Chapter 18 – Power Essence Dragon

Ten meters away.

Just as the magic circle floated up from the barrel of the female mechanical warlock’s gun, Saga’s strong intuition as a true dragon made him feel a faint sense of danger.

So, the hatchling dragon’s claws crossed and blocked in front.

Almost as soon as Saga raised his dragon claw, a magic bullet hit the back of the dragon claw covered in fine scales.

Crack… The dragon scales shattered, the magic bullet tore through Saga’s skin, and got stuck in his muscles.

The explosive magic bullet that could shatter rocks and blast open steel only left a small blood hole on the opponent’s claw… The female mechanical warlock who witnessed this scene was already filled with despair.

Even if the explosive magic bullet hit the opponent’s head, it would probably only leave a certain injury, and it might not even cause a serious injury unless it hit a vital spot like the eye.

“It’s just a hatchling dragon, but its defense is unimaginable… Is this the top-level magical creature?”

“Just a hatchling dragon, but its scale strength is already stronger than steel. It can single-handedly deal with our entire Transcendent team, even if we are mediocre and not considered advanced.”

“Dragon… This is a dragon. Why does such a terrifying creature exist? Even the most ordinary dragon requires exceptional elite Transcendents to fight against… How would they face a naturally gifted dragon…”

The golden silhouette of the hatchling dragon reflected in her pupils, and the female mechanical warlock couldn’t help but sink into despair, as if falling into an endless abyss and feeling suffocated.

This was her first time facing a true dragon, and she deeply felt the gap between humans and dragons.

If humans and dragons were to be compared, according to a popular mechanical card game in the Mechanar Empire, where the cost of exchanging cards represents status and talent limit, and the star rating of the card represents the current level of strength.

Then, the Dragon God would be a ten-cost card, and even the most ordinary dragon would be a five-cost card. But only after a series of rigorous training could a well-trained soldier barely reach the threshold of a one-cost card.

If humans and dragons were both one-star at the same level of life.

Then, as a five-cost card, a dragon could always crush a one-cost card human, unless there were more humans or the one-cost card had reached two or three stars, surpassing the star rating of the five-cost card, or had some extremely powerful equipment for protection, then it would be possible to contend with a dragon.

And Saga was not an ordinary dragon.

Now, the entire adventurer team where the female mechanical warlock was in was about to face destruction, and the culprit was just a hatchling dragon, whose age compared to human age was like a babbling baby in swaddling clothes.

The female mechanical warlock’s magic power was almost exhausted, difficult to sustain, and her pistol-like weapon had split into two enchanted revolvers. Her physical strength was also greatly depleted, and her legs were now as heavy as lead, making her movements slow and sluggish.

On the other side.

A clear sense of pain came, the golden hatchling dragon’s claws were stained with blood, but its body didn’t pause at all.

Dragons have pain receptors, but they are not sensitive, especially when they are mentally excited.

Therefore, they often fearlessly endure pain in battle and are extremely brave.

Ten meters, nine meters, eight meters, seven meters… The female mechanical warlock, who had exhausted all her means, looked at the charging hatchling dragon in panic, desperately trying to create distance.

But in the next second, as if an invisible giant hand instantly grabbed the female mechanical warlock’s body, her face turned red, and her body felt like it was sinking in mud, as if it was covered in glue, making it difficult to take a step.

“Your dance of gunfire has pleased me.”

“For this, I grant you death.”

The hatchling dragon’s golden dragon eyes reflected the face of the female mechanical warlock.

Swoosh! The blood-stained dragon claw grabbed the mechanical warlock’s head, enveloping it completely.


The mechanical warlock was grabbed by Saga’s head, lifted into the air, and felt suffocated, struggling frantically.

Saga squeezed with force.


As if a smashed watermelon.

The head exploded, and red and white splattered on the ground.

A bright blood flower bloomed on the ground.

The two enchanted revolvers also fell to the ground, the dark and cold metal structure stained with the blood of its former owner.

When facing Saga directly.

This mechanical warlock had been praying to the Imperial Machine Spirit, but no miracle happened.

The so-called Imperial Machine Spirit was a treasure belonging to the Mechanar Empire, but Saga wasn’t quite sure what it was. Dragon inheritance was not all-powerful, and Thorn Isle was actually quite far from the Mechanar Empire, so it was quite surprising to encounter a mechanical warlock.

“What a pity, a graceful beauty.”

Although he said it was a pity, the hatchling dragon’s actions just now were not the least bit hesitant.He didn’t have much more strength than these people. In the unpredictable and uncontrollable battle, showing mercy to the enemy due to their appearance, gender, race, etc., or holding back, was seen as a very foolish act in the eyes of the True Dragon.

At this moment, a warrior, who had broken a tree trunk with his steel sword and had several bloody claw marks on his chest, barely stood up in a severely injured state, staggering.

Saga, who had just landed after killing the Mechanical Warlock with a headshot, tensed his muscles and charged at the warrior. A dragon’s impact sent him flying high into the air before he fell heavily, making a dull sound and stirring up a circle of dust.


With a large area of his organs shattered, the warrior who fell to the ground spat out blood, his vision blurred.

The Hatchling Dragon approached step by step. The dragon horns on its head were just beginning to show their majesty, their curved arc dangerous and sharp, the tip as sharp as a sword. At the same time, its body was covered with irregularly shaped, multi-faceted crystal-like dragon scales that looked like top-grade diamonds, or dazzling gemstones and gold, shining brilliantly under the fragmented sunlight, appearing dreamlike in the warrior’s already blurred vision.

Small snowflakes began to fall from the sky at some point.

Corpses, snowflakes, blood, dragons… these elements together formed a cruel yet beautiful scene.

“You, you, what kind of dragon are you?”

The warrior’s voice came out in fits and starts.

Saga understood Dragon Tongue and was naturally able to understand and speak the common language.

Facing a dying warrior who had fought bravely against him, Saga mercifully gave an answer.

“I am…”

He originally wanted to say that he was a Red Dragon.

But on second thought, the other party probably wouldn’t believe him.

After all, the abilities he had shown had nothing to do with the Red Dragon, and his appearance and color were completely different.

“So the question is.”

“What kind of dragon should I be?”

Saga, as an Outsider Dragon, wondered if he should give himself a new Dragon Kind name, because even he found it hard to believe that he was a Red Dragon now.

Scratching the dragon horns on his head, the Hatchling Dragon fell into deep thought.

After a brief consideration, Saga thought that since he had already named the strange power he controlled as Power Essence, he might as well use it as the new Dragon Kind name, simple and brutal.

“Power Essence Dragon.”

Under the weak gaze of the severely injured warrior, Saga slowly said in the common language.

At this moment, as the warrior received the Hatchling Dragon’s answer, he also took his last breath.


A cold wind howled past, picking up a few snowflakes stained with blood, flying past the Hatchling Dragon’s eyes, reflected in a pair of golden pupils.

The cold wind was howling non-stop.

The Hatchling Dragon stood silently, bathed in the cold wind and the fragmented snow.

At this point, the entire adventurer team was wiped out.

The might of Power Essence was beginning to show.

At the same time, the legendary Dragon Kind known as the Power Essence Dragon, whose future name would echo through the infinite spacetime multiverse, appeared for the first time on this day.

Unfortunately, no one knew.

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