Chapter 69 – Rosa’s corpse

Su’en chose a path that led deep into the underground cave. They had entered the city’s sewer system, with sewage flowing all around them. Originally, Su’en had intended to go in the direction of the scythe, but now it was also a good opportunity to avoid any potential pursuers.

Although the environment was foul, the sewage conveniently masked their footsteps.

However, to their surprise, before they could encounter any pursuers or find the scythe, they stumbled upon a corpse in a drainage pipe.

It was the body of a half-naked woman, wrapped in spider webs, pale and lifeless. A large red-eyed spider had pierced her skull with its venomous fangs, feasting on her brain…

Rena wanted to scream in horror when she saw the body, but she remembered something and quickly covered her mouth. Her crystal-like eyes trembled with a mixture of grief and sorrow.

The corpse turned out to be none other than Rosa, the female assistant teacher from before.

As Su’en looked at the mist emanating from the body, his eyes lit up. “Hmm… freshly dead?”

With so much knowledge harvested from Jack’s body, what about an assistant teacher who could teach the students?


This kind of corpse was a treasure to Su’en, its value surpassing that of an ordinary professional’s body by a hundredfold.

However, Su’en remained calm and instead squinted at the red-eyed spider that was about to feast. He appraised the monster’s attributes and muttered, “Hmm… an elite monster?”

At that moment, the spider also looked back at him.

Su’en thought of something but did not avoid its gaze.

In that instant, the six crimson spider eyes stared at him, as if an invisible hand was teasing his soul. But it was fleeting.

At the same time, the All-Knowing Eye displayed a negative status effect.

“You have been subjected to a mental attack. The intensity of the mental fluctuation is lower than your mental power, so you have successfully resisted this negative status…”

Su’en looked and confirmed that, as the All-Knowing Eye had indicated, this elite spider’s mental attack was not enough to pose a threat to his exceptionally high mental power.

“A high mental power can resist low-level mental spells… It seems that as long as I don’t get surrounded by the monster horde in this spider’s nest, it doesn’t seem too deadly for me…”

Encountering a living monster, Su’en deliberately tested some hypotheses.

He now had the confidence to continue searching for the scythe.

However, Rena, who was behind him, was not as lucky. Inadvertently, she made eye contact with the spider and then stood there like a soulless statue.

Moreover, it seemed that she saw something erotic in her imagination, and her desire surged. Her face quickly flushed, and she even let out some strange moans.

Su’en glanced at Rena, who was standing there with a vacant expression, walking towards the spider. He didn’t rush to help her but observed carefully.

As he watched, he analyzed in his mind, “So this is the state after being affected. The monster’s mental attack simply influences desire. If I block this emotion of ‘desire,’ will I be able to ignore this mental attack?”

The All-Knowing Eye made it clear to him the attack method of this ghost-faced spider. Direct eye contact would arouse instinctual lust, causing one to lose consciousness and easily be captured like prey.

Just like the young lady in front of him.

Rena’s breathing technique and everything else were top-notch among first-tier professionals, yet she was easily affected. This meant that even if a second-tier professional came, if their mental power was not strong enough, they would likely be influenced by this elite spider.

Su’en didn’t know what he was thinking, but his gaze gradually deepened. “Tsk tsk… It seems that this young lady’s fate is not meant to end here…”


Su’en felt that he had observed enough and raised his hand, using a pistol with a silencer to shoot the spider’s head.

Just like the information appraisal had indicated, although these distorted monsters were deadly, their physical defense was extremely poor. Ordinary bullets could easily create large holes in their bodies.

As the monster died, Rena also snapped out of her infatuated state.

She instantly realized that there was something embarrassing about her body, unsure if it was shyness or if her face had been red from the beginning. She weakly asked, “What… What happened to me just now?”

“Don’t make direct eye contact with those ghost-faced spiders’ red eyes, or else you’ll be mentally controlled.”

Su’en didn’t explain much and simply said in a calm tone.

He didn’t look at Rena’s shy appearance, which could make many boys’ hearts flutter. Instead, he walked straight towards the body of the assistant teacher, Rosa.

“Hmm… the spider monster even dropped some plant materials.”

Su’en looked at the glow emanating from the corpse of this calf-sized spider. Among the remains, there were actually two cursed glowing spider legs.

However, the quality was not that great; they were just ordinary black iron materials.

Su’en ignored the spider legs and approached Rosa’s body.

The mist on the body would dissipate over time, and every second of delay meant a loss of these high-quality fragments.

He had to harvest them quickly.

Then, as he approached the mist, he successfully extracted a large amount of useful things.

“Obtained ‘Rosa Williams’ memory fragments *5”

“You have obtained some information: ‘Daniel has been acting strange lately. I saw him secretly opening some kind of signaling device in the underground passage…’”

“You have mastered a large amount of ‘Advanced Alchemy Knowledge’…”

“You have mastered the arcane alchemy 【Void Servant (Incomplete)】…”

“You have comprehended a large amount of ‘Alchemy Theory’…”

“You have mastered the proficient 【Quick Seal Formation Technique】…”

“You have gained some ‘Advanced Alchemy Casting Techniques’, Alchemy experience +111”

“Mental power +0.35”

An expected harvest.

Su’en felt that there was too much “knowledge” in his mind.

Like a shattered puzzle suddenly piecing together a large chunk, it gave him an indescribable sense of accomplishment.


“Did I actually comprehend Rosa’s arcane 【Void Servant】?”

Su’en looked at the additional skill on the panel and immediately thought of the scene in the dungeon where Rosa single-handedly held off countless moth monsters.

The ghostly cold fire burning the monsters kept them at bay, which still made him feel uneasy.

He was no longer a novice in alchemy, he naturally knew that skills crowned with “arcane” were top-tier rare and valuable knowledge. Not only was it difficult to acquire the skill, but the learning difficulty was also great, and understanding it was key!

This 【Void Servant】 in the inner city, was probably a top-tier arcane secret. To learn it, one would have to be one in ten thousand.

However, due to the talent of the 【Harvester】, Su’en easily mastered this arcane level alchemy.

A moment of curiosity flashed through Su’en’s mind. At this moment, the dark energy in his body circulated in a special and familiar way, and a small stream of pale blue cold flame suddenly emerged from his fingers.

“It really worked…”

Su’en looked at the flame like a lighter, a smile appeared on his face.

This cold flame not only burned with dark elemental magic, but also added a “defense-breaking” effect to physical attacks.

It gave the user’s “basic attack” the effect of both physical and magical damage, causing a massive increase in damage!

Because it was an incomplete secret, Rosa only had two flame arms, which was just a small achievement in arcane. If it was a complete secret, one could even condense a complete “Void Servant” to cover the whole body, as if possessed by a god…

“What a powerful arcane secret.”

After carefully sensing the special features of this cold flame, Su’en sighed in his heart.

He felt that he could probably poke a hole in a concrete wall with one finger now.

Although he didn’t have Rosa’s exaggerated flames, it was enough for his basic attack to crit.

At the same time, he also admired that the assistant was indeed an assistant, possessing much more knowledge than the elite students.

The surge in alchemy knowledge made Su’en feel like he had “skipped grades”, jumping from third grade to sixth grade in an instant.

However, before he could digest all this knowledge, when he saw one piece of information in the memory fragments, his face suddenly became serious, and he wondered, “Is there something wrong with Assistant Daniel?”


There was a mole in the trial team, Su’en had always suspected.

Otherwise, the enemy wouldn’t have been able to accurately grasp their trial movements and precisely send the mutant worm to chase after Rena.

However, he wasn’t sure whether the mole was a student or a tutor.

Previously, Daniel had disappeared without a trace, and the tutor Augustus had never shown his face, so Su’en had prematurely judged that they were dead.

Now, from Rosa’s memory, he found a clue.

Rena was still immersed in sadness, after all, Assistant Rosa died because she tried to save her.

Su’en’s eyes shifted, and he directly asked, “Miss Rena, what are Assistant Daniel’s profession and talent? Does he have any powerful trump cards?”

Rena was previously confused, but she wasn’t stupid.

Hearing Su’en’s question, she instantly guessed something and directly said, “Assistant Daniel’s advanced profession is a ‘Ranger’, he is good at tracking, anti-tracking, and close combat. Many of our practical combat courses were taught by him…”

Hearing the words “good at tracking”, Su’en’s expression turned cold.

At this moment, he also felt as if there were pairs of red eyes in the darkness staring at him, muttering to themselves, “Scythe, killer, mutant monster…”

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