Chapter 9 – Blood Qi Technique

Under Yuan Ming’s gaze, the black tumor suddenly began to wriggle rapidly, and black threads began to split and extend towards his chest.

Yuan Ming’s eyes widened in horror. He would rather die than be possessed by this thing and suffer.

In his struggle, he found that although his arms were still tied up, his wrists were still free to move. He immediately twisted his wrist and threw the bone short spear that he had been holding in his hand up into the air.

Without hesitation, Yuan Ming used all his strength and headbutted the spear, causing it to fly out like a javelin and pierce into the black bear’s rib cage just before it closed.

The black bear roared in anger, and the black threads that had been extending towards Yuan Ming slowly retreated. Then, the black bear’s chest cavity slowly opened again, and the bone spear that represented Yuan Ming’s last hope was stuck in the black bear’s heart, just a hair’s breadth away from the black tumor, but ultimately it missed.

The black bear’s heart continued to contract, and the black threads went crazy, rushing towards Yuan Ming’s chest.

Yuan Ming stared intently, his face tense to the extreme.

Just as the black threads were about to touch his skin, the black bear’s heart suddenly stopped beating, and the black tumor wriggled frantically as if it had encountered a ghost, trying to break free from the black bear’s heart.

The black threads that had been extending towards Yuan Ming also instantly lost their strength and fell lightly to the ground.

“Great, I made it in time!” Yuan Ming was so excited that he almost cried.

At the critical moment of life and death, the poisonous fruits he had eaten yesterday had saved his life.

Before setting the trap, Yuan Ming had crushed all the fruits and smeared the juice on the tips of all the bone spikes and two short spears.

Perhaps because he had only hit the black bear’s body earlier, the poison did not affect the parasite, but this time it directly affected the heart, and the black tumor lost its strength due to the poison.

The vines that had been entwined around Yuan Ming’s body suddenly fell off, and the strange large flowers on the black bear’s body also withered and turned into dust visible to the naked eye. Yuan Ming’s body and the black bear’s body almost fell to the ground at the same time.The black tumor that had parasitized on the heart of the black bear finally fell off and dropped to the side. Its color quickly faded and soon turned into a grayish-white color, looking no different from an ordinary stone.

Yuan Ming didn’t dare to delay and quickly climbed up to the side of the black bear’s corpse.

While the black bear was not yet completely dead, he quickly took off the animal skin bag from his body, cut open the black bear’s neck with a bone spear, and collected its remaining blood.

After a while, all the black bear’s blood had been drained, and he had only collected about half of the bag.

“Wild animals come in all sizes, and their blood volume varies. The man didn’t say to collect it all, so this should be enough.” Yuan Ming sealed the bag and shook it, muttering to himself.

After that, he put the bag back on his shoulder and looked at the bear’s corpse next to him. His stomach growled again.

Faced with such a large piece of meat, Yuan Ming was reluctant to throw it away, but when he thought about it being parasitized, he felt disgusted.

But the disgust in his heart was no match for the hunger in his stomach.

To be on the safe side, Yuan Ming did not directly eat the black bear’s meat this time. Instead, he found a pile of twigs and dry leaves, imitating the ancient people by drilling wood to make fire, and finally managed to start a fire and roast the bear meat.

During the roasting, Yuan Ming went to the side of the parasitic tumor and saw that it had turned into a fist-sized gray-brown stone that looked lifeless. He couldn’t help but poke it with his bone spear.

As a result, he found that the stone was extremely hard, completely different from when it was a black tumor.

Yuan Ming became interested.

He waved his hand at the stone, but it showed no reaction. He then reached out to touch it, but still found no movement.

“It seems to be completely dead.”

Just as Yuan Ming was about to give up, a drop of animal blood fell from his animal skin bag and landed on the gray-brown stone with a “plop.”

The corpse that had no vitality suddenly swelled up, and the surface once again transformed into the appearance of a black tumor.

But soon, the power of that drop of blood was exhausted, and the black tumor dried up again, turning back into a stone.

“This little thing is quite interesting.” Yuan Ming couldn’t help but feel surprised.

He found a few leaves, wrapped the stone in them, and put it aside.

After the bear meat was roasted black and emitted a strong meat fragrance, Yuan Ming tore off a piece and started to eat it.This meal was the most satisfying one Yuan Ming had eaten in these days, but he was a little puzzled that the cooked meat could fill his stomach, but it didn’t give him the same feeling of being invigorated as when he gnawed on the bones yesterday.

“Could it be that the black bear’s blood was drained, causing a great loss of qi and blood? Or is it that only raw food has such an effect?” Yuan Ming wondered.

He looked up at the sky and found that it was already mid-afternoon, so he didn’t delay any longer. He took the unfinished meat and the stone that could host parasites, and put them in the cave where he had hidden before. Then, he followed the route he remembered and went towards the direction of the giant stone boundary monument.

When it was evening, Yuan Ming finally returned to the giant stone boundary monument, but he did not see the figure of Elder Hu Huo, only a magnificent tiger lying across the stone with its back facing him.

Hearing the sound of Yuan Ming’s return, the tiger suddenly turned around, but it sat up in a human posture and looked over at him.

Yuan Ming also looked at him, and neither of them spoke, nor did they make any extra movements. They just kept a large distance from each other, watching each other vigilantly.

Just then, a “rumbling” sound of galloping came.

Suddenly, a brown-black wild boar rushed out of the dense mountain forest and ran towards them.

Yuan Ming immediately held the white bone short spear in his hand, and the tiger also turned its head and stared at the wild boar with its eyes wide open.

The wild boar was covered in scars, and its tusks were covered in blood. The animal skin bag hanging on its body looked bulging.

When it was close to them, it also saw Yuan Ming and the tiger, and its speed slowed down quickly, finally stopping not far away.

The three half-human and half-animal guys surrounded the giant stone boundary monument, guarding and watching each other.

After waiting for a long time, no other figures appeared.

It wasn’t until the sun was about to set that the huge eagle falcon flew over, and Elder Hu Huo was standing on its back.

After landing, Elder Hu Huo patted the leather bag at his waist, and then a green light flew out, enveloping the mighty and domineering giant eagle falcon, and then it flew back into the bag and disappeared.

Even though it was the second time he had seen it, Yuan Ming still felt that this scene was particularly magical.

“Give me the blood storage bag.” Elder Hu Huo glanced at Yuan Ming and the other two, and said.

The three of them understood and took off the animal skin bags on their bodies and handed them over.

Elder Hu Huo opened each one and sniffed at the nose, carefully inspecting them.When Hu Huo Elder saw that Yuan Ming’s bag was only half full, he didn’t say anything, but when he opened it and smelled it, his eyebrows wrinkled involuntarily.

“Did the black bear you killed get parasitized by Blood Soul Vine?” Hu Huo Elder looked at Yuan Ming and asked.

“What Blood Soul Vine?” Yuan Ming looked puzzled.

Hu Huo Elder frowned but didn’t say anything else. He waved his hand and collected all the blood bags.

“Not bad, three people passed the test,” Hu Huo Elder nodded and then pointed his finger.

Three thin white threads shot out from his fingertips and landed on the chests of Yuan Ming and the other two, disappearing into their bodies in a flash.

Before Yuan Ming could react, he felt a warmth in his chest, and then the white ape fur on his body became soft. The blood-colored lines like roots in the fur were forcibly pulled out of his body, pulling his muscles and organs.

Yuan Ming’s face twisted in pain, his whole body trembling, and he knelt down on the ground, biting his teeth and not making a sound.

The other two were in a similar situation, but they couldn’t endure the pain like Yuan Ming and fell to the ground, screaming in agony.

Fortunately, the process didn’t last too long. After a few breaths, the fur on their bodies completely fell off.

Yuan Ming and the other two sat on the ground, panting heavily, their skin turning red, and their clothes were torn.

After putting on the fur, their strength greatly increased, but the pain they endured was really intense.

“When an outsider performs the Fur Technique on you, you will experience considerable pain, but when you cultivate your own magic power, the situation will be much better,” Hu Huo Elder’s voice came, interrupting their thoughts.

“Really?” The three of them were delighted.

“Whether it’s true or not, you’ll know when you try it! Now I will teach you the Blood Qi Technique, listen carefully!” Hu Huo Elder said impatiently.

The three of them sat down quickly and listened attentively.”The so-called ‘Blood Qi Technique’ is a method of enhancing one’s blood qi through meditation and qi refining. Once you enter the path, you are truly stepping into the enviable path of cultivation, becoming a Qi Refining Period cultivator. When you accumulate enough mana, you can perform the Hair Cloak Technique. The mantra goes like this: Earth’s lungs hold fire, entering from the deep spring, rising into the abdomen, shining brightly like a torch…” Elder Hu Huo said slowly.

The entire Blood Qi Technique mantra was about two to three hundred characters long, and the content was quite convoluted and difficult to understand. However, Yuan Ming found that after listening to it once, he had effortlessly memorized it word for word.

“My memory is actually this good.” He was quite surprised in his heart, but more than that, he was delighted.

The other two people kept scratching their heads and cheeks, their faces full of anxiety, obviously not remembering the mantra.

“Elder Hu Huo, could you please say it again?” The wild boar Hair Cloak Beast slave hesitated for a moment before pleading.

“I will only say it one more time.” Elder Hu Huo looked at him indifferently and recited the Blood Qi Technique mantra again.

The two hurriedly memorized it with all their heart, and this time they finally managed to remember it.

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