Chapter 47 – Distorted people and potions

While the people in the black market were indulging in the treasures produced by these ruins, the duo in the corner of the shop quietly watched everything.

They were members of the Umbrella Organization and had obviously come into contact with more classified information.

Seeing these ancient relics, the young man naturally guessed their origin.

He asked, “Boss, are these the goods that were robbed from the ‘Red Gopher Expedition’ before? There are so many good treasures. It seems that the ruins they found are not simple…”


The woman in the windbreaker nodded.

But she seemed to have thought of something and a pensive expression appeared on her face. After a moment of contemplation, she said, “That ruin should be the ‘City of Dawn Hidden in Eternal Darkness’ mentioned in the ancient records. Previously, the organization sent people secretly to investigate. It seems that they have confirmed the location of the ruins. That city was the Alchemy City planned and built by Sir Isaac himself, so it’s no wonder it produces so many treasures.”

“What? The City of Dawn?!”

The young man obviously didn’t know some of the inside information.

But when he heard the name, his expression suddenly became excited.

Because this was a legendary place that all alchemists yearned for, the holy land in the hearts of alchemists, the “City of Dawn” where the “Alchemy Demigod” Sir Isaac lived!

In his excitement, the young man suddenly thought of something and anxiously said, “This is bad! Boss, should we quickly inform the higher-ups and seal off the news in the entire city? Otherwise… if this news spreads, the hunters will definitely flock to find that ruin!”


Upon hearing this, the woman in the windbreaker shook her head, her gaze deep.

After a moment’s pause, she slowly said a meaningful sentence, “The information about the auction has always been under the control of the higher-ups. This news… might have been intentionally leaked by someone important.”


The young man obviously didn’t understand for a moment.

But after thinking about it, he understood the meaning behind his boss’s words and asked again, “But… if it’s really the legendary ‘City of Dawn’ and the news spreads, won’t the treasures in the ruins be taken by the hunters?”

“Taken? Taken to where?”

The woman in the windbreaker shook her head indifferently, as if she had already seen through the essence of the matter.

She smiled faintly and said, “Most hunters risk their lives to venture out of the city for the sake of wealth. The treasures they find will mostly end up in the auction houses in the inner city. At that time, the important figures above will just spend some money to buy them back.”

The young man still didn’t understand, “But… those rare treasures, like Sir Isaac’s magical alchemy manuscripts, would be a pity if they fell into the hands of the hunters…”

“Don’t worry… the higher-level ancient relics are less useful to the lower-level people. Otherwise, why do you think the high-level alchemy knowledge monopolized by the upper echelons exists? The truly advanced alchemical items, the commoners in the outer city don’t even know how to obtain them. Items like silver blueprints and gold blueprints, how many of the lower-level practitioners in the outer city who practice low-level breathing techniques can use them? They are useless in their hands and can only be auctioned off.”

Listening to his boss’s explanation, the young man seemed to feel frustrated and weakly argued, “But… how much money would that cost?”

“How much money do you think the auction tonight will make? Several billion, tens of billions? Hehe… do you know how much profit the water price in Old Lingdun increases by one percent in a day?”

The woman in the windbreaker raised her eyebrows and said lightly, “You’re thinking too simplistically about the conglomerates…”


The following auction items had nothing to do with Su’en. He had already spent all his savings to buy that blueprint.

Although there were many treasures, his heart was full but his strength was lacking.

Now, what he was more worried about was what to do after obtaining the blueprint.

Alchemy equipment not only required blueprints but also materials… not to mention other things, the main material for this blueprint was “spider legs with cursed properties,” preferably materials produced by elite-level monsters.

The blueprint was like a mold. If you were given a top-quality mold, it was up to you to choose what materials to use for production.

Use gold to get gold equipment, use silver to get silver equipment.

The final product could also vary greatly in effectiveness.

Therefore, this was also the reason why there were many similar alchemical equipment on the market, but the final combat power of the finished products differed.

The price of cursed materials like “spider legs” varied greatly from ordinary quality to gold quality. Not to mention some special cursed properties, such as toxins, elements, resistances, and toughness… the better they were, the more expensive they were.

In Su’en’s impression, there seemed to be ordinary spider legs available for sale on the market for about tens of thousands.

But with such a good gold blueprint, he naturally couldn’t settle for low-quality black iron equipment.

No matter how you thought about it, he had to get a silver-quality main material, right?

In that case, Su’en estimated that the main material alone would cost at least two to three hundred thousand.

Moreover, the better the main material, the higher the quality requirements for the auxiliary materials. Plus the cost of enchanting and refining, after calculating, Su’en estimated that it would cost about five hundred thousand to refine a silver-quality [Eight-Armed Spider God Spear].

“Sigh… the lack of money is still a big problem.”

Previously, Su’en was worried about finding a suitable blueprint for himself and thought he had enough money.

Now that he had found a blueprint that far exceeded his expectations, it was way beyond his budget.

However, expensive things have their reasons for being expensive. For Su’en, this seemingly exclusive blueprint for Puppeteers, the [Eight-Armed Spider God Spear Blueprint], was exactly what he wanted.

Once successfully refined, his combat power would increase by at least several times.Without saying anything else, the ability to survive will greatly improve. Even if Su’en encounters the attack incident of the last tube building, he is confident that he can handle it even without Kay.

This is the significance of alchemical implants to professionals!


The auction section has ended, but most of the customers did not leave immediately, but wandered around the market.

The black market is very lively today, not only with auctions, but also many shops displaying precious treasures, waiting for customers to come.

The organizers also specially set up some temporary iron frames so that those scattered vendors can also set up stalls to sell the valuable items they have, which are still rare.

There are stalls everywhere, and various shops are filled with a dazzling array of goods.

Su’en also wandered among the crowd.

With only a few thousand lisu living expenses left on him, he naturally did not come to consume.

He wanted to find business opportunities with the perspective of a transmigrator.

Don’t even think about things like homemade soap, perfume, and alcohol, which are the basic skills for transmigrators to get rich. Those things are what alchemists play with, and even apprentice alchemists can master dozens of obscure methods.

Su’en also thought of the “lucrative business” written in the criminal law in his previous life.

Become a desperate poison master?

No, “pharmaceuticals” are the most important skill for alchemists, and you can find a hundred formulas for hallucinogenic potions in the black market.

Open a pleasure house?

That is an industry mixed with gang bosses and tycoons. Su’en, a small transparent person, is not qualified to get involved in such a big business. Moreover, the entertainment industry is long-term, and it is impossible to get rich overnight.

As for gambling?

Su’en stayed in the gambling stall every day and saw countless people lose everything.

If you go gambling with the mentality of winning money, you will undoubtedly lose.

As for other businesses such as resource monopolies, don’t even think about it. The social hierarchy in this world is already fixed. The inner city tycoons monopolize all resources, and people from the outer city can’t even think about getting involved.

So the fastest way for Su’en to make money at the moment is to use the “All-Knowing Eye” to find a big loophole in the black market.

Therefore, he strolled around and looked at various shops and stalls along the way.

Surprisingly, after walking for a while, he really saw an opportunity to pick up a bargain.


It was a simple stall, with several crude test tubes placed on a black cloth, which looked like potions.

The “fat man” wearing a black cloak that covered his face was probably the stall owner.

At this moment, he seemed to be arguing with someone.

It was the sound of the argument that caught Su’en’s attention.

“You dare to sell this potion for thirty thousand without even the production batch number and seal of the Pharmaceutical Guild? Haha, with this shoddy potion, you dare to claim that it has a similar effect to the ‘top-level healing potion’?”

“And this… you said this twenty thousand potion can enhance the body’s containment value and overload fusion of alchemical implants? Hahaha… I’ve never heard of such a magical potion from the Pharmaceutical Guild. Why don’t you say it can bring people back to life? Do you really think we’re fools?”


Faced with the customer’s questioning, the stall owner looked helpless, wanting to explain something, but it seemed that he couldn’t explain a single question.

Su’en walked over and took a look at the stall owner.

The bloated body covered by the black cloak was probably a disguise. Because of the irregular obesity, it looked more like a deformed monster than a human.

And the slight movements of the body showed that the stall owner was slightly nervous, and he didn’t look like a merchant who often frequented the black market.

After observing the person, Su’en looked at the several potions on his stall, and his eyelids twitched slightly.

No wonder those customers spoke harshly just now, because the appearance of these potions was too poor!

They were just ordinary cheap test tubes filled with some red and green unknown liquids.

It is well known that as long as the potions are produced by regular manufacturers, the containers will have trademark inscriptions.

After all, potions are often used to save lives, and almost all potions sold on the market have special seals and anti-counterfeiting marks.

Therefore, potions without seals and anti-counterfeiting marks will never be bought.

Although there are indeed some inferior counterfeit drugs on the market, those counterfeit merchants have also put a lot of effort into packaging, and no one dares to make them so fake!

The feeling given by the potions on this stall is like finding a mineral water bottle at random, filling it with some yellow-brown liquid, and claiming that it is Kangshuai Fu iced black tea. And it’s sold for three yuan?

Moreover, even if it’s not fake.

How can you prove that this is a genuine potion?

Potion appraisers are a prestigious profession in high society, and can only be seen in the inner city.

Take a sip?

There are only four small workshop potions in total, who dares to drink them?

Or if you accidentally drop it and break it, you have to compensate tens of thousands…

No matter how you look at it, these potions are definitely problematic.

Su’en originally thought it was some kind of “staged collision” trick, but looking at the stall owner’s helpless appearance, he became curious and focused his gaze on the Extreme Potion, scanning it with the All-Knowing Eye.

But as soon as he looked, his gaze immediately froze.

The small red potion displayed a row of information.

【Extreme Healing Potion】

Explanation: High-purity extreme healing potion, stops bleeding rapidly, wounds heal quickly; almost no impurities, no side effects.

“It really is an extreme healing potion?”

Su’en was truly surprised.

Although he is not knowledgeable about potions, the All-Knowing Eye cannot be faked.

Is this three-zero product from a small workshop really an extreme life-saving potion that sells for hundreds of thousands on the market?

So, selling it for thirty thousand is actually cheap?

Seeing this, Su’en vaguely felt that the stall owner seemed to be telling the truth.At this moment, his gaze fell on the green potion that was priced at two hundred thousand.

Upon seeing it, even if Su’en had some expectations, he couldn’t help but twitch his eyelid.

【Mutation Tolerance Enhancement Potion】

Detailed explanation: Increases the human body’s curse characteristic tolerance value by 10-18%; only for first-tier professionals; the potion has about a 3% chance of causing the user’s body to grow flesh mushrooms, but compared to the effect of the potion, this is a negligible side effect.

“They weren’t bluffing… But this kind of miraculous potion is only selling for two hundred thousand?!”

With just this simple two-sentence introduction, Su’en felt as if he had discovered a huge business opportunity.

What does an average increase of about 15% in human tolerance mean?

It means that it can significantly increase a professional’s combat power!

Professionals who could only bear iron implants before, after taking the potion, can overload and integrate silver-quality implants. Those who can bear silver can even implant gold implants.

For professionals, this is a priceless treasure!

The key is that such a potion with a heaven-defying effect, no one in the whole of Old Lingdun has heard of it being sold. If this stall owner made it himself, not to mention the value of the potion, just the patent of the potion formula could make him a millionaire instantly.

What is the background of this stall owner?

Why doesn’t he go to the inner city?

A wanted criminal, or what?

Su’en felt this was a great opportunity to “pick up a big leak”.

But he also had doubts, and on a whim, he used the Eye of Omniscience to look at the stall owner.

And then,

Huh… what’s going on?!

Su’en could use the Eye of Omniscience to see his own attributes, but when looking at others, there was only a simple description of 【Human】 above their heads.

However, something different appeared above the stall owner’s head for the first time.

It showed 【Semi-Mutated Human】.

(To avoid being scolded for spoilers: It’s not the wanted woman.)

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