Vol.1 – Chapter 022 – You evolved quietly without me

Language is the embodiment of spiritual intelligence. Clear language means that Green Snake’s spiritual intelligence has been fully opened.

Su He looked at it in surprise.

We both ate tiger meat, but why did you evolve more?

No matter how much the physical constitution is improved, it cannot compare to the opening of spiritual intelligence. This is a qualitative leap.


Su He exclaimed weakly, congratulations!

You evolved without me, and now you can speak. I’m still roaring like a beast. Fortunately, this time I didn’t sound like a grandmother. My rough and bold voice matches his dark skin color.

“Huh?” Green Snake raised its head, and its lazy breath was suddenly invigorated. The whole snake was spirited: “You can’t speak yet?”

Su He blinked: What are you so excited about?

Green Snake’s mouth curled up, and it learned to smile with the opening of its spiritual intelligence.

It has always believed that it is not Su He’s opponent – this is not just an evolutionary problem, the difference in species nature is too great.

It has no poison, and the python’s entanglement does not work on Su He. Its venomous fog, water arrows, and wind and waves are all ineffective against this damn turtle. This Fucking Turtle seems to be specially sent down by God to punish it.

The heavens strike!

Although they are friends now, but… your demon morphing progress is not as good as mine, which is really great!

Green Snake patted its tail and spat snake letters rustlingly. It almost laughed out loud. As it laughed and saw Su He gritting his teeth, it felt a little guilty. It coiled up and asked, “Didn’t your inheritance teach you how to speak?”

Enlighten spiritual intelligence, refine the sacrificial bone, speak human language, this is the basic practice of demon kind, right? A turtle should be able to speak by now.

Su He looked up at the misty night.

The demon morphing fruit I ate was fake, it didn’t have any inheritance!

Seeing Su He’s disappointment, Green Snake swayed its tail and approached him, coiling on Su He’s turtle shell: “I’ll teach you!”

Su He’s eyes lit up.

Green Snake asked softly, “Can you look inward?”

Su He nodded.

Green Snake coiled up and recalled the inheritance in its dream: “Human cultivation has seven steps in the first realm of transcending mortality: Mind’s Eye, Divine Object, True Blood, Sense Realm, Sacrificial Bone, Enlightenment, and Gathering Essence. Let’s just talk about the first two steps, Mind’s Eye and Divine Object.”

“The body is tempered to the extreme, and the Mind’s Eye is opened by borrowing the immense blood and energy. This is the first step in transcending ordinary people. Then, nourish the Mind’s Eye and condense the Divine Object inside the Mind’s Eye: knives, spears, swords, halberds, wind, fire, thunder, and more.”

“Due to differences in individuals and cultivation methods, the Divine Object condensed in the Mind’s Eye is also different. When the Divine Object is condensed in the Mind’s Eye, the cultivator also has supernatural abilities, such as spitting water and controlling thunder… and can practice Taoism.”

“Although demons and humans are not exactly the same, they are similar.”Green Snake swam down from Su He’s back and coiled around a withered willow tree. Her mature and charming voice sounded like a female master on a podium, “From the moment beasts swallow the Demon Morphing Fruit, they unconsciously consume a large amount of food and begin to evolve until they break their own limits. Just like how I grew from a small green snake to a giant python, and you grew from a small turtle to…”

She gestured with her tail to form a large shape.

“When we break our own limits, our Mind’s Eye has already opened, but we are ignorant of it. Until the Demon Morphing Fruit is completely digested, a virtual human figure is formed in the Mind’s Eye. This figure is the Divine Object of the demon’s Mind’s Eye.”

“Therefore, all demon’s Mind’s Eye Divine Objects are the same, they are a human figure. The demon’s Divine Ability and subduing of demons are not related to the Mind’s Eye Divine Object, but to the demon’s own race. For example, my ability to breathe smoke and cause trouble, and your Water Manipulation.”

She pointed to the water that Su He unconsciously condensed under his four claws.

“The human figure in the Mind’s Eye is the essence of the Demon Morphing Fruit and the foundation for beasts to morph into demons. Demons must first solidify the human figure in their Mind’s Eye and pass through the Heavenly Tribulation before they can cultivate a human form. If you want to speak, you must first condense the twelve floors of the human figure in your Mind’s Eye, map your true body, and naturally speak.”


Three question marks appeared above Su He’s head.

He closed his eyes and looked inward, his gaze rushing to his heart, and sure enough, the Mind’s Eye was open, like a misty space, ethereal and magical.

In the center of the Mind’s Eye was a black Divine Turtle.

There was no person or inheritance, only a big turtle.

The turtle was not a serious turtle, with no caution of a turtle, but rather a domineering and terrifying dragon head and tail.

It was clearly a brute who only knew how to be reckless.

Where is my human figure?!

Su He was completely at a loss.

He didn’t know how he left the Snake Valley, and he dared not look at the sympathetic eyes of Green Snake. He forgot about seeing the Divine Turtle in his Mind’s Eye in his dream until he looked inward again.

If there is no human figure, how can I morph into a demon?

Su He crawled out of the Snake Valley step by step. Green Snake was absent-mindedly spitting out snake letters behind him. She hoped that her friend was not better than herself, but did not want her friend to fall into the dust.

The better the friend, the better, as long as they are always inferior to oneself.

She didn’t know what to do when there was a turtle in the Mind’s Eye of a turtle. There was no memory of inheritance.

Su He returned to the Alligator Beach in confusion, where a crocodile was fighting the entire tribe alone.

This crocodile could barely be called a giant crocodile, with a body size of nearly six meters, almost catching up to the previous Green Giant Crocodile.

Su He had been gone for over a month, and the crocodile tribe rebelled.

Even worse, like this big crocodile, they envied the easy life that Su He had obtained without effort and wanted other crocodiles to provide for them. They imitated Su He and wanted to break through the crocodile tribe.

At this moment, they were being beaten to death by four crocodiles working together.


“The fiercest one!”

A group of crocodiles looked at Su He and shouted. Although his appearance had changed, the aura of a king was still there. There was no doubt that their king had returned.

The big crocodile that was pressed underwater broke through the surface and roared.

The general idea was that the other crocodiles had already acknowledged Su He as their king, so they should stop fighting. He heard the cries of the crocodile group.

But before his roar could finish, Su He pressed him back underwater with a single swipe of his claw. Struggling to emerge, the big crocodile locked eyes with Su He.

The king’s body had grown even larger.

Now, he could easily bite a crocodile to death in one bite, right?

The big crocodile quietly submerged his head under the water, caught a fish, and placed it in front of Su He. Then, he silently slithered back into the crocodile group, no longer mentioning the matter of fighting for the throne.

“Ang~” Su He let out a low hum, informing the crocodile group that the king was hungry and needed to eat!

The crocodile group dispersed to hunt, and Su He lay in the water, carefully examining the evolution brought about by his recent slumber.

As for the turtle in his Mind’s Eye – since he couldn’t solve the problem, he shouldn’t get himself too deeply involved. This was the wisdom Su He had gained from his two years as a turtle.

If there was a problem he couldn’t solve, he would just avoid it.

This was a world of cultivation, and as long as one’s Cultivation Level was high enough, there was nothing that couldn’t be solved.

If it couldn’t be solved, it just meant that his Cultivation Level wasn’t high enough!

If he couldn’t undergo the Demon Subduing Transformation this time, he could always try to snatch the Demon Morphing Fruit again in sixty years. At most, he wouldn’t eat the higher quality fruits and would settle for the most common transparent ones.

It was just a matter of sixty years. What was there to fear about a turtle not living that long?

If one cycle of sixty years didn’t work, then he’d try two cycles. If one fruit wasn’t enough, he’d eat a few more. He would definitely be able to undergo the Demon Subduing Transformation!

And if it really didn’t work – then he would just be an honest turtle.

Having been a turtle for two years, Su He had somewhat adapted to it.

In the hazy drizzle, the cold lake water flowed into his lungs through his nostrils, leaving behind oxygen before being exhaled.

Su He could now breathe underwater.

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