Chapter 87 – The three ultimate subjects of alchemy

The cloaked figure talked with Su’en for a while, obtained the information he wanted, and then left the apartment.

He didn’t even go to the basement to take a look.

But thinking about it, even if he knew the way in and out, it didn’t mean he could definitely come out alive.

Once he entered the basement, he would definitely be involved.

If he really encountered the super-level blue-skinned undead, even though he was already one of the top professionals in Old Lingdun City, he might not be able to come out alive.

However, Su’en was indeed slightly surprised by the unexpected arrival of the cloaked figure.

The cloaked figure never showed any hostility from beginning to end, just like a true gentleman, polite, reasonable, and fair in his dealings…

But why would this seemingly humble Vice Dean of the Black Tower Academy, “Nicola J. Emirich,” escape from the inner city?

The reason was probably what he said himself: certain secrets that would cause trouble if known.

Su’en’s special experiences allowed him to understand human nature more easily than others.

At least he could distinguish between goodwill and malice.

He even felt that this “Nicola J. Emirich” was the easiest person to get along with that he had encountered since crossing into this cruel underground world.


As the cloaked figure left, the sense of danger in Su’en’s heart completely disappeared.

Now that the hunter behind the trap had taken the initiative to reveal himself and explain his intentions, things were probably clear.

Looking at the house that he was originally satisfied with, Su’en looked somewhat helpless. “Looks like I have to move again…”

Although the cloaked figure said that the trap was not aimed at ordinary tenants and would not disturb him in the future, Su’en had no intention of continuing to live there.

He preferred to stay away from this sensitive “battlefield” involving top professionals.

He didn’t dare to go to the basement again and planned to find someone to move his things out tomorrow.

At this moment, Su’en thought of something and took out a notebook from his storage ring.

This was the “Undead Research Diary” that he brought out from the cursed space safe.

The other party didn’t ask earlier, and he intentionally withheld information.

Now that he had some free time, he carefully looked through it.

It was a handwritten manuscript, with each page filled with dense text and illustrations.

With just a flip, he could see colored pencil drawings of various human body structures, such as arms, heads, skeletons… or detailed depictions of various internal organs.

The author of the diary had a very strong drawing skill, and looking at these hand-drawn pictures, Su’en even felt like he was looking at precise anatomical prints from his previous life, with every blood vessel, nerve, and muscle fiber clearly depicted…

From the surface to the internal structure, even to the microscopic level of enlarged cell patterns.

Moreover, it was not just drawings, the notebook also had a lot of annotated text. It detailed the functions of human organs, how blood, muscles, organs, and the brain worked. It even specified where runes should be drawn on which blood vessels.

There were also many incomprehensible diagrams of auxiliary instruments, various scales, and strange accessory models…

Su’en first looked at these incomprehensible contents in the diary and couldn’t help but marvel at how ancient alchemists had researched life sciences to such an exaggerated extent.

Life sciences combined with mysterious alchemy truly created a magical world.

However, with his current level of “Advanced Beginner Alchemy,” when he saw the contents in the diary… he understood nine out of ten, but was completely lost when it came to putting everything together.

He was curious about the super-level runes on the blue-skinned undead’s body, but when he looked at it, his scalp went numb.

The diary did indeed have detailed instructions and principles for drawing such runes. However, it was not a textbook, but an experimental log. There was no step-by-step explanation, just a simple record of something. Moreover, it involved sensitive research content and was clearly encrypted.

After reading a few pages, Su’en was completely confused and gave up on trying to understand those professional knowledge.

He felt that this “advanced knowledge” was probably not something he, or even most people in Old Lingdun, had the qualifications to understand.

However, Su’en also had doubts in his heart. Why were ancient alchemy and modern breakthroughs so powerful?

Where did the missing stages go?


Su’en didn’t dwell on the academic content any longer and instead focused on the parts of the “diary” that he could understand.

With just a glance, he knew how this “Undead Research Diary” came about.

The most basic explanation of alchemy was the transmutation of precious metals, such as gold.

But in reality, alchemy was not mysticism or magic, but science.

There were three ultimate topics in the field of alchemy: resurrection of the dead, transference of life, and creation of life.

And in these diaries, it was the research report of a mad ancient alchemist named “Thermido M. Chekhov” who wanted to revive corpses.

Following the timeline recorded in the diary, Su’en found the first volume.

“January 2nd, 1221. Ah… it’s all because of my research mistake that Miss Pestoya suffered a calamity… Why can’t I bring her back to life? I looked through the research materials left by ancient alchemists and found a lot of inspiration. Finally, I decided to restart the ‘Resurrection of the Dead’ project…”

When Su’en saw the first volume of the diary, an incredulous expression appeared on his face.

Because he saw a familiar name: Pestoya.

If it wasn’t the same name, then it should be the little ghost girl from the Storm Manor’s cursed space when he first crossed over.

He didn’t understand the background of this world before and didn’t know the origin of that little girl.

Now he knew, her surname was very special, Pestoya Isaac.And that dilapidated manor, without a doubt, was the residence of Sir Isaac, who was hailed as the “Alchemy Demigod” in the previous era.

It’s no wonder that there is an altar underground in that manor that can awaken the S talent.

There is not much information about Pestoya in the diary, and Su’en does not have enough clues to speculate what “misfortune” she has encountered.

Next is the hardcore research diary.

“March 21, 1221. Experimental subject number #001. I used a fresh corpse and began the experiment…”

“May 1. I found a method in ancient books that can slow down the decay of corpses… Active potion + [Level 8 Dark Attribute Convergence Rune] can gather the aura of the dead… I transformed the hospital morgue into a research field…”

“August 13, 1221. Experimental subject number #624. I extracted an active substance from the body of that super-tier abyssal creature. I named it ‘X Serum.’ After injection, the fresh corpse regained some of the physiological features of a living person…”

“Increasing the dosage of ‘X Serum,’ the fresh corpse became uncontrollable. The body tissues underwent deformations and strange shapes appeared, eventually turning into repulsive monster forms, resembling atavistic abyssal creatures… Adjusting the formula, continuing to increase the dosage for experimentation, the bodies of the test subjects couldn’t bear it, and their blood vessels and hearts ruptured…”

“The hospital’s corpses are not enough, and the conditions cannot meet the requirements for active research. I need fresher corpses; I tried to use those patients who are about to die…”

“The families of the patients discovered some abnormalities, so I dared not use hospital patients anymore. I entrusted a black market merchant to buy slaves from the slave market…”

“November 7, 1222. Experimental target number #1135 showed signs of deformity after injecting X Serum, but miraculously survived and his physical qualities were unbelievably enhanced. I successfully extracted a sample of biological antibodies that inhibit deformities from the blood of the test subject. Oh, today is a happy day, the experiment has made substantial progress…”

“March 11. Today, a ‘rat’ sneaked into the laboratory and stole some research data. It seems that someone is interested in the ‘X Serum,’ after all, it can fill the human body with vitality. Perhaps some dignitaries want to use it to prolong their lives. I’m not interested in dealing with them, let them be…”

“Another failure. Oh, what a terrible day…”

“April 24, 1224. Experimental subject number #3335. The experiment finally made progress, and I successfully created the first active corpse. I started to attempt soul fusion…”

“Damn it, even though I have successfully given the corpse all the biological features of a living person and there are no problems with the bloodline, why did the soul fusion still fail?! The body showed obvious rejection of the soul… There is not enough time, I am unwilling…”

Su’en flipped through the pages of the diary, understanding the contents that he could comprehend, and had a general impression of the story in his mind.

It was a powerful alchemist who wanted to research a method to revive the dead and conducted crazy experiments in the morgue. From corpses to patients, and then to live subjects…

Finally, the diary abruptly ended, as if something unexpected happened, and there was no further information.

That Kekov created “active corpses,” but ultimately failed to give them life.

At least according to the notes, he failed.

“So, the ‘active corpse’ in the cursed space came from this…”

After reading the diary, Su’en had a sudden realization.

When he looked at the description of the “active corpse,” his first reaction was not to study any resurrection technique, but to suddenly realize whether the blue-skinned “active corpse” could be used as a puppet medium for wielding a scythe.

It had almost all the life characteristics of a living person, and even had dark spiritual power…

Almost all the conditions for manipulating the scythe were met.

But it was just a passing thought.

The content in the diary was too advanced, and even the surface knowledge was too much for him to digest at the moment.

Su’en put away the diary.

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