Vol.1 – Chapter 048 – Hibernation

Old Taoist left.

Su He’s cultivation technique doesn’t need improvement. After Old Taoist passed on the “Dream Path” technique, he dispersed his divine sense from the stone statue. He guarded the Qingyuan disciples in the Sanhe wasteland and couldn’t be distracted for too long.

Da Zhuang followed Su He unhappily and headed towards Listening Sea Lake.

What a loss!

Su He snatched the exotic beast crocodile from it, but didn’t give it any wine! That crocodile could have carried it to Evergreen Peak and exchanged it for a lot of wine.

The key is that That Turtle refused to accompany him to steal wine! It didn’t want to share hardships and only wanted to enjoy wealth and prosperity. It’s not a good turtle!

The camel felt wronged.

Su He sighed. A turtle with a conscience really can’t do it!

When he used to snatch the Giant Salamander and the crocodile, who dared to have any objections? He only quietly took the crocodile from the camel. A majestic Mysterious Moon exotic beast, following behind him with a grievance, what’s the point?

You beat me up and expect me to enjoy this crocodile?

Add four points of quality!

The camel felt very wronged.

Su He couldn’t pass this hurdle in his heart. He dragged out the three-star green crocodile he had hunted from Turtle Mountain and gave it to the camel. The camel immediately became happy, carrying the crocodile on its back and happily running towards Evergreen Peak.

The disciples at Listening Sea Lake were tirelessly working. The Daoist temple would be completed in about ten days.

The number of crocodiles at Crocodile Beach decreased. The crocodiles that were ready to hibernate went to the wetlands to dig holes. They also needed to hibernate.

Listening Sea Lake suddenly became busy.

Su Huanian had already left after the formation was designed. Su He found a rock and lazily lay on it, basking in the sun and gnawing on the crocodile meat.

The three-star crocodile had been improved by four points of quality. Su He didn’t even dare to take out the entire crocodile. He controlled a silver needle to cut it inside the Cave Mansion of Turtle Mountain, eating and taking out a piece at a time.

It took five full days for him to finish eating a crocodile, and he didn’t even spare the crocodile skin. After finishing, Su He lay motionless on the sunbathing stone, except when he needed to excrete.

He didn’t know when it started, but Su He’s excretion became less and less frequent. Now, it only happened once every three or four days.

Downstream of Listening Sea Lake, there was a special excretion area built by the disciples—not for Su He, but for the entire Listening Sea Lake. With countless creatures and mixed spiritual energy in the lake, it was not the ideal place for cultivation.

The disciples used formations to purify the water elemental spiritual energy, while the impurities formed by other spiritual energy, vitality, and the killing intent and bloodstains from hunting in the water were diverted here and then dispersed into the lake.

The construction of Listening Sea Lake was not happening throughout the entire Bai Li water area. Other places only had scattered formations and the relocation of mountains and islands. Only the central area with a radius of ten li was being completely rearranged, inch by inch, from the sand at the bottom of the lake to the water plants and rocks.

If Listening Sea Lake was a Cave Mansion, then this ten-li area would be Su He’s secluded room for closed-door cultivation.

After the formations were set up, the vegetation and rocks were restored to their original state. From the outside, Listening Sea Lake appeared unchanged, with lush water plants and abundant fish and shrimp.

The eighth day came, and the construction of the Daoist temple was completed. However, Su He took another five days to reach the core of the temple. By now, his intestines were empty, and the temperature had dropped to a very low level, indicating that he could hibernate.

Yesterday, he went to Su Huanian’s pool, where it had already snowed heavily. The snow-covered the mountains, creating a white world. Little Ya had not yet awakened, as if she was really hibernating.

After greeting Su Huanian and reporting to Xia Dali, Su He returned to Listening Sea Lake. He sank to the bottom of the lake and lay in the center of the temple, swallowing a Four Sovereign Pill before slowly closing his eyes.

This year, he didn’t need to bury himself in the mud. The underwater temperature was better, and Su He wasn’t afraid of feeling suffocated.

The crocodiles hibernated before Su He. Su He’s hibernation was a requirement for evolution, while the crocodiles’ hibernation was a survival necessity.

Listening Sea Lake suddenly became quiet.

The Qingyuan disciples had received the prohibition order. Listening Sea Lake was the habitat of the divine beast Dragon Turtle, and no one was allowed to approach during its hibernation period, except for Green Snake.

Green Snake had not yet transformed and became weak and feeble as the heavy snow fell. Finally unable to withstand the cold, it also went back to Snake Valley to hibernate.

She had an independent courtyard in Qingyuan Sect, but it was not as peaceful as Snake Valley for hibernation.

Su He slept deeply.

The “Dream Path” technique that Old Taoist newly taught him was not a cultivation technique, but more like a seed that allowed Su He to maintain a trace of consciousness during hibernation. This trace of consciousness was not enough to form a complete awareness, but it could simply operate the Turtle Longevity Breathing Technique, constantly absorbing spiritual energy and circulating spiritual power.

Days passed, and Su He lay motionless at the bottom of the water.

The water elemental spiritual energy in Listening Sea Lake became even more abundant. Even in winter, there was a thin layer of mist on the water surface above Su He, which was the condensation of spiritual energy.

Unknowingly, snow began to fall.

The water and air in Qingyuan Mountain were abundant, providing sufficient precipitation whether it was rain or snow. After three days of heavy snow, the lake finally froze, and the whole world appeared silver and white when looking from above.

The ice on the lake surface became thicker and thicker.

Every day, a camel would occasionally come and stand on top of Su He, shaking its head and running away drunkenly. Sometimes it came on its own, and more often it was chased here by disciples from Evergreen Peak, shouting words like “wine thief” and “thief” that the camel couldn’t understand.

But as long as they chased it to Listening Sea Lake, no one dared to pursue it anymore. This place was forbidden during the winter.

The camel had a more reliable backer than Old Taoist. After getting drunk outside, it would come to Listening Sea Lake to sleep peacefully, and when it was full, it would go steal again.

Old Taoist was not here, and there was no one to control it. The disciples were itching with hatred, but they couldn’t do anything. They couldn’t beat it, catch up to it, or provoke it!

The person in charge of brewing wine at Evergreen Peak even placed a large jar at the foot of the mountain, filling it with wine every day. They just hoped that the camel would drink enough and leave quickly, without causing trouble to the spiritual plants on the mountain.

The camel cooperated quite well.Half a month later, when the camel came again, Feng Yaya was riding on its back. The little girl had finally woken up. She swept away the accumulated snow on the ice layer above Su He, stared at it for a long time, and then ran back, shouting.

“Mother, Mother! Big Turtle has become smaller!” She made a big gesture, then shrank together, rubbing her index finger and thumb to show a distance of an inch: “It has become this much smaller!”

Su Huanian looked at her excited daughter, with a hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth: “That proves that Big Turtle has made some gains during his closed-door cultivation.”

Su He was adjusting his body, digesting the progress of the past year. The excess impurities in his body were slowly being expelled, and his bone structure was being adjusted, so it was natural that he would shrink a bit.

Feng Yaya seemed to understand but not quite, only knowing that Big Turtle was getting better, and that was enough.

From then on, Feng Yaya would run to Listening Sea Lake every day, sitting on the ice layer and watching the dark shadow below, chattering for most of the day. When she got bored, she would build a snowman on top or run to the side to break the ice and catch a few fish.

As time went by, unknowingly, there were hundreds of snowmen, big and small, on Listening Sea Lake.

“Mother, Mother, Big Turtle has changed direction, but he hasn’t woken up!”

“Mother, Mother, the ice above Big Turtle is so hard! Yaya can’t break it.”

“Mother, Mother, a little fish was sucked into Big Turtle’s nostril and then sprayed out!”

“Mother, Mother…”

Every day, Feng Yaya would come back and report her daily observations to Su Huanian, who listened quietly like a fairy.

Time passed peacefully.

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