Chapter 54 – Dark history

Boom boom boom…

Dust filled the air, and rocks scattered as the massive and heavy body of the Tremorboar caused the ground to collapse and sink. Cracks like spider webs extended from the impact, reaching hundreds of meters away.

Amidst the flying dust, the silhouette of the Tremorboar became visible. It let out a low roar from its mouth, filled with obvious anger.

Saga, using all his strength to unleash the power of gravity, became semi-transparent and was unable to maintain the distortion force field perfectly.

Gravity Blade!

With the flapping of his dragon wings and the convergence of power essence, Saga swung the Gravity Blade towards the Tremorboar.


The Gravity Blade struck the giant boar’s back, emitting a dull sound.

However, Saga’s gaze froze as he saw a thick layer of yellow-brown earth armor appear on the Tremorboar’s body. The armor was torn by the Gravity Blade, leaving a large gap, but the boar’s flesh remained unharmed, and the armor continued to regenerate.


The Tremorboar’s reaction was sluggish. Taking advantage of being suppressed by the super gravity field and being struck by the Gravity Blade, Saga took a deep breath. His chest and throat swelled, and he opened his dragon mouth, preparing to unleash an invisible and intangible dragon breath.

The dust and darkness blurred Saga’s vision, but it did not hinder his perception of the force field.

He accurately locked onto the Tremorboar’s head.

He released a breath of annihilation towards the Tremorboar’s head.

The breath of annihilation was originally invisible and intangible, impossible to observe with the naked eye. However, as it passed through, it completely annihilated the dust, fallen leaves, air, and even the microscopic elemental energy particles along its path. It formed a blank and void trajectory, filled with a dangerous and deadly aura.


The Tremorboar raised its large head, its eyes bloodshot, sensing the threat.

Boom boom boom!

Amidst the Tremorboar’s roar, the ground rose up and transformed into a stone and earth barrier. Reinforced by the Tremorboar’s earth elemental energy, the stone barrier was even harder than metal. It intercepted the annihilation breath before it.

This time, the barrier was unexpectedly pierced silently by the breath of annihilation.

A fierce howl echoed into Saga’s ears.

At the same time, Saga felt a swelling pain in his throat and chest, ending the breath of annihilation.

At his current age, he couldn’t use the breath of annihilation for too long.

It consumed Saga’s power essence too much.

With this breath, the super gravity field could no longer be maintained properly.

At the same time, the hurricane-like howl dispersed the smoke and dust, revealing the Tremorboar in Saga’s sight.

Its massive body had already stood up again, and there was a horrifying wound on its forehead. The tough fur, flesh, and skull seemed to have never existed before, with a smooth edge that was impervious to the Gravity Blade. The armor had no effect on the breath of annihilation.

A significant portion of the Tremorboar’s skull and brain matter had been annihilated.

But it was still alive.

The earth, as if alive, crawled up the Tremorboar’s limbs, gathered into its brain cavity, and visibly transformed into new flesh at a rapid speed.

The Tremorboar displayed the vigorous vitality of a top-tier intermediate magical lifeform.

It lifted its head, staring fiercely at the young hatchling dragon in mid-air. Its large beast eyes were filled with bloodshot veins, brimming with madness and anger.

Saga used the super gravity field briefly again, trying to suppress the Tremorboar.

However, the prepared Tremorboar only lowered its body slightly, withstanding over five hundred tons of gravity.

Seeing this, Saga no longer wasted his limited power essence and released the super gravity field.


Under the fierce gaze of the Tremorboar, Saga flapped his wings and changed direction to the other side of the stone barrier, to the left side of the Tremorboar. He took another deep breath, and golden flames ignited between his interlocking dragon teeth.

With high temperature and pressure, the golden flame breath, carrying a powerful impact, spewed out from Saga’s mouth, once again sweeping towards the Tremorboar.


The upper body of the Tremorboar lifted, and its two fat hooves stomped heavily on the ground.

A giant rock with a diameter of over ten meters rose from the ground, carrying dense earth elemental energy and a howling wind, and fiercely smashed towards the golden hatchling dragon in mid-air, colliding with the flame breath expelled by Saga.

As a hybrid of a golden dragon and a red dragon, Saga’s ordinary breath was also extremely powerful, directly surpassing the difference in rank, melting the flying rock in mid-air.

Under high temperature and pressure, the rock had not completely melted before it shattered into hundreds of flaming fragments, splashing and falling to the ground like blooming fireworks.

But this was only the beginning. Several more rocks with howling winds came crashing towards Saga.Saga’s thoughts raced like lightning. He stopped breathing and stretched his wings to the limit, flapping them hard. His body rolled, skillfully dodging the crushing blow of the boulders.

In Saga’s perception, these boulders would cause subtle changes when they interacted with the gravitational field during their movement. In Saga’s eyes, this was manifested as parallel, curved, or overlapping force field arcs. Based on these changes, Saga could easily determine the trajectory of the boulders, anticipate their path, and combine this with the changes in the arcs he caused, to find the most suitable evasion point, avoiding any harm or danger.

Saga referred to this ability as gap perception, a specific subdivision of force field perception.


The Tremorboar roared angrily, stomping heavily on the ground again. The earthy yellow elemental energy that erupted from its body almost solidified, crazily pouring into the ground.

Sharp, cone-like stone spikes rose from the ground, thousands upon thousands, filling Saga’s entire field of vision. Like a rainstorm flowing against the sky, each ‘raindrop’ was coated with a layer of beautiful, pure moonlight. It was dangerous yet beautiful, sweeping towards the little Hatchling Dragon in mid-air.

Saga flapped his dragon wings, his dragon body rose higher, and at the same time, he rolled his body around his spine, showing unparalleled flexibility, dodging the sharp stone spikes.

At the same time, in his gap perception, it was as if a downpour of raindrops fell into a lake, shattering into countless ripples, densely overlapping each other. There was no absolute gap point that could be completely avoided, only a few cover points where he could minimize the damage.

Since it was impossible to avoid all of them, Saga chose a weak cover point to withstand a few attacks from the stone spikes, ensuring that his vital parts were not hit.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several of the spikes that hit left bloody wounds on Saga’s left forelimb, left side of his back, and right hind limb, shattering the dragon scales.

The dragon scales, tougher than steel, could not completely block them.

However, without the dragon scales, the damage Saga would have suffered would have been much greater.

A sixth-level magic lifeform could completely destroy a small city without any same-level beings to stop it.

“Let’s get out of here, I can’t kill this big guy right now.”

Feeling the pain in his body, Saga knew he couldn’t kill the Tremorboar now.

He no longer wasted time and energy circling with the Tremorboar, he directly spread his wings and ran. Like a golden streak of light across the sky, he left the mountain peak.

The sound of rumbling came.

Saga turned his head to look.

Behind him, the Tremorboar was relentless, chasing after him.

It stepped forward with its sturdy limbs, dominantly smashing all the trees, rocks, and other ordinary beasts that couldn’t avoid it in time, making a fierce humming sound, chasing Saga.

As it ran, earthy yellow energy particles gathered on both sides of its body, forming two particularly sharp stone spikes.

Boom! Boom!

With the roaring sound of breaking through the air, the two stone spikes, like cannonballs, drew a dangerous trajectory, shooting towards Saga, who had risen nearly a kilometer into the sky.

“What a fierce pig.”

Saga intuitively felt the danger.

If he was hit by these two stone spikes, his body would probably be pierced.

Comparing it to the world of online games, he had overstepped too many levels to deal with the Tremorboar. Even if he was a hero unit, he was somewhat inadequate.

Fortunately, the True Dragon’s agility in the air was top-notch. Although the two stone spikes were fierce and full of pressure and danger, they still did not hit Saga, who dodged them without any danger.

In the end, the Tremorboar chased all the way, shooting out stone spikes, but none of them hit Saga. Saga had flown higher and had plenty of time to dodge.

It wasn’t until he reached the edge of the coast of First Quarter Island that the Tremorboar stopped.

It could be seen.

It was quite vengeful.

Hovering a kilometer in the sky, Saga turned his head to look at the Tremorboar, then flew over the sea between two nearby islands, heading towards Waxing Crescent Island.

Looking at the approaching Waxing Crescent Island, the moonlit Hatchling Dragon felt a bit melancholy. At the same time, one of his dragon claws covered his face, his eyes showing a look of shame.

“As a noble dragon, being chased away by a pig… it’s too disgraceful. Luckily, no one knows.”

“If anyone knew, I’d bite them to death!”

Saga thought angrily.

In the year 2079 of the new century, on the first day of Little Saga’s second stage of dragon life, after leaving the protection of the dragon mother… he was chased by a pig.

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