Chapter 82 – Dragon of Hell VS Steel Giant!

The legendary violent bear felt a palpitation and looked up into the distance.

In just a few seconds, it saw a stream of light coming from the distant sky, and the crosshair on its chest became hot. The feeling of being locked on was incredibly strong, and its intuition told it that this attack was unavoidable and could only be resisted head-on.


Ulysses roared to the sky.

“The power of the earth, gather within me!”

Boom boom boom. Tons of rocks and soil gathered around Ulysses, and between the rough gaps, there was a layer of dark red firelight like molten lava. The body of this giant bear grew larger, and soon, under the gathering of countless rocks and soil, it turned into a mountain-like lava giant bear.

The decaying eye of the Storm General turned again and stared at the legendary violent bear.

Countless rocks and soil weathered and weakened its defense.

At the same time, the attack from a hundred miles away was already close at hand, fleeting, and falling towards the legendary violent bear.


In a terrifying explosion that shook the heavens and the earth, countless rocks and soil shattered, and shockwaves erupted.

The mountain-like lava giant bear collapsed.

A figure over twenty meters tall flew out from the shattered lava rocks.

The legendary violent bear fell to the ground again, its chest completely pierced, leaving behind a blood hole nearly ten meters in diameter.

It was transparent from the front to the back, and the scenery behind could be seen from the front chest.

Ulysses wanted to restore his heavily injured body by absorbing the elemental energy of the earth, but a very difficult feeling came. There were fragments of shells within its body that could hinder the flow of earth elemental energy.

“To be able to entangle me to this extent, big bear, I acknowledge your strength.”

“But, it ends here.”

The Storm General said calmly.

A creature that is tough and powerful deserves respect even if it is an opponent.

The wings of the buzzing wind flapped, and after glancing at the heavily injured dragon vein violent bear, the Storm General flew towards the peak of Yakan Volcano.

It struggled to stand up, but it only felt its body becoming heavier and its consciousness quickly becoming blurred. It was once again on the brink of death, and it was impossible for it to break through in the midst of battle again.

At the same time.

Many leaders of the followers had crosshair marks on their bodies, locked on by the Granshelm No. 1 artillery matrix from a hundred miles away. When the main artillery formation cooled down and charged, the secondary cannons around them fired.

Unable to get up from the ground, the heavily injured violent bear also had many crosshair marks on its body.

The steel behemoth roared and roared.

The dense shells were like meteors in the sky, drawing beautiful yet dangerous arcs as they descended, sweeping towards Yakan Volcano.


The legendary violent bear unconsciously roared in a low voice, squeezing out every bit of strength in its body. However, it still couldn’t stand up, and its life force was rapidly fading away.

At this moment.

Boom boom boom!

Yakan Volcano shook.

Rolling black smoke erupted from the top of the volcano, almost obscuring the sky. Accompanied by a familiar yet unfamiliar aura, it made the monster followers uncertain.


The summit of the mountain directly shattered.

A beautiful, evil, and powerful figure rushed out from the thick smoke.

With scales as red as blood and fire, majestic and winding dragon horns, strong and powerful limbs, under normal circumstances, it reached a colossal size of forty meters from head to tail. With a low and thunderous roar like thunder in the dark clouds, a legendary red dragon flowed with lava, surrounded by thick smoke, soaring out of the volcano.

“Your Majesty.”

The leaders of the followers breathed a sigh of relief.

However, they noticed something was wrong with the familiar Crimson Flame Empress.

The color of the empress’s eyes had changed, now pure black, brewing the most extreme brutality, ferocity, bloodthirst, and other negative emotions.

In the position of her chest scales.

A gloomy black-red light seeped out from the gaps, flickering and forming a devilish pattern.

The crosshair marks on the bodies of the leaders disappeared, replaced by over a hundred dense crosshair marks appearing on the Crimson Flame Empress. The Granshelm No. 1 had changed its attack target, and the powerful shells adjusted their trajectory and bombarded her.

“You finally came out, Renata!”


The Storm General’s eyes gleamed, and he also rose up.

“For trespassing into my territory, all of you will be turned to ashes!”

The violent emotions raged in the Red Dragoness’s mind.

Her process of refining the Lord of the Inferno was disrupted, and at the same time, she suffered backlash from the demon. Her emotions now became extremely irritable, like a barrel of ignited explosives.


The Red Dragoness spread her dragon wings and swung them heavily against the incoming barrage of shells.

Buzz. Boundless flames suddenly surged, like a sea of fire, like a horizontal curtain of flames, devouring all the shells, boom boom boom. The sound of explosions was incessant as fireballs burst open in the air.

With her wings folded, black and red hellfire ignited on the surface of the Red Dragoness’s body.

She looked down at the Storm General, who was approaching like a tiny ant, and her massive body brought a gust of evil wind and fire, rapidly descending towards the Storm General.

“Something seems off.”

The Storm General was shocked as he faced the approaching dragon.

“To easily sweep away the secondary cannon matrix of the Granshelm No. 1. This is too easy.”

A dragon claw, larger than his entire body, reached out and tore through the strong winds in the storm domain, pressing down.

Time was short, and the Storm General didn’t have time to think carefully.

He controlled countless strong winds to condense at the position of his fist, forming a spiral wind ball with a diameter of about ten meters, colliding with the dragon claw of the Red Dragoness.


The tremendous force made the Storm General’s face change.

The dragon claw tore through the spiral wind ball as if it were nothing.

The Storm General had already reacted to the best of his ability, but with just a light touch, he was sent flying and crashed into the ground.

His arm was broken, and it was stained with a strange black and red flame.

“What kind of fire is this? Evil, cold, scorching, corrosive hellfire?”

The Storm General lay in a deep pit on the ground, his heart filled with shock.At the same time, the tyrannical black pupils of the Crimson Flame Empress reflected in her eyes, like the power of a deep sea dragon, sweeping over the Storm General and stunning his mind like a whirlpool.

The Red Dragoness pressed down with her claw, intending to kill the Storm General on the spot.

Just then, a high-speed cannonball with attributes such as armor-piercing, explosive, sealing, and freezing struck, and a layer of cold air filled the surrounding space.

The Granseram, hundreds of miles away, was supporting the Storm General.

The main cannon was faster and less likely to be intercepted midway. The Red Dragoness only had time to raise her dragon arm and block it.


The dragon scales shattered, and the scorching dragon blood and cold breath intermingled with a sizzling sound.

The Red Dragoness was sent flying hundreds of meters by the cannon shot.

“That was close. I almost died.”

The Storm General regained his senses from the intimidation of the dragon’s power, feeling a slight palpitation.

He floated with the wind, turned his head, and looked at the Crimson Flame Empress hit by the main cannon.

On the other side, the Red Dragoness landed at the foot of the devastated Yakan Volcano. She had no expression on her face and looked down at her dragon arm.

The dragon scales were shattered over a large area.

There was a chilling ice crystal pervading the wound, causing a piercing cold sensation.

When dealing with Red Dragons, the damage from ice attributes was doubled. The gunners were well aware of this.

“She has become stronger than before, but fortunately, we have the Granseram.”

The Storm General regained his fighting spirit.

Hoo. Black and red flames ignited, burning over the wound, and then, to the astonishment of the Storm General, the injuries on the Red Dragon, who had powerful dragon scales but not strong regenerative abilities, healed and regenerated in an instant. Even the dragon scales regenerated in the black and red flames, and they seemed even harder after being tempered.

“What, what is going on?”

“What level of hellfire is this?”

“Something is not right, very wrong.”

The Storm General had fought against demons and devils on the Saiga Planet. There were fortresses of demons and devils on the Saiga Planet, not very large in scale, but they were repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt.

Ordinary demons were not powerful.

The Storm General had also killed many demons and had come into contact with hellfire.

However, even the hellfire of a high-level legendary demon might not be able to instantly heal a legendary Red Dragon like this.

Inferno Chain!

The Red Dragoness’s killing intent and desire for destruction surged to the limit. With a thought, the space around the Storm General suddenly shattered like a mirror.

Hellfire condensed into chains and erupted from all directions.

The speed was as fast as lightning.

The Storm General was terrified, his palms wrapped around sharp high-pressure wind blades, his body twisting and moving to evade and counterattack at the same time. However, the effect was very poor.

Thousands of hell chains were incredibly tough, even if they were cut, they would regenerate in an instant, endlessly.

They compressed the Storm General’s space for evasion, forcing him into a corner.


A black and red chain wrapped around the Storm General’s wrist, bringing a bone-chilling and scorching hot sensation, as well as a strong evil aura invading his body, making the Storm General’s perception dull and his movements sluggish. A large number of negative effects hit him at the same time, and the Storm General’s agile body stiffened slightly.

“This is bad.”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh. More chains coiled like snakes.

Wrists, ankles, neck… the Storm General’s limbs and vital points were all entangled by the chains, and his body was pulled apart, hanging in the air in a crucifixion position, unable to resist.

At the same time, the figure of the Red Dragon approached with rolling flames.


The main cannons of the giant ship and a large number of secondary cannons attacked from a distance.

Ignoring everything, the Red Dragoness approached the Storm General and bit down.

The Storm General only felt darkness before his eyes, intense pain all over his body, and his body torn apart by dragon teeth.

“Legendary Fourth Order? How is this a Legendary Fourth Order?”

With a strong sense of unwillingness, the Storm General’s consciousness sank and returned to death.

Boom boom boom!

Bombs fell from the sky.

The area around the Yakan Volcano shook, and the towering volcano, thousands of zhang high, swayed. The mountain was full of cracks, and rocks rolled down. The whole earth trembled, causing countless waves of soil and smoke.

“The Storm General died like this?”

The gunner on the Granseram, a hundred miles away from Thorn Isle, had a slightly stunned expression.

“The Red Dragoness resisted the main cannon and so many secondary cannon attacks. It should have perished along with the Storm General. This result is still acceptable.”

He let out a breath.

“High-level evil energy reaction detected.”

The detection system of the Granseram issued a warning.

The gunner’s gaze slightly condensed, and his heart sank.

A hundred miles away, on Thorn Isle.

Dust, flames, and a looming figure slowly stood up amidst the smoke and fire. With a flap of her dragon wings, a strong wind swept away all the remaining fire and smoke.

The Crimson Flame Empress, burning with hellfire, raised her head, and her pitch-black eyes seemed to penetrate space, directly gazing at the steel behemoth a hundred miles away.

There were large areas of cracked scales on her body, and many wounds were even deep enough to see bones, but in the silent burning hellfire, all the injuries were rapidly regenerating and recovering, soon becoming as good as new.

Looking at the steel giant ship from a distance, the Red Dragon grinned, revealing a dangerous smile.

The gunner controlling the main cannon suddenly felt a chill all over his body.

At the same time, after witnessing the death of the Storm General and seeing the terrifying power of the Crimson Flame Empress, some of the surviving elite soldiers had lost their will to fight and fled in panic.

But suddenly, their bodies spontaneously ignited.

Whether they were casters, knights, warriors, and so on, they all turned into ashes amidst their cries of agony.

The battlefield became unusually calm.

At this moment, some surviving leaders approached the Crimson Flame Empress.

“Your Majesty, are you alright?”

The Crimson Flame Empress turned her head, and the surging killing intent made the leaders tremble.

“Stay away from me.”

She whispered.

The leaders who wanted to praise the majesty of the Empress were frightened and dared not approach.

Shifting her gaze, the Crimson Flame Empress looked at the Legendary Rampage Bear, whose chest had been pierced, was already exhausted, and was on the verge of death, with its life force gradually declining.”Ulysses, you’ve done well.”

“Have a good rest.”

The Red Dragoness took a deep breath, suppressing the violent murderous intent burning like a flame in her heart, and extended a hooked claw.

A hellish flower formed from flames took shape between her claws.

Next, it floated into the chest of the legendary berserk bear, turning into a large amount of black and red blood threads, intertwining and repairing the bear’s fatal injuries. Its weakening life force gradually calmed down and slowly strengthened.

Immediately after, the Red Dragoness no longer suppressed the negative emotions piled up in her mind.

With a flap of her wings, she soared into the sky, her dragon body wrapped in rolling hellfire, flying towards the King of the Oceans.


The Red Dragon flew over the coast of Thorn Isle.

The overwhelming dragon’s might swept over like a storm. The technicians and sailors on the magic ships docked here, as well as some remaining casters and warriors, were all instantly killed by the immense dragon’s might, leaving only the magic ships intact.

At the same time.

On the King of the Oceans, the Grantham, the approaching Red Dragoness was spotted, and the faces of the Mechanical Warlocks changed.

“Energy shield, anti-aircraft turret, machine gun matrix, energy turret, shipborne mechanical constructs. Activate all combat and defense units!”

The steel deck rumbled open.

Close-range combat turrets, machine guns, and many ruggedly shaped mechanical constructs made of metal, exposing gears, levers, pipes, and other structures, flew out, hovering around the King of the Oceans in defense.

In an instant, this steel behemoth seemed to have turned into an extremely armed hedgehog.

The gunners stared nervously at the sky.

In the distance, a black and red figure was rapidly approaching. The Red Dragoness flapped her wings, and during her flight, more and more flames were generated around her body, forming a larger fiery dragon silhouette.

The sea surface stirred up heavy waves.

The sky became incredibly dark.

The black and red fire dragon, over six hundred meters long, flapped its wings that blotted out the sun, casting large shadows on the sea, like a hellish king ruling the ocean, gradually approaching the Grantham.

In front of the Crimson Flame Empress in this state.

The five hundred meter long steel behemoth seemed somewhat weak.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

The steel beast roared, machine guns that could fire millions of magic energy bullets per second, each as powerful as a high-level anti-aircraft gun, agile mechanical constructs wielding huge guns and light blades, and the most powerful main and secondary guns of the ship.

For a moment, a storm of metal and energy descended on the sea.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The black and red fire dragon endured such terrifying bombardment, its body’s flames surging and flickering, exploding violently every second.


It still moved forward with an unstoppable, terrifying momentum, breaking through the deadly zone formed by the sky full of gunfire, crushing the mechanical constructs that came head-on, and approaching the steel beast.

The hellfire wings blotted out the sun, casting a shadow over the Grantham.

It was as if an evil dragon from hell had descended, pressing close to the Grantham’s defense shield. The semi-transparent energy shield couldn’t bear the weight and cracked.

The Mechanical Warlocks were enveloped by the shadow of the dragon. They looked up, meeting the brutal and cold gaze of the dragon, their faces filled with despair and fear.

On the deck, the male gunner’s teeth chattered.

The female ammunition expert also left the inner cabin and came to the deck.

These two Mechanical Warlocks from the Mechanar Empire tried to calm themselves down and said rationally:

“Red Dragon, we are Igranum people hired by the Kingdom of Rosen, citizens of the Mechanar Empire.”

“Don’t involve us in your grudge with the Kingdom of Rosen, we’re just doing our job for money.”

The black and red dragon’s gaze was cold, responding with a stronger claw tear.

Crack! Crack! Crack! More cracks appeared on the defense energy shield.

“Red Dragon. Noble and powerful Crimson Flame Empress, you shouldn’t vent your anger on us.”

The Mechanical Warlocks were finally willing to put down their pride as citizens of a high-ranking empire and used an honorific.

But it was too late.


Under the destruction of the black and red dragon, the energy shield completely shattered.

The Grantham, now without its energy shield, was exposed to the black and red dragon.

“You will pay the price!”

The Mechanical Warlock cursed in despair.

The black and red dragon grinned ferociously, opened its mouth, inhaled, and exhaled rolling hellfire. As its head turned, the raging flames engulfed the entire steel behemoth.

The wind howled.

The sea boiled.

Flesh and steel melted in the black and red flames, leaving no survivors.

“Kingdom of Rosen.”

After annihilating the King of the Oceans, the Grantham, and many humans, the black and red dragon raised its head, looking towards the south – the direction of the other territories of the Kingdom of Rosen.

The desire for destruction in its heart did not weaken after the destruction of the King of the Oceans.

On the contrary, like pouring oil on fire, it became stronger and stronger.

It seemed as if a ball of fire was burning the Red Dragoness’s reason, making her more impulsive, more crazy, and more daring.


The dragon wings flapped, the Red Dragoness brought up endless fire curtains, her eyes pitch black, flying towards the Kingdom of Rosen.

(End of Chapter)

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