Chapter 84 – Destroy the city, annihilate the country, the dragon of hell



The black and red fire dragon lowered its head and opened its mouth, spewing out dragon breath.


With the current size of the black and red fire dragon, the dragon breath that came out of its mouth was like a black and red waterfall, falling from the sky and carrying a temperature that could incinerate everything as it landed on the island.


The magical oak forest that made White Oak Island famous was lush and green, but now, numerous towering giant trees, dozens of zhangs tall, turned into ashes in the flames.


The mountains that were impacted by the flames collapsed, toppled, and turned into lava.


The villages and cities built on the island, everything in the path of the black and red fire dragon, were completely destroyed. The areas of the cities that belonged to the Rosen Kingdom were reduced to ashes, and countless ordinary people and even transcendent professionals died like ants in a fire.


"Crimson Flame Empress! You have the audacity to attack the Rosen Kingdom's territories, causing the deaths and injuries of tens of millions of people. You deserve to die!"


Five legendary domain experts rose into the sky and shouted loudly.


Before coming to White Oak Island, the black and red fire dragon had already ravaged the territories of the Rosen Kingdom, Coral Island and Mangrove Island. In the boundless ocean, these two islands were already engulfed in raging flames and collapsed in the fire.


The garrison and legendary experts of Coral Island and Mangrove Island were weaker than those of White Oak Island.


Under the brutal attack of the black and red fire dragon, almost the entire army was wiped out, with only a few survivors.


Now, the black and red fire dragon arrived at White Oak Island with its utmost brutality and fury.


The Rosen Kingdom occupied a total of five giant islands. Thorn Isle had long been taken by the Crimson Flame Empress, and Coral Island and Mangrove Island were now engulfed in flames like doomsday. There was no doubt that a never-ending blood feud had formed between the two sides.


"You insignificant insects! I will turn all of you into ashes."


The black and red fire dragon spoke in Dragon Tongue, its low voice burning like flames.


Its wings soared high, and the dragon, covered in black and red flames like a mountain, pounced on the legendary experts blocking its path.


"Damn Evil Dragon!"


A graceful woman with long green hair and a slightly wrinkled face cursed angrily. At the same time, a bright light appeared all around her, rapidly changing.


In an instant, another dragon appeared in the sky.


With a slender body, exquisite dragon horns, a symmetrical figure, and silver dragon scales, this was a silver dragon over thirty meters long.


Legendary Transformation: Silver Dragon Transformation!




Strong physique!


Increased strength!


Continuous strikes!


Numerous enhancement spells were simultaneously cast, causing the size of this legendary silver dragon to skyrocket, eventually reaching a hundred meters in height, radiating a dazzling and bright light.


The hundred-meter-long silver dragon was undoubtedly like a giant beast.


However, compared to the black and red fire dragon on the other side, which was over six hundred meters long and resembled a mountain, it was clearly inferior, like a child in front of an adult.




The legendary druid transformed into the legendary silver dragon and opened its mouth, spewing out a silver-white dragon breath.


This dragon breath was an extremely cold freezing wind, carrying countless indestructible tiny ice cones. It rapidly expanded and spread from the silver dragon's mouth, turning into a large fan-shaped area that covered and swept towards the black and red fire dragon.


The black and red fire dragon revealed a cruel and ferocious smile.


Taking a deep breath, its chest swelled up, and the gloss revealed in the gaps of its scales became even darker, making the patterns of demonic refining appear lifelike.




The blood-red hellfire in the pitch-black darkness shot out like a straight pillar of fire, easily breaking through the legendary silver dragon's breath and striking towards it.


As it faced the terrifying hellfire that was coming towards it and felt the dangerous power it possessed, a hint of panic appeared in the eyes of the legendary silver dragon.


After transforming into a silver dragon, this legendary expert gained a corresponding physique and a large number of spell-like abilities, but it also had the weakness of fearing fire as a silver dragon.


The flames from the Crimson Flame Empress were not ordinary legendary dragon flames.


They were extremely terrifying.


"Oh, morning glory, grant me an indestructible defense."


With a resolute whisper, a pure and holy golden light separated the black and red curtain that covered the sky, descended from the sky, and transformed into a huge shield, intercepting the hellfire breath.




The breath hit the holy light shield, and the strong impact caused it to shake violently, with cracks extending like spiderwebs.




The holy light shield shattered.


The flames surged and spread.


However, taking advantage of the interval when the hellfire breath was blocked, the legendary silver dragon dodged in time, but its body was inevitably stained with some flames.


These black and red flames were like maggots on bones, carrying a strong corrosive and burning effect.


Just a few of them required a considerable amount of energy for her to remove.


"Such powerful hellfire. And such a terrifying evil aura.""What is the Crimson Flame Empress doing?"


The legendary powerhouse who had some understanding of the Red Dragoness was shocked. The power that the Red Dragoness was using now had exceeded their comprehension.




The black and red fire dragon waved its wings with flames, dissipating the ice storm that enveloped it. The action was casual and effortless.


Turning his head, he looked at another legendary powerhouse who made a move.


This was a burly figure with a rough and resolute face, wearing rose-colored heavy armor, holding a double-headed axe in one hand and a large shield in the other. He was the bald Morning Sun Bishop – a priest who had taken a special promotion path in the legendary realm.


On the chest of the Morning Sun Bishop, there was a emblem.


With a red background, it was a golden disc that resembled a newborn sun.


This was the holy emblem of the Morning Sun.


The Morning Sun, the Lord of Radiance, was a well-known and prominent figure among the gods in the divine realms.


The faith environment on the Saiga Planet was not particularly strong,


But precisely because of this, the minority groups with divine faith often had unwavering beliefs. Otherwise, they would not believe in gods at all.


False support gives birth to glory.


Only dusk can witness true believers.


This Morning Sun Bishop from the Rosen Kingdom was a member of the Divinia Empire, not a citizen of the Rosen Kingdom. However, as a priest of benevolent gods like the Morning Sun, it was only natural for him to stand up and assist the kingdom's powerhouses in resisting such a powerful and evil Red Dragon attack.


"Oh, holy light, the enemy before us deserves to be defeated."


The burly Morning Sun Bishop, dressed in rose-colored heavy armor, gazed at the black and red fire dragon, devoutly whispering, with the shiny bald head reflecting the radiance of the morning sun.




Two legendary warriors, a Morning Sun Bishop, and a druid transformed into a silver dragon, a total of four legendary powerhouses, attacked the black and red fire dragon at the same time, while another legendary figure floated in the distance, waiting for an opportunity to strike.




Flames rolled in the sky.


Dazzling sword blades, shining holy light, and clashes between dragons. A fierce battle continued.


However, the human side seemed to be struggling.


Facing a colossal beast that was over six hundred meters long, covered in terrifying flames that caused harm upon contact, the four legendary powerhouses were at a disadvantage.




The black and red fire dragon's tail swept, sending the silver dragon that was about to ambush it flying far away.


Countless silver dragon scales and blood fell.


Then, it spewed out another breath of dragon fire, causing the two warriors and the Morning Sun Bishop to panic and dodge.


The dragon claw pressed down.


A legendary warrior who could topple mountains and overturn seas fell to the ground like a falling star, smashing a towering magic tower dozens of meters high into countless pieces, almost embedding it into the ground hundreds of meters deep.


The Morning Sun Bishop swung his arm, and the bulging veins on it were visible.


The spike hammer on the top of the double-headed axe emitted a dazzling holy light, and the connecting chain in the middle extended, smashing towards the black and red fire dragon's head with a sun-like holy light sphere.


The black and red fire dragon opened its mouth and bit down on the "sun."


With a flick of its neck, its fangs closed, and in the astonished and pained gaze of the Morning Sun Bishop, the "sun" shattered into pieces from the dragon's mouth.


The battle between dragons and humans continued.


However, the aftermath caused White Oak Island to tremble, mountains to collapse, rivers to break, and cities to shatter, with a large number of casualties every minute and second.




With its wings pulling the sea of flames, the black and red fire dragon rammed into the silver dragon and the Morning Sun Bishop who were fighting together on top of the silver dragon's head, sending their massive bodies tumbling. Then, with a fierce sweep of its dragon tail, the two legendary warriors were flung into the distant sky like shooting stars.


It was four against one.


Yet, the black and red fire dragon clearly had the upper hand.


After the silver dragon and the Morning Sun Bishop lost their balance from the collision, the black and red fire dragon was about to pursue its victory. However, at this moment, as if it suddenly sensed something, the black and red fire dragon abruptly turned its head and looked at the fifth legendary figure who had always been hovering outside the battlefield.


This was a legendary caster.


Around the caster, there were pieces of translucent and pure magic gems that shattered one after another, serving as materials for the spell.


At the same time.


His incantation became more urgent, as if countless dense ripples were splashing on the surface of a lake during a torrential downpour. And this magical incantation gradually resounded through the sky.


"The infinite radiance energy from the realm of energy, heed my call and descend upon this world, annihilating the darkness and evil in all directions!"


The caster raised his staff high, aiming it at the black and red fire dragon in the distance.


Then, he opened his mouth and uttered the final syllable of the spell.


"The Radiant Cataclysmic Curse!"






The whole world lit up.The endless white brilliance, as thick as liquid, bred and permeated from the void, enveloping the entire White Oak Island.


With a wave of the staff, the caster gazed at the black and red fire dragon.




In an instant, the endless brilliance converged and gathered around the body of the black and red fire dragon. The ubiquitous brilliance disappeared, replaced by a radiant sphere suspended in the sky, with a radius of over a kilometer. It was more dazzling and magnificent than the sun, resembling a solid sphere of light. Inside the sphere, a faint silhouette of a black and red intertwined dragon could be seen struggling.


The Brilliant Sky Collapse Curse – a legendary spell of the Ten Ring Energy Sculpting System.


The caster, who had been constructing this spell for a long time, belonged to a type of caster known for their destructive and devastating power in the multiverse –  the Shaper Caster.


"Finally, it's ready. This is a powerful legendary spell that can kill high-level legends. The brilliance energy is especially effective against evil creatures."


"The Crimson Flame Empress won't be able to withstand this."


The legendary powerhouses who had been beaten by the black and red fire dragon breathed a sigh of relief.


A smile appeared on the lips of the legendary energy sculptor.


He extended his palm and clenched it gently.




The sphere of brilliance condensed again, revealing the black and red fire dragon's wings, head, and dragon tail. At the same time, cracks spread across the sphere, vibrating at a high frequency, as if entering an extremely unstable state.


In the next moment.




Right next to the body of the black and red fire dragon, the sphere of light continuously erupted in a short period of time. The brilliance was dazzling and dazzling, making it impossible to look directly at it. The black and red color gradually submerged everything.


Ten seconds later.


The dazzling brilliance finally began to weaken.


"Let the Crimson Flame Empress rest in peace. She has caused such heavy losses to our country, even if she dies…"


The pupil of the energy sculptor contracted.




The thunderous roar of a dragon resounded, shaking the ears.


The flames of black and red spread once again.


Sizzling. On the terrifying and hideous body, which revealed bones and internal organs, layers of dragon scales and flesh, almost turned into charcoal, burned in the flames, undergoing rebirth through baptism of fire.


Perhaps due to intense pain.


Perhaps due to anger.


Perhaps simply because of the rage and bloodlust in their hearts.


The black and red fire dragon roared and howled, its pair of flame dragon wings extended to the limit, tearing through the sky, rushing towards the caster with an unstoppable posture.


The caster in the distance changed his expression.


"Oh holy light, transform into a barrier of righteousness descending from the sky."


The Bishop of Dawn had just dispelled the hellfire burning on his own body. Half of his face was blurred with flesh and blood. He endured the intense pain and looked up, whispering.


The golden dawn descended from the sky, transforming into a barrier, intercepting the black and red fire dragon.




The barrier shattered, countless golden dawn energy fragments danced in the air, incinerated by the hellfire into ashes.


The black and red fire dragon advanced relentlessly, withstanding the attacks of numerous legends, elemental towers, and magic cannons. It chased and approached the caster, devouring the entire caster who couldn't dodge in time, shattering countless defensive spells.


"Oh my god, is our country going to be destroyed? Even the mage Vida is dead."


Under the ferocity of the dragon, countless tiny Rosen Kingdom citizens panicked and lost their composure.


Under the rampage of the black and red fire dragon, every second seemed exceptionally long.


"You imposter of a true dragon, die!"


The black and red fire dragon's eyes revealed a cruel and violent expression as it swooped down, restraining the druid who had transformed into a legendary silver dragon, and then spewed out a breath of dragon fire.


A painful cry rang out.


The silver dragon turned into a fire giant, struggling to resist the flames, but with little effect. It kept transforming into various forms, until it was finally turned into ashes.


After killing the druid who could transform into a silver dragon.


The black and red fire dragon's tyrannical gaze swept over the other legends, causing fear and trepidation in their hearts.


The battle continued.


The human side retreated step by step.


The deep abyss demonic pattern on the chest had almost solidified, emitting an unparalleled evil light, giving the black and red fire dragon immense power while devouring its sanity.






After a difficult search, initiated by the Bishop of Dawn, a giant hammer formed by the condensation of holy light hit the chest of the black and red fire dragon. The sacred power struck the deep abyss demonic pattern, and the energies of different attributes collided, making a sizzling sound.


"It seems to be the power source of the Crimson Flame Empress. I hope it has some effect."


The Bishop of Dawn nervously watched the reaction of the red dragon.




A roar sounded.


The black and red fire dragon's face showed a painful expression, its gaze flickering, sometimes crazy, sometimes showing a hint of sanity.


"No, we can't let the anger rampage any longer.""I have fused with the Demon Duke to gain power, but by releasing too much power in a short period of time, the Demon Duke is also exerting influence on me, eroding my mind, trying to turn me into a mindless puppet that it can control. Humph, Beir, how could I let you have your way."


The Holy Light's attack on the forces of evil, combined with her own vigilance.


The Red Dragoness regained more of her sanity.


Looking at the devastated White Oak Island, the black and red fire dragon suddenly soared into the sky, flapping its wings without hesitation, and gradually disappeared into the distance, leaving behind the ravaged White Oak Island.


Watching the terrifying dragon shadow disappear.


The three legendary figures hesitated for a moment and did not dare to pursue.


"The Crimson Flame Empress… Did she make a deal with the demons in the depths of hell?"


"Otherwise, how could she possess such terrifying hellish energy and aura."


The legends speculated, but they never expected that a Demon Duke was actually inside the Crimson Flame Empress.


Countless humans and transcendent beings who survived the dragon attack felt a sense of relief.


After this battle, the Red Dragoness would soon gain a new title that would be feared by many and become famous.


The Dragon of Hell!


Because wherever she went, it was as if hell had descended upon the mortal realm.


At the same time.


In a vast city in the northern part of White Oak Island.


The royal court of the Rosen Kingdom was protected by a magic array, and numerous court mages maintained the array, resisting the aftermath of the battle, anxiously gazing at the fighting in the sky, finally letting out a sigh of relief.


Inside the royal court.


Wearing luxurious robes and a crown, the King of Rosen, who appeared to be around sixty years old, had an angry expression on his face, with a hint of regret and unwillingness in his eyes. He stared fiercely at the black and red fire dragon rampaging on the island, as if he could hear the cries of countless subjects in the raging flames.


"Contact the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Mechanar Empire. I want to communicate with them personally."


He said to a noble official who was mainly responsible for communicating with the Mechanar Empire.


"Yes, Your Majesty."


The noble diplomat took out a beautifully crafted mechanical cube, and his fingers clicked on it repeatedly, causing the mechanical cube to light up.


"King of Rosen, I represent the Mechanar Empire in this conversation."


The mechanical cube rotated, and a magnetic voice sounded from it.


"Minister Snirnov, convey my thoughts to the Mechanar Empire – the Rosen Kingdom will accept the entry of Mechanar Empire's troops, the establishment of teleportation devices within the Rosen Kingdom's territory, and the acceptance of the Mechanar Empire's national trade treaty."


The Rosen Kingdom had suffered heavy losses and now desperately needed a strong backing.


Otherwise, the weakened Rosen Kingdom would face even more difficult circumstances.


Due to the signing of non-aggression treaties between the higher empires, when conflicts and disputes arose, they often instigated kingdoms or duchies to provoke and cause proxy wars. The Mechanar Empire had always been friendly with the Rosen Kingdom and wanted to develop it as one of its subordinate proxy states. Otherwise, legendary warships like the King of the Sea were not something that money alone could buy.


The King of Rosen had been enjoying the investment from the Mechanar Empire while also avoiding becoming a pawn in their disputes, pretending to be ignorant.


But now, the situation did not allow for that anymore.


Becoming a pawn of the Mechanar Empire was the only way out for the Rosen Kingdom.


"Oh? King of Rosen, that is a wise choice."


"Then, what does our side need to give in return?"


A voice came from the mechanical cube.


"Help us rebuild our homeland and provide support in terms of finance and military. We need to discuss this in detail. And most importantly – kill the Crimson Flame Empress! Bring me the corpse and soul of this red dragon!"


The King of Rosen squeezed out these words from between his teeth.


The grudge between him and the Crimson Flame Empress had reached the point of no return.


First, the three failed attempts to capture the island had brought shame and damage to the Rosen Kingdom's political status and reputation. Then, in this fourth attempt, they lost the Storm General and the King of the Sea fleet, and the Crimson Flame Empress directly invaded their territory, causing the deaths and injuries of tens of millions of people. It was a terrible disaster. The entire population of the Rosen Kingdom was just over 120 million, and they were fortunate to still have powerful forces and the confidence to rise again. Otherwise, this country would be finished.


One can imagine how much hatred this king had towards the Crimson Flame Empress.


"Very well, to show the Empire's sincerity, we will first help the Rosen Kingdom resolve its troubles and eliminate the Crimson Flame Empress."


The Crimson Flame Empress sank the King of the Sea.


The Mechanar Empire had already learned this information when the King of the Sea capsized and a large number of Mechanical Warlocks died.


The dignity of the Empire could not be challenged.They were more than willing to eliminate the notorious Crimson Flame Empress, to showcase the might of the Mechanar Empire. After all, it had been a long time since the Mechanar Empire had taken serious action, and it was good to flex their muscles at the right time.


This was not a metaphor, but a literal mechanical giant fist.


The storyline involving the Red Dragoness would take a pause here, the stage would next be set for the protagonist.


(End of Chapter)

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