Chapter 1 – Classmate’s wife

I used to be a dedicated driver for a steel mill.

Then the company downsized.

I spent eight thousand yuan on a nearly scrapped commercial vehicle and turned it into a taxi.

My friends all said I found a treasure!

In the summer, even without the air conditioning on, the car is cool and breezy!

It’s all about being eco-friendly!

The car is great, except for one thing: it can’t be transferred to another owner.

Blackie, who sold me the car, told me that all the insurance and paperwork were in order, and to drive with confidence. If it ever got stolen, he would compensate me.

With his word, I felt at ease, especially since Blackie and I have been close friends for years.

I spent an afternoon at the repair shop getting it ready.

As night fell, Blackie suddenly called, sounding all jittery.

“Zhang Yuan, three things!”

First, try to drive during the day, not at night.

Second, stick to the city, don’t go to the countryside.

“Third, I’m going out of town to meet a girl I met online, and I won’t be back for a few days. If something happens to you, go to Zhou’s Herbal Shop on Fuqian Street and look for a guy named Old Zhou.”

After hearing this, I was baffled: “What’s all this one, two, three stuff? Blackie, tell me straight, is there a soul circle in this car?”

Blackie started to hem and haw: “Well… I’m not too sure, just be careful.” And then he hung up.

I was in a good mood, but Blackie’s call had dampened it.

But then I thought, it’s just a few thousand yuan.

If all goes well, I could make my money back in less than a month!

Then I could sell the car and buy a better one!

Leaving the repair shop, I prepared to head home.

Just as I exited the gate, I saw a woman on the roadside hailing a ride, about one meter seventy in height.

She wore a black OL suit on top, with a white silk blouse underneath, tied with a small bow tie, looking elegant and refined.

Below, she had on a red knee-length pencil skirt, highlighting her snow-white, slender legs.

This outfit, you could tell she was a high-level secretary trained by a big company.

Also known as a trophy.

I floored the gas pedal, afraid someone else would snatch the fare.


Only drive during the day?


Who understands the darkness of night better than the day!

Not only did the beauty have a great figure, but she was also quite a stunner!

Shoulder-length hair, an oval face, willow-leaf eyebrows, peach blossom eyes, a delicate and straight nose, and slightly upturned rosy lips…


I was stunned.

Isn’t this Lin Daqing’s wife!

Lin Daqing was my high school classmate, who married a rich girl.

I saw the bride once at the wedding and was amazed by her beauty.

Unfortunately, after a falling out with Lin Daqing, I never saw his wife again.

Clearly, Sun Jiao didn’t recognize me: “Driver, to Fangshan Cemetery,” she said in a melodious voice.

Such a woman, the moment she speaks, it’s very comforting.


I started the car with a jerk, wanting to tease Sun Jiao a bit.

But she sat there expressionless.

Although I didn’t hear Sun Jiao scream, the way her body trembled with the car still made my eyes pop…

Finally, we arrived.

I presented the QR code: “Miss, WeChat or Alipay?”


Saying so, Sun Jiao handed over a banknote.

I was a bit embarrassed: “Sorry, I don’t have change on me, how about I scan for you…”

“No need, keep the change!”

Before I could finish, Sun Jiao got out of the car.

Watching her receding figure, I felt a sense of loss.

I also wondered what she was doing at the cemetery so late at night.

Regaining my composure, I prepared to continue driving.

That’s when I noticed an ID card scattered on the back seat, probably dropped by Sun Jiao while paying.

The ID card was missing a corner, but the text was still legible.

Name: Sun Jiao

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Han

Date of Birth: September 14, 1994

Address: No. 251, Sihe Street, New North District, Lü Teng City, Hanjiang Province

“1994, 29 years old…”

Sun Jiao looked young, but she was actually three years older than me!

I envied Lin Daqing even more.

That guy is really lucky!

Call her sister by day, and she’ll call you brother at night!

What a beast!

In the blink of an eye, Sun Jiao was out of sight.

I parked the car and took the ID card with me.

The cemetery had no streetlights, and it was pitch black everywhere.

But as a young man full of vigor, I wasn’t scared!

Isn’t there a saying: As long as you’re brave, Sadako takes maternity leave!

After half a circle, I still couldn’t find Sun Jiao.

Just as I was wondering, suddenly, a familiar female voice came from not far away: “Don’t do this, I’m a married woman…


Following the voice, I tiptoed over.

I saw Sun Jiao and a man hugging and cuddling in front of a tombstone.

“A cemetery date?”

“Wow, thrilling!”

I took out my phone.

First, I turned off the flash to avoid exposing myself, then I snapped a couple of photos of the tombstone area.

Then, scenes from a drama flashed through my mind: Madam, you wouldn’t want your husband to find out about this, would you?

“Lin Daqing, you’ve been badmouthing me behind my back all the time, now watch how I deal with your wife!”

I chuckled to myself, put away my phone, and continued to watch…

Who’s there?

As I was engrossed, Sun Jiao suddenly screamed and looked in my direction.

My heart skipped a beat, thinking I had been spotted.

Clearly, the man thought the same and turned to look my way.

Seizing the moment of his distraction, Sun Jiao pushed him away and ran deeper into the cemetery.

Quickly, the man realized he had been fooled and hurried after her…

The cemetery had only one main gate.

I figured Sun Jiao would have to come out sooner or later, so I returned to my car to wait.

After about ten minutes, Sun Jiao didn’t show up, but the man did.

He was a thirty-something guy, smoking a cigarette, with tattoos all over his body. He came up to the car and knocked on the window: “Driver, did you see a woman come out just now?”

I sized him up.

Wearing an Arc’teryx T-shirt, he must be rich!

Damn it!

He didn’t even offer me a cigarette!

I played dumb: “What kind of woman?”

Archaeopteryx grinned: “A young married woman, dressed pretty attractively!”

I said, “You mean in a black suit and red skirt?”

“That’s right!”

Archaeopteryx nodded vigorously: “Did you see her?”

I casually pointed: “She went west!”

“Thanks, brother!”

Only then did Archaeopteryx toss me a cigarette.

I lit the cigarette and took a puff…

“Cough cough…”


“Why is this smoke so harsh?”

One puff and I almost coughed out my lungs, tears streaming down my face!

I turned on the reading light and saw a line of text wrapped around the cigarette filter: Universe Brand Cigarettes!


“These cigarettes have been discontinued for thirty years, it’s a knockoff!”

I threw the cigarette butt out the window angrily, cursing: “What kind of big shot, probably even the Archaeopteryx is fake!”

Twenty minutes passed, and Sun Jiao still hadn’t appeared.

Waiting like this wasn’t a solution!

I figured the monk can run away, but the temple can’t!

I’ve been to Lin Daqing’s marital home.

Now I also had Sun Jiao’s parents’ address.

If I stake out these two places, I’m bound to meet her again!

Leaving the cemetery, I picked up a few more fares.

By the time I got back to the neighborhood, it was eleven at night.

Luckily, the supermarket wasn’t closed.

“Boss, give me a pack of Red Nanjing!”

I pulled out a banknote.

The boss looked down at it, his expression off: “Buddy, are you joking?”

“What’s wrong?”

I was puzzled.

The boss said impatiently: “Are you using funeral money?

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