Chapter 61 – Sea of consciousness

“This pill is definitely problematic!” Yuan Ming’s face turned pale, and he was quite puzzled.

He considered himself respectful towards Elder Hu Huo, and apart from submitting blood food every month in exchange for the antidote, they had no other interactions, let alone any conflicts. Why would he harm himself?

At this point, it was meaningless to think about it.

Yuan Ming took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and fully activated the Nine Elements Technique, focusing his mind and trying to resist the agitation from deep within his heart.

As time passed, Yuan Ming’s heart sank.

The backlash caused by the Fur Transformation Technique did not weaken in the slightest. It came in waves, growing more intense with each wave.

Yuan Ming, in the form of a white ape, sat cross-legged on the ground. His cheeks turned red, cold sweat rolled down his forehead, and his breathing became heavy.

His fingertips lengthened, and the fur on his body grew longer, messy and scattered around him. His eyes were mostly blood-red, flashing with a beast-like fierceness, and saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth.

If he could see himself at this moment, he would find that he looked very similar to Ha Gong.

The erosion and mutation of his body were one thing, but after resisting for such a long time, his mind was on the verge of collapse.

“All this effort, is it all in vain? No! I refuse to accept it!” Yuan Ming’s expression twisted as he roared in a low voice.


A strong and abnormal aura suddenly surged, breaking through the defense of the incense burner’s heat and hammering his mind.

Yuan Ming’s body trembled violently, and the incense burner in his arms fell out and rolled several feet away.

He was shocked and quickly opened his eyes, wanting to pick up the incense burner.

The only thing he could rely on now was the heat emitted by this mysterious incense burner, but the effect would be greatly reduced if it was too far away.


A stronger and more intense aura suddenly surged in his heart, making his whole body boil with hot blood, and his eyes turned completely blood-red.

Without the assistance of the incense burner’s heat, Yuan Ming’s defense line, which he had persistently maintained, instantly collapsed.

His head buzzed, and he fell to the ground, his limbs twitching. The hair on his body seemed to come to life, rapidly growing longer at a visible speed.

His consciousness was also contaminated by the bloodthirsty thoughts, and his last trace of clarity accelerated its decline.

With a light sound, a book fell out of his arms. It was the Death Moon method that the Silver Cat had given him.

Yuan Ming’s dim eyes flickered, and in a daze, the contents of the Death Moon method flashed through his mind.

According to the book, besides possessing mysterious soul cultivation techniques, the Death Moon method seemed to have the function of stabilizing the mind.

With a thought, Yuan Ming instinctively operated according to the description in the Death Moon method.

The cultivation of the Death Moon method was difficult. It took him more than half a month to barely cultivate the first layer, and he hadn’t even mastered the manipulation of soul power. But now, facing a life-or-death situation, his mind was not clear enough to consider the details. He directly skipped the observation of his whole body and forcefully tried to control his soul power, rushing through many places.

Yuan Ming felt a severe pain in his mind, as if many small knives were stirring inside it. The veins on his forehead throbbed, and his nostrils suddenly felt hot as two streams of blood flowed out.

Whether it was the effect of the Death Moon method or the intense pain in his mind, the madness that surged in his heart subsided slightly.

At this moment, Yuan Ming only had one thought in his mind, which was to continue operating the Death Moon method.

The next moment, the veins on his forehead throbbed more violently, and not only his nostrils, but all seven orifices began to bleed.

Yuan Ming’s reckless actions were not without merit.

Previously, when he operated the Death Moon method, the range he could see in his sea of consciousness was very limited. At this moment, this area rapidly expanded, and he could already see nearly half of his sea of consciousness, with the range of his exploration continuously expanding.

After a few breaths, with a muffled sound, a dazzling white light lit up in his mind, illuminating the entire range of his sea of consciousness.

It seemed like an ocean here, filled with soul power flowing like water. It was thin at the edges and became denser towards the center. In the most central place, there was a faint humanoid shadow.

Unconsciously, he achieved inner vision of his divine sense, a crucial step in observing his sea of consciousness!

The next moment, Yuan Ming trembled all over, slowly opened his eyes, and his face first showed a dazed expression. After a while, a hint of clarity appeared in his eyes.

But immediately, he thought of something and closed his eyes again, releasing his divine sense to continue inner vision.

“Could it be… this is my divine soul?” Yuan Ming curiously looked at the humanoid shadow standing in his sea of consciousness.

In addition to soul power, there were also many dark red mists mixed in his sea of consciousness, which looked very similar to soul power and should be of the same type, filled with a sense of madness.

After a little thought, Yuan Ming guessed that these blood-colored mists were most likely the bloodthirsty aura that caused the backlash of the Fur Transformation Technique.

The blood mist was eroding towards the deepest part of his sea of consciousness, already infecting more than half of it. Wherever it went, his soul power was tinged with a hint of blood.

Only a small area in the center of his sea of consciousness still maintained its original state, but under the erosion of the blood mist from all directions, it had also begun to change color.

Yuan Ming finally understood the full picture of how the Fur Transformation Technique eroded his consciousness. With a thought, he continued to operate the Death Moon method.

After seeing the entire sea of consciousness, his understanding and comprehension of the Death Moon method also vaguely reached a higher level, and the circulation of soul power became more natural.A sense of coolness emerged, like a clear spring pouring into a parched land. His rapidly sinking consciousness seemed to have grabbed a piece of driftwood, no longer continuing to sink.

“It really works!”

Yuan Ming was both shocked and delighted. He continued to operate the Death Moon method with all his might while struggling to pick up the incense burner and hold it in his arms.

As the heat from the incense burner seeped in, his pressure greatly eased, and the operation of the Death Moon method became smoother.

The incense burner itself could stabilize the mind. Coupled with the active attack of the Death Moon method, the two worked together and quickly suppressed the bloodthirsty and murderous thoughts. The dark red mist in his sea of consciousness could no longer continue to erode.

The blood in his eyes began to fade, and his rapidly mutating body stopped and slowly recovered.

Half an hour later.

Yuan Ming returned to his previous appearance, and the white ape skin also returned to its original state, making a rustling sound as it fell to the ground.

He took a deep breath, put away the incense burner, picked up the Death Moon method, and his face showed excitement.

The unexpected effect of the Death Moon method was beyond his expectation. If he had known this earlier, he should not have given up halfway. Of course, if it weren’t for the accidental achievement of observing the sea of consciousness this time, even if he persisted, he might not have made any progress.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to know now.

Yuan Ming’s eyebrows twitched suddenly, thinking of a possibility.

Combining everything that had happened before, he couldn’t help but speculate that the reason for the increasing backlash of his transformation technique might be related to the antidote pills given by Elder Hu Huo every month, which was also provided by the Bi Luo Cave.

He feared that the antidote pills he took last month, or even earlier, also contained something that triggered the backlash of the transformation technique. But he was unable to perceive it before, and he never thought about it in this direction. However, the process of comprehending the Death Moon method inadvertently improved his control over his consciousness, thus discovering this clue.

The frequent use of the transformation technique would drive people into madness, eventually turning them into irrational monsters. This is why the requirement of a thousand portions of blood food seems not high, but few transformed beast slaves can succeed. What is the purpose of Elder Hu Huo accelerating this process through the monthly antidote pills?

Is it his personal behavior, or the intention of the Bi Luo Cave sect? If it’s the latter, it means that all the transformed beast slaves are experiencing this, because everyone gets the antidote from people like Elder Hu Huo every month.

Thinking of this, Yuan Ming couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine.

And that mysterious silver cat, perhaps it had already seen the problem, so it gave him this Death Moon method?

Yuan Ming’s face was uncertain. Today’s events were full of twists and turns. The regular “antidote” from Bi Luo Cave, the mysterious silver cat, everything was beyond his ability.

“Strength! I must increase my strength as soon as possible, otherwise I won’t even know how I die.” He clenched his fist.

At this moment, a green light flashed, and the stone door of the cave was cut in half and fell down, stirring up a large amount of dust.

Yuan Ming suddenly stood up, performed the transformation technique, and instantly turned into a white ape.

The dust outside the door slowly drifted away, revealing three figures.

The first two were surprisingly Kun Tu and Elder Hu Huo. Behind Kun Tu stood a woman in red who was blind in one eye. She looked rather cold and seemed to be Kun Tu’s follower.

“Kun Tu! Elder Hu Huo!” Yuan Ming’s eyes narrowed into a slit.

Kun Tu stepped forward, seemingly about to enter the cave. Seeing Yuan Ming standing there unharmed, his expression faltered.

“Hu Huo, didn’t you say that you put ten times the amount of Lingxi incense in the medicine? Why is Yuan Ming still so sober?” Kun Tu turned to face Elder Hu Huo.

“It is indeed strange. Ten times the amount of Lingxi incense should have made him fall directly, or even die on the spot.” Elder Hu Huo was also surprised.

The two of them spoke openly, not treating Yuan Ming as a threat at all.

“All of this is your doing! I am just an ordinary transformed beast slave. Why are you targeting me?” Yuan Ming heard their conversation and confirmed his speculation, asking coldly.

“I’m not interested in explaining. You can be a confused ghost.” Kun Tu sneered, a green light shining in his right hand.

“It’s because of Chen Wan.” Yuan Ming suddenly said, his tone certain.

Upon hearing this, Kun Tu’s expression stiffened slightly.

Yuan Ming judged from Kun Tu’s expression that he had guessed correctly. He had only helped Chen Wan on a whim that day, without any intention of opposing Kun Tu. The gap in their statuses was clear, and he wouldn’t seek trouble for himself.

But he didn’t expect Kun Tu to be so narrow-minded. Because of such a small matter, he wanted to kill him.

“Since you’ve guessed it, I’ll let you die knowing the reason. My status is different now. Although that matter was a small one, I won’t leave any potential threats to my future. So, you must die here today. In your next life, remember to open your eyes before meddling in other people’s business!” Kun Tu’s eyes were cold, and before his words fell, he raised his hands to cast a spell.

Two large green wind blades shot out from his hands, whistling straight towards Yuan Ming. They were a circle larger and faster than the wind blades that the green wolf mount had shot out that day.

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