Chapter 18 – Kind sir, please stay

Proofreader & Editor : Howard Wong 

I pointed at the yellow-furred fox and queried, "Who is this fiend?"


Sun Jiao, visibly alarmed, swiftly covered my mouth, whispering urgently, "Don't talk about demons or fiends. We might get overheard!"

Feeling the warmth of her palm, I tenderly kissed it and inquired, "Could you enlighten me, Miss Sun, about the identity of this distinguished being?"

Sun Jiao answered, "That's Mr. Hu, the most formidable spirit channeler in Green Vine City!"

She then wiped the kiss off her palm.

"A spirit channeler?" Puzzled, I questioned, "Aren't spirit channelers human?"

Sun Jiao elaborated, "The term can apply to both humans and animals. It encompasses humans engaged in mediumship as well as animals who have evolved into spirits and can possess humans. Mr. Hu belongs to the latter category."

"Ah, I see!"

I remarked, "Spirit channelers typically serve to banish evil and cure the sick, so does that make Mr. Hu a benevolent or malevolent spirit?"

Sun Jiao responded, "He's benevolent when doing good and malevolent when doing evil."

I looked at her skeptically, "You're pulling my leg, right?"

"Not in the least!"

She added, "Much like demons and spirits, they're akin to humans, not strictly good or evil. Now, would you consider yourself good or bad?"

"Definitely good," I asserted confidently.


Sun Jiao gazed into my eyes, "Would a good person mistreat a female corpse?"

"…", I hesitated, then defended, "Even good people have their flaws and desires. That night, I couldn't control myself. Of course, your beauty was the primary reason."

"Sure, whatever!"

Sun Jiao brushed off the topic, "Enough of this, let's go inside."

At the mansion's entrance stood a woman in red.

She appeared about Sun Jiao's age but was less appealing.

"Your invitation?"

She blocked our way.

With a broad smile, Sun Jiao said, "Sister, I've come from Fangshan Cemetery to wish Granny Zheng happy birthday!"

Pushing me forward, she presented, "Here's my gift!"

"Offering a male consort, I see. He's quite handsome!"

The woman in red assessed me and handed me a paper, "Write your name here."

"Thank you, sister!"

Sun Jiao wrote her name and ushered me inside.

I teased her, "You just crashed the party!"

Sun Jiao explained, "Granny Zheng wouldn't send an invite to someone like me. I'm just glad to make an acquaintance."

Inside, the path meandered.

The area was vibrantly decorated, resembling a festive water town.

At the open-air tables, distinguished guests from the vicinity dined inside, while Sun Jiao and I squeezed among the outsiders.

Observing the scene, I noticed most male consorts were either bound or bagged, unwilling participants.

In contrast, I was the only one seated at a table, feeling a mix of pride and satisfaction.

"Dinner is served!"

An old goat bleated, and the tables were laden with delicacies and unknown exotic foods.

As I reached for the chopsticks, Sun Jiao inquired, "Do you know what these dishes are?"

I shook my head, "Please, do tell."

She pointed at a dish, "This one, 'Heart and Liver Treasure,' is made from one of Granny Zheng's male consorts!"

Stunned, I examined the dish more closely and felt my stomach churn in disgust.

After regaining composure, I wiped my mouth and asked, "Is this the fate of a male consort?"

"Not always," Sun Jiao savored her meal, "This one broke his vows, hence his fate."

I pleaded, "Miss Sun, can we reconsider? I'll do anything else you ask!"

"No chance,"

She was unyielding.

As the evening progressed, a singer performed beautifully.

Lost in her voice, I commented, "She's quite talented!"

"Obviously," Sun Jiao noted, "She's the original artist."

Unlike the young, Granny Zheng, who had lived for three centuries, preferred different music. Born during Emperor Yongzheng's reign, her tastes were more classical.

Before the song ended, the original singer was replaced by actors in traditional opera costumes, performing for the audience. I soon felt drowsy, barely staying awake.

Suddenly, a familiar voice roused me, "Little Yuan, wake up!"

"Sis Mudan?"

I looked up to see Pan Mudan, a fair and young woman, standing before me.

"Sis Mudan, you're here too?"

I clutched at her, seeking solace.

"Yes," Pan Mudan replied, "I'm here to assist with Granny Zheng's celebration. But what brings you here?"

Glancing around, I noticed Sun Jiao had left.

Pan Mudan said, "Sun Jiao's in the restroom. Quick, if you need help, tell me. Maybe I can assist you."

I confided, "Sis Mudan, Sun Jiao captured me to present to Granny Zheng!"

"Really?" She asked, "Do you wish for that?"

I vehemently shook my head.

"Then come with me!"

Following Pan Mudan, we navigated through the courtyards and twists.

Eventually, she stopped, "Wait here, Little Yuan. After the feast, I'll find a way to get you out." She kissed my cheek and hurried away.

Alone, I surveyed my surroundings, enclosed by green stones.

As I absorbed the scene, a clanging sound startled me. Behind the stones, I found a man, middle-aged and disheveled, nailed to the stone and bound in chains, in a miserable state.

Uncertain of his nature and unwilling to invite trouble, I intended to sneak back. But as I turned to leave, he weakly spoke, "Kind sir, please stay."

Refusing to engage, I muttered to myself, hoping to avoid further complications.

The man persisted, "Sir, your fortune in love is imminent. If I'm not mistaken, you're destined to marry tonight."

I scoffed, "Sure, everyone's getting married tonight!"

Unfazed, he continued, "Your fate in love is complex, shrouded in mystery. The one you marry tonight… might not be alive."

Disgusted, I rolled my eyes dismissively, "Just get to the point!"

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