Chapter 9 – [Talent S-018 – All-Seeing Eyes]

Su’en made a decision and walked calmly towards the altar.

Hesitation was never his character.

He had already made a plan when he intended to follow the route.

Coming to such an interesting fantasy world, it would be boring to be timid.


Su’en stood on the altar, stepping on the intricate engraved runes and carefully observing.

He had seen the bald man use this “Alchemy Array” before, using a hexagram magic array to create a set of metal scales.

But obviously, the array engraved on this altar was much more complex.

“Blood stains the tail-biting snake, activate the array…”

Following the instructions on his retina, he tore off the simple bandage on his palm. Then, with a slight force, he tore the wound apart, and the blood flowed down his fingers and dripped onto the engraved “tail-biting snake” on the magic array.

As the blood stained the tail-biting snake, the red color automatically spread.

The stone-carved snake gradually turned into a shining ruby-like red.

In an instant, the runes on the altar lit up, and the golden light was so dazzling that it was almost impossible to open one’s eyes.

“The array is functioning normally…”

Su’en muttered to himself, with a hint of joy.

This was a good sign.

If the array could function, it meant that the decoding method in the “Isaac’s Alchemy Manuscript” had a high chance of being correct. After all, no one would play such a complicated prank.

With the array activated, the next step was the “sacrifice” ceremony.

According to the information on his retina, all alchemy in this world followed the principle of “equivalent exchange”. To obtain such talent, an equivalent price must be sacrificed.

What he had to sacrifice now was his own eyeball.


Su’en took a deep breath and slowly raised his right hand, reaching towards his left eye. He sarcastically muttered to himself, “Indeed, my body seems to be excited about experiencing pain. Even if it means gouging out my own eye…”

Gouging out an eye might be bloody for others, but it was not unfamiliar to Su’en.

In his first year in the detention center, when he had an episode, he did the same thing. The target was a prison bully who had bullied him. After that, his cellmates called him “madman”.

Later, after studying “Human Anatomy” in the detention center, he learned how to accurately kill, injure, and fight…

Fear comes from the unknown, and Su’en knew very well what he would face when gouging out his eye, so he remained calm.

He acted decisively, as if he was not the one enduring the pain.


The pain, the piercing pain…

And the fear of losing one eye.

Blood dripped from his eye socket and fell onto the altar.

The intense pain made Su’en’s forehead covered in cold sweat, and his face turned pale.

After a few breaths, he took the crimson object and placed it in the left basket of the “balance” stone carving.

In that moment, as if a specific condition had been activated, a bright red light suddenly emanated from the central balance of the altar, devouring the eyeball. At the same time, a faint green aura, like a small snake, quietly flowed into Su’en’s bleeding left eye…

This was a very complex alchemical transformation ritual.

At this moment, this ancient and majestic altar, which had been sealed for thousands of years, seemed to connect different time and space… An ancient and majestic aura descended upon this secret room.

Unaware of all this, Su’en’s limited perception allowed him to touch the mystery of this miraculous alchemy. It was as if he was traversing an endless starry sky, plucking a brilliant star from the sky and integrating it into his body.

The process went more smoothly than expected, without any unexpected incidents.

Su’en didn’t know what had happened, as his vision was filled with blood.

Soon, he clearly felt the pain in his eye disappearing, and the light in his left eye was restored.

“It worked…”

Su’en guessed what had happened and let out a sigh of relief.

The tingling sensation was a phenomenon of muscle tissue regeneration, faster than he could believe.

The whole process lasted about three minutes, and the red light on the magic array on the altar completely dimmed.

And as the red light dissipated, the statue with the symbol “ꧧ” on the five stone carvings beside the altar cracked open.

Su’en’s left eye slowly focused, clear and radiant, shining like a newborn baby. Upon closer inspection, there was a silver “moon” within the golden iris. With a flicker, the moon disappeared into the depths of the pupil.

It was a strange experience. The altar in front of him was still the same, but it now appeared as a strange “new world”. All objects became extremely clear, like a high-definition original photo with no filters, every detail visible. Even the spiderweb-like cracks on the statue were clearly distinguishable.


“So… what kind of transcendent ability have I awakened? Is it ‘Enhanced Vision’?”

After confirming that the ritual was complete, Su’en looked around and then lowered his head to examine his own body.

His appearance seemed unchanged, but his vision had improved significantly. Even in dim light, his field of vision was incredibly clear.

If that was all, he felt that it was much inferior to the bald man’s ‘Steelized Skeleton’…

But just as Su’en was complaining in his mind, a strange sensation occurred.

He carefully examined his body and, after staring intently as if trying to see something clearly, strange text appeared in his eyes.

Su’en (Fick Reigade)

Dark Spiritual Power: 233/1130

Charm: 9

Strength: 6

Agility: 6

Constitution: 5

Perception: 4

Skill: 8

Mental Power: 26

Talent: [Talent S-018 – All-Seeing Eyes]

Skills: [Hegem Breath Method], [Basic Firearms Proficiency], [Advanced Combat Introduction]

Overall Combat Evaluation: B+ (For ordinary people who have not become transcendent, you are weak in combat except for your handsome appearance. But with the awakened S-level talent ‘All-Seeing Eyes,’ you have endless possibilities in the future.)

Seeing this, it felt as if time had frozen for a moment.

Su’en exclaimed, “Data panel?”

When he saw the string of data appearing on his retina, he felt as if he was playing a game.

But when he saw the talent ‘All-Seeing Eyes’ on the panel, he suddenly realized.

“So, this transcendent talent awakened through the sacrifice ritual is this ability? It doesn’t seem that powerful…”

Su’en muttered to himself, understanding why he had to sacrifice his own eyeball.

So this “directional awakening” meant exchanging one eye for another.

Su’en’s thoughts were jumping, and he no longer dwelled on things he couldn’t change. Instead, he began to complain about the evaluations on the panel.

But to think that his combat skill, which could defeat ten opponents on Earth, was only considered “advanced introduction”?

And the marksmanship that he had spent most of his savings practicing at the shooting range was only “basic proficiency”?

Then what would advanced proficiency be like? Could the bullets turn corners?

And there’s more!

Overall evaluation, weak?

Not very damaging, but extremely insulting…

“Hehe… Compared to that bald guy, I can indeed be called ‘weak’.”

Su’en smiled wryly, but he had a rough idea of the power levels in this world.

And that strange [Hegem Breath Method] should be a “passive skill” that the original owner had learned and mastered.

Su’en had felt a strange energy flowing in his body before, and his breathing followed a specific rhythm. It was like a “muscle memory,” almost instinctively moving in a certain way.

As for the Dark Spiritual Power, it should be similar to the “internal energy” of the previous life.

But when he looked at his attribute panel, he showed a puzzled expression. The value of 26 for mental power was too eye-catching.

“Could it be because of the multiple personalities?”

Su’en pondered with his chin resting on his hand, but before he could think further…

Suddenly, an anomaly occurred!

At that moment, the previously extinguished altar suddenly lit up again.

This time, it was not golden light, but a gray mist enveloped in a cold light. It was like opening a gateway to hell, and he felt a shivering aura originating from the soul.

“What’s going on? The alchemy array is activated again?!”

Su’en felt puzzled because the information on his retina did not mention such a strange situation occurring during the ritual.

But he did not panic, as this scene was very similar to when he awakened before.

After the light of the magic array flashed, the statue with the symbol “☽” on the cloak emitted a fluorescent light, and a faint black aura overflowed from the statue.

This time, the transformation process was much faster than before.

“Why is the talent awakening again when it has already awakened? I didn’t sacrifice anything…”

Su’en looked at this familiar process, feeling greatly confused.

At the same time, he felt as if something invisible was being drawn out of his body, and he inexplicably felt much lighter.

Not long after, the octagram light dissipated, and the statue cracked again.

This time, none of the five statues remained intact.

Su’en also clearly felt that the sense of mystery and awe that these statues had given him suddenly disappeared, and they became ordinary stone carvings.


Su’en looked at the panel again, wanting to know what had happened to his body.

Then, he saw something new in the talent section – [Talent S-004 – Reaper of Death].

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