Chapter 11 – Reaper of Death

“The original host came to this mansion in search of the ancient altar, and then obtained the ‘S-level’ Transcendent talent through sacrifice.

Su’en fulfilled the original host’s wish.

The only difference now is that he has awakened dual talents.

Without any reference, Su’en doesn’t know if this situation is normal or not.

He has understood some of the abilities of the ‘All-Knowing Eyes’, but he has no clue about the function of the ‘Reaper of Death’.

There is no additional information left on the retina, the only useful thing is probably the map.

At least, he knows where the original host came from and can follow the same path back to find the ‘starting point’.

Su’en also plans to leave here and find a human gathering point to learn more about this world.


After careful inspection, there is nothing else in the basement.

The five stone sculptures already have spider-web-like cracks, which have spread to the altar. It seems that the ancient altar has completely lost its function.

Su’en didn’t stay long and walked out of the secret passage.

Back in the ruined mansion, Su’en was already out of breath.

Losing a large amount of blood made his head dizzy.

And the things on his body were taken away by Ivan and his gang before he crossed over. He urgently wanted to find some food to fill his stomach and replenish his energy.

Otherwise, he knew he would not be able to go far alive.

“I wonder what kind of existence Pestoya is and where that special space is…”

Su’en looked at the ruined mansion and felt like it was all just a dream.

According to Marcus’ previous words, more than ten people in Ivan’s group died in the mansion, so he should have seen the bodies no matter what.

But Su’en looked around and didn’t see any bodies at all. Even the spider webs on the passage indicated that no one had come except for himself.

Su’en didn’t find anything in the house and walked out of the door.

Walking into the courtyard, he noticed that the sky was gloomy, as if the dark night was covered by dark clouds, and everything around was hazy.

The mansion seems to be built on a half-mountain slope. With the enhancement of his ‘Enhanced Vision’, Su’en could vaguely see the shadows of some large buildings in the distance.

It looks like a ruined ghost city.

There are no light sources in the city, shrouded in mist, and there are faint shadows of huge moving creatures…

Seeing this scene, Su’en’s gaze gradually deepened, and he muttered to himself, “The mysteries of this world are becoming more and more intriguing…”

Like discovering a mysterious map that has never been explored in a game, the strong desire to explore made his heart restless.

This is also one of his beliefs in order to survive.

However, if a ruined mansion is so strange and dangerous, there must be dangers lurking in the ruined buildings in the distance.

Su’en had no intention of exploring the city ruins now. He carefully looked at the map on his retina and planned to first find the route the original host came from and return the same way.

The map is even more strange, with the route from top to bottom.

It means that if the scale on the route is not marked incorrectly, Su’en is now at least hundreds of kilometers deep underground.

Who would build such a large city in such a deep underground?

This is a very strange point.

Moreover, if this is underground, what is the meaning of the faint light source in the sky?

This underground space is also unusually large…

However, Su’en, who had witnessed the power of Transcendence, did not delve into these questions.

No matter how strange this world is, it is within his expectations.


Su’en compared the directions and planned to leave the mansion.

But just as he took a few steps, he saw a bloody figure lying in the dilapidated garden of the mansion.

The shiny bald head immediately alerted Su’en.

Obviously, this guy is Ivan, the leader of the bandits!

At this moment, this guy’s metal scales had fallen off, and his skin was covered with wounds as if he had been tortured.

“This guy is still alive?!”

Su’en looked at the slightly undulating chest of the bald head and felt a little surprised.

He thought that Pestoya’s ability should easily kill this guy.

“Could this also be a gift she specially left for me? Or does this bald guy have some life-saving means to escape from that special space?”

Su’en pondered for a moment and chose not to escape, but opened the wooden box and took out the rune puppet.

Then, he slowly walked towards the bald head.

It just so happened that he urgently needed supplies to survive, and this bald head came at the right time.

Twenty meters, ten meters…

When he reached within ten meters, Su’en also let out a sigh of relief.

Even if the bald head still had the strength to resist at this time, the rune puppet should be able to control him.

Obviously, Su’en’s caution was unnecessary. The bald head had already completely lost consciousness.

Facing this guy who had almost killed him before, Su’en had no mercy. He drew the dagger from his waist and stabbed it into his heart.

The sharp dagger accurately pierced through the ribs, instantly ending the bald head’s life.

Su’en looked at the lifeless bald head and finally relaxed.

At this moment, a strange scene appeared.

Su’en fixed his gaze and saw a grayish, glowing mist-like substance appearing on the bald head’s body.

He thought it might be a “corpse transformation” or “evil spirit conversion”, but before he could think too much, he found himself having an urgent desire to devour that “mist” unconsciously…

It was the kind of craving one feels when extremely hungry and sees food.

“Could this be… a soul?”

Su’en suppressed that desire and suddenly realized something. He tentatively touched the “mist” with his hand.

In the next moment, a series of images and information flooded into his mind.

“You have obtained ‘Ivan Adams’ memory fragments.”

“You have acquired some ‘basic mechanical knowledge’.”

“You have captured a piece of information: ‘Oh! Sabina’s peaches are really big…’”

“Combat experience +5”

“Mental power +0.1”

“This ‘mist’ is actually Ivan’s memory fragments!”

Su’en found that his mind suddenly had something extra.

First, it was like watching a movie, seeing Ivan modifying and maintaining the mechanical arm, and seeing him fighting with others…

However, after the mist was devoured and fused, there was no longer any barrier. That memory seemed like his own “personal experience”.

As for the erotic scene that flashed into his mind, compared to other surprises, it was naturally ignored.

When he came back to his senses, Su’en realized that he seemed to have acquired some of Ivan’s skills.

He looked at his panel again.


His mental power had increased by 0.1, and a new skill, ‘Basic Mechanical Knowledge’, appeared in his skill list.

The increase of “Combat experience +5” made Su’en estimate that even if he trained hard for three to five months, he might not have achieved such a huge improvement.

He suddenly realized the potential of this ‘Reaper of Death’ ability: “This ability, ‘S-004-Death Reaper’, can actually strip memory fragments from the soul and make them his own…”

Realizing the potential of this ability, he couldn’t believe it. “Is this ability so incredible?”

Although this talent does not directly increase combat power, it is definitely a “god-level” ability for growth and development!

He can strip the memories of deceased targets and gain some of their abilities… no wonder it’s called the ‘Death Reaper’!

The more Su’en thought about it, the more he marveled.

This meant that as long as he had enough memory fragments, he could easily master more skills and abilities.

Magic, alchemy, mechanical knowledge, combat experience, marksmanship… and so on. Skills that others need to spend a lot of time experiencing and accumulating, he could instantly master.

The future potential is limitless!

Indeed, it is worthy of being an ‘S-level’ talent!

Without further thought, Su’en noticed another problem.

When the bald head was still alive, there was no “mist” on his body. It only appeared after he was killed.

It seems that this ‘Reaper of Death’ ability can only strip the soul of the deceased?

“But, whether dead or alive, where can I find so many souls to harvest…”

Thinking of this, Su’en furrowed his brows.

In the next moment, he murmured as if having a conversation with someone, “Hey hey hey… don’t be so excited.”

At this moment, he didn’t realize that he had come to a cruel world where human life is as insignificant as grass.

Here, death is like the wind, always accompanying everyone.”

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