Chapter 11 – Double-cross

"Make a deal with me?" Sun Jiao was clearly surprised: "What kind of deal could I possibly make with you?"


I said, "Someone wants to buy you, you know that, right?"


"Of course!"


"Do you know how much you're worth?"


"I don't know, and I'm not interested."


Sun Jiao looked utterly disinterested.


"Ten million!"


I said, "Once the deal is done, I can get seven million! If you help me complete this transaction, I'll split that seven million with you, half and half!"


After hearing this, Sun Jiao laughed: "You want me to sell myself?"




I quickly explained: "You just need to show up there with me, and I'll handle the rest!"


Sun Jiao thought for a moment, seemingly understanding something: "You want to double-cross them?"


"Something like that!"


"It's difficult!"


Sun Jiao said, "If that evil sorcerer comes in person, you don't stand a chance! But if it's his disciples, perhaps there's a sliver of hope!"


I said, "Three million five hundred thousand is not a small sum, think it over!"


"No need, I've made up my mind!"


"To me, money from the living is just worthless paper!"


Sun Jiao refused very straightforwardly.


Although I had anticipated this outcome, I still felt a bit disappointed after Sun Jiao's response.


I stood still for a moment, ready to leave.




Just then, Sun Jiao suddenly called out to me.


Curiously, I asked, "You… have something else?"


Sun Jiao said, "I can help you with the transaction tomorrow, and I won't take a penny! But after it's done, you have to do me a favor!"




I was overjoyed: "What favor?"


Sun Jiao said, "If you're still alive tomorrow, I'll tell you then."




I readily agreed.



The next day was overcast.


The dogs in the neighborhood were too lazy to move, lying under the shade of trees, panting desperately.


Only the incessant chirping of cicadas in the trees was heard.


At eleven in the morning, I drove Sun Jiao down Jiangnan Road towards the south.


Sun Jiao sat in the passenger seat, with a fake ghost-suppressing talisman on her forehead.


Of course, the talisman was fake.


On the way, Sun Jiao curiously asked, "You're about to die, what do you need so much money for?"


I said, "I may be dying, but I still have parents at home, and an elderly grandfather!"


"I wouldn't have guessed, but you're really devoted to your family!"


Sun Jiao said, "By the way, do you hate me? If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have been attacked by Ghost Qi!"


I shook my head: "Why would I blame you!"




As we spoke, thunder began to roll overhead.


Soon, it began to pour heavily, and everything outside the car window was a blur!


Sun Jiao was pleased: "Without the sunlight, maybe I can be of some help!"


By the river.


A small boat was docked at the shore.


Seeing the taxi approach, two men, one fat and one thin, disembarked from the boat.


Sun Jiao said, "You're in luck, two disciples have come, and they seem to be novices!"


I got out of the car with my umbrella.


Soon, the two men approached.


The fat one immediately went to pull open the passenger-side door.


I stopped him with my hand and asked, "Where's the money?"


The fat one paused, looking at me with ill intent.


At the same time, the thin one suddenly pulled out a rope and looped it around my neck, throwing me to the ground!


It was only then that I realized this transaction was a trap all along!


They never intended to pay!


It seemed I wouldn't make any money!


But I couldn't afford to lose my life either!


Struggling, I pulled out a dagger I had hidden at my waist and cut the rope with a "swish."


Before I could even catch my breath, the thinner man lunged at me, pinning me down.


Not only was the thin one agile, but he was also incredibly strong.


One punch and my head was spinning.


"Bro Yuan, I'm here!"


In the pouring rain, a familiar voice rang out.


Blackie suddenly appeared out of nowhere, kicking the thin one to the ground.


"Bro Yuan, are you okay?"


Blackie helped me up.


I took a few deep breaths and shook my head: "How did you get here, kid?"


Blackie said, "I had to come for such a big event! It's just a pity I couldn't help you make any money!"


While we spoke, the thin one had already escaped on the boat.


But the fat one wasn't so lucky, lying on the ground, stiff as a board, eyes wide open!


And Sun Jiao was feasting on the corpse, devouring the flesh…




Blackie and I exchanged glances and vomited simultaneously…


By the time we recovered, the thin one was already far away on the boat.


Blackie said, "Bro Yuan, I have to go too, take care of yourself!" After patting my shoulder, he left.


By then, the fat one had been eaten clean.


Sun Jiao, still looking unsatisfied, wiped her mouth and said to me, "Shall we go back?"


Looking at the rolling river and the distant sail, I sighed deeply: "Get in the car!"


On the way back, Sun Jiao said, "Although your matter wasn't settled, I did help…"


"I know!"


I interrupted her: "Just tell me, what do you need me to do?"


Sun Jiao said, "Seven days later, on the night of the full moon, come to the cemetery, and I'll take you somewhere."


"Seven days later…"


I was about to say that I might not live that long.


Sun Jiao seemed to guess my thoughts and added, "If you're still alive, that is."


As we approached the cemetery, Sun Jiao suddenly asked, "Are you really short on money?"


"No kidding!"


My tone wasn't great, after all, I hadn't made any money and had almost been killed.


Sun Jiao said, "I have some valuable things at home, let's go there now!"




I was surprised, unsure of what Sun Jiao meant.


Sun Jiao said, "Aren't you going to take the money and go home to take care of your elders?"


I nodded: "So?"


Sun Jiao said, "Don't get me wrong, I'm no philanthropist! In seven days, I'll still need you, so for now, I can only try to relieve you of your worries!"




I slammed on the brakes and turned the car around.


Soon, we arrived at the Sihe Street in the Xinbei District.


After the heavy rain, the Sun family mansion seemed to have been renewed.


Sun Jiao looked out the car window, her eyes filled with confusion.


"Hey, how do we get in?"


I parked the car in front of the gate.


Sun Jiao went to the stone lion on the left, reached into its mouth, and pulled out a key…


Passing through the courtyard, we entered the main hall.


Everything had changed, and nothing was the same.


Sun Jiao sat on the sofa, seemingly reminiscing about the past, her expression sorrowful: "There's some gold and jewelry in the room upstairs, go up and take whatever you want."




I hurried upstairs.


Following Sun Jiao's instructions, I quickly found a jewelry box full of precious ornaments.


I didn't understand the value of jade or agate, but I picked out two gold bracelets and four gold necklaces, which should be worth around two hundred thousand at market price!


When I came downstairs with my selection, the sofa was empty, and Sun Jiao was gone.


"Miss Sun?"


I ran out to the courtyard and called out a few times, but there was no response.


I waited until dark, and since Sun Jiao didn't show up, I assumed she had gone back to the cemetery on her own, and then I drove away.


On the way back, I passed by a gold recycling shop.


I sold all the gold bracelets and necklaces for one hundred and eighty thousand in cash!


Returning to my rental, I quickly packed up, ready to rush home overnight to say goodbye to my parents.


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