Chapter 1 – Dragon Cicada God’s Ruins

In July, Guangqing was as hot as the Flame Mountain. If one stayed outdoors for half a day, their skin could peel off a layer.

The Bodhisattva of the Long Chan Temple is very efficacious and quite famous in the city. Every year before the college entrance examination, parents would bring their children to make a wish. Whether it is effective or not, at least it brings peace of mind!

Lin Baici did well in this year’s exam, and his performance was outstanding. He didn’t know if it had anything to do with the Long Chan Bodhisattva, but he made a wish before the exam, so he had to fulfill it!

Three incense sticks and some fruits and cakes were definitely needed.

Of course, the funds were provided by his mother.

Lin Baici had actually planned to secretly intercept a hundred yuan, but his mother had sternly warned him that he couldn’t be greedy with this kind of incense money.


So poor!

Without money, he couldn’t afford anything he wanted.

Lin Baici walked on the path paved with cobblestones and looked back at the Da Xiong temple in the distance.

Should he make a wish for wealth again?

Would the Bodhisattva think he was too greedy?

Lin Baici’s current goal was to become a video blogger and make money by shooting videos. However, he had only uploaded five outdoor videos on Bilibili so far, and the total number of views didn’t even reach one thousand.

It was still a long way off from becoming a video blogger with millions of fans and a monthly income of tens of thousands.

“Work well with good tools. Maybe things will get better after I get new equipment!”

Lin Baici encouraged himself.

Because Lin Baici did well in the exam, his mother promised to reward him with a new phone.

After getting the money, Lin Baici planned to buy a GoPro sports camera. As for the phone, he would make do with it for now and buy the latest Apple phone directly when he made a lot of money from shooting videos.


His stomach was slightly painful, and the sudden hunger interrupted Lin Baici’s thoughts.


Lin Baici raised his slender eyebrows like a lion king who suddenly discovered a fat prey and immediately looked around.

Who dropped something?

Lin Baici had experienced this sudden hunger every year since he was young. Sometimes, even if he had just eaten half an hour ago, he would still feel extremely hungry.

Lin Baici thought he had a stomach problem, but his mother took him to the hospital and found out that his body was unusually healthy. He could even donate 300CC of blood on the spot and go play a basketball game immediately.

In the summer of his first year of junior high school, Lin Baici once took a walk on campus after lunch and suddenly felt hungry again. A few minutes later, he accidentally found a wallet on the playground.

There were more than three hundred yuan, a beautiful student ID of a senior sister, and a confession letter inside.

Strangely, when Lin Baici confirmed these items in the wallet, that inexplicable hunger disappeared.

Lin Baici then did three experiments and had several similar experiences later, which led him to conclude a rule.

Whenever he suddenly felt hungry, there must be something valuable nearby.

Without exception.

He had picked up several car keys, five mobile phones, a female student’s tuition fees, and the most expensive one was a gold ring he found in the green belt.

The summer was hot, and the cicadas were a bit weak, as if they were dying.

Lin Baici felt very hungry.

He was currently in the small square in front of the Arhat Hall. The stone slabs were cleaned very clean, and nothing could be seen except for a few cigarette butts.

“It’s probably a phone or a wallet!”

Lin Baici looked up.

Walking a hundred steps north and turning left was the Guanyin Pavilion, while going right and crossing a long corridor was the release pond.

The release pond was a famous scenic spot of the Long Chan Temple. In the summer, it was full of lotus flowers, green and lush, with lotus leaves everywhere.

Many tourists would come here to take pictures and post them on their social media.

There were many people here, so the chance of losing something was naturally high.

Lin Baici quickened his pace and arrived at the release pond.

The hunger was getting worse.

According to past experience, this meant that the “lost item” was closer.To the east was a large lake, covered in lotus leaves, where one could hear the croaking of frogs and see koi swimming in the water. To the north was an octagonal pavilion.

The pond was too big, so Lin Baici decided to go to the octagonal pavilion first.

As he climbed the steps and entered the pavilion built on the artificial hill, his hunger became even more intense.

Lin Baici leaned against the railing and looked outside the pavilion. Soon, he saw a palm-sized pink cartoon wallet in a crevice between two stones.

“There it is!”

Lin Baici flipped over the railing and picked up the wallet.

He opened it on a whim.


There was a thick stack of money inside, including red 100-yuan bills and yellow 50,000-won bills. Lin Baici recognized the latter from some Korean comics he had read.

In addition to the money, there were three bank cards, a passport, an ID card with Korean characters, and a photo of a beautiful girl.

After inspecting the contents, Lin Baici put everything back into the wallet.

He returned to the pavilion, opened his phone, and started playing games while waiting for the owner to come.

After about twenty minutes, a well-endowed Korean girl rushed into the octagonal pavilion, looking around anxiously.

But she found nothing.


The girl with light golden hair cursed and raised her foot to kick the railing. But when she saw someone there, she put her foot down.

“Did you lose something?”

Lin Baici spoke up.

The girl was about eighteen or nineteen years old, with a goose-egg face and a great figure. Her white skin and long legs in denim shorts were eye-catching, much more attractive than those of the Korean girl groups.

Jin Yingzhen understood Chinese and immediately looked at Lin Baici. “Oppa, have you seen a pink wallet?”

Her voice was soft and magnetic, like she was acting cute.

“Is this it?”

Lin Baici took out the wallet and handed it to Jin Yingzhen.

Her face matched the photo on the ID card in the wallet, so it was clear that she was the owner.

“That’s it!”

Jin Yingzhen grabbed the wallet and, after confirming that her passport and ID card were still inside, breathed a sigh of relief.

Losing money was a small matter, but losing her passport and ID card would be a big problem.

Lin Baici did a good deed and was ready to leave.

He didn’t give the wallet to the scenic area’s staff because he was afraid that the money inside might be less and he wouldn’t be able to explain it later. After all, it’s hard to be a good person these days.


When Jin Yingzhen saw the handsome guy who could easily stand in the center of a boy band about to leave, she immediately chased after him and bowed repeatedly.

“Kang Sang Mi Da! Thank you!”

Jin Yingzhen not only thanked him but also opened the wallet, without counting the money, and handed him a stack of bills, holding them in both hands.

“It’s just a small favor. No need to pay me!”

Lin Baici refused.

He didn’t expect her to be such a generous little rich girl.

“Oppa, please take it!”

Jin Yingzhen insisted and was about to force the money on him. She also wanted to ask if he was interested in becoming a trainee in Korea and debuting as an idol. But suddenly, she saw him look up at the sky, his face shocked.

Jin Yingzhen followed his gaze and immediately paled.

“God…God’s Ruins?”

A meteor with a long orange tail crashed into the Dragon Zen Temple.


There was no violent impact, but a large amount of black mist surged out like a tsunami, engulfing the entire Dragon Zen Temple.

Thirty years ago, a meteor fell, and God’s Ruins appeared.

Some gods emerged from it and began to prey on humans.

Since then, a new natural disaster appeared on Blue Star.All countries have tried various methods to intercept these meteors, but all have failed.

Fortunately, every year, the meteors that bring the God’s Ruins, ranging from a few to dozens, are not enough to destroy the world.

So far, the largest God’s Ruin is the one that swallowed one-third of the Kangaroo Country’s territory, where 18 million citizens perished!

Lin Baici woke up starving!

He opened his eyes and saw that black fog covered everything, with visibility of less than ten meters.

The Korean girl lay next to him, unconscious.

“Hey, wake up!”

Lin Baici grabbed Jin Yingzhen’s shoulder and shook her hard.


Call 911!

Lin Baici hurriedly took out his phone, but found that it had been turned off and could not be turned on.

He was about to shout for help when he suddenly closed his mouth.

Will this attract monsters?

The official prohibits ordinary people from discussing anything related to God’s Ruins, so Lin Baici’s knowledge of it is limited to some rumors.

Some people say that there are monsters in the God’s Ruins besides gods.

Those trapped in the God’s Ruins have become their food.

“We must escape as soon as possible!”

Lin Baici shook Jin Yingzhen hard.

Just as he was about to slap the Korean girl to wake her up, Jin Yingzhen regained consciousness.


Jin Yingzhen cried out in pain, feeling as if her brain was being stirred by a propeller, which was extremely painful.

[Fresh ingredients, with delicious and juicy muscles due to long-term fitness, high protein content, recommended to be grilled with more cumin!]

What’s going on?

Lin Baici was startled by the sudden voice in his mind. He was sure that this sentence was not spoken by the girl in front of him.

“We…are we trapped in the God’s Ruins?”

Jin Yingzhen trembled all over and instinctively grabbed Lin Baici.

[The prey is afraid, which will cause it to secrete a large amount of hormones, leading to a decrease in meat quality. It is recommended to slaughter immediately to preserve the best flavor of the ingredients!]

“What are you?”

Lin Baici asked in his mind, but no one answered.

“Oppa, we must destroy the God’s Remains quickly, or we will die!”

Jin Yingzhen stood up and looked around.

“God’s Remains?”

Lin Baici frowned. This girl seemed to know something about the God’s Ruins.

“When a meteor falls to the ground, it produces fog. The area covered by the fog is called the God’s Ruins.”

Jin Yingzhen explained, “In the God’s Ruins, there are God’s Remains, which are the corpses of gods. These God’s Remains radiate a mysterious energy that pollutes everything around them!”


Lin Baici listened attentively.

“Do you know about nuclear radiation? The radiation from God’s Remains is ten thousand times more terrifying than that! Do you feel dizzy, nauseous, and want to vomit now? That’s the symptom of pollution!”

Jin Yingzhen knew that as time passed, the pollution symptoms would become more and more terrifying, first driving people crazy, and then gradually losing their human form and becoming a pile of unconscious rotten flesh.


Lin Baici wanted to say something, but he couldn’t feel anything abnormal except for the unbearable hunger.

“Anyway, if we don’t destroy the God’s Remains quickly, we will be polluted!”

Jin Yingzhen was depressed and wanted to die. Why did they encounter such a crisis when they just wanted to travel?

“Can’t we just escape from the God’s Ruins directly?”

Lin Baici was puzzled.

“Do you see this fog? It’s like a maze. Without destroying the God’s Remains, the fog won’t disperse!”

Jin Yingzhen smiled bitterly.

Her brother was a God Hunter, so she knew a lot of confidential information.

Lin Baici wanted to inquire more about the inside story when a crisp wooden fish sound came from the fog.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

“Run!”Jin Yingzhen’s face changed drastically. She stood up and tried to run, but a three-meter-tall dark Buddha statue had silently appeared behind them.

“The Buddha asks you, are you sincere in your heart?”

The Buddha lowered its head, its diamond eyes glaring, and its Sanskrit chant was not loud, but it could shatter a person’s heart.

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