Chapter 71 – Knight and Demon

As Saga was studying the content of the inheritance, the time gradually came to night.

Under the starry night sky.

In the northeast direction of Moon Bay, near the sunken ship destroyed by Saga.

A total of ten ships formed a fleet, anchored on the vast blue sea, seemingly investigating something. Each ship had the same flag hanging on the mast – a black skull. This was a fleet of Black Skull Pirates.

From beginning to end, the largest ship.

A sixth-order shadow thief, wearing leather armor, thin and agile, with a sinister face, stood at the helm. His shadow seemed to twist as if it had a life of its own.

Black short hair, hooked nose, high cheekbones, sunken eye sockets, and many whites in his eyeballs formed a sinister face.

This was one of the three leaders under the rule of the Black Skull Pirates, Shadow Hound Frank.

In the pirate world of Saiga Planet, famous pirates were divided into sub-generals, middle-generals, and grand-generals based on their influence and strength.

Middle-generals were generally in high positions.

And grand-generals were all powerful legends.

The grand-generals competed for the title of Pirate King, fighting and cooperating with each other when facing the encirclement of the empire, making them quite formidable.

Shadow Hound Frank was one of the three deputies of the middle-generals of the Black Skull Pirates. He was known for his ruthlessness, tracking skills, and revenge. He had a considerable reputation in the pirate world and was an elite pirate.

Beside Shadow Hound Frank.

His deputy, a middle-aged caster, whispered, “Boss, the magic treasure chest with the tracking spell is currently in a shielded state and cannot be sensed, but it was briefly exposed before.”

Saga, who didn’t have many magical means yet, didn’t notice the tracking spell secretly set up on the treasure chest. It was arranged very covertly and had a high level, reaching a high degree.

“I have already sensed the approximate location at that time.”

The middle-aged caster pointed in a direction.

It was the direction to Moon Bay.

“The target may have already changed its location, but I think we should investigate.”

The caster said.

“We, the Black Skull Pirates, believe in an eye for an eye.”

“Dare to destroy our ship and steal our treasure. No matter who the other party is, they must pay the price.”

“Follow any clue and track it down. Set sail!”

Shadow Hound Frank’s gaze darkened as he spoke.

The ships destroyed by Saga belonged to this shadow thief. He had specially paid a high price to have a senior caster set up a tracking spell in the box, which was carrying a valuable magical item. Frank had entrusted Goatee, a captain with little fame who wouldn’t attract the attention of the Imperial Navy, to transport it. Captain Goatee himself didn’t even know that he was carrying a valuable item related to the first generation Pirate King.

But the result was still unexpected.

In fact.

Revenge was secondary, finding the item was the main goal.

“Change course, find the culprit, and avenge our fallen comrades!”

The pirate ships started moving and sailed towards Moon Bay.

After a few minutes, before they had sailed far, the pirates on the ships suddenly changed their expressions and looked towards the east.

Shadow Hound Frank also looked over at the first opportunity.

On the sea surface, a faint blue dot could be seen, rapidly growing larger with the passage of time. And judging from its trajectory, it seemed to be heading towards their pirate fleet.

“What is that?”

Shadow Hound Frank narrowed his eyes, a dim light flashing in his pupils.

His vision suddenly enhanced.

His field of view stretched, crossing the sea, crossing the waves, and seeing the target.

The first thing that caught his eye was a tall nightmare horse running swiftly on the sea. This nightmare horse had no flesh or blood, purely made up of pale bones, with blue flames flickering in the gaps of its bones. It bathed in the moonlight and moved across the sea as if it were walking on flat ground.

Nightmare, a kind of undead creature, usually used as a mount for advanced undead.

But it wasn’t the nightmare horse that made Shadow Hound Frank wary the most.

On the back of the nightmare horse was a tall and burly knight covered in grim steel armor, a death knight.

The waves surged.

The sound of the waves roared.

The death knight carried a huge sword, his armor dark and cold, galloping in silence.

“Is it coming for us?”

The death knight moved across the sea, and judging from its current trajectory, it would definitely collide with Shadow Hound Frank’s fleet. The distance between the two was getting closer and closer.

“Disgusting undead, I warn you to stay away from us.”

Shadow Hound Frank spoke in the common language, shouting a warning.

The death knight remained silent, continuing forward without changing its trajectory. In Shadow Hound’s eyes, it was obvious that it was coming for him.

“Hehe, Alfred, I happen to be a little hungry. I need some souls to satisfy my hunger.”

A gloomy voice sounded from within the death knight’s armor, a voice that only the death knight could hear.


The two forces, both heading towards Saga, clashed.


The sea seemed to boil as the death knight moved between the ships, the great sword unleashing waves of deathly sword light, passing through the bodies of powerful pirates.

The sound of ships capsizing, the cries of living beings, the surging waves, and the howling sea winds all merged together, creating a chaotic scene.

After a while.

The sounds gradually subsided.

The death knight retracted his blood-stained sword, placed it back on his back, and continued to ride the nightmare horse, galloping under the night sky.

Flames burned on the bare bone hooves without flesh, leaving a trail of fire on the undulating sea surface.

Behind it.

Under the cold moonlight, the ten ships had all capsized, buried in the depths of the sea along with the bodies of many pirates whose souls had been extracted.

“Little Red Dragon, where are you now?”

“I have searched and investigated all the islands along your departure route, but I haven’t found you. But I have a feeling that I am not far from you.””Hehehe, wait for my arrival, I can’t wait to meet you, to become you.”

The demon warlock murmured.

To avoid attracting the attention of the Red Dragoness, this demon warlock did not leave any spell marks on Saga, only tracking him in the direction he had left.

The sea was vast.

Under normal circumstances, dragons, when flying, often fly in a straight line due to the lack of obstacles. By continuously searching in the direction of the dragon’s flight and inspecting each island they pass, there was a chance to find the target.

The caster’s intuition told the demon warlock.

He was gradually getting closer to the hatchling dragon outsider he had been longing for.

(End of Chapter)

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