Chapter 36 – It doesn’t matter if you want to teach or not

Mi Xiaojing was actually very easy to learn. When he was in the Western Evolutionary Sect, he learned very little. The teachings of the Western Evolutionary Sect were all passed down orally. There was only one book that was very good. However, there were countless techniques and methods in the cultivation world, and it was really difficult to choose what to learn.

Of course, when first entering cultivation, the content of learning was almost the same. The first step was to absorb Qi and the second step was to have one’s own true Qi. Only then could one be considered to have entered the door of cultivation. However, there were more choices for the third step, and Mi Xiaojing was poor in cultivation. He only had an entry-level technique, but he managed to cultivate it to the Great Perfection stage of the Qi Refining period in one go, which was quite remarkable.

Mi Xiaojing asked, “I am now at a bottleneck period and want to establish a foundation. How should I choose?”

Wang Weijun’s spirits were lifted. This was the best opportunity to gain Mi Xiaojing’s trust. Whether or not he could make Mi Xiaojing trust him depended on this time. He must give him good things and cultivate quickly to show him practical results. This way, the little guy would definitely trust him. Once it was critical, as long as there was one chance, there was hope for escape.

Unable to conceal his excitement, Wang Weijun wanted to laugh out loud, but suddenly woke up. At this time, Mi Xiaojing had not yet trusted him. He tried hard to suppress his laughter, and his face twitched.

Mi Xiaojing laughed and said, “Old man, your mouth is crooked…” He used the term “old man” because he heard Mu Xiaoyin call Chen Shouyi “old man” and thought it was appropriate.

Old man? Old man!

Wang Weijun was immediately furious. He tried hard to restrain his anger. How dare this little bastard call me that? I am a senior in the cultivation world and a super master in the Nascent Soul stage! He couldn’t say anything and kept reminding himself in his heart.

“I need to gain his trust. I can’t get angry now… I can’t get angry… It’s too damn frustrating…”

Mi Xiaojing looked at Wang Weijun’s distorted face and asked curiously, “Old man, what’s wrong with you?”


These two words were almost squeezed out of his teeth. Wang Weijun lowered his head and tried to calm his anger. After a while, he raised his head and said, “Your cultivation technique… is too poor!” With his experience, how could he not know that Mi Xiaojing had only practiced an extremely rudimentary entry-level technique? He could only watch without being able to communicate.

However, Wang Weijun was still shocked. A person who had never been in contact with cultivation, relying solely on an extremely rudimentary entry-level technique, was able to quickly cultivate to the Great Perfection stage of the Qi Refining period. His talent was simply beyond description and extremely rare.Wang Weijun felt sad in his heart. If he had succeeded in taking over Xiaojing’s body, he would have been completely different now. His talent was so enviable, but it was a pity…

Mi Xiaojing said, “Inferior? I think this cultivation method is great. I’ve already reached the Great Perfection of Qi cultivation!”

Wang Weijun thought to himself, “It’s because of your talent, not the cultivation method.” He said, “If the cultivation method were better, you would progress even faster!”

“This speed is already not slow…”

“Indeed, it’s not slow, but if you want to make further progress, it will be extremely difficult with this cultivation method. You need a new one.”

“Oh…I see. Do you have any good cultivation methods?”

Wang Weijun proudly said, “I have countless good cultivation methods here. It depends on what you choose…”

“That’s easy. Just help me choose the most suitable one.”

Wang Weijun’s eyes darted around. He tried to smile and said, “Of course there’s no problem. Hehe, but there is a prerequisite for me to choose and teach you a cultivation method…”

Mi Xiaojing’s eyebrows slightly furrowed. “What condition? If it’s too much, I won’t agree.”

Wang Weijun cursed inwardly and said, “According to the rules of the cultivation world, if I teach you a cultivation method, then you will become my disciple. You have to worship me as your master!”

“Worship you as my master?!”

Wang Weijun puffed out his chest and said, “Of course, only after you become my disciple can I teach you the secrets of cultivation!”

Mi Xiaojing immediately said without hesitation, “Old man, forget it then!”

Wang Weijun almost spat out a mouthful of old blood. Although he no longer had any blood, Mi Xiaojing’s words made him feel like he was dying. Why was this child so unpredictable?!

Mi Xiaojing had never thought of having a master. When he was in the Western Expansion Sect, several masters wanted to take him as their disciple, but for some reason, he just didn’t want to. Now, when he heard that the other party wanted to take him as a disciple, he felt a sense of resistance.


Even though Wang Weijun was in the Nascent Soul stage, he was so angry that his face turned red and his neck thickened. It was simply outrageous. The other party was ignoring his strength.

“Whether you teach me or not, I don’t care. I’m not interested…”

Mi Xiaojing added another sentence to cut off any hope.

Wang Weijun was completely at a loss. This child simply didn’t believe in him.

This sentence reminded Wang Weijun that he was too impatient. Without establishing a relationship of mutual trust, he shouldn’t have rushed to take a disciple. He immediately calmed down.”Okay, okay, let’s put aside the apprenticeship for now. I’ll teach you a magical technique first. When you believe me… then we’ll talk about it?”

Wang Weijun surrendered without principles.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but sigh. In this lifetime, countless cultivators wanted to apprentice under him, but because he liked to be free and unrestrained, he had never thought of taking on disciples. This was the first time he expressed his intention to take on a disciple, but he was rejected without hesitation. Although he had ill intentions, the other party’s reaction really struck him.

Mi Xiaojing didn’t care at all, and he even disliked the old man. How dare he intrude into his mind? Mi Xiaojing had a natural sense of vigilance towards him.

“Okay, I want to choose my own magical technique. Didn’t you say there are many magical techniques and methods? Let me see them all.”

Wang Weijun’s face turned blue. He had never seen such a child before. Not only did he not want to apprentice, but he also wanted to be picky. If it were his previous temper, no matter who you were, he would have slapped you to death.

“The Wind and Thunder Magical Technique! Look at this cultivation method. It’s effortless to cultivate to the Foundation Establishment stage!”

Wang Weijun threw out a good cultivation technique, the Wind and Thunder Magical Technique, also known as the Wind and Thunder Jue. It was considered a superior cultivation technique in the cultivation world, and ordinary cultivators could hardly come into contact with it.

Mi Xiaojing said, “Wind and Thunder Jue? There’s no book. How do you teach me?”

In fact, Mi Xiaojing didn’t have the ability to distinguish between good and bad cultivation techniques, but once he truly received the teachings, he would instinctively feel their quality. He had long understood this.

Wang Weijun was very disdainful in his heart. How could a high-level cultivation technique be written in a book? There were only two ways to teach high-level techniques: one was to use a jade eye slip to imprint the technique, and the other was to directly impart the technique from a high-level cultivator. Of course, the former was less effective, while the latter was more effective.

“Just wait patiently, and I can teach you!”

Mi Xiaojing’s curiosity suddenly rose, and he asked, “Okay, let me see how you teach me.”

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