Chapter 30 – Low-level Cultivator

Mi Xiaojing, due to his strong Evolutionary Immortality, progressed quickly in cultivation at the beginning, but was blocked by a bottleneck when he reached the Great Perfection, and currently lacks the knowledge in this area.

After all, Mi Xiaojing is only ten years old and doesn’t understand many things. He is like a small sapling that is still struggling to compete for sunlight and nutrients. The hardships he faces in the process of growth, whether in life or cultivation, are actually beneficial to him.

The next day, Mi Xiaojing went to the Pill Room. It was not far from here, only half an hour’s mountain road away.

Yesterday, when he was practicing, Mi Xiaojing had already made up his mind. Since he came, he would accept it. If his strength was not enough, then the Heart Sect would be his first sect to truly enhance his strength. As for the grudge of the Western Expansion Sect’s extermination, there will always be a chance to repay it. As an Evolutionary Immortal, he believes in karma.

Whether he avenges himself or uses others to avenge him, Mi Xiaojing firmly believes that this karma will be settled. Before that, living well and improving his strength is the most important thing. Seeing his sect being destroyed, he made up his mind to become a saint in this life and never be threatened or oppressed by anyone.

When he arrived at the entrance of the stone cave, a low-level cultivator blocked his way, but let him pass after seeing his golden badge.

The two guards looked at Mi Xiaojing curiously as he entered the cave and disappeared into the passage.

“Isn’t he an ordinary person? Why does he have the badge of our outer disciples?”

“He should be a cultivator, and I can’t see his cultivation level…”

“But he is Chen Ancestor’s pill boy… However, being Chen Ancestor’s pill boy is not easy, he might even lose his life, hehe…”

“Stop talking, if the elders hear us, we will be punished.”

“Yes, I was just chatting casually… By the way, it seems that things are not peaceful recently. I heard that the mountain gate of the Spirit Crane Sect collapsed and there was a volcanic eruption, and many disciples died…”

“Where did you hear that?”

“I have a fellow villager who is in the Spirit Crane Sect. He sent a message with a talisman bird.”

Mi Xiaojing did not hear their discussion and walked into the stone hall, which was Chen Shouyi’s Pill Room.

“You’re here, little junior brother!”

“Hello, senior sister.”

Both of them spoke softly.

Since he planned to hide in the Heart Sect, Mi Xiaojing followed the customs. He now knows that although Mu Xiaoyin is an ordinary person, her status is not inferior to that of a low-level cultivator, and she is also very friendly to him. Calling her senior sister is quite willing.

Mu Xiaoyin waved at him with a smile, and Mi Xiaojing came to her side. He also saw Chen Shouyi sitting on a red rush cushion about two or three meters away from the pill furnace, practicing with closed eyes. There was no one else around.

Mu Xiaoyin whispered, “Wait here.”

Mi Xiaojing nodded and didn’t say anything, standing aside and waiting.After about an hour or so, Chen Shouyi took a deep breath and opened his eyes. Mi Xiaojing felt Chen Shouyi’s gaze sweep over him like electricity, making him extremely uneasy. He knew that this was a kind of threat, a kind of oppression, the intimidation of a high-level cultivator to a low-level one.

Mi Xiaojing’s heart chilled slightly, but he didn’t make any moves. He just stood calmly, without any expression on his face.

Chen Shouyi nodded slightly and said, “Mi Xiaojing, you need to focus on learning alchemy in the recent period of time and master it as soon as possible. As my alchemy assistant, Xiaoyin will give you books on alchemy and medicine.”

“Yes!” Mi Xiaojing didn’t dare to say another word. He believed that less talk, less mistake, more talk, more mistake. Not talking is the best way to deal with the people of the Heart Sect.

Mu Xiaoyin said, “Okay, I’ll take Junior Brother with me!”

Chen Shouyi said, “Before you go, tidy up the Pill Room and take the books. You can take one book at a time and exchange it after reading it.”

“Okay, we’ll tidy up,” Mu Xiaoyin said. She took Mi Xiaojing to a stone wall and took down her identity badge. She shook it at a certain point on the wall, and a crack appeared.

Mi Xiaojing then realized that there was a secret room here.

The room was not big, with a pill furnace about one person high and a circle of bluestone tables around it, with many herbs and bottles and jars on top. There was also a bookshelf, but it was forbidden and had many books on it.

Mi Xiaojing didn’t expect that there was still a Pill Room here.

After helping Mu Xiaoyin tidy up for a while, it didn’t take long before they finished. Then Mu Xiaoyin let Mi Xiaojing choose books.

There were not many books on the bookshelf, and he had read two of them, which were given by Mu Xiaoyin last time. This time, there were new books, and he was excited. Mi Xiaojing had no resistance to textual and pictorial records. He loved reading books.

Soon, Mi Xiaojing chose a book that recorded how to deal with spirit herbs, which was three fingers thick. He chose it probably because it was particularly thick, and he subconsciously believed that the thicker the book, the more words there were.

Mu Xiaoyin looked at him strangely.

Mi Xiaojing subconsciously said, “Did I choose the wrong book?”

“It’s not wrong, it’s just too right. Strange, how did you know to choose this book?”

Since he had chosen the right book, Mi Xiaojing didn’t say anything. He just smiled slightly. He couldn’t say that he chose this book because it was thick.


Cangmin Star.

The Heart Sect is located on this planet.

About two thousand kilometers away from the Heart Sect, there is a deserted desert. A sword light flashed, and a figure appeared in mid-air.

He was the strongest expert of the Heart Sect, Yu Hong, the late Yuan Ying stage cultivator and the most powerful cultivator of the Heart Sect.

“Strange, where did he go?”Yu Hong looks no different from a young man, but he is already two hundred years old. He wears a fiery red battle robe, a jade belt, and steps on a dark sword. He also carries a green gourd around his waist. His appearance is that of a young man, but his hair and beard are already snow-white.

With a flash of Red Radiance, Yu Hong has already gone hundreds of meters away. He stares at a sand dune, and after a while, a hint of a mocking smile appears on his face.

With a flick of his waist, Yu Hong now holds six small flags in his hand.

These small flags are exquisitely made, deep red in color, with countless intricate fire spirit patterns on them. These are the Chi Fire Array Flags. With a wave of his hand, the six small flags fly out and turn into six red radiance, which fall around the sand dune, forming a forbidden area of a square kilometer.

With a magical technique, accompanied by a wave of fluctuations, Yu Hong recites an incantation and instantly activates the prohibition array.

The six flag shadows suddenly rise from the desert, and as they rise, flames appear out of nowhere. Yu Hong shouts, “Clumsy!”

With a loud bang, the temperature within the prohibition range begins to rise sharply, and the flames quickly connect to form a large sea of fire.

Yu Hong sneers, “Hehe, I’d like to see you try to run now.”

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