Chapter 3 – Sell the car


I almost cried out in tension!

“Sun… Sun Jiao!”

“What’s going on?”

A gust of wind blew.

I shivered deeply, feeling a tingling sensation on my scalp!

I wasn’t sure if I was hallucinating.

At that moment, I faintly heard what seemed like a conversation between two people coming from inside a grave.

“Brother, is this really your first time?”

“Guaranteed genuine!”

“That’s good, if it wasn’t, you’d die a horrible death!”

“To die under a peony flower, even as a ghost I’d be romantic!”

“Stop joking, go take a bath first!”

“Why not after we’re done?”

“No way, get cleaned up, it’ll be easier for me to bite!”

“Hehe, got it!”

I pricked up my ears, wanting to continue listening.

But then, something even more bizarre happened!

The photo on the tombstone moved.

In the picture, Sun Jiao looked at me with a half-smile, then slowly spoke, “Haven’t had enough of listening?”

“Damn it!”


I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I yelped like a dog and ran for my life!

Once in the car, I shakily lit a cigarette and took a deep drag.

“Cough cough…”

After finishing the cigarette, I felt a bit calmer.

But the sights and sounds I had just experienced were indelibly etched in my mind.

Especially the photo on the tombstone, it seemed to still be in front of my eyes!

I couldn’t stay here any longer!

I started the car and ran through seventeen red lights to get back to the residential area in one go.

I called Blackie, but no one answered.

Then I called Li Yang to check on Sun Jiao’s situation.

Li Yang, a classmate of ours, known as “Paparazzi King,” knew all about who was having an affair or keeping a mistress among our classmates!

However, when I asked about Sun Jiao, Li Yang was vague.

Although I didn’t find out about Sun Jiao, another piece of news shocked me.

Lin Daqing had gone mad.

He had been locked up in a mental hospital for a whole year!

After chatting for a while, I invited Li Yang out for barbecue.

Some things are better discussed in person than over the phone.

Otherwise, Li Yang might think I had gone mad too!

Old classmates meeting up, the warmth was extraordinary.

Li Yang was thinner and darker than I expected, saying he was running around for an insurance company, as tired as a dog.

After a few rounds of drinks, I told him about my experiences over the past two days.

Li Yang listened in silence for a long time, then finally lifted his glass and drained it in one gulp, “Zhang Yuan, I believe what you said!

Hearing this, I felt a huge relief, as if I had found a kindred spirit.

Li Yang said to himself, “It was probably two years ago, I came home from an accident scene and found a little girl in a dress crying in the hallway, saying, ‘Uncle, give me back my doll!’”

I casually asked, “Where did the little girl come from?”

Li Yang took another drink, “The one who was hit and killed by the Maserati at the accident scene just now.”


I was startled.

Li Yang’s eyes were a bit red, “Zhang Yuan, we both came from the countryside, we know how hard it is to get by in the city! You’re still okay, a lone wolf, but my daughter came early, diapers, milk powder, rent… it’s almost crushing me! If it weren’t for that, why would I take things from the dead to give my daughter a birthday present! Alas… it’s a sin!”

I patted his shoulder, “It’ll get better!”

When Li Yang sobered up a bit, I asked, “What do you think I should do next about my situation?”

Li Yang thought for a moment and said, “Respect ghosts and gods from a distance! As long as you don’t provoke them, there shouldn’t be a big problem!”

“Sounds reasonable!”

Actually, thinking back, Sun Jiao hadn’t really done anything to me.

It was all me scaring myself!

Realizing this, I felt much better.

“By the way, what about this ID card?”

I took out Sun Jiao’s ID card from my pocket.

Li Yang took the ID card and looked at it, pointing to the missing corner, “If you see something like this again, don’t pick it up. Usually, it’s only after someone dies that they deliberately cut off a corner, just to leave a memory for the living.”

“Is that so?” I nodded.

Li Yang continued, “As for this ID card, I personally suggest you return it to its owner as soon as possible, to put an end to it.”

“Okay, thank you so much!”

“If it weren’t for you, this thing could have really made me sick!”

Li Yang and I drank ourselves into a stupor.


The next afternoon, I bought a basket of fruit and took Sun Jiao’s ID card to Fangshan Cemetery.

Even though it was daytime, looking at the photo on the tombstone still made me nervous.

“Miss Sun, I was blind before and offended you greatly!”

“Now I’m returning your belongings, along with some fruit, please accept them!”

I muttered a few words, placed the ID card in the fruit basket, and set it in front of the tombstone.

Hesitating for a moment, I knelt down and kowtowed three times to show my sincerity.

After doing all this, I left the cemetery without looking back.

Then I drove the taxi to a used car dealership, ready to sell the car.

Selling the car was also a result of the discussion with Li Yang last night.

Firstly, the car had a shady history and couldn’t be transferred.

Secondly, judging by Blackie’s reaction, there must be a soul ring attached to the car, otherwise, I wouldn’t have encountered dirty things the very next day!

No matter the loss, I was ready to sell it for cash!

The car dealership owner was a refined middle-aged man.

Upon seeing my license plate, he was so frightened he kept shaking his head, “No, no, I won’t take it, no matter the price!”

The used car circle is small, and I guessed that the news of the car carrying a soul ring was somewhat known among insiders.

With no choice, I had to try another dealership.

After switching three times, someone finally agreed to take it.

The offer was two thousand five hundred!

Just as I was about to hand over the keys, my phone suddenly rang.

It was Blackie!

“Zhang Yuan, you can’t sell the car! If you sell it, you’ll die! Trust me, I’m not wrong!”

I wanted to ask more.

At that moment, the voice on the other end became ethereal.

“The train is about to enter a tunnel, the signal is bad… Anyway, don’t sell the car, wait for me to come back!”

After saying that, the signal was completely lost.

Holding the keys in my hand, I felt awkward and unsure whether to hand them over.

Out of trust for Blackie, after much thought, I decided to drive the car back home.

At worst, I could just keep it for a few days until Blackie returned.

That evening, I met up with Li Yang again.

However, his daughter had a high fever, so he left after a quick meal.

I drank myself into a stupor and went home to sleep…

Late that night.

I was suddenly awakened by the ringing of my phone.

I looked and saw a text message from an unknown number: A Yuan, get out now! Don’t trust anyone!

“What nonsense!”

I turned over, ready to continue sleeping.

At that moment, there was a sudden rush of footsteps in the hallway outside.

Then someone started banging on the door: “Zhang Yuan, open the door! Quick, open the door!”

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