Chapter 32 – Death Knight

In the midst of the snowfall, more and more skeletons gathered around.

Saga swung his tail, and with a series of cracking sounds, the dozen or so skeletons nearby shattered into a pile of broken bones.

But as long as the skull was intact and the flame of the soul was not extinguished, these undead creatures were not considered dead.

The axe-wielding skeleton that had just been stunned was now split in two.

Its severed arm was thrown aside, while it held a broken sword snatched from another skeleton in its remaining hand.

Saga paused and turned his head to look at the half skeleton.

Under the curious gaze of the hatchling dragon, the upper half of the skeleton, holding the broken sword like a small dagger, crawled towards Saga and repeatedly stabbed at his scales.

Saga felt itchy.

And quite comfortable.

For the hatchling dragon, the strength of these skeletons was just right, giving him a feeling of being massaged and comfortable.

“The skeleton technician’s service is not bad. I’ll try it next time I come.”

Saga muttered softly.

“But I have something important to do now, so I won’t play with you little skeletons.”

With a thought, a burst of super gravity field erupted from Saga’s center.

In an instant.

The hundreds of skeletons that had gathered, as if being pressed down by an invisible giant hand, fell to the ground like cut wheat, with the sound of bones cracking incessantly.

With the hatchling dragon standing proudly in the center.

All the skeletons around, without exception, fell to the ground, not one of them able to stand.

Crack, crack… One of the small skeletons, whose broken sword had flown out of its hand, clenched its fist and struggled to raise its bone hand from the ground, trying to hit Saga’s head.

It was a stubborn skeleton.

Ignoring the half skeleton, Saga directly walked away.

At this moment, Saga did not know that this was his first encounter with his future core follower, the king-level core member, Bone King Ulgong!

Returning to the main topic, it was not until the hatchling dragon stepped on a staircase engraved with necromantic runes and entered deeper into the ruins of the undead that the skeletons stopped their bodies and stood still.

After stepping on the stairs, Saga felt that the temperature around him had significantly dropped.

The strong smell of decay rushed into his nostrils. This was the natural smell that emerged when the death aura became dense, combined with the breath of the undead creatures around.

After a few more minutes of walking forward.

A half-dome-shaped building, looking dilapidated and devastated, appeared in Saga’s sight.

The black and gray death aura enveloped the damaged spire, releasing an aura of decay, ominousness, and evil.

At the same time.

As Saga approached the tower, clusters of blue flames appeared out of thin air in the black and gray aura.

With Saga’s approach, the ghostly fire became brighter.

The surrounding temperature seemed to drop even lower, and with some suppressed gasps and low roars, various figures gradually appeared.

After the figures became clear.

Saga could see that the ghostly flames were quietly burning and flickering in the eye sockets of each undead creature, filled with greed, hunger, and bloodlust.

The owners of these gazes were stone gargoyles, undead knights, corpse witches, heavy-armored skeletons, and wraiths… They faintly formed a siege, surrounding Saga.

Different from the mindless skeletons encountered outside the ruins of the undead, the undead creatures here were of higher levels and possessed certain intelligence. Some of them even surpassed ordinary humans in intelligence.

Saga also stopped and stood still in the midst of the undead’s encirclement.

In the dead and cold atmosphere, Saga raised his chin and said, “Alfred, keep these undead stinkers away from me. If they keep staring at me, dismantle all their bones and give them to the dragon blood hound as chew toys.”

In the past two years, the hatchling dragon’s range of activities had expanded to the entire Thorn Isle. It would occasionally soar freely in the sky above the Thorn Isle. Therefore, all the creatures living on the Thorn Isle were aware of Saga’s existence and the identity of the Queen’s dragon offspring.

Every dragon represented endless wealth.

Dragon scales, dragon teeth, dragon meat, dragon blood, dragon horns… all were precious magical materials that were hard to come by. If a low-level adventurer could capture a hatchling dragon, they would never have to worry about their livelihood for the rest of their lives, if they had no lofty ambitions.

However, even though the hatchling dragon currently did not possess the ability to protect its precious dragon body, no sapient being on the Thorn Isle dared to lay a hand on it.

There was no need.

In the previous three battles for the Thorn Isle, the might of the Queen had already been deeply ingrained in people’s hearts.

With the strength of a legendary dragon, the Queen could appear anywhere on the Thorn Isle in an instant and turn any insignificant creature that dared to harm her dragon offspring into ashes.

After a brief silence.

A tall and burly undead wearing pitch-black heavy armor walked out of the spire.

Death Knight Alfred.With each step the Death Knight took, his menacing iron boots made of steel met the ground, causing a slight tremor. The surrounding aura of death vibrated in response. As he moved, the harsh grating sound of steel rubbing against bone echoed from his body, a cacophony that was both jarring and oppressive.

When he appeared, the undead creatures around him automatically moved to the sides, clearing a path and bowing their heads in submission to the Death Knight.

Soon enough, the Death Knight stood before Saga.

Up close, Saga scrutinized the Death Knight.

His towering figure reached three meters, much taller than the small Hatchling Dragon that was on all fours at the moment.

At the same time, a strong aura of death swirled around his body, ceaselessly churning. His entire body was shrouded in a terrifying black heavy armor, even his face hidden behind a steel mask. The only visible parts were a pair of deep, soul-burning eyes.

“Prince Saga, Death Knight Alfred welcomes your arrival.”

Facing the small Hatchling Dragon, the towering Alfred pounded his chest with one hand, creating a resounding clang.

He formally performed a knight’s salute to Saga, a gesture of respect.

The Death Knight understood that among all known dragon species, the proudest, most arrogant, and most bloodline-proud True Dragon was none other than the Red Dragon, the leader of the Five-Color Evil Dragons.

And Saga was the recipient of the Red Dragon’s legacy.

“We are born as kings, natural lords, the ultimate rulers.”

“The whole world should fall under the shadow of the True Dragon’s wings.”

“The only purpose of all creatures’ existence is to be enslaved by the True Dragon, otherwise, they should not exist.”


Whether Saga was willing to admit it or not, these ideas from the Red Dragon’s legacy had quietly taken root in his heart, following him like a shadow, impossible to shake off.

And Saga had never rejected his current identity and those inherited ideas.

After all, he hadn’t become some lowly creature like a slime or a wolf-man, but a dragon, the top-tier magical creature in the multiverse’s endless worlds.

Back to the point.

The Death Knight’s solemn treatment gave the Hatchling Dragon respect and face.

Saga cracked a smile, revealing his still immature dragon teeth.

“Good, I see your respect for the True Dragon.”

His voice paused for a moment, Saga raised a claw and continued, “I can make a decision to reduce your tax by one copper coin this year.”

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