Chapter 16 – Old London

"Originally, I wasn't shot dead by these guys. It turns out they recognized the origin of this gun…"


Su'en felt fortunate that he narrowly escaped death once again.


After interrogating for over an hour, he gave the last survivor of the "Silver Hand Hunting Expedition" a quick death.


Only then did he understand that this group of guys didn't attack him earlier because of the rune gun he carried on his waist – the famous gun "Three-Headed Demon".


It was the gun that belonged to "Ironhead" Ivan from the Crow Gang, capable of harnessing the energy fluctuations of special alchemical bullets.


It turned out that the bald guy, who was notorious in the city called Old London, was a veteran killer in the Crow Gang, known for his ruthless methods and vengeful nature. Few dared to provoke him…


Those guys saw Su'en alone and had the intention to rob and kill him. However, they were unsure about his relationship with Ivan, so they tested the waters first.




Sure enough, no one becomes rich without windfall.


Su'en obtained the supplies he desired – ten storage rings, as well as ample water and food.


He didn't know the basic prices in this world, but looking at the total number of alchemical bullets on the eight corpses, which wasn't more than what the bald guy had, he guessed that the price he paid was probably not small.


But, he definitely made a profit.


He took two of the most valuable items from the corpse of "Silver Mechanism Hand" Dick.


A strange blood vessel and a bone.


【Cursed Item: Trembling Witch's Blood Vessel】


Quality: Black Iron


Explanation: Material for the Warlock Mechanist "Gunner" occupation; after joining, it provides a moderate increase in skills and a slight increase in neural reflexes. The curse's special attributes are relatively intact, but it needs to be re-enchanted for optimal effect.


Evaluation: Body compatibility 61%, an ordinary material for joining.


【Golden Humerus Bone】


Explanation: A first-tier alchemical implant with high compatibility for the Gunner occupation; it can replace a portion of the host's bones; toughness +6, stability +153%, bone strength +175%.


Two cursed items with intact special attributes.


According to Laun's words, each of these two items could be sold for at least one hundred thousand lisuo on the black market.


And the average monthly salary for ordinary mechanical workers in this world didn't exceed three thousand lisuo.


This was already a huge fortune that could make someone overnight rich.


Su'en was also glad for his judgment and promptly killed "Silver Mechanism Hand" Dick.


According to Laun's words, official "professionals" were very strong.


This Dick specialized in the modification direction of the Gunner occupation. He replaced both of his arms with gun and cannon limbs. Once given the opportunity, he would definitely become a human-shaped Gatling gun.


The flexibility of these "limbs" and the externally attached bones were completely on different levels.


Even if his brain was under psychic control, his mechanical arms would automatically activate the counterattack device, a capability that came with the implant.


And machines were not within the range of psychic control at all.


If Su'en had hesitated even for a moment before, once the automatic counterattack device in the mechanical arms was activated, he would have been the one to die.




Several days later, Su'en followed the route on the map and finally arrived at the city called "Old London" after narrowly escaping danger multiple times from encountering monsters.


This was the only gathering place for humans, as Laun had informed him.


An underground city.


"It's really spectacular…"


Although Su'en had already heard about the tall walls of "Old London" from the people, he was still shocked when he saw the cement wall that was as high as a dam, reaching a hundred meters.


A city that was not inferior in size to the main city area of a provincial capital in his previous life was completely enclosed within such a high wall. Just the scale of this project alone could be considered an architectural miracle.


Moreover, the high walls still bore many terrifying marks – claw marks of giant beasts, impact craters like meteorite collisions, corrosion marks caused by spells…


It was hard to imagine what kind of intense battle had taken place here in the past, and what kind of "existence" had left so many terrifying battle marks on this wall.


Indeed, this city was also an ancient relic.


It had silently stood here for thousands of years before these humans appeared.


The All-Knowing Eye confirmed this statement.


Su'en looked up at the high wall and a string of text appeared.


【City Wall】


Explanation: An ancient city wall that has been built for over 1,400 years.




Old London had four huge city gates in the north, south, east, and west.


If Su'en hadn't known about the situation in "Old London" beforehand, he might have foolishly entered through the main gate.


Because that seemed to be the only passage that could enter this kind of city.


If he did that, he would be subjected to inspection at the city gate. And without a "legitimate identity," he would immediately be singled out for further investigation. The worst-case scenario would be the exposure of the original host's identity, and Su'en would once again face assassination.


As for outside the high walls? No one would choose to live outside the city for a long time except for hunting expeditions.


Because… they couldn't!


It was like being in a radiation zone for a long time. Even if they didn't encounter monsters, the intense dark spiritual power would still cause a high probability of "aberration" in people.


And the most common monsters outside the city walls were the aberrant humans wandering around.


But in reality, there was another way to enter the city, and that was through "gang smuggling."




Su'en learned a lot of useful information from Laun.


Old London was divided into an inner city and an outer city.


The inner city was where the rich and elite gathered, while the outer city was the commoners' district.


Although the entire Old London was managed by Duke Roberto, who controlled the "Black Tower," and his Raphael family behind him, the actual control of most of the outer city was in the hands of the three major gangs.


The three major gangs in the outer city were the "Steam Brothers" in the eastern district, the "Steel Cross Society" in the southern district, and the "Crow Gang" in the western district.


They also represented the three mainstream branches of alchemy in this world: the mechanical faction, the fusion faction, and the ancient magic faction.


The essence of alchemy was "equivalent exchange of matter." The "ancient magic faction" had the ability to cast various spells like a magician. They excelled in alchemical potion brewing, enchanting, and mysticism.


Although they could cast spells, they didn't believe in any elemental gods, and casting spells didn't rely on magical laws to activate them. Instead, it was a pure fusion of energy and elements, using alchemical principles to exchange the form or nature of the elements.


For example, standing on the ground, an alchemist could transform the form of the earth element to create the "Earth Spike" spell. By consuming more energy, they could exchange the earth element for the fire element and release the "Fireball" spell.


The "mechanical faction" was also known as the new faction.


Their alchemical research direction was more focused on manufacturing mechanical devices, firearms, mechas, steam devices… and mechanical inscriptions!


The "mechanical limbs" that had puzzled Su'en before were essentially semi-technological products based on alchemy, rather than pure technology.


The "fusion faction" was a combination of the two factions, with both skilled mechanical engineers and ancient magic practitioners who studied spells, accepting anyone who came.




Su'en couldn't use the original host's identity, so he didn't have a legitimate identity to enter the city.


He could only choose to join one of the three major gangs and smuggle his way in.


The bald Ivan he killed earlier was a prominent figure in the Crow Gang, and that "Silver Mechanism Hand" Dick was from the Steam Brothers. Although no one knew that it was Su'en who killed these people, he still felt it was better to be cautious.


Especially since he still had some spoils of war to sell, he didn't want to get into trouble because of them. Just like when the gun "Three-Headed Demon" belonging to the recognized Ivan almost got him killed by those who wanted to rob and kill him.


"It seems like I can only join the 'Steel Cross Society'…"


Su'en avoided the city gate and took a detour under a segment of the wall in the southern district.


Looking up, he saw a crude iron cage elevator on the city wall, ready to transport people into the city.


Su'en didn't hesitate much and walked over.


Joining a gang had good benefits and plenty of transcendent resources…


But in reality, most people in Old London would rather be workers for their whole lives than join a gang.


Because… the casualty rate among gang members was extremely high, and their lifespan was short.


They replaced the city's public security department and dealt with aberration incidents, violent conflicts, and hunting expeditions within their jurisdiction… areas involving combat with a very high casualty rate.


It was somewhat similar to Su'en's previous life, where he sold his life on the battlefield for money… a mercenary.


The main reason why the impoverished district with chaotic management allowed the existence of the three major gangs was that they took care of security.

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