Chapter 74 – Dark gold material

Su’en looked a bit weak, but it couldn’t hide the joy in his eyes.

Almost 100% of the Lord-level monsters would drop materials of silver quality or higher, with a high chance of gold.

Looking at the glowing corpse of the Spider Queen, Su’en felt like he had found a pile of gold. “Wow, it really dropped high-level cursed materials…”

This was his first time killing monsters and obtaining high-level materials.

The corpse of this Lord-level monster emitted a special aura from the cursed materials, which was the luster of cursed materials.

Spider silk, venom sacs, skin, skull, blood, bones… even the internal organs, although they couldn’t be used as implant materials, were all very advanced and rare alchemical materials.

What Su’en cared most about were the spider legs needed for his “Eight-Armed Spider God Spear”.

Originally, he only hoped to buy eight silver spider leg materials and assemble them together, which would have satisfied him. Gold was even harder to come by. Unexpectedly, he now had a complete set of spider legs!

“Huh… these spider legs are actually dark gold quality?”

The eight dark golden spider legs on the Spider Queen’s corpse made Su’en unable to look away.

“Dark gold” was an extremely rare material that was half a tier higher than gold. Even the top auction houses in the inner city might not see it for years.

This was truly priceless.

The structure was intact, sturdy, tough, with barbs, hooks, and natural magic patterns… almost every aspect met the requirements of the blueprint, or even exceeded them. At first glance, Su’en felt that this was probably the most suitable material for the blueprint of the “Eight-Armed Spider God Spear”.

Although this trip to the underground dungeon was risky, just obtaining these materials made it worth it!


“What kind of mutation happened to this Lord-level monster that allowed it to produce such high-quality distorted limbs?”

While pleasantly surprised by the harvest, Su’en also felt that something was amiss.

The appearance of a Lord-level monster in the first-tier distorted monster group was already very low in probability. Now, the degree of mutation in this Lord-level monster was so exaggerated, making him wonder what had happened in this underground area.

At this moment, Su’en looked at the mist on the Spider Queen’s corpse and swallowed it without thinking.

After all, it was a highly intelligent distorted monster, and the fragments of the queen’s memory contained some information that humans could discern.

“Obtained ‘Distorted Ghost-Faced Spider Queen’ memory fragments *2”

“You have obtained some information: ‘Terrifying presence in the water pit, do not approach’…”

“You have comprehended ‘Intermediate Spider Climbing’…”

“Spirit Power +3.5”

There wasn’t much in the memory fragments of the Spider Queen, but they were all very practical.

The “Intermediate Spider Climbing” skill was very suitable for Su’en, and it could even be said to be an exclusive skill.

Once he integrated the spider spear implant, this skill would immediately come in handy. Ignoring obstacles, hanging and climbing, rapid displacement… essential skills for escaping and pursuing.

And the surge in spirit power by “3.5” was equivalent to the spiritual strength of nearly ten Rosa assistants at the “pseudo-second-tier” profession.

After the surge, he felt refreshed and his perception became much clearer.

However, the last piece of information made Su’en frowned and analyzed in his mind, “There is a huge water pool in the sewer… and in the water pool, there is a ‘terrifying presence’ that even this Lord-level monster fears? A giant tentacled predator… could it be a distorted octopus monster?”

Although everyone knew that the underground of Old Lingdun was a paradise for distorted monsters, after seeing this information, Su’en felt that things were probably worse than he thought.

The mutations caused by the environment might have given birth to many terrifying monsters.

However, he didn’t dwell on it.

If he could survive this trip, he probably wouldn’t willingly come to the dungeon again.

After collecting the cursed materials from the Spider Queen, Su’en went to the body of the assassin that was no longer in human form and looted some spoils.

Unfortunately, killing monsters took some time, and the soul had already dissipated a lot, so he didn’t harvest anything valuable except for some proficiency.

The items carried by the body were worth a lot of money, second-tier implants, weapons, mechanical equipment, potions… a wide range of combat items.

However, most of these spoils couldn’t be easily converted into cash.

If these items were to appear on the black market and be recognized, it would immediately reveal a lot of useful information to those who were interested.

Su’en didn’t want everything he did in the dungeon to become public knowledge.

After looting the assassin, Su’en went to the pile of spider monster corpses and harvested a few pieces of spider monster fragments, gaining some experience points for “Spider Climbing”.

Then, he flipped over the pile of corpses and found Daniel’s broken body.Previously, after killing this guy, I hastily stripped his soul, but his storage ring and other things are still on the body.

I have to say, after harvesting Rosa’s soul fragments before, there is a lot of “knowledge” overlap when harvesting Daniel’s.

After all, they are both teaching assistants at the Black Tower Academy, and they have overlapping knowledge in many fields.

But the advantage is that the knowledge of the two teaching assistants complements each other, and Su’en has become more proficient in certain knowledge.

Hmm… the spoils from Daniel’s body cannot be exposed or cashed.

This is quite annoying.


The process of looting the spoils is always enjoyable.

After doing all this, Su’en finally thought of his own trouble.

He didn’t forget that using the Night Reaper of Sopnus comes at a painful price.

It’s satisfying to kill monsters instantly, but he will have to endure 80% of the backlash.

Su’en sighed helplessly and estimated the size of the wound on the Queen’s body, calculating in his mind, “According to the calculation, the damage from the previous attack should backlash to the body in about an hour. If it cuts the head or heart, it will almost trigger instant death. It means there is at least a 10-30% chance of death. Well… it’s not too bad.”

He estimated his chances of survival and was quite optimistic.

After all, exchanging a situation of certain death for a 60-70% chance of survival is already a big gain.

But then he faced a big problem, which is how to deal with the wounds that will appear in the future.

Those terrifying lacerations will randomly appear on his body, and it would be easy to lose a hand or a foot… but if it cuts through internal organs, that would be bad.

If not handled properly, although he won’t die on the spot, he won’t live long either.

The actual death rate is higher than he calculated.

Su’en thought of the advanced healing potions he brought, but then shook his head, “These lacerations, advanced healing potions probably have limited effect. Surgery is the most direct treatment method. If there were cutting-edge medical equipment, maybe the chances of survival would be higher. Unfortunately, this is the sewer, and there is no time to go to the hospital in an hour…”

Moreover, those crude clinics and mediocre doctors in the outer city probably wouldn’t be able to handle such serious injuries.

“Oh, didn’t Rosa and Daniel, the two teaching assistants, have some medical equipment in their storage rings?!”

Su’en suddenly thought of something and quickly looked through the storage rings that were taken as spoils.

Sure enough, he saw several high-end medical emergency devices. There were surgical instrument sets, simple operating beds, blood transfusion and oxygen supply equipment… all kinds of emergency equipment!

They were probably carried in the storage rings of the two teaching assistants for emergency treatment of injured students during trials. They were the top medical equipment in the inner city.

But when Su’en saw these good things, he was happy for a moment, but then hesitated. He muttered, “I do know some basic first aid, but… I can’t stitch myself up, right? What if the injury is in a special place and I can’t move my hands? Then I would just wait for death.”

Thinking of this, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

“Isn’t there still someone else?”

At this moment, Miss Rena, who was used as bait, had been listening for a long time without any movement. Finally, she couldn’t help but cautiously ask, “Mr. Su’en, are you still there?”

Upon hearing this, Su’en raised an eyebrow slightly.


Rena was given permission and finally took off her blindfold.

Her body was covered in sticky spider webs, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she couldn’t wait to get rid of the disgusting slime.

But when she looked around, she was stunned.

Piles of spider monster corpses filled her vision, with limbs and arms scattered everywhere, and green blood flowing like a river…

Only the small area where she was standing still had some space to stand.

Did Mr. Su’en kill all these monsters? The number is too exaggerated…

Although she had witnessed the intense battle just now, seeing such an exaggerated mountain of monster corpses left her speechless.

Rena was about to ask what had happened when she turned her head and saw a pair of scorching eyes staring at her.

Miss Bait’s heart skipped a beat. She didn’t remember wrongly, this was the first time the indifferent guide Mr. Su’en looked at her directly.

Could it be… Mr. Su’en was affected?

Strange images automatically popped into her mind, and Rena couldn’t help but feel anxious.

But at this moment, Su’en didn’t give her a chance to overthink. He directly asked, “Can you use these emergency medical devices?”

Rena looked at the devices on the ground. Weren’t these the standard battlefield emergency equipment of the academy?

Although she didn’t know what Su’en wanted to do, she weakly replied, “I can.”Upon hearing this, Su’en let out a sigh of relief, then asked, “Can you handle serious injuries? Like, say, being cut in half…”

Rena felt a bit guilty under his gaze, “Well… I think so.”

“You think?”

Su’en didn’t like the sound of her uncertainty.

This was a matter of life and death, he needed a definite answer.

Seeing Su’en’s apparent need for a doctor, Rena added, “Actually… I’m not a combat major, I’m a medical major…”

She paused, then asked, “Mr. Su’en, are you injured?”

But upon inspection, Mr. Su’en didn’t seem to have any serious injuries.

Hmm… If it’s just minor wounds, she should be able to handle it.

That’s what Rena thought.

This girl is actually a medical major?

Upon hearing this, Su’en felt like a sleepy person who had just found a pillow, “How… How good are your skills?”

“They’re… They’re okay.”

Rena thought for a moment, it was something she was proud of, but she said it without confidence, “I… I scored full marks in my medical graduation exam.”

Oh, a top student?

Su’en felt his chances of survival had increased, “Have you ever saved anyone in practice?”


Just as Su’en was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Rena added, “Yes, in the lab.”

“Good, you’re hired!”

Although Su’en found this girl a bit clueless, in this dungeon, finding someone who could use these emergency equipment was a stroke of luck.

Having this deadweight around finally paid off.


Hearing the usually calm and monster-like Mr. Su’en show a normal emotional fluctuation for the first time, Rena was somewhat taken aback.

She asked timidly, “Mr. Su’en, what… what can I do?”

Su’en said, “Save me!”

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