Chapter 25 – The cadres of the Red Cross

Su’en knew very well that death on the battlefield was not something that could be avoided by hiding.

They were here to support the headquarters, and Captain Kay would definitely not choose to retreat.

The only choice to survive was to kill the enemy.

Since joining the Cross Society, Su’en quickly entered the role. He silently estimated the position of the enemy gunner he had observed earlier, took a deep breath, and rolled over, firing several shots with the large-caliber gun in his hand towards the other side of the bridge.

“Bang”, “Bang”, “Bang”…

After this roll and gunshots, Su’en happened to hide behind a steam car a few meters away.

Just as he stood firm, he heard a loud praise from beside him, “Hey, kid, not bad! Many rookies are easily scared on their first mission, but you can still shoot…”

Turning his head, it turned out to be the burly Sam.

He had been paying attention to the new recruits as instructed by Captain Kay.

When he saw Su’en hiding behind cover for the first time, he thought he was too scared to move. But unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, he saw him shooting.

Rolling, aiming, shooting…calm judgment, skilled action.

And when Sam looked again, he saw a gunman on the other side of the bridge with a bullet hole in his head, falling to the ground. He was even more surprised and praised Su’en again, “Your marksmanship is accurate…”

Su’en smiled without saying anything.

In that situation just now, he wasn’t sure if he could hit the enemy, but he didn’t expect the process to go so smoothly. The whole tactical rolling action seemed to come naturally, precise and seamless…

He realized that he had collected so much firearms experience with the “Reaper”, and his combat level was now much higher than before.

At this moment, Captain Kay, not far away, seemed to have seen this scene too, and his eyes showed a moment of surprise.

However, he didn’t look for long, as the intense gun battle had already drawn his attention back.

Of course, Kay and Sam didn’t know that the reason Su’en took the initiative to shoot was not to show off his marksmanship, but for his own safety.

He was changing positions.

Because he found that in this level of combat, the cement block provided him with no sense of security. On the contrary, the bulletproof motorcycle with modified rune armor was the safest cover.

He didn’t forget that this world was a world of alchemy, where there were not only ordinary bullets, but also various alchemical bullets.

That cement block could be blown to pieces in minutes.

Not to mention the group of veteran protectors.

Sam probably thought that a newcomer would be easily frightened, and he didn’t want to fall behind. He directly opened the equipment box on the car and took out a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, firing it towards the other side of the bridge.


A loud noise, flames soaring.

The battle became intense from the beginning.

Both sides fought fiercely.

However, what Su’en felt was good news, as it seemed that the enemy did not use any “weapons of mass destruction”. This ensured his safety.

Considering that alchemical bullets were worth thousands or even tens of thousands of miles, they were not feasible as regular ammunition in this gang warfare.

This battle was destined to be a war of attrition, only ending when one side suffered heavy casualties or voluntarily retreated.

But this was also the enemy’s goal – to buy time.

By the time they really attacked the bridge, the battle at the headquarters warehouse would have ended.

But what Su’en didn’t expect was that even though they had been attacking for a long time, Captain Kay made an unexpected decision.

“They should be mercenaries from the North City district. Damn it…they want to delay us from supporting.”

Kay looked at the armed branch on the opposite bank and guessed the enemy’s intentions.

Naturally, he couldn’t let the enemy achieve their goal. He said to Sam and the others, “Wait for my countdown of three, cover me!”

Upon hearing Kay say this, everyone’s faces showed a shocked expression. “Captain Kay, are you going to charge across the bridge?”

This was a crazy idea.

Since the enemy had planned to intercept, they must have estimated the presence of “professionals” among their own ranks.

In such a situation, even the “professionals” who could withstand bullets with their bodies would not dare to expose themselves easily. Otherwise, they would be met with special bullets and artillery. Under concentrated fire, no matter how strong their bodies were, they would be riddled with holes in an instant.

“Yes! The enemy’s goal is to delay us. The more they do this, the bigger the trouble at headquarters. We can’t continue like this. We must support the headquarters as soon as possible…”

But it seemed that Kay had already made up his mind. With a solemn expression, he shouted, “Plant Armor, Activate!”

As he spoke, his hands quickly formed a spell, and the ground lit up with an orange hexagram alchemy array.

In just an instant, his shins and forearms protruded and sharpened, gradually turning into metal sickle-like blades.

This was Kay’s alchemical plant armor – “Blade”!

Kay didn’t give the others time to persuade him. After activating the armor, he began the countdown in his mouth, “Three, two, one…charge!”

“Damn it! Screw them!”

Sam and the others shouted angrily, but they didn’t hesitate at all. Everyone stood up at the same time, picked up their guns, and unleashed a barrage of fire towards the other side of the bridge.

Su’en also didn’t hesitate, firing both guns.

And with his peripheral vision, he watched Captain Kay charging out!

In the moment of the gunshots, Kay leaped up with great force, leaping dozens of meters. In the sky, his agile figure looked like a flying mantis as he landed on the stone pillar of the bridge, then pushed off with force and charged another dozens of meters forward. With just two leaps, he had plunged into the enemy’s position.

Seeing this, Sam and the other veterans shouted together, “Brothers, charge!”

With the command, the members of the Cross Society rushed out of cover, like a group of trapped beasts, surging forward.

The enemy seemed unprepared for someone to land in their position and was caught off guard.

Behind them was a deadly “Blade Mantis” constantly reaping lives, and the firepower of the forward shooting was instantly extinguished by more than half. In just an instant, it disrupted the enemy’s formation in their position.

Kay was like a god of war, agilely killing in the enemy’s position.

A few seconds later, the frontmost members of the Cross Society had already rushed into the enemy’s position.

The slaughter began…

When Su’en followed the team and rushed in, the battle was already nearing its end.

Bodies were scattered on the ground.

Su’en looked at Kay, who was sitting not far away with bandaged wounds, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Kay’s lower abdomen was bleeding, indicating that he had been shot when he charged alone just now.

However, he seemed completely indifferent, injected a healing potion, and immediately urged everyone to clear the obstacles and continue forward.

Su’en didn’t look much and proactively helped move the bodies.

There were more than ten members in this mercenary squad, most of whom had recently died, and the “ash mist” on their bodies was still clear.

After busy work, Su’en gained a lot.

The teams from various districts that went to the headquarters “Black Forest Building” were all obstructed by mercenaries, and everything seemed to be going according to the plan of those masked people.

But no one expected that at this time, there would be a change in the underground vault.

Just after those masked people broke into the vault, a group of mysterious experts appeared suddenly outside the “Black Forest Building”. The mercenaries couldn’t stop them at all, and they headed straight for the vault.

The situation suddenly reversed.

The information reached the underground vault, and a group of black-clad people immediately panicked. They clearly felt the change in the gravity field around them and realized that the incoming people must be Chuck, the “Arbiter” who awakened the rare talent “A-017 Gravity Field”, the president of the Steel Cross Society!

The masked people immediately realized their situation and started cursing, even starting to fight among themselves.

“Everyone, it seems the situation has changed…”

“Damn it! Wasn’t the information saying that Chuck was still outside the city hunting? What the hell is this gravity field? And those Cross Society executives, how did they come so fast!”

“Most likely, our operation has been figured out by that guy Chuck.”

“Sigh…it’s useless to say anything now. The task given to us by that important person is to get that ‘thing’. Now that we have the thing, whether we can escape alive depends on our own abilities.”

“Number Five, be careful. With such a big commotion, Chuck must have guessed that there is an insider in the Cross Society…”

“Hmph, if it weren’t for his faulty intelligence, we wouldn’t be in such a passive situation!”

“Our operation has been exposed, and there must be something wrong internally as well. But…let’s worry about this after we can escape alive. Let’s go, scatter and escape!”

The group of masked people didn’t have their previous composure and explosively blasted open the ground, then hurriedly rushed into the underground pipeline.

The convoy from Green Street was the first support team to arrive at the 41st district.

Su’en originally thought there would be a more intense battle than on the bridge, and wondered if he should use the alchemical bullets he had hidden to save his life.

But when they arrived, the situation didn’t seem as bad as he had imagined.

In fact…it was very calm.

There were gunshots near the “Black Forest Building,” but they were sporadic and didn’t sound like intense gunfire, but more like scattered shots during a pursuit.

And in the distance, Su’en also saw a strange mist shrouding the streets near the black building.

Seeing the mist, Captain Kay was not surprised but delighted, exclaiming, “That’s the ability of the Smoke Ghost!”

The veterans in the team also seemed to recognize this technique and exclaimed with joy, “Haha…great! With the Smoke Ghost here, everything will be fine!”

Regardless of whether there were any problems, they had to go over.

Sure enough, after the convoy entered the mist, they encountered armed personnel cleaning up the battlefield not far away. They were members of the Cross Society.

Someone recognized Kay and greeted him, “Hey, Kay, you guys are here…”

Kay looked at the calm headquarters, puzzled, and asked, “I received information that the headquarters was attacked. Where are the attackers?”

The person responded, “Haha, the president and the executives suddenly came back, and those guys were naturally killed.”

Kay was first stunned, then overjoyed, “Ah? The president and the executives are back?”

Hearing this relaxed tone, Su’en also breathed a sigh of relief.

At least it seemed that he wouldn’t face a transcendent battle that was far beyond his current strength on his first day joining the society.

The convoy from Green Street arrived at the “Black Forest Building” in a grand manner, and the surrounding fog gradually dissipated.

At this moment, a figure with a watery expression slowly condensed from the smoke not far away.

Kay and the other veterans recognized this person and greeted him respectfully, “Smoke Ghost!”

Su’en remembered seeing this middle-aged man just ten hours ago on the city wall.

This person was one of the executives of the Cross Society, Sandbuk Kachinsky, also known as the Smoke Ghost.


The middle-aged man nodded in response.

He seemed to be injured, his face pale.

Before Kay could ask, another figure suddenly swooped down from the sky.

Su’en instinctively reached for the gun at his waist, but when he took a closer look, it turned out to be a human with black metal wings. When he landed, the wings on his back instantly retracted and disappeared without a trace.

Kay recognized the person and greeted him excitedly, “Angel!”

This was another executive of the Cross Society, Goethe Amato, also known as the Night Angel.

Goethe seemed to be familiar with Kay and asked curiously with a smile, “Oh…Kay, I heard that the teams from other districts were hindered by mercenaries, how did you guys arrive so quickly?”

Kay modestly replied, “We were afraid there would be trouble at headquarters, so we rushed a bit.”

Goethe seemed to understand Kay’s character and guessed something, saying with a smile, “You, always charging ahead?”


Kay rubbed the back of his head and smiled.

Goethe shook his head, but didn’t say much, his eyes filled with admiration.

Su’en quietly stood among the crowd, but when he saw the wings that could fly, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes. “Alchemy equipment that can fly, very practical…”

He planned to “join” in the near future and would then face the choice of alchemical equipment.

“Marionettist” was a profession that grew in agility and skill, so it seemed like a good choice to obtain the blueprint for these alchemical wings.

Since it seemed that there was no problem with the headquarters, everyone’s nervousness also eased.

At this moment, the two executives suddenly turned their heads, seeming to have noticed something.

Following their gaze, Su’en also looked over.

In the next second, he saw a woman carrying a heavy object jump down from the rooftop about ten meters away.

As soon as she landed, she dropped the burden on her shoulder, revealing a body covered in knife wounds, and the masked person fell into a coma.

Apparently, she was another executive, Qiantiao, the “Four-Armed Rakshasa.”

Kay greeted her again, “Qiantiao!”

This woman had a bold and heroic appearance.

Her thick blue hair was tied into a high ponytail, and she wore a large red rope similar to a shimen around her waist, with four single-edged long knives of different colors attached to it.

She wore a half-body leather armor similar to the Japanese samurai, but only covered the front and back, leaving her long white legs and half of her buttocks exposed. It was even questionable whether she would expose herself if she made big movements.

Her upper body was even more revealing, with only a bandage-like bandeau and two simple fire-red leather shoulder pads and wrist guards. A large area of her skin was exposed, making it clear to see her exaggerated muscular arms and the Rakshasa tattoos covering her back.

When Su’en caught a glimpse of the Rakshasa tattoo, he felt a fierce and sinister aura that made it difficult to look directly at. Another glance at her heavy and majestic chest, it was indeed an omen of great danger.

Qiantiao saw Kay and the others, and the killing intent she had when she first landed suddenly dissipated. She joked, “Hey, little Kay, I heard you are in charge of Green Street now? Tsk tsk, when will you arrange a few handsome men for your sister to play with?”

Kay patted his chest and laughed, “Of course, Qiantiao, anytime you come, I’ll arrange it personally if you think the men in the Flower Field aren’t good enough!”

Qiantiao glanced at him disdainfully, with a look of disgust, joking, “Tsk tsk, with your skinny arms and legs, I’m afraid you won’t be able to last long in the pleasure district…”

Hearing this, the veterans in the car burst into laughter.

Sam and the other guys were even shameless, shouting loudly, “Qiantiao, if the Captain can’t do it, we can!”

Seeing this scene, even Su’en’s face showed a relaxed smile.

But even though it was a joke, everyone also noticed the unconscious captive that Qiantiao brought back. The Smoke Ghost and the Night Angel, the two executives, looked at the person and had different expressions in their eyes.

At this moment, another group of people walked out of the Black Forest Building.

Seeing the leader, whether it was Kay or the executives, everyone respectfully shouted, “President!”

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