Vol.1 – Chapter 085 – Unspeakable

The lake, like it had been treated with a dose of pesticide, was much quieter within a day. Even the number of fish and shrimp had significantly decreased.

The prison ghosts were not as overwhelming as they were during the day, but a group of them still hovered oppressively over Qingyuan Sect, looking like a flock of crows from below.

At this moment, small towers floated above Qingyuan Sect, resembling stars. The light emitted from the towers connected to form a light curtain, isolating the prison ghosts outside.

Below the towers, within Qingyuan Sect, cries of sorrow, curses, and the sound of swords clashing echoed. Formations were flashing with light everywhere.

There were no more sounds of fighting. The Formless Sword Sect had probably retreated or been captured.

Su He had not gone ashore, he was swimming with a flick of his tail. In a moment, he appeared in Listening Sea Lake, which was unrecognizable now, at least two or three times larger than before.

Golden towers lit up on the lake surface from time to time, but there were people here who made no sound. Su He did not approach.

He took a deep breath of the chaotic water elemental energy floating on Listening Sea Lake.

He observed the broken twenty-eight islands.

Su He felt a bit puzzled. Was this the path of cultivation? Apart from Feng Yiju’s plan, battles and casualties were always real.

This was no different from a year ago when he was living as a turtle in Listening Sea Lake.

The same fights, the same ambushes, the same life and death cycle.

There was actually no difference between humans and beasts.

The Beast Transformation technique taught by his master stated that to transform into a beast, one must first have a beast’s heart. This step stumped most cultivators. Humans couldn’t think like beasts, they couldn’t possibly have the same behavior as beasts, so how could they have a beast’s heart?

At this moment, what was the difference between a beast’s heart and a human’s heart? Both wanted to live, both wanted to gnaw on the bones of others to live better.

Perhaps it was a matter of mindset?

The rhythm of heaven and earth within his body slowly started to operate. Perhaps in the eyes of heaven and earth, there was truly no difference between humans and beasts, so the creation of cultivation techniques should be the same for both.

If his master’s Longevity Turtle Breathing Technique could be further developed into a cultivation technique that all exotic beasts could practice, and he could pray to heaven and earth, the rewards should be even greater, right?

Two sword lights fell, landing on the water surface. It was Old Taoist Ge and Qiu Fox. Old Taoist Ge was about to tease his disciple when he looked up and saw Su He’s eyes were lifeless, with stars rotating in them, and the sun and moon rising and falling.

“Back off!” He shouted in a low voice, pulling Qiu Fox to the side.

Qiu Fox looked confused.

“He is comprehending the rhythm of heaven and earth within his body. The rhythm in his eyes is rotating, at this moment he is observing everything like heaven and earth. Everything is exposed under his gaze, if he looks at you, you will be revealed.”

Qiu Fox was startled, he looked behind him and sure enough, a fox tail was floating behind him. No wonder he felt so comfortable just now. He had let his guard down.

The two of them waited for an hour before the stars and moon in Su He’s eyes slowly faded. The feeling of being full subsided a bit, and Su He came back to his senses.

Qiu Fox immediately stepped forward: “Dragon Turtle nephew, what did you see with the perspective of heaven and earth?”

What a great opportunity to observe everything from the perspective of heaven and earth!

Su He was so startled by his call of “nephew” that his scales trembled, making a sound like chainmail shaking.

Old Taoist Ge snorted coldly: “Dare he speak, dare you listen?”

Qiu Fox’s face turned red, and he backed off.

Su He blinked: “Can’t I speak?”

“If you want him to die, you can speak. What you just saw is what heaven and earth see. If someone of insufficient status tries to pry into it, they might not even know how they died.”

Su He looked at Qiu Fox, his eyes brightening.

Qiu Fox’s fur stood on end in an instant, and he hid behind Old Taoist Ge: “Noble nephew, don’t mess around! You forgot, I still owe you a gift.”

Old Taoist Ge smacked Su He on the head: “Why are your eyes so bright? I know what you’re thinking, you’d better put that idea away.”

“Heaven and earth see everything as the Dao, whether it’s a person, a dog, a grass, or a tree. Since you have this opportunity, you should comprehend it well. Do you want to use ‘speaking the Dao’ as a means of attack, and speak it whenever you see someone? You would hurt the enemy but also hurt yourself. If you casually reveal it, your sin will be even greater. If one day you are despised by heaven and earth, when you face the thunder tribulation, its power will increase, and I want to see what you will do.”

Su He reluctantly closed his mouth.

Qiu Fox came out from behind Old Taoist Ge, looking at Su He with eyes full of joy, extremely satisfied. He chuckled: “Noble nephew, I came here to invite you to the Xuantian Sect.”

Su He immediately jumped up, his demonic heart was still not dead, he still wanted me to marry into his family?! You old fox, come here, let’s die together! He roared in a low voice, causing Qiu Fox’s ears to ring.

He covered his ears and shouted: “Your master agreed to this!”

Su He tilted his head to look at Old Taoist Ge, but heard Qiu Fox say: “Qingyuan Sect is in a precarious situation, not to mention the Formless Sword Sect and dozens of demons who escaped today, just the prison ghosts above our heads are like a death sentence. The True Essence Golden Tower can’t protect us for long. Without cultivators entering the True Essence Tower, the tower has no effect.”

He shook his head with a somewhat heavy-hearted meaning: “You should come with me. Xuantian Sect is one of the top ten immortal sects in the Mysterious Wasteland, they can protect you with ease. When Qingyuan Sect is calm, it’s not too late for you to come back.”

He stopped talking after he finished speaking, and Old Taoist Ge stood aside without saying a word. Su He was silent, did his master believe his nonsense? Could he come back after entering Xuantian Sect?

He didn’t have deep feelings for Qingyuan Sect. The few months after hibernation were quite pleasant, but at most it was like his feelings for his school in his previous life, he couldn’t reach the point of risking his life like Old Taoist Ge.

But Feng Yaya was here, Old Taoist Ge was here, there were a bunch of guys who took classes with him in Leaving South Court, and there was Su Huanian, whom he had only seen twice since waking up from hibernation.

He was reluctant to leave.Su He shook his head, “Not to mention that I was born in Qingyuan, and as soon as Qingyuan is in chaos, I will leave immediately. What would people say about me? Just considering the enemies I face in Qingyuan Sect, they are nothing more than the Formless Sword Sect and the various factions of Dongyun. If I go to Xuantian Sect, wouldn’t I be facing the same ten major immortal sects? Is there another master there who would dare to beat the Sect Leader for me? Is there another Su Huanian who would dare to suppress the Enforcement Hall with her short sword?”

Su He laughed, “Qingyuan Sect is just a small sect, full of petty squabbles and struggles. I heard that Xuantian Sect has twenty-three branches, and even within each branch, there are different factions. Any one of those factions is larger than Qingyuan Sect, right? How intense would the struggles there be? If I go with you today and casually join a branch, I don’t know how many people would secretly wish for my death.”

Would a place like Xuantian Sect lack struggles and ruthless people?

Su He shook his head, “Thank you for your concern, Elder Qiu, but I think it’s better if I don’t go.”

Not to mention that this chaos is likely a farce orchestrated by Feng Yiju, just the fact that I would be switching sects on the same day I take a master, would Xuantian Sect trust him? Who knows if the same thing with the prohibition would happen again?

Elder Qiu sighed, this time he was sincerely inviting, naturally he wouldn’t lie. The problems in Qingyuan Sect would only be bigger in Xuantian Sect.

He bowed to Old Taoist Ge and Su He, “Then I will return today. The incident at Qingyuan’s Suppression Prison is not just a matter for Qingyuan alone. The prison ghost has already drifted to the Dongyun region, I need to report back to the sect. I was reckless this morning, I hope you both can forgive me.”

Old Taoist Ge waved his hand, and Elder Qiu, with a small tower above his head, walked on the waves and went downstream to the east.

Old Taoist Ge looked at Su He with a smile.

He didn’t know what he was thinking. When Elder Qiu came to him and straightforwardly wanted to take Su He away, he made sense. Old Taoist Ge felt that he shouldn’t stop him.

A little turtle, no matter how noble its bloodline, is useless before it can transform into combat power. He should be a small animal protected by its mother in its nest.

But in the end, Su He didn’t leave, and he was genuinely happy from the bottom of his heart.

Yes! With me in Qingyuan Sect, can’t I, Ge Jiansan, protect my own disciple?

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