong Zhu would always be the best to me. Hug.” Li Ziye’s face showed a happy expression as he reached out his hands, wanting to hug her.

“Stop it!”

Hong Zhu extended a finger and pressed it against his forehead, blocking the little guy in front of her who wanted to take advantage.

He has really grown up, not only has a thief’s heart, but also a thief’s courage.

He should be more careful in the future!

“Go and bring the person here.” Hong Zhu said.


Li Ziye replied and immediately walked out of the room.

In the backyard, by the lake, Qin E’nuo and Slovenly Zhang looked at Li Ziye walking out with a strange expression.

“Going out for a while.”

Li Ziye smiled awkwardly and quickly left.

That scream just now was really misleading.

“Sneaky, what is this kid up to?” Slovenly Zhang curiously asked.

“I don’t know.”

Qin E’nuo shook her head and said lightly, “But it seems to be related to the leader of the bandits.”

Sure enough, at sunset, Li Ziye secretly brought in a man wearing a bamboo hat into the residence.

Qin E’nuo took a glance at the man under the hat and recognized his identity.

It’s really him.

In the room, when Li Ziye brought in Yin Kuang, Hong Zhu was organizing various bottles and jars in front of the dressing table, colorful and vibrant.

“Hong Zhu, I leave it to you.” Li Ziye said.


Hong Zhu nodded and said lightly, “You can go and attend to your own matters.”

Li Ziye gave Yin Kuang a look of good luck and then left the room.

Yin Kuang sensed the gloating meaning in his eyes and couldn’t help but shiver.

By the lake, after Li Ziye left the room, he walked straight over.

“Kid, not bad. You managed to subdue the leader of the bandits.” Slovenly Zhang said.”A small matter.” Li Ziye grinned.

“What did you find out?” Qin E’nuo asked from the side.

“His name is Yin Kuang, a man from the Yin Family Money House in the Capital City. The Blazing Iron Essence was stolen by him from the Yin Family’s treasury.”

Li Ziye explained truthfully, “However, he doesn’t know where in the world to find an object of extreme yin that is of the same grade as the Blazing Iron Essence. He only mentioned that the Yin Family has a book called ‘Essential Techniques of Heavenly Craftsmanship’, which records information about many rare and exotic treasures. Perhaps we can find some clues from it.”

“Essential Techniques of Heavenly Craftsmanship?”

Upon hearing this, Slovenly Zhang showed surprise, “This fragment of a book is actually in the Yin Family?”

“You know about this?”

This time, it was Li Ziye’s turn to be surprised. How did this old fellow know everything?

“I’ve heard of it.”

Slovenly Zhang nodded, “It is said that the person who wrote this book lived in the same era as the ancestors of the Great Shang. This person traveled through the Nine Provinces and wrote this book based on his own observations and experiences. It records many rare and exotic treasures and strange events that most people have never heard of.”

“In that case, we must find a way to get this book.”

A fiery light flashed in Li Ziye’s eyes. If he could find an object of extreme yin that was of the same grade as the Blazing Iron Essence, he could have someone forge a sword for him.

“The Yin Family in the Capital City is not an easy target. Getting something from the Yin Family is not much easier than entering the Imperial Academy.” Slovenly Zhang reminded.

“I know.”

Li Ziye came back to his senses and smiled, “That’s why I want to take Yin Kuang under my control. After all, he is a member of the Yin Family and is very familiar with them.”

“Does that woman know the art of disguise?”

Qin E’nuo seemed to have guessed something and asked from the side.

Li Ziye looked surprised, then nodded, “Fairy Master is indeed the smartest. Sister Hong Zhu is indeed skilled in the art of disguise. I plan to change Yin Kuang’s appearance and send him into the Capital of Shang. When the time is right, I will send him into the Yin Family.”


Slovenly Zhang gave a thumbs up, “You little rascal, you’re indeed full of tricks.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Li Ziye grinned.


Just then, a painful cry came from the room behind them. It was particularly piercing in the quiet night.

Slovenly Zhang was taken aback, “Isn’t it just a disguise? Why is there so much noise?”

Li Ziye touched his nose and replied somewhat embarrassedly, “I was worried that he would be recognized, so I used a bit of a drastic method to make his appearance change more thoroughly.”

Upon hearing this, Slovenly Zhang looked puzzled, “Can he change back?”

“Well… it depends on luck.”

Li Ziye laughed awkwardly.

Slovenly Zhang chuckled, so he couldn’t change back?

Indeed, cooperating with this kid meant there was always a chance of being sold out. He would have to be more careful in the future.

About half an hour later, the door of the room opened, and Hong Zhu, dressed in red, stepped out.

Upon seeing this, Li Ziye excitedly asked, “Sister Hong Zhu, did you succeed?”

“I have not failed your trust.”

Seeing a stranger in front of her, Hong Zhu resumed her respectful attitude and bowed.

“Sister Hong Zhu, Fairy Master and Senior Sword Enthusiast are trustworthy people, you don’t need to pretend.”

Li Ziye said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Hong Zhu gave him a white look, “Why didn’t you say so earlier? That man fainted from the pain. It will probably take three or four hours for him to wake up.”

“Little girl, who is your master?” Slovenly Zhang suddenly asked.

Hong Zhu’s eyes narrowed like crescent moons, and a bright smile appeared on her face, “Self-taught.”


Slovenly Zhang gave a faint smile and didn’t ask any more questions.

Self-taught, what a joke.

In this world, there weren’t many people who were proficient in poison and disguise, and most of them were from Miaojiang. However, this little girl’s behavior and dress didn’t seem like she was from Miaojiang, which was quite strange.

“Old Zhang, don’t ask anymore. Even I can’t get it out of her, let alone you.” Li Ziye said.

“I won’t ask anymore, you guys chat. I, an old man, am going to sleep.”

Slovenly Zhang waved his hand casually, then got up, dusted off his clothes, and staggered towards his room.

“Be more restrained, and focus more on sword practice.”

Qin E’nuo reminded him from the side, then turned and left.

Upon hearing this, Li Ziye was taken aback, but quickly recovered and cried out in a wronged tone, “Fairy Master, you misunderstood, I…”

“I what I.”

Hong Zhu interrupted him impatiently, “What, am I not good enough for you, that you’re so eager to explain?”

“No, no.”

Li Ziye quickly shook his head. This was a life-threatening question, and the key was that he really hadn’t done anything.

“Little Ziye, are you planning to go to the Capital City?”

Hong Zhu didn’t make things too difficult for the young man beside her, and changed the subject.

Over the years, she had followed the Tower Master around, and she could somewhat see the arrangements of the Li Family.

Although the Li Family didn’t want to get too involved with the forces in the Capital City, they had already started to place their own informants in the city.

“I don’t want to.”

Li Ziye sighed lightly, “But, I might have to.”

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