Chapter 17 – Murong

In the bustling scene of the capital city, Yuzhou City, two women sat at a table by the window on the second floor of the Wangxiang Tower.

Their extraordinary appearances attracted frequent attention from others.

“Sister Li, please.”

Murong spoke and respectfully offered tea instead of wine to the woman in front of her, smiling.

“Thank you, Princess.”

Li Youwei also raised her cup and took a sip.

“I heard that Sister Li came to the capital city with my third royal brother. Did you encounter any trouble on the way?” Murong asked softly.


Li Youwei shook her head gently and said, “Thanks to the care of the Third Royal Highness, the journey went smoothly.”

“That’s good.”

Murong smiled and said, “I have heard of Sister Li’s reputation for a long time. When I learned that Sister Li came to the capital city, I couldn’t wait to meet you. I hope Sister Li can forgive my impoliteness.”

“Princess, it’s my honor to be summoned by you.” Li Youwei said softly.

Upon hearing this, Murong smiled lightly and said, “Sister Li, we don’t need to say these polite words anymore. I wonder what Sister Li’s plans are for coming to the capital city. Why not stay at my princess residence for a few days? I haven’t stayed in my mansion outside the palace for a long time. If Sister Li can come, I can also take this opportunity to request my mother to let me stay outside the palace for a few days.”

“Thank you for the invitation, Princess. However, I came to the capital city to discuss cooperation. My itinerary and accommodation have already been arranged, so I can only apologize to the Princess.” Li Youwei said calmly.

“Oh, that’s a pity.”

Murong’s face showed a hint of regret, but quickly returned to normal and said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter. Since Sister Li is in the capital city, there will be plenty of opportunities for Murong to meet you.”


Li Youwei nodded gently without saying much.

“By the way, Sister Li, you mentioned cooperation earlier. I wonder if you have any specific candidates in mind. I have a few good candidates that I can recommend to Sister Li.” Murong said half politely and half sincerely.

“When we were in Yuzhou City, the Third Royal Highness mentioned three families to the Li Family: the Zhangsun Family, the Merchant Alliance, and the Yin Family Money House. The Third Royal Highness said he would help with the recommendations, but we haven’t been able to meet them yet.” Li Youwei said.

“The Merchant Alliance and the Yin Family Money House.”

Murong murmured softly, a flash of light passing through her beautiful eyes.

The Third Royal Highness really knows how to recommend. Although both of these families have connections with the court, they are also deeply involved with the Third Royal Highness.

Among the three candidates, two of them are under the influence of the Third Royal Highness, and their intentions are self-evident.

It seems that although the Third Royal Highness has completed the task assigned by the Emperor, he has hidden many ulterior motives.

“Since the Third Royal Highness promised to recommend for Sister Li, Murong won’t bother anymore.” Murong opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but swallowed her words.

Seeing this, Li Youwei cooperatively asked, “Princess, as I am new to the capital city, I am not familiar with many things here. I hope the Princess can give me some guidance.”

“There are indeed a few things I want to tell Sister Li.”

Murong thought for a moment and sincerely said, “The forces in the capital city are complicated. Although everyone is serving the court, there are also many people with hidden agendas. When Sister Li is looking for cooperation candidates, it’s better to be cautious.”

“Can the Princess give me some specific instructions?” Li Youwei asked in a serious tone.

“Walls have ears, and there are some things that I can’t say too clearly.”

Murong glanced at the lively second floor and said, “Sister Li should be careful. Of course, if Sister Li can trust them, it wouldn’t hurt to consider the Zhangsun Family more when cooperating. That is my mother’s family, and I can say a few words for Sister Li.”

Li Youwei nodded lightly after hearing Ninth Princess’s words and said, “I will remember the Princess’s advice.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about these troublesome matters. Can Sister Li tell me something about Yuzhou City? I have never been out of the capital city and I am curious about the outside world.”

Having achieved her goal, Murong deliberately changed the topic and started chatting casually with the woman in front of her, trying to dispel her guard as much as possible.

Indeed, when Li Youwei no longer talked about cooperation, the nervousness on her face diminished, and her tone also relaxed. She said, “Princess, what would you like to know?”

“Tell me about the Li Residence. In the capital city, the Li Residence has become a legend, especially those rare things invented by the Li Residence, such as perfume, crystal, and soap. I have never heard of them before.” Murong said.

Li Youwei smiled and said, “Princess, you are referring to those things. They were learned by an old gentleman from our family when he traveled overseas in the past. The Li Family was fortunate to receive the old gentleman’s help, which enabled us to produce these things.”


Murong heard this and showed a surprised expression, saying, “Why did I hear that these things were invented by the Third Young Master of the Li Residence? Did I remember it wrong?””It’s all just rumors and nonsense.”

Li Youwei smiled and said, “My Li Family has started a business selling perfumes and soaps. My younger brother is not even seven years old, how could he invent these things?”

“That’s true.”

Murong nodded, but he didn’t fully believe it. Rumors are sometimes not groundless, and the Third Young Master of the Li Family has too many legendary stories. Whether they are rumors or true, they are worth the attention of the royal family.

Li Youwei looked at the expression of the Ninth Princess in front of her and smiled faintly, not saying much.

She knew the purpose of the Ninth Princess inviting her here today, but she couldn’t avoid contact with the royal family when she came to the capital city. Seeing the Ninth Princess and the reactions of others would be a good opportunity.

Speaking of which, the Ninth Princess is indeed as rumored, incredibly beautiful. She can definitely be called the most beautiful woman in Great Shang. If she could marry into the Li Residence as the younger brother’s wife, that would be even better.

With this in mind, a smile appeared on Li Youwei’s lips, and her gaze towards the young girl in front of her became kinder.

However, when Murong saw the sudden kind look in the woman’s eyes, he couldn’t help but tremble subconsciously, feeling an indescribable sensation in his heart.

While Li Youwei was once again looking for a wife for her younger brother, Li Ziye, who was dealing with bandits all over the mountains, suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

“They caught up?”

Li Ziye quickly looked back and found no sign of the bandits, relieved.

No one.

That’s good, that’s good.

These bandits are becoming more and more useless, they can’t even catch up.

Behind him, outside a mile of mountain road, more than a dozen bandits were sitting on the ground, almost unable to stand up due to exhaustion.

“Boss, how did this kid become so powerful? Even when seven or eight of us ambushed him, we couldn’t stop him,” one of the bandits spoke, puzzled.

“That kid probably unlocked the Divine Hidden Technique and has become a warrior now.”

The bandit leader’s face darkened. “Anyway, when you encounter him, you must not be alone. It’s best to have ten or twenty people together, otherwise, you won’t be able to stop him.”

“Alright!” the bandits nodded in agreement.

“Hey, are you still chasing or not!”

At this moment, Li Ziye, who had already disappeared without a trace, suddenly turned back and stood on a rock, shouting loudly.

“Kid, if I catch you, I’ll definitely skin you alive!”

The bandit leader’s face turned red with anger upon hearing the provocation, shouting angrily.

“You big guy, I’ve heard that line so many times, are you chasing or not? If you’re not, I’ll leave.”

On the rock, Li Ziye stood with his hands on his hips, shouting like a fishwife.

“Brothers, chase after him!”

The bandit leader was furious and gave the order for his men to continue chasing.

Seeing this, Li Ziye laughed and turned around to run again.

It’s impossible for one person to fight against a group, but if someone is left alone, or three to five people are left alone, he can consider it.

As the sun set, fewer and fewer people could catch up with Li Ziye behind him. By the time it was almost sunset, only Li Ziye and the bandit leader were still able to run.

“Kid… do you dare to stop and fight me?”

Near the exit of the forest, the bandit leader bent over, gasping for breath, and said.

Li Ziye stopped his footsteps upon hearing this, turned around, and looked at the bandit leader behind him. “Fighting is not a problem, but if I win, you have to answer three questions for me.”

“What questions?”

The bandit leader’s expression darkened.

“You have to agree first.”

Li Ziye smiled.

“Fine, I agree, but you have to win against me with your skills!”

Before the words fell, the bandit leader’s eyes turned cold, and he suddenly rushed forward.

Li Ziye remained calm, his footsteps turned, and his figure swiftly moved several zhang away.

The Divine Hidden Technique, the number one technique in the world, not only has unparalleled swordsmanship, but also the number one body technique.

In just one day and one night, Li Ziye had only learned five steps, barely scratching the surface. However, it was enough to deal with the bandit leader in front of him.

After retreating two steps, Li Ziye stepped back in mid-air, kicked on the trunk of a tree, and returned to the air. The Frost in his hand was unsheathed.


With a sword as graceful as frost, it seemed like a simple strike, but it accurately pierced the bandit leader’s heart.

In a moment of crisis, the bandit leader’s body reacted instinctively, rolling on the ground.

“Swish!”The grating sound of fabric tearing rang out, and a deep wound that revealed the bone appeared on the chest of the bandit leader. Blood splattered, staining his clothes red.

“You, you’ve lost!”

On the ground, the bandit leader was about to get up when suddenly, his vision blurred. A chilling long sword appeared in front of his throat.

“This, this can’t be!”

The bandit leader looked at the sword at his throat, exclaiming in shock.

“What, can’t accept the loss after a bet?”

Li Ziye swung the sword in his hand, saying, “Do you want me to poke a few more holes in you before you admit defeat?”

“I, I admit defeat!”

The bandit leader’s face darkened, saying, “Speak, what do you want to know?”

“Very simple.”

Li Ziye grinned, his smile radiant, “Where did you get that blazing iron essence of yours?”

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