Chapter 34 – Troll

Saga casually threw the little skeleton into a sunken valley from mid-air. The hatchling dragon hovered in the air for a moment before descending towards a swampy area.

Soon, under the scattered sunlight, the little hatchling dragon folded its wings and landed on a protruding, snow-covered slippery rock. Its sharp dragon claws made contact with the rock, leaving behind shattered marks.

Watching the scene unfolding not far away, Saga first froze for a moment, then revealed a disgusted look that was hard to bear.

“A group of lowly scum, polluting my pure heart.”

In Saga’s field of vision were trolls, each about nine feet tall, or around two meters and six feet in height.

On the rare land in the swamp, in the roughly piled rough wooden tents, they were wearing tattered animal skins, emitting a foul smell. Their exposed skin was mottled and ugly, with green and brown spots everywhere. Their bellies were shriveled, and the skin on their hunched backs revealed their spines. They looked extremely emaciated. Their fangs protruded from their lips, and they had exaggerated claws, looking fierce.

Under Saga’s gaze.

The trolls were paired in twos or threes, or even four or five, tightly huddled together. In broad daylight, they faced the howling cold wind and scattered snow, shamelessly engaging in obscene activities.

Saga happened to encounter the trolls’ breeding day.

Trolls had a terrifying appetite and were carnivorous, eating anything that could be hunted. They never seemed to be satiated. Due to their powerful regenerative abilities and their impulsive appetite, trolls had become fierce and fearless predators.

However, although they were cruel and ruthless, they were kind and gentle towards their offspring.

Trolls understood teamwork. Female trolls were responsible for educating their offspring, while the larger and more powerful male trolls spent most of their time hunting outside, bringing back food for the children and females of the clan.

Only at specific times would the male trolls return to the clan and gather together for a grand meeting to breed offspring.

“Stop right there!”

The hatchling dragon spread its wings and let out a tender roar, emitting a faint dragon aura.

The trolls noticed Saga’s presence. After a slight pause, the male trolls began to withdraw one after another, nonchalantly swinging their club-like objects, while looking at the little hatchling dragon with fierce eyes.

“You disgusting bugs, stop your actions and collect the treasures within your clan. It’s time to pay taxes to the Crimson Flame Empress.”

Watching the scene that made his eyes sore, Saga said.


A troll, over three meters tall, surrounded by female trolls, spoke words that Saga couldn’t understand.

This troll’s muscles were bulging, intertwined like tree roots. Its body was tall and strong, appearing much more formidable than ordinary trolls. At this moment, because it had just finished intense exercise, the heat emitted from its body met the cold air of winter, evaporating into a faint white mist.

It was the leader of this troll clan.

However, trolls spoke in the language of giants.

Saga only knew Dragon Tongue and Common Language, completely unaware of what this guy was saying with his wawu.


“It’s time to pay taxes!”

Saga repeated in Common Language, impatiently flicking his tail.

This time, the other party seemed to understand what Saga was saying. Using the difficult and roundabout Common Language, he said intermittently, “Tax…taxes, no…not yet.”

“Next…year…we’ll give.”

Upon hearing this, the hatchling dragon opened its dragon mouth, revealing its tender but sharp teeth, which shone brightly under the sunlight. It calmly said, “If you don’t give, then you’ll die.”

“Still thinking about next year? If you don’t pay taxes, you won’t even see tomorrow’s sun.”

Due to the insatiable appetite of trolls and their higher hunting frequency compared to other monster clans, all the prey on Thorn Isle belonged to the Red Dragoness. If they didn’t pay taxes, they would face a dead end.


In the case where this troll clan was unwilling to serve the Red Dragoness.

Compared to dragons, more troll clans preferred to be vassals of giants and resisted serving the dragon race. Dragons and giants were enemies, and their enmity was relentless.

In fact, these trolls could be expelled from Thorn Isle.

But that would be troublesome and would leave them with grudges, possibly leading to future retaliation. It would be better to just kill them all and be done with it.

As the leader of the Five-Color Evil Dragons, the Red Dragon’s methods were relatively simple and brutal.

Trolls had poor intelligence and low intellect. They thought that not paying taxes wouldn’t have serious consequences.Under normal circumstances, a troll clan would be led by a highly intelligent troll sorcerer. However, this troll clan lacked an intelligent Outsider, suffering from a lack of wisdom, and now they’ve made a grave mistake.

When the Hatchling Dragon mentioned death, the troll chieftain felt provoked and threatened, especially since it came from a weak Hatchling Dragon. He immediately bared his crisscrossed fangs, snarling at Saga with a series of growls.

Any other intelligent race would never behave this way.

At the same time.

Seemingly following the chieftain’s orders, the other trolls picked up their large wooden clubs and giant nail hammers, staring at Saga with hostile eyes.

The atmosphere became tense.

“There are always ignorant beings who wish to confront the majesty of a True Dragon.”

“I originally wanted to give you a chance to live, but now you’ve successfully angered me.”

“Prepare to face the arrival of death and destruction.”

Saga lifted his chin, his dragon wings flapped, and under the gaze of the trolls, he suddenly took off into the snowstorm, leaving the area.

A wise man does not stand under a dangerous wall. There were hundreds of trolls here, each possessing great strength and combat capabilities, which the Hatchling Dragon could not handle at this time. Saga was not a reckless dragon; he was aware of his own strength level.


Saga’s mission was not to annihilate disobedient clans, but to collect taxes.

For those who were disobedient and unwilling to pay taxes, there would naturally be other ways to deal with them.

Defiant in front of a True Dragon?

It’s not impossible, but you’d better be prepared to bear the consequences of such behavior.

Seeing the Hatchling Dragon leave, the troll chieftain let out a triumphant roar, as if he had successfully driven off the Hatchling Dragon and maintained his chieftain’s dignity. He then pulled two plump and fat female trolls to his sides, continuing to lead his clan in a grand feast, enjoying the pleasure.

Due to his lack of intelligence, he was completely unaware of the serious consequences that would follow.

“I’ll deal with them tonight.”

“Next, let’s head to the human town.”

Under the cover of the snowstorm, the Hatchling Dragon flapped its wings, soared into the sky, and flew hundreds of meters high.

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