Chapter 45 – Golden blueprint

Not long after, the auction began.

The black market auction was quite interesting, somewhat resembling the open-air car movies from Su’en’s previous life.

Because the black market of the “Shadow Alley” was built on the pipes on the rock wall, there was a pitch-black rock wall on the opposite side.

And it was this rock wall that the organizers of the black market didn’t know how to create a projection-like thing. Then the information of the auction items was displayed on the rock wall in the form of “slides”, so that everyone on every floor and in every shop of the black market could see it clearly.

There were no auctioneers, only the introduction of the items and the constantly changing prices.

Famous guns, famous swords, ancient relics, cursed objects, alchemy secrets… every item was a good one.

Su’en was envious in the shop, but also felt somewhat powerless.

There were too many things he wanted to buy, but with items that were worth hundreds of thousands or even millions, his current financial resources could probably only afford one, which would deplete his savings.

Not only the inner city had wealthy people, but also the top professionals in the outer city had considerable net worth.


“Forget it… I’ll just wait for the blueprints.”

Su’en comforted himself like this, resisting the temptation to bid on the impressive famous gun.

And at this moment, an item appeared and its price instantly skyrocketed.

It was something that looked like a notebook, a thin sheet with blurred images, making it impossible to see the words on it clearly.

But on the introduction of the item, it was written, “Authentic Sir Isaac’s Alchemy Manuscript Page”.

You should know that a common black iron plant would only cost around a hundred thousand li.

As soon as this page appeared, its price soared to over two million, causing Su’en’s eyelids to twitch, and he couldn’t help but feel amazed, “There are indeed many wealthy people in the outer city…”

In the end, the manuscript was bought by a mysterious buyer for over three million.

This was still a “bargain” price. You should know that in the auction in the inner city, it would probably be sold for four or five million.

And at the time this item appeared, in an inconspicuous shop, the two black-clothed figures that Su’en had encountered before were sitting there.

The man in the black cloak looked at the manuscript and seemed to recognize something, exclaiming softly, “Boss, isn’t that the one that was stolen from the Duncan family’s ancestral vault?”

The woman in the black cloak had an expression of indifference, saying calmly, “Probably.”

The man’s face turned somewhat ugly upon hearing this. This was a case that had given their umbrella organization a headache, and they still hadn’t caught the suspect. He muttered, “Damn it, that arrogant little thief actually brought the stolen goods here.”

The woman in the black cloak had a nonchalant expression on her face, her gaze deep as she stared at the projection in front of her, saying calmly, “What else could it be? If it’s not stolen goods of unknown origin, what do you think would be sold in the black market? Just watch quietly, don’t get so worked up. Our purpose for coming this time is not to find some thief, but to find the person who escaped from that laboratory…”


Upon hearing this, the young man shrugged indifferently.

He looked at the manuscript and suddenly thought of something, asking again, “Boss, I heard that Chuck from the ‘Cross Society’ found a copy of the ‘Isaac Alchemy Manuscript’ outside the city recently. It is rumored to be one of the five books that record the divine-level alchemy?”

The woman in the black cloak said, “It’s probably true. Otherwise, those guys from the Oliver Consortium wouldn’t have gone to such great lengths to secretly snatch it. Hehe, in the end, they didn’t get the item, but instead lost a very powerful ‘forbidden object’…”

The young man asked again, “Boss, do you think… that manuscript ended up in Chuck’s hands again?”

The woman in the black cloak shook her head and responded, “It’s unlikely. Since the news leaked, Chuck knows that he can’t keep that notebook. That guy is smart and definitely wouldn’t leave such a big trouble by his side. The information should be accurate, the manuscript should have really been lost…”


“Wow… that’s actually the latest military mechanical prosthesis from the inner city defense force! Damn it, who let this restricted machinery flow into the market!”

“Hiss… the effect of that ‘cursed object’ is unexpectedly strong. Even in the inner city, it could be sold for a better price. Oh, it’s probably stolen goods again!”

“Oh, my god, the batch of ‘super recovery potions’ stolen from the Nathan Chamber of Commerce…”


It seemed like it was the young man’s first time attending the black market auction, and he was shocked again and again by the high-quality shops.

The woman in the black cloak, on the other hand, seemed to be accustomed to it and watched calmly.

And at this moment, an item called the “Aberrant Distortion Curse Material” appeared at the auction, and the young man seemed to remember something and asked.

“Boss, recently there have been several serious ‘sewer monster incidents’ reported by the outer city security department. Looking at the specimens of those monsters, they seem to be mutated species that have never appeared before. Could it be a sign of something bad?”

“Sewer monsters? Hehe… most likely a laboratory leak, with some remnants flowing into the sewers. Those guys in the Black Tower always like to conduct some crazy experiments, and accidents like this are not uncommon. You haven’t been in the organization for long, but as you stay longer and gain enough authority to access some high-level confidential files, you won’t find it strange…”

“Ah… then, do you think the person I was ordered to find this time by the higher-ups is related to some secret experiments in the tower?”

“Did you forget about the confidentiality agreement?”


The two mysterious figures in black cloaks exchanged whispers in the shop.

And the auction continued.

…….Su’en looked at the projection in front of him and sighed from time to time.

Just now, he auctioned off a silver-quality finished plant, as well as a blueprint, but they were all melee-based and had a low compatibility with his profession.

Of course, it’s not just about compatibility, but also the price.

Last time at the Tongzi Building, Su’en received over two hundred thousand in compensation, and with his own savings, he had nearly four hundred thousand in cash.

He originally thought that buying a plant blueprint would be enough, but now, as he looked at the increasing prices of the auction items, he became less hopeful.

Silver blueprints have already appeared, so the following items will only be better and more expensive.

Could it be that the legendary “golden blueprint” will appear?

Su’en thought that he would return empty-handed this time, but unexpectedly, an extremely rare blueprint appeared.

Just at this moment, a blueprint without detailed descriptions appeared on the projection. The pattern was eight spider legs, and the labeled name was [Eight-Armed Spider God Spear (Golden)].

The origin of this item was a “ancient blueprint” discovered by a hunting team in the ruins outside the city, and it could be considered a unique item.

Starting bid: three hundred thousand lisuo.

As soon as this item appeared, it immediately caused an uproar in the entire black market.

“It’s actually a golden blueprint?”

“This is rare. Even in the inner city auction house, a golden blueprint might not appear once a year…”

“Heh, it’s a pity that although the quality is high, probably no one will bid for it.”


A blueprint brought out by the black market side must have been verified, and no one doubted its authenticity.

But after reading the introduction of this blueprint, almost everyone didn’t think it would sell for a good price.


At the same time, in a small shop in the corner, the two “umbrella organization” cloaked figures also saw this item.

The cloaked man looked at the projection in surprise and exclaimed, “It’s actually a ‘golden blueprint’. How can such a good thing be seen in the outer city?”

The cold woman also took a glance but shook her head, commenting, “Although the grade of this blueprint is high, its practicality is not great. The alchemical plant in the form of a spider is too complicated to control and requires extremely high skills and multitasking abilities. For most professionals, it is difficult to match.”

Pausing for a moment, she continued incisively, “Moreover, the more complex the plant, the stricter the material requirements, and the higher the requirements for alchemy. If not handled properly, it is easy to have defects and high failure rates. Similar things have appeared in the inner city auction before, but they are only good as collectibles and have low practical value.”

Hearing this, the cloaked man felt a bit regretful and hesitated, “But…this is something from an ancient ruin, so it shouldn’t be simple, right?”

“A plant that can reach the golden grade is naturally not simple. Once it becomes a finished product, its power will definitely surpass the same-grade plants by a large margin. However…”

The cloaked woman agreed with this statement.

She changed the topic and said, “Perhaps some rare ancient professionals can fully utilize the function of this plant. But now…even a first-tier professional who can multitask with eight arms is probably nowhere to be found in the Old Lingdun.”

Hearing this, the cloaked man suddenly realized and lost interest, “No wonder…this blueprint is so mediocre. The auctioneer probably knows that it won’t sell for a good price even in the inner city, so they brought it to the black market auction to give it a try.”


Almost everyone in the black market didn’t think highly of this golden blueprint, and few people were interested. But in Gerson’s alchemy shop, someone couldn’t take their eyes off it.

“Requires high skills, high difficulty in control…high displacement speed, climbing ability, poison needle mechanism…”

Su’en squinted his eyes and muttered something as he looked at the image on the projection.

He didn’t know that this alchemical blueprint was considered mediocre by others, but the moment he looked at it, he immediately realized that it was the perfect alchemical plant for his “Puppeteer” profession.

After reading some of the effects described on the blueprint, Su’en felt that this was definitely something tailored for him at the moment.

Controlling eight spider arms may be difficult for others, but for Su’en, who awakened the ability of [Multitasking], it was not impossible as long as he practiced diligently!

Su’en calculated, “With this eight-armed plant, it means that I will have ten arms in total. In the future, I won’t be limited to just two hands when controlling puppets…”

Looking at this blueprint, he could already imagine himself simultaneously controlling ten or even more puppets in battle.

With this plant, coupled with his Puppeteer profession, he alone would be an army!

Moreover, the blueprint stated that this plant had extremely high displacement and climbing abilities, capable of both fighting and fleeing. This was the ideal combination.

The reason for the high skill requirement and limitation of the eight-arm climbing was also mentioned.

This plant was a perfect fit for Su’en!

However, although he was satisfied, Su’en’s eyelids twitched slightly as he looked at the auction price, “The starting bid is three hundred thousand…”

He had never witnessed the scene of a golden blueprint auction, but he estimated that the final hammer price would be at least one million or more.

After crossing over for so long, Su’en felt poor for the first time.

It should be noted that a normal finished black iron alchemical plant would only cost around one hundred thousand. This blueprint alone started at three hundred thousand, not to mention the cost of materials. If he really wanted to refine this [Eight-Armed Spider God Spear] finished plant, it would probably be a discouraging number.

However, blueprints are something that cannot be sought after. Especially one that suits oneself.If I miss this opportunity, I don’t know when the next one will come.

The auction item was put up, and for a long time, no one bid.

Su’en gathered his wandering thoughts and raised his sign for the first time, “Three hundred thousand!”


Blueprints for implants are strategic materials, and they are also the favorite collectibles of major powers and tycoons.

Logically speaking, such a “unique” blueprint appearing at an auction would definitely be snapped up.

But when this golden blueprint appeared, it wasn’t even as popular as the previous silver blueprint.

Su’en thought for a moment and understood.

The requirements for physical attributes of this implant are too high, most professions are not suitable, and it’s useless for ordinary people!

It’s impractical, just a dust-collecting collectible in hand.

People in the inner city might spend hundreds of thousands on a collectible, but there are definitely no such extravagant people in the outer city.

Seeing that the price didn’t skyrocket too quickly, Su’en breathed a sigh of relief.

But… the auction price soon exceeded four hundred thousand.

This was the total amount of cash Su’en had.

Then, four hundred and fifty thousand, five hundred thousand…

Su’en looked at the blueprint, a touch of determination in his eyes.

Then, he turned his gaze to the bespectacled old man engrossed in reading at Rosen’s Alchemy Shop and asked, “Boss, do you buy cursed materials and finished implants here?”


The old man glanced at Su’en and nodded.


Finally, after several rounds of bidding, Su’en gritted his teeth and shouted the high price of “eight hundred thousand”, finally getting the blueprint.

The cost was that he sold all the spoils of war from killing ‘Ironhead’ Ivan, ‘Silver Mechanic’ Dick and his group, and almost everything from the Tube Building.

A blueprint for an alchemical implant, he had spent his entire fortune.

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