Vol.1 – Chapter 071 – Protect the master

Su He was at a loss for what to do.

Chou Nuer bit her lip as she watched Wang’s claws scratching around in a helpless manner. Somehow, she felt a sense of failure.

Although she didn’t like the girl riding on Wang, as a follower, she should do something at this moment, right?

Struggling flashed in her eyes. She didn’t know where she got two pearls from, which she folded and twisted into two earrings with flowers, and gently hung them on Feng Yaya’s ears.

Feng Yaya’s ears twitched, and her big eyes blinked. Tears dripped down.

“Miss… don’t worry, I… I’ll be fine after crying for a while.”

So the miss is a good person… a good fish.

Chou Nuer whispered, “Wang’s external appearance can only protect himself, it’s not that he deliberately left you outside.”

Actually, this was not correct. If Su He had reacted quickly, he could have used the Water Manipulation Divine Ability to drag Feng Yaya under him and protect her.

But just now it was lightning, and Su He didn’t react in time. By the time he did, Feng Yaya had already been hung high on the external appearance of the mountain, facing the lightning strike.

He comforted Feng Yaya with a low hum.

Feng Yaya kicked her little feet, her eyes filled with tears, holding the pearl earrings.

The audience on the small islands around saw the Dragon Turtle on the top of Returning to Origin Island through the lightning.

They all greeted the Dragon Turtle with a salute.

After all, this event was held for the Dragon Turtle, and the prizes were all sponsored by the Dragon Turtle.

Su He responded with a long chant.

On the Refining Artifact Island, a few people saw Su He, their eyes lit up, they looked at each other, immediately drove a small boat to rush over, hurriedly boarded the Returning to Origin Island, and headed straight for the mountain top.

Su He looked at Chou Nuer, whose eyes were clear.

They were not here for her, nor for Yaya. Yaya didn’t recognize them, she only glanced at them and continued to play with her earrings with teary eyes.

Treasure-seeking rat?

Su He looked down at his feet, the treasure-seeking rat’s eyes were dodging, its claws had nowhere to rest, it looked like it wanted to dig a hole and hide but didn’t dare to, its thieving eyes still held a bit of hope.

Sure enough, they were here for it.

The one who came up the mountain was a middle-aged man in his forties, with a young man and woman behind him. He saluted Su He and said, “I have seen Daoist Dragon Turtle.”

Su He responded with a low hum.

Having seen the Daoist, I wonder why the Daoist came?

Visitors are guests, all here to pay respects to him as a teacher, Su He was polite.

The middle-aged man shook his head with a smile, pointing to the treasure-seeking rat and said, “I am Shang Yanzi from the Changsong Sect, here for this evil creature.”


Feng Yaya turned around, tilted her head to look at the treasure-seeking rat and then at Shang Yanzi.

Chou Nuer also stood by Su He’s side. She had asked the old master about Wang’s affairs some time ago. This rat demon had sneaked into the Qingyuan Sect and obtained secrets it shouldn’t have, and was detained by Wang. The old master had also placed a ban on it, not allowing it to speak too much, let alone leave.

Were they here to apologize and redeem the treasure-seeking rat? Su He was thinking about how to refuse them when he heard Shang Yanzi say, “Daoist Dragon Turtle has been using the treasure-seeking rat for some time now. Now that the prizes for the arena are ready, it’s time to let this evil creature return to the sect, right?”

Su He’s prepared refusal was stuck on his tongue.

This Daoist spoke very politely, but he gave people a sense of entitlement, even with a hint of resentment. It was as if Su He had forcibly taken their sect’s treasure-seeking rat in order to find the arena rewards.

The Changsong Sect was not a guest of Old Taoist Ge, they were only invited out of courtesy because they were close to the Qingyuan Sect.

Su He hummed lowly.

“I’m sorry, but this treasure-seeking rat was not borrowed, it was detained for stealing treasures from my Qingyuan Sect.”

Shang Yanzi’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t speak. The woman behind him snorted and muttered under her breath, “What a big hat, humiliating our Changsong Sect because we are low in status. The treasure-seeking rat just came to Qingyuan earlier, isn’t it because you coveted the ability of the treasure-seeking rat and detained it privately?”

Su He’s Turtle Eye drooped, Feng Yaya pouted and glared at her, and Chou Nuer started trembling with anger.

“Shut up!” Shang Yanzi turned his head and scolded.

The disciple sneered with a hint of disdain, her voice even smaller, “Bullying and robbing our sect’s people with your power, and still finding so many excuses, it’s a shame you’re a Dragon Turtle…”

Shang Yanzi glared at her, and her voice became even more aggrieved, “It’s true, this is the season when the treasure-seeking rat’s sense of smell is most sensitive, aren’t all those arena treasures found by the treasure-seeking rat? They should all be ours…”

Her voice got smaller and smaller as she spoke.

“Does the treasure-seeking rat still need to steal treasures, the whole world is its treasure house…”

Shang Yanzi angrily scolded the female disciple, but when he turned around, his back was straighter. Although the disciple’s words were biased, they did have some truth. Now that the Listening Sea Lake was full of people, could the Dragon Turtle still bully people with its power?

The rewards for the arena were so generous, they couldn’t have come for nothing, right? Everyone saw how much credit the treasure-seeking rat deserved. Even if it did something wrong, it should have been redeemed.

Just as they were lowering their posture and raising their moral standards…

“Pooh!” With a spit, Chou Nuer put one hand on her hip, pointed at the woman with the other, her eyebrows inverted, and scolded, “You’re trying to reverse the situation with your lies, my king is the Dragon Turtle, everything of my clan belongs to my king, do we need a rat to find treasures?”

“Looking at your moon-like eyebrows and star-like eyes, I thought you were a gentle fairy, how can you be so shameless? Your treasure-seeking rat entered my Qingyuan Sect without permission to find treasures, isn’t that theft?”

The Qingyuan Sect was too big, except for the three thousand li Qingyuan Mountain, the rest of the place was not protected by formations, and the treasures in the mountains were often stolen, this was well known, but it was too much to let such a treasure weapon like the treasure-seeking rat in.

The woman’s face changed, “I…”Chou Nuer didn’t give her a chance to speak, interrupting her, “What are you trying to argue? Dare to do but not admit? Are you saying you didn’t know about this? If you dare to deny it, let’s confront each other in front of the Heart Mirror! If my master is innocent, even if it costs our entire fortune, we will go to Yunmeng Ze to bring out the Heart Mirror!”

The woman’s face changed.

Chou Nuer, however, was relentless, “Stealing treasures is one thing, but daring to steal the secrets of Qingyuan Sect, even though we are both from the Dongyun Sect and have been living in harmony, we haven’t troubled you yet. But you dare to slander my master, who gave you the audacity?!”

Her righteous scolding was like a thunderbolt, causing Shang Yanzi’s face to change again. Looking back, he saw his female disciple speechless, realizing that this young girl might be telling the truth! Looking at the Treasure Seeking Mouse’s evasive eyes, he suspected that this damned creature really did spy on the secrets of Qingyuan Sect.

How could such a thing be caught red-handed?

“Bastard!” Shang Yanzi raised his hand and slapped the male disciple across the face.

The man looked at his master in confusion.

Shang Yanzi was panting, “Is this how you behave as a brother?”

He glared at the female disciple, “If it weren’t for the public, for your female face, I would slap you! He turned to Su He and bowed, “Dragon Turtle, I was reckless in this matter!”

He wanted to leave immediately, but the Treasure Seeking Mouse was too important to Changsong Sect. After bowing, he finally asked, “If this damned creature’s crime is not punishable by death, I hope Dragon Turtle can set a punishment standard. Whether it’s confinement or penalty, Changsong Sect will accept it.”

If this damned creature was just caught stealing treasures, Changsong Sect could compensate by cutting off some flesh. But spying on people’s secrets is a path to death!

Chou Nuer snorted, why can’t people be straightforward?

“In a few days, my king will be apprenticed, and after the apprenticeship, the Enforcement Hall will judge. Asking my king now, he doesn’t have an answer either.”

Shang Yanzi bowed again, scolded his disciples, and left Returning to Origin Island in a huff.

It wasn’t until he was out of sight that Chou Nuer suddenly collapsed on Su He’s shell, as if all her strength had been drained, her lips were even a bit pale.

It was too terrifying.

She would rather fight with an Exotic Beast for three days and three nights than argue with people.

But that person slandered her king, she wouldn’t be satisfied until she had scolded him until his Dao Body was completely ruined, even killing him wouldn’t be enough.

The king couldn’t speak yet, so she had to do the arguing. She couldn’t let an innocent child argue. She glanced at Feng Yaya with a slight annoyance, “Useless little thing, can’t you throw a tantrum, show your Sect Leader’s daughter’s spirit?”

Feng Yaya looked at Chou Nuer with starry-eyed admiration.

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