Chapter 26

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Wen Rou and I were thrown into a complete mess.


Before we could catch our breath, a ghoul swiftly tied us up with hemp rope and hung us from the ceiling beam.


Below, they continued sharpening knives, fetching water, chopping wood, and stoking the fire, just waiting for the right moment to deal with us…


Suspended in mid-air, my arms felt like they were about to snap.


Struggling, there was a sudden "snap" and something fell!


Glancing down, it was the golden gourd!




Quickly, a crowd of monsters was drawn over.


The ghoul reacted the fastest, snatching the golden gourd and biting into it, eyes gleaming, "Pure gold!"


No sooner had he spoken than the black bear spirit grabbed the gourd, uncorked it, and muttered, "What's inside?"


With the cork removed, something miraculous happened.


A strange, enchanting fragrance filled the factory, refreshing to the soul.


The scent revitalized me, easing the pain in my arms!


Soon after, the previously unconscious tourists began to wake up, clearly blessed by the aroma.


Wen Rou looked at me curiously, "What's inside?"


I shook my head, clueless.


I had been curious before and wanted to open it, but after much thought, I refrained.


One must be faithful to the trust of others, especially when seeking their help.


If it were discovered that I had opened it, I'd be doing a disservice with good intentions!


Whatever was inside the golden gourd, one thing was certain—it was something extraordinary!


Soon, the monsters below were in a frenzy, all fighting over the golden gourd…




Just as things were about to spiral out of control, an elderly voice came from the doorway.


The monsters immediately ceased their scuffle.


An old, grey-haired fox slowly entered, flanked by two figures: the groom we met at the foot of the mountain and the plump matchmaker.


Their human forms were intact, but what they truly were remained a mystery!


Upon entering the factory, the old fox demanded, "What's going on here?"


The black bear spirit raised his hand, "Master, we found a golden gourd!"


"Bring it here!"


The old fox commanded with an imposing presence.


The black bear spirit obediently handed over the gourd, not daring to make a peep.


The old fox sniffed the gourd intensely, then his expression changed, "Golden Elixir! It's a Taoist Golden Elixir!"


The groom asked, "Grandfather, what's a Golden Elixir?"


The old fox explained, "The Golden Elixir is the Taoist's most supreme treasure. Consuming it can bring the dead back to life and restore youth!"


"That powerful!"


The groom reached out for it.


But the old fox quickly resealed the gourd and asked the monsters, "Where did this golden gourd come from?"


All eyes turned to me.


The old fox stepped forward, staring into my eyes, "Speak, where is it from?"


Most people would be terrified by such questioning, but having recently faced death, I was unfazed and even slightly pleased.


The old fox coveted the Golden Elixir but also seemed wary of it!


If I could use this to my advantage, there might be a chance for survival!


I snorted dismissively, playing coy, "Is that something you should be asking?"


The old fox was indeed taken aback.


But soon, he probed further, squinting, "May I ask, sir, are you from Mao Mountain, Gezao Mountain, or… Longhu Mountain?"


Though I was no Taoist priest, I had heard of these three places.


Taoism is complex, with many different sects.


The most powerful today are Mao Mountain, Gezao Mountain, and Longhu Mountain!


Besides their Taoist practices, they are especially skilled in talismans, exorcising ghosts and demons, and subduing monsters, which are their specialties!


Hence, they are known as the "Three Talisman Sects."


I said, "What does my origin have to do with you?"


"Damn it!"


Before the old fox could get angry, his grandson, the groom, couldn't hold back.


The groom rushed at me, leaping into the air and transforming into a small fox, clawing towards my heart!


I was shocked!


But so was the old fox!


He hurriedly stopped his grandson, but not before I was left with three bloody scratches on my chest!


My T-shirt was torn to shreds and fell off, leaving my upper body bare.


I grimaced in pain, spinning helplessly in mid-air.


The old fox seemed to make a new discovery.


He stepped forward, grabbed my ankle, and looked at my back.


Upon seeing it, the old fox gasped and immediately prostrated on the ground, smoke rising from his body in fear!


The other monsters were baffled!


But with their leader kneeling, they dared not stand and knelt as well.


The old fox bowed to me three times and nine kowtows, then personally untied me, bowing with hands clasped, "A simple villager, blind to Mount Tai, I beg for your forgiveness!"


Everyone, human and monster alike, stared at me, clueless about what had happened.


Only I knew.


It was the patterns on my back that had caused the old fox's reaction.


There were two patterns on my back: one was the yin-yang marriage contract with Granny Zheng, and the other was a Taoist cross prohibition drawn by Taoist priest Lu Chenglun!


"Safe travels, sir!"


Seeing me unmoved, the old fox bowed again.


I turned to look.


Wen Rou, the female tour guide, the muscular uncle… everyone was looking at me expectantly!


Because only I could save them!


I mustered my courage and said, "Aren't you going to release everyone else?"


"Yes, yes!"


The old fox quickly ordered, "Release everyone at once!"


At his command, everyone was freed.


But I stood still, and no one dared to leave.


The old fox looked at me, then remembered something and hurriedly returned the golden gourd to me, "Please forgive my oversight, sir!"


I accepted the golden gourd.


I checked the letter again.


Ensuring nothing was missing, I strutted out.


The tourists quickly followed, afraid to be left behind…


Despite my cool walk, I was panicking inside!


After leaving the factory and walking a few steps, my legs gave out, and I nearly collapsed!


Thankfully, the muscular uncle caught me, whispering, "Hang in there, bro, we're almost out!"


The old fox and his monsters watched from the factory doorway as I left.


The young fox seemed unsatisfied, "Grandfather, why let them go just like that?"


The old fox sighed, "Didn't you see the pattern on his back?"


The young fox shook his head, "I didn't pay much attention!"


The old fox explained, "This man has signed a yin-yang marriage contract with Granny Zheng, and he has a Longhu Mountain cross prohibition on his back!"


The young fox was puzzled, "So what about Granny Zheng? And the cross prohibition?"


The plump matchmaker chimed in, "Granny Zheng is a ghost king figure of the past three hundred years, and the cross prohibition can only be used by Longhu Mountain's elder Taoist priests!"




The old fox added, "Neither Granny Zheng nor Longhu Mountain are forces we can afford to provoke!"

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