Chapter 14 – Mechanical prostheses

“Lao En, congratulations on your successful job placement. Your profession as a ‘Windrunner’ is suitable for a wide range of alchemical plant materials. Our main target this time is the ‘Lightning Lizard’ or the ‘Dungeon Horn Dog.’ There are quite a few of these two types of monsters in the shallow depths of the dungeon. As long as luck is not bad, the chance of obtaining cursed materials is very high…”

“Yes, if we happen to encounter the ‘Beast King,’ perhaps we can even extract ‘Silver-grade’ cursed materials. Then we can ask the guild’s mechanic to help refine them, and you, Vice Captain Laon, will become an official professional.”

“Boss, guys, please don’t make fun of me. Buying job placement materials and that plant equipment blueprint has almost depleted all my savings. If I don’t gain anything this time, I will really become a pauper…”

“Haha, don’t worry, Vice Captain Laon. Once you become a professional, your combat power will skyrocket. The initial investment will quickly pay off, and we will rely on you to take care of us then…”


This is a fully armed hunting team, consisting of eight people.

They chose to camp in a building ruin with a dilapidated watchtower. The location of this campsite happens to be a must-pass route on Su’en’s map.

While chatting, a vigilant team member suddenly noticed abnormal movements deep in the cave and shouted, “Be careful, someone is coming over there!”

The progress in the dark dungeon was not fast, and it would probably take another four or five days to reach the “city” where Su’en originally came from.

But Su’en’s situation was not good.

His food was almost depleted, and if he didn’t get any supplies, he would probably have to try hunting some dungeon monsters for food.

But water was a big problem.

Su’en originally thought that there would be an ecological chain underground and that water sources should not be lacking. After walking in the dungeon for several days, he did find a few water puddles and seeping cracks in rocks. However, the All-Knowing Eye identified them as various degrees of “polluted water sources,” which would cause distortion when consumed.

Su’en also vaguely understood why the water in the bald man’s storage ring was so turbid but still drinkable.

Compared to distortion, turbidity was acceptable.

Su’en had hoped to encounter some people who could buy drinking water and inquire about the situation. But obviously, meeting anyone in this desolate dungeon was not a good choice for asking directions or buying water.

But now, he encountered such a hunting team.

Having witnessed the ruthlessness of the bald man’s group, Su’en didn’t think highly of the people in this world.

However, he had no choice but to take the risk and make contact with this team.

Because they had also noticed him.

Obviously, there were special abilities among them that were good at long-range perception. Even before Su’en saw them, they had already aimed their guns at him.

Su’en had amazing eyesight. When he saw the sniper on the high watchtower aiming at him with a sniper rifle, he had no intention of resisting and raised his hands, indicating that he had no intention of drawing a weapon.

And on his waist, there was a wooden box hanging there, and with a slight touch, the puppet inside would drop out.

Eight people, two snipers, and six in the camp…

After observing for a while, Su’en roughly estimated the situation.

The range of the ‘Rune Phantom Puppet’ was only ten meters, and he was trembling with fear at the thought of walking hundreds of meters.

But if he chose to escape, the sniper on the opposite side would probably shoot him like shooting a mole.

As he walked, he shouted loudly, “I mean no harm… I just want to exchange for some food and water.”

“Boss, it’s a human, not an anomaly.”

“Yeah, it seems to be a lone unlucky guy.”

“Huh… That kid’s red fire gun on his waist, could it be the famous gun ‘Three-Headed Ghost’? Isn’t that the gun used by ‘Ironhead’ Ivan from the Crow Gang?”

“Yeah, I saw it too. ‘Ironhead’ Ivan is not someone to mess with…”


The small team camped in the ruins of the watchtower was obviously curious when they encountered a lone human here.

After the “bald man” didn’t make any dangerous moves, they let him come closer.

Yes, that “bald man” was Su’en.

Without undergoing any cosmetic changes, how could he quickly change his facial features?

Su’en was worried that the troubles of his previous body would be passed on to him if he didn’t change his appearance.

Returning to the city with this face would definitely not work.

Intentionally destroying his appearance, like disfiguring himself, would attract even more attention.

Therefore, he decisively used the physical disguise method – shaving his eyebrows.

If someone had tried it before, they would know that the most direct way to make a face suddenly unfamiliar is to shave off the eyebrows. It was definitely a disfiguring-level disguise method, and it worked quickly.

And, Su’en had no attachment to any idol image. To be safe, he even shaved off all his hair.

Then he used oil paint to apply eyeshadow and create a smoky makeup.

He went from a handsome gentleman to a punk hooligan.

Judging from the dressing style of the bald man and his group, this dark punk style was not uncommon in this world and was even mainstream.

Just as Su’en saw several people in this hunting team dressed in this way.

Su’en walked to the broken wall, and at least ten guns were already aimed at his head.

He didn’t know if his understanding of steam machinery was insufficient, but he felt that the equipment of these guys in front of him, although not as sophisticated as the bald man’s group, was much more complex and had a stronger sense of technology.

They were equipped with various long guns and short cannons, strange-looking mechanical swords, mechanical shields, full-body metal exoskeletons for carrying heavy loads, backpack-sized steam-powered boilers…

What surprised him even more was that the guy who looked like the “captain” had both arms replaced with well-made steam-powered mechanical arms!

Not the external exoskeleton-type mechanical arms like the bald man, but complete “mechanical prostheses” that replaced flesh and blood arms.

“Did I guess wrong? This is not a magical world, but a cyberpunk world?”

Seeing this, Su’en doubted his previous speculation.

Perhaps, the tech tree of this world had already deviated… to the extent that they had developed technology like “prosthetic modification,” which was extremely difficult.

With limited knowledge of machinery, he was confused.

These people clearly appeared to be in a world of steam technology + magic, so how could they be connected to high-tech prosthetic limbs driven by nerves?

This was a strong clash of technology mixtures, just like people from the steam age developing lightsaber technology from Star Wars. Theoretically, this was several eras apart in terms of technology.

However, the confusion quickly disappeared.

Su’en did not show too much surprise on his face.

And at this moment, the guys on the wall also seemed cautious and shouted, “Stop!”

Su’en cooperatively stood still.

The captain with the mechanical arm asked, “Who are you?”

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